Mistis’ Adventures Part 56

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 56
Hearing the news about Rick’s return, made her remember the days just before their wedding, and the week following. It had, at best, been total bedlam. There seemed to be very little organization to their efforts. Then, the two Mothers had stepped in and taken charge of EVERYTHING! Mama Breen had supervised the clean-up of the barn where the hay was stored, and Mama Campbell had taken charge of the decorations. They ruled with iron fists, and Heaven help anyone who disregarded their instructions. The hay, because there was little of it left, was taken to the livestock barn, the floors swept and scrubbed, and mats laid over the cement floors. They did nothing to kill the scent of the hay. It was quite pleasant, reminding them that it was almost springtime. Dave, William, and Jerry, who had had to order parts for his latest project, rented a truck and rented chairs from a place in town. They hauled them out and set them up as per ORDERS from Mama Campbell. When finished, they returned the truck and went to almost every florist in town, searching for the flowers she wanted for decorations, and wide pink and white ribbon. They finally found what she wanted and strung it as she wanted. The flowers were tied in bundles and taped to the chairs in paper wrappers. They had to do this for the third time before they had it to her satisfaction. Mama Breen stepped in and had them to go after paper bunting to cover the raw wood of the rafters and braces. Billy ran the tractor with the forks to lift them up high enough. Mama Campbell was rescued when Cathy’s parents had arrived. Mother Hollis took Billy to the house and lined up what they would wear for the wedding. She inspected all of Cathy’s wardrobe, and declared none of it to be right. Billy only had one suit of Western Style, so he was told he would need EVERYTHING from the skin out.

Mom Hollis went out to the barn, told Pop Hollis to make himself useful, and told the other two Mothers she was taking the k**s to a suitable place to get some DECENT attire. ALL the women applauded, with Betty adding, “YOU tell ’em girl!!!” They got in Cathy’s Jeep and were off. Billy was assigned the BACK seat.

They went to several places before Mom Hollis found something she liked. Cathy went in and tried it on. It was a knee-length, white chiffon dress, with a pink bodice. It was nearly a perfect fit, as it was a little to large around her breasts. Even with a padded bra. Cathy had put her foot down. She WOULD NOT wear a bra. She wanted her nipples to show, just a little bit. The fabric was thin enough to see their outlines, and the bumps they made. That was one of the things she had liked about this dress. Mom Hollis relented and they bought the dress. Her and the other ladies would take it in as much as necessary to make it snug, but NOT tight.

The same store had clothes for the groom, also. Billy gave them his sizes, and they found a black semi-formal suit that was his sizes. He was told to go and try it on. As she had with Cathy, Mom Hollis went with him, ignoring the looks she got from the lady. Mom told her, “I’ve seen him naked since he was a baby. Nothing has changed in that time, so I’m gonna’ help.” After all, a little white lie never hurt anybody. The truth was none of her business.

She watched while Billy stripped. When he was naked, she grasped his dick, gently, kissed him on the cheek, and whispered, “I can’t wait to feel this inside me, again. Give us the room next to yours. I’ll give you some pussy. Dad is gonna fuck Cathy. Tonight and tomorrow night. Then, again, after the wedding like she wants. He has been watching the movies of her fucking the neighbor to get in the spirit.”

She moved back enough for him to use her shoulder for balance, and he put the trousers on, then the jacket, over his own shirt. She stepped back another step or two and examined him with a critical eye. She had him turn around several times, hold his arms straight out to the sides, and reach out like he was shaking hands. She opened the jacket, and pulled the waistband out, then smiling, reached inside and squeezed her favorite plaything one more time.

She and Billy stepped out, and she told the lady what alterations were needed to make it fit suitably. Mom was told that it would be ready by noon tomorrow. Mom agreed, and asked how long it would take for Cathy’s gown to be ready. She was told that they had three alterationists on staff. EVERYTHING would be ready tomorrow at NOON. Mom gave her the paper where she had written the desired changes bahis şirketleri (she ALWAYS carried a tape measure) and promised to be here on time in case there were any more changes to make. The wedding was now four days away.

They returned to the farm after a quick stop at one of the stores. There hadn’t been enough bunting to do the job properly, so they needed 40 more yards. It was purchased and they stopped for gas. Cathy had been running on fumes. It took 24.9 gallons to fill her 25 gallon tank. Mom and Cathy had been gloating over the prices they had had to pay. The dress was “only” $675, and the suit had only been $650. That had been a STEAL! Mom had figured them to be much more than that.

They arrived back to see one of Mama Campbell’s flare-ups. When she inspected the ribbons on the chairs, she had found FINGERPRINTS! SOME ONE HAD DIRTY HANDS!!! She inspected all three of the men. Jerry and Dave both were pronounced “GUILTY!!!” She sent them packing to the house and told them she wanted to see nothing but pink, scrubbed skin when they returned. OR ELSE!!! She went around to the offending places and cleaned them with a damp baby wipe. It was made acceptable. When they returned, she made them all, even Pop Hollis, stand with their hands out for her inspection. She then gave them their next task. She wanted them to hang blankets to form curtains over the open doors. She had called the two Fathers, Tod, and Robbi to come. IMMEDIATELY!!! Bring her the pink blankets in the upstairs linen closet, and bring clothes for everyone for at least a week. “Bring your suits, and tell Tod to do the same. Robbi knows what to bring, so don’t worry about her.”

Mama Campbell had called Daddy just before noon. He was there, as instructed, a little before 4:00. He had been rewarded with a smile, and told to make himself useful. Robbi had taken the grand babies to the house and started making dinner. Ricky had ridden up with Robbi. He had brought his dress uniform, fearing his Mom’s wrath. Mother would be more forgiving under the circumstances. He had been greeted with hugs and kisses even before he was able to get out of the car. Cathy and Betty stood back looking him over, remembering how handsome he was. He was almost 4 years older than Cathy, but she remembered him well, and, intimately.

She and Billy had been down at the lake swimming. Naked, of course. Rick, as she always called him, had pulled up on the tractor. He had been clearing some land with the brush hog, and was covered in trash from head to toe. He had been wearing a pair of cut-off, jean shorts, sneakers, and a baseball cap. He was brown everywhere you could see. He climbed down and took off his sneakers and cap, and stepped over to the picnic table to steady himself while he pulled the shorts off. The first thing Cathy had noticed was how pale he was from just at his waist to about 3 inches below his butt-cheeks, and from his eyebrows up. He turned to say his first words. “HI! You must be Cathy. Billy’s told me all about you. I think your even prettier than he said. Everyone calls me Rick, or Ricky, except when I’m in trouble. Then I’m RICHARD!!!” He walked over and leaned down giving her a kiss on the forehead. “Excuse me. I need to get this itchy stuff off of me.”

He went and walked out into the water to where it was waist deep, and swam out a bit more. He took handfuls of the water, scrubbing the loose dust and grass off, then swimming around a bit more before returning to the pavilion. He went to get his shorts and walked out in the water, again, and rinsing them thoroughly. He came up and laid them over the wheel-guard to dry. He pulled a small cooler out from under the seat and carried it over to join them. He offered them some Cokes that were icy cold. They hadn’t brought anything with them. They were going to a movie in town in a little while.

They had sat there, unashamedly. Cathy hadn’t felt like this in a long time. She was used to being naked in front of the two families, so meeting this brother, who always seemed to be absent, didn’t bother her at all. Billy and her had been sitting on the table, moving out to sit in the shade, on the cool, green, lush grass at times. Right now, they were sitting on the grass. There was a light breeze, and it was very comfortable. The only change SHE had noticed was, when Rick kissed her on the forehead, her nipples had risen a bit more than usual. She was leaned back against a tree, sitting Indian fashion Billy was in front of her sitting the same way. Rick had sat down tipobet güvenilir mi to her left, the same way. Her eyes automatically looked down. Realizing what she had done, she blushed, and looked away. He and Billy were both laughing at her reaction. “Don’t be embarrassed, Sweetie. It’s a natural thing. I’ve already been checking YOU out. You’ve got some pretty boobs, just a mouthful, and your south 40 looks as nice as I’ve seen. Nice, fat, and soft, and not too much hair. It looks like it would be fun to kiss, and even more fun to lick and split.

She knew that Billy had, in the past, shared her with friends and family, so it was nothing new to her or him. She looked Rick straight in the face and asked him, “Would you like to try me out? I’m willing if you are. You look yummy to me, too. So come over here and fuck me if you want to. My pussy’s already wet.”

Billy was smiling at their exchange. She looked over to him, the question in her eyes. “Go ahead. I’ll get some in a little bit, myself. You haven’t had any cock, yet, today.” The two of them scooted closer together. They leaned in to each other, Rick taking her in his arm, placing the other hand on her boobs. They were just as he had imagined. Very soft, except for the nipple, which was hard as a rock. He gave it a soft squeeze. VERY NICE! He kissed her soundly, receiving her kiss in return. She gave it just enough tongue to make it plain that she was more than receptive to him. He pulled her, with a bit of aid from her, closer to him. They held the next kiss even longer, their tongues fighting a duel in first his mouth, then in hers, his other hand moving to explore her luscious body even further. It moved down onto her tummy. It was soft and smooth, yet firm. His hand moved around on her the hard smoothness of his hand causing the muscles of her stomach to quiver. He paused for a second, moving it around to her buttocks, rubbing and squeezing them. His finger moved to the tiny division between the cheeks to rub, barely touching her anus very slowly. He rubbed around it pushing in just enough to feel it around the very tip of his finger, then withdrawing. Her breathing was nearly frantic. He was turning her on to no end. She squirmed, and pushed her tongue deeper than before. She was breathing SO FAST!

She was doing some exploration, her own self. Her hand traced circles on his chest, feeling the hardness of his pectoral muscles. She gently squeezed, then pinched HIS nipple. Then she felt the smoothness of his stomach, with its underlying hardness. Her hand moved to his muscled shoulder, rubbing down onto his biceps. THEY WERE SO VERY HARD!! She moved it up to the back of his head to hold him nearer, kissing him even harder than before. Her tongue was now dwelling in his mouth, licking his teeth and caressing his tongue. His hand had now reached its ultimate goal. He gently stroked her love mound, feeling the soft hair growing on it. It made a well-defined triangle patch, pointing to her focal point. Barbara had shown her how to shave between her legs, explaining that many, if not most, men would want to eat her pussy when they fucked her. She didn’t want to have them get one of her pubies in their mouths. THAT was a big turn-OFF. ESPECIALLY if it got caught in his THROAT! She had, since that night, made sure that that part of her was as smooth as she could get it. She had even, the next time they went shopping with her Mother, bought a mirror that had one side that magnified. Her Mother had SAID nothing, but had smiled and raised an eyebrow at her baby girl. Cathy knew, without words, that she knew what she wanted it for. The only thing she had said was, “I know. I have one, too. They’re very handy to have around.”

Her hand reached back for his stomach. There was a thin line of hair up to his belly button, bespeaking his coming manhood. It moved on down, returning his caresses. His pubic hair was thick and slightly bristley. His pecker felt like it was made of wood. Very hard and very smooth. She grasped it with her hand, gently massaging him. There was easily enough space for her to grasp it with all her fingers, and MAYBE enough room for both hands. She felt him throbbing in her hand. His breathing was just as fast as hers.

She felt one finger, then a second enter into her body, going in and out slowly, finger-fucking her. He withdrew them and used the moisture to lubricate as he parted her labia, and stroked her clitoris. She inhaled sharply with his touch. It was like she had received an electric perabet shock. He stroked it, again. Her body jerked and jumped from the contact. She could feel an orgasm building inside her. She gave a low moan.

Rick moved his hand to her back, and placed his other hand on her breast, pushing lightly to lay her on her back. The grass tickled her as she sank into its softness. He gave her one more light kiss and moved to kneel between her open thighs. He started kissing on her breasts, sucking both nipples into his mouth, in turn, and, grasping them with his lips, teased them with the tip of his tongue. His kisses traced the path his hand had taken before, and ended at her mound, kissing it and pulling the hair there with his lips. He pulled her labia apart with his thumbs and inserted his tongue inside her passage, licking her thoroughly. Her body jumped and jerked of its own accord. There was no stopping it. She reached down and, placing her hands on the back of his head, tried to push it nearer. HE WAS DRIVING HER CRAZY!!! She levered her hips up to his face,wrapping her legs around his neck to apply MORE pressure. She was shaking uncontrollably, moaning and sobbing with the feelings he had unleashed. OH MY GOOODDD!!! I’M COMMMIIINNNGGGG!!!! FUCK ME!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, FUCK MMEEEE!!! I CAN’T STAND IT!!! SHOVE THAT BEAUTIFUL PECKER INSIDE MMMEEEEE!!! I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!! YOU’RE DRIVING ME CRAZZZYYY!!!

He moved back after delivering one last, long lick from her anus to her clit, taking time to suck it out more, and lick it repeatedly. She was gulping air, and sobbing with her want of him. He and Billy were both enjoying the sight of her excitement. Billy always enjoyed seeing her in this condition. She got even more active than usual. She had been brought to this point by both the Fathers, and one of his friends. Everyone had considered the friend a nerd, but after he had made one of the prettiest, and sexiest girls around respond like THAT, all the girls had wanted to try him out. He had, ever since, had the willing companionship of EVERY girl in the High School. He was the paramour of all the girls, and the envy of all the boys. His reputation as a lover spread even to other schools. He had girls at parties lining up to be loved by him. The Prom Queen had offered to take their picture in the nude, if only he would fuck her on camera. He, wisely, turned her down.

Rick knelt between her thighs, rubbing the head of his dick on her soaking wet slit. Thoroughly covered, he started pushing it into her. She bucked her hips trying to make him enter her faster, but he kept moving slowly, not wanting to hurt her. Finally all the way inside of her he began to pump in and out of her, increasing her cries and moans. She locked her ankles around his waist, and her arms around his neck, kissing him mercilessly. They stayed locked together for a very long while. Unknown to them, earlier that day, he had fucked Sharon AND Robbi. Sharon in the barn, and Robbi in his bedroom. His Mom had walked by, and hearing the noise Robbi was making, had closed the door to his room, smiling and shaking her head. She was proud of his ability to please the girls. He was a credit to all the ladies in the family.

He kept posting at a steady pace, making her cum over and over. Her cries were almost pitiable. If she hadn’t have been pleading her love, it would have been. Her breasts were pressed tightly to his chest, allowing her to feel his stomach muscles bunch a he plunged, again and again into her wet pussy. She was building to her biggest orgasm. The MOTHER of them all. He pushed deeper inside of her and began to spurt his seed inside of her. This broke the dam. She locked her legs and squeezed so tight Billy was sure he would hear ribs breaking. He held deep within her, wave after wave of sperm flowing into her. She was screaming so loud, Billy expected to see the others come to see what was wrong. The only one to arrive was Papa Campbell. He was on a horse, so he made no sound as he rode up. He swung one leg across the saddle and sat and watched. He had a HUGE smile on his face as he observed the youngsters. “Looks to me like he’s doing a pretty fair job of making her happy. Don’t you think?” Billy nodded his agreement. “Tell them to put their clothes on before they come to the house. Her Mom and Dad are up there.” He rode off.

Rick and Cathy finished, cuddling and kissing, with each thanking the other for their magnificent performance.

Now, Cathy was wondering if his leg would effect his performance. She wanted her Dad more than anyone, but, she also wanted Rick, nearly as much. Especially now that she had stopped taking her birth control pills. She wanted desperately, for one of them, she didn’t care which, to knock her up. She wanted to have a bun in HER oven.

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