Michael Ch. 03

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In chapters one and two, Louisa meets Michael and Rob. Michael takes her up to his hotel room and fingers and fucks her to several orgasms before Rob knocks on the door. Chapter two sees Rob joining the party, firstly tit fucking Louisa and then sucking her to climax. During the tit fuck, Louisa also comes and the three of them realise she can ejaculate. After a bit more sex play, Louisa finds herself being double teamed by both Michael and Rob as Rob penetrates her pussy while Michael fucks her ass. All three of them come hard and Louisa squirts again screaming loudly as she does so. Chapter two ends with another knock at the bedroom door. This time it is a Spanish police officer, alerted by Louisa’s screams, checking everything is okay. Having assured him things are fine, Michael invites him into the room to see for himself…

I looked in slight panic at Rob. I might be getting horny again but that didn’t mean I wasn’t aware of the situation. A police officer had turned up to check if things were okay because I had been making so much noise while we had sex and Michael had invited him in to ascertain that things were fine. Not only that but he’d actually told the guy that I’d been making such a racket because I’d been getting fucked. Those were his very words. “She’s not been attacked. She’s been fucked. Want to see?”

“Don’t panic,” Rob whispered to me. “If you don’t want him to come in, Michael won’t let him in. Trust me. And him.” Sure enough, as Michael walked back into the room and looked at me, he put his arm out to prevent whoever was behind him getting further into the room.

“Are you okay if the police officer checks out our story Louisa?” he queried. I hesitated. I could feel my loins turning to liquid again. They were certainly ready to give a positive answer. I took a deep breath.

“Okay,” I agreed.

Michael smiled as he dropped his arm and let the police constable into the bedroom. He was young, about ten years younger than me I’d guess and sexy as hell. Thick dark hair and typically handsome Hispanic looks. His dark eyes glittered as he took in the situation, staring at Rob and me lying on the bed, trailing his gaze up and down my naked body and coming to rest firmly on my tits. Rob grinned. Michael did too. “Great pair right?” Michael muttered to the officer. The young man took a few seconds to process the question then he grinned too.

“Si,” he agreed enthusiastically, “She’s very…” his hands gestured breasts of great size, “Sexy,” he concluded.

“Oh you don’t know the half of it,” Michael laughed. “Want to see just how sexy?” The officer’s eyes widened as if asking a silent question. “Sure,” Michael confirmed. “She’ll let you watch. Isn’t that right sweetheart?” He looked encouragingly at me. I nodded quickly before I could back out. “Take a seat officer,” Michael gestured to a chair, “And we’ll show you just how hot she can be.” He climbed back on the bed on the other side of me from Rob and looked at his friend. “Right Rob. Let’s bring her off. And make her…” he left the gaziantep escortlar implication unfinished. “If we can,” he smiled. I knew what he meant. Let’s make her squirt if we can. I imagined he didn’t want to spell it out for the cop. Maybe he wanted it to be a surprise.

“Part your legs honey,” Michael whispered in my ear. “Show the young cop your pussy.” I raised my knees and spread my legs. My cunt was bubbling again and I was obviously very wet. This did not go unnoticed.

“She’s… very, very wet,” the officer said with something like awe. “Very turned on. Very sexy. Sexy lady.”

“You aint seen nothing yet,” Michael chuckled. “This is like the Sahara compared with how wet she will get.” He looked at Rob. “We’ll go at her from both sides right? Do the same thing as each other. Be guided by me.” Rob nodded. “You can suck her tits as well if you want,” Michael laughed. “Not that you’d ever not want! In fact let’s do the same on those. I’ll play with this one, you concentrate on that one,” he nodded to the tit nearest Rob who gazed down at it reverently as his cocked twitched involuntarily with the thought.

The officer sat forward in the chair to get as good a view as he could as Michael and Rob began their dual attack on my pussy. “Gently push her lip aside and swirl your fingers round. Fuck she’s drenched again.” Michael gazed down at me. “You’ll be dehydrated if you keep losing fluid at this rate. You must have come by the bucket load tonight.” He smiled as his fingers paddled in my copious juices and Rob’s did the same on the other side. “Okay let’s penetrate her,” Michael continued as both his and Rob’s forefinger then middle finger snaked up inside me. I gasped and so did the cop watching. “Shit,” he murmured, his eyes transfixed on my already beginning to spasm cunt. The four fingers inside me felt fantastic. They were probing upwards, pushing at the sides of my vaginal wall as if seeking something out. Juices flooded out of my cunt soaking the guys’ hands. “Further up,” Michael muttered and pushed his fingers deeper. As did Rob. I realised I was moaning loudly and crying out again.

“She’s very… loud” the cop declared “It’s good. I like it.”

“That’s it,” Michael smiled in satisfaction. “We’ve got her now.” I felt the tip of his and Rob’s middle finger deep inside me pressing on what seemed to be a swollen cushion of tissue high up in my vagina. The sensation was unbelievable.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned. “What the shit… Oh fuck what’s that?”

“Your G-spot babe,” Rob grinned down at me.

“Yep,” confirmed Michael. “Just one more thing.” He looked at the cop. “You better be ready for this officer.” Rob and Michael increased the pressure of their fingers deep within me and then Michael gently pressed with his other hand on the upper part of my outer pubis. As they did this down below, they both assaulted my tits from above, fastening their mouths around as much flesh as they could then biting and licking at my erect nipples. Michael increased the pressure outside, they both increased the pressure within and climax hit with the force of a speeding train.

“Aaaaaaeeeee fuuuuuuccckk!” I screamed as my orgasm overwhelmed me For the third time that evening I felt liquid spurt from my cunt. It streamed out in a fountain, soaking bed, carpet and hitting the dressing table.

“Fuck, Madre di Dios,” groaned the policeman no longer in his chair. He was standing over the three of us, staring in disbelief as my shuddering cunt jetted stream after stream of cum all over everywhere. His pants were open as he skinned his own cock muttering curses in his native language as he did so. Michael raised his head from my tits to postpone the lad’s orgasm. “Don’t come yet,” he urged. There’s more fun to be had.” I barely heard him as I carried on spasming and twitching on the bed as Rob mouthed my breasts.

It took several minutes for me to calm down from yet another intense climax and when I did, Rob had ceased his ministrations on my tits and the young police officer had stripped off completely. His body was in great shape – muscular but not too much – and his cock was huge and standing proudly erect.

“Fuck,” I mumbled, staring at it.

“It’s okay Louisa,” Michael reassured me. “He’s only going to fuck you. Your cunt can handle it.” He presented the young guy with a condom then flipped me over onto my stomach. “Up on your knees babe. Get that gorgeous ass up in the air.” I turned round in alarm at his words. Was he going to allow the cop to stick that huge rod up my bottom? Michael shook his head slightly. I relaxed. I was confident my pussy could take that massive dick but I was far less sure about my arse. Reassured I propped myself up on my knees, rested my head forward on the bed and stuck my arse up and out. The officer muttered something in Spanish again before driving forward and plunging his enormous prick into my sopping wet pussy. I was so wet and slippery that, huge as he was, he almost slipped out. He cursed and grasped my hips to steady himself before finding a rhythm that began to bring ecstasy to us both. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,” I chanted as he drove that massive tool in and out of my throbbing vagina. As we both built to our mutual orgasm, I was vaguely aware of another knock at the door and of Michael getting up off the bed to answer it. I could see nothing, being pounded as I was by the young police guy and only realised what had happened when I heard Michael murmuring in my ear.

“The guy’s mate’s here,” he said. “Be mean not to let him join in don’t you think?” Even as I acquiesced, I wondered exactly what he meant. Did he want me to suck him off? That’d be okay, I thought. I’m pretty talented in that department. This wasn’t what he meant however. “She’s got another hole,” I heard him saying to the new cop. “Why don’t you try there. But put this on first.” I could hear the newcomer snapping a condom over his dick although I had no idea what he looked like. Right now I didn’t care though. The first cop had slowed his fucking right down as his mate sought to join in and I just wanted him to speed back up and start fucking me hard again. Then I felt it. While his colleague was still buried deep in my vagina, the second cop pushed insistently at my arsehole. For the second time in my life I felt a hard cock enter my tightest crevice. Fuck, it felt amazing.

“Oh God yes,” I cried out. “Push it in. Push that dick into my arse.”

“You heard her,” Michael instructed. “Push in. Don’t disobey the lady.” Lady, that was a laugh I thought as I pictured my situation – face forward on the bed with two strange cops with one of their dicks in my cunt and the other in my arse while two other guys I’d only met that day watched intently, one of them essentially directing proceedings. Yes, such a lady. Lady Sex-mad Whore. As I brought my mind back to events in hand I realised that cop one and cop two had established a rhythm. Cop one pulled out of my cunt as cop two pushed into my arse and vice versa.

“Yeah guys, fuck me like that,” I breathed. “In and out of my cunt and arse. Pound me like the slut I am. Do it. Make me fucking come.”

“You horny sexy bitch,” Michael exclaimed into my ear. “You’ve come so many times tonight. Do you really need another orgasm?”

“Yes I fucking do,” I grunted. “I need to come again. Oh shit, fuck that. I need to squirt again.”

Michael sounded incredulous. “You serious?” he asked. “You’re really going to squirt again?”

“Yeah, I think so,” I panted. “I can feel the sensations.” Meanwhile, the guys were really fucking up a storm driving in and out of my soaking pussy and tight little arse.

“Oh Dios,” cried cop one as he plunged incredibly deeply into my vagina.

“You gonna come?” Michael asked him.

“Si,” the cop groaned.

“Then pull out man, and if you’re close to coming you better pull out too.” He was talking to the other guy. You can take those condoms off and come on her ass. Rob, get underneath and get ready to catch this.” The two officers caught Michael’s meaning and did as he said. I felt Rob push his head under my raised pelvis just as the first cop began to come. As I felt his spunk spray onto my bottom cheeks and the first jet of the second guy’s cum hit me too, my own climax hit. I was right. I squirted again, shooting jet after jet of clear liquid cum over Rob’s face, into his mouth and onto the bed. I howled my ecstasy yet again wondering if a third cop would come to check things out and if I could possibly handle another screwing. Rob emerged from underneath me covered in my cum as I collapsed forward onto the bed covered in the cum of the two policemen.

“Gracias,” I heard several times from both guys and was also vaguely aware of Rob getting up but that was it. Finally, after a night of debauchery I’d never have thought myself capable of, I had nothing more to give. I cared nothing for the fact that I was lying on a sopping wet bed in pools of my own cum, I needed to sleep. And sleep I did. For several hours solid. On drenched bed sheets covered in sperm from two complete strangers one of whom I’d never seen but who I’d allowed to fuck my arse. With Michael’s arms around me, I slept.

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