Mistis’ Adventures Part 75

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 75
The next morning the Tinsley household woke up totally refreshed, and VERY curious. It was Sunday, and whatever they wanted to do, it must be done today. Ben and Sam had told Billy, the previous day, that they would love to see what an American ranch looked like, and, if possible, ride a horse. He and Cathy were anxious to show them their farm, but also thought about asking Mr. Goodrich if they could show them THEIR ranch. Cathy wanted to have some time with them, so they could have a leisurely time to enjoy whatever they wanted. She was concerned that their curiosity and anxiety would make them try to do too much.

Billy settled for showing them their place, and taking them out on the mares. Betty, so far, was the only one to make friends with the stallion. He, around her, acted like an overgrown puppy. The other mare, and the gelding, were easy to ride also, but the other mare had been named ‘Silly,” for good reason. When Mr. Morris was breaking her to saddle, he had ridden her past one of the ponds. A frog had jumped in front of her and she jumped, landing in a deep pool, and, with Mr. Morris still astride her, he was in water up to his neck. She was completely submerged. He got her out, but, at times, she still was easily spooked. The rest of the stock was good and gentle.

They went over to Dave’s house to thank them and tell them all “Good Morning.” Mike and Misti were also wanting Ben and Sam how days were spent at the Campbell house. Misti’s sweat and jogging suits fit Ben and Sam nearly perfectly, so they dressed in them, and went over like they did many mornings.

Mike opened the back door, calling out “Good Morning” to the family, and leading the others into the kitchen. As he had expected, Clara was setting the table, wearing only her yellow see-through panties, and Mom Campbell, Betty, Carol, and Sharon were all naked. Both Fathers, Dave, William, and Tod were all naked, too. Ben brightened as he looked over all the bare female flesh on display. They were absolutely beautiful, and he told them so. Sam was busy looking at what SHE was most interested in. All those türkçe bahis fantastic cocks out where she could look them over and dream about the time they would be inside of her, making her sing and sweat. They all took turns coming over to kiss and hug them “Hello.”

Carol was the first to take note of Ben’s swelling cock. Unabashedly, she reached inside and felt of his hardening dick. “Mommy. How long ’till breakfast is ready? Ben has a problem that I need to take care of.” Clara looked over at her daughter. “It should be ready in about 30 minutes or so. Just do what you need to do. Nobody will starve to death. Now go show our guest some hospitality, Dear.”

Carol took his hand and started up the stairs. “Which of you gentlemen are going to welcome Sam to our home?” Sharon looked over at William. “Why don’t you show her around, Sweetie. I haven’t been able to take care of you the right way in the last few days. You should be able to make her feel welcome.” William, smiling at their guest, asked her, “Would you do me the honor of seeing to your comfort?” Sam brightened as much as Ben had. “Certainly, kind sir. It will be my pleasure to accompany you. Any time and any place.” They went up the stairs right behind Carol and Ben.

Carol led Ben into her and Dave’s bedroom, turned and unzipped his hoodie, and put it over a chair. She leaned down a bit, and pulled his pants down, stepping in them so he could pull his feet free. Carol had been fascinated by Misti’s stories of him. Now she was anxious to find out for herself. She took him in her arms and kissed him passionately, plastering her body to his. For some unexplained reason, her milk had dried up, so she had switched Sarah to formula. She didn’t have to worry about him getting a mouthful of her milk.

Ben took advantage of the fact that she was already completely naked. He was admiring her feminine charms, kissing her breasts, sucking her nipples, and feeling her ass. It was as soft and smooth as it looked. She had reached down and was holding his erect penis, somewhat surprised. She had been told that Asian men had much smaller dicks than American tipobet güvenilir mi men. Someone had forgotten to tell Ben. There was nothing small about him. He was as big as most of the men she had been with in her life. He was at least 6 or 7 inches long, and nicely thick. She had seen a few big ones, and had tried some of them. Most were overrated.

They backed to the bed, and he held her arms to lower her to a sitting position. He was looking at her bald pussy. He knelt at her feet and, placing his hands on the insides of her knees, gently spread them wider. She followed his lead,and laid back to enjoy what Misti had told her about him. He lifted her legs and started kissing her toes, one at a time. From there he kissed the soles of her feet, her ankles, and up the insides of both legs.

He skipped past her groin area, going up her tummy, then to her breasts, and her neck, finally kissing her lips, his tongue working her lips open to insert it a tiny bit. His hands weren’t idle. He had been stroking all the way up her thighs, over her butt, and back, and squeezing her breasts. She was feeling the excitement building inside of her, anticipating what he would do next.

He started working his way back down her body, kissing her neck, nibbling at her breasts, and sucking her nipples until they were extended as long as she had ever seen. And as hard. He was far from finished. He kissed his way back across her stomach, sucking at her belly-button, and finally arriving at her smooth mons. Hers wasn’t as prominent as Misti’s, but, it was larger than many of the girls. He kissed it, and lifted her legs to nibble at her clitty, making it stand out. He sucked it until she thought she was going to explode. She had felt her excitement growing throughout his excursion over her body. She knew that when it came, it would be an earth shattering experience. She just hoped she wouldn’t make a spectacle of herself, but, if she did, it was going to be worth it. He was licking the crease in her mound, rubbing her clit with his nosr as it came even. He sucked at her pussy-lips licking her and canlı bahis making her wet beyond anything else. FINALLY! She felt his tongue enter her passage, and start licking her inside. This was the coup de gras for her. She pushed on the back of his head, trying to get him deeper. He chewed her pussy with his lips, and she screamed out from his touch. AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!! She was pitching up to meet him, and loving how he was doing her. Her climax was nearly unbearable in its intensity. He raised up and smiled at her. “Now, my love, is what we both want more than anything. He pulled her all the way onto the bed, parting her legs, and lowered himself to enter her. She felt his cock slowly going inside of her. It felt marvelous. He entered her pushing as deep as he was able, and began to pump in and out of her. Her legs wrapped around his waist, and her arms were around his shoulders, squeezing and pulling him down to be kissed without any thought of mercy. Her tongue went into his mouth and she was kissing and whimpering at the same time, making a mewing sound. He was almost fucking her like a jackhammer, but wasn’t slamming into her pelvis. If she had been flammable, it would have made smoke. He was kissing her on his own, and her arms had gone around his shoulders, her hands massaging his back and his pumping butt. She was thrusting up to meet his strokes, and holding him as tightly from within as she could.

She felt herself rising up and taking him with her legs wide open, to take the full force onto her pelvis. It was fantastic. “FUCK ME, DADDY!!! PLEASE FUCK ME!!! CUM IN ME!!! I CAN’T WAIT ANY MORE!!! SHOVE THAT SWEET PECKER INSIDE ME!!! FLOOD MY GUTS WITH YOUR SEED!!! GIVE ME ANOTHER BABY!!! OOOHHHH MMMYYYYY GGOOOODDDD!!!

She pitched up and held against him as he pushed into her, spilling a huge load of his sperm. Completely spent, they collapsed, him with just enough strength to roll off of her. Both felt gentle hands caressing them. Mike was wiping the insides of Carol’s legs with a warm, wet towel, and Misti was on her knees beside her Father, sucking him clean. All the others were gathered around the bed. They had come in when they heard Carol’s first cry. They had warched William and Sam, and, now that they had received a large dose of eye candy, went back across the hall to watch their newest family member be welcomed properly.

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