Morning Neighbor Part 2

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Morning Neighbor Part 2
I watched Devon walked out of my room. That made one of us. After the pounding he put on me, I could barely think straight. It had been years since I’ve been fucked for real. Years ago Evan’s mechanic came by to fix my car. He fixed my oil leak and made my pussy leak all in the same two hours.

I showered and got dressed thinking about how great this morning was. I rubbed my clit reflecting on our amazing session. As I put on my clothes for the day I heard the door open.

“ Hey Hon, “ Evan’s bitchy nasal voice yelled. I rolled my eyes at the thought of my pathetic husband. The dog barked and I got even more upset. Footsteps headed towards the room and there he was. 6 foot 2, 200 points with jet black hair. Sounded like a dream but it wasn’t. His breath always smelled of Newport’s and he his nose looked like it was broken and never fixed.

“ Oh my, you’re so hot, “ Evan told me as I finished putting my hair in a ponytail. I felt his hands on my butt and knew he was horny. He put his hairy hands into my underwear and felt how wet I was.

“ Fuck yeah, “ he whispered thinking it was because of him. Grabbing me by my hand he led me to the bed. Time to be an actress.

“ You want this pussy papí, “ I asked with a fake accent.

“ You know it babe, “ Evan said undressing. I licked my lips and rubbed my clit acting like I wanted him. He pulled out his stuff 3.5 inches and jumped on the bed. He pounced me missionary and fucked me like a rabbit. It absolutely did nothing for me. I fake moaned as I rolled my eyebrows. At one point I even caught myself making funny faces through the pumps.

“ You like that big cock? illegal bahis siteleri Oh yeah that fucking huge cock is tearing you open baby, “ Evan said with confidence. It took so much not to laugh in his pathetic face. I faked an orgasm and he came on my stomach. When he went to get something to wipe me off I had a thought.

“ Lick it up, “ I ordered him when he returned. He was puzzled.

“ Huh? “

“ Oh come on sweetheart, lick your cum. I think that’s so hot. “ I said. I didn’t. But I wanted him to look small in my eyes. He stared at me for seconds before he slowly bent down and licked him cum streaks off of my bellow while I smiled.

The rest of the day was filled prepping the house for his party. He slept. My pussy knocked him out which was another gripe of mine. Of course we’re on the other side of 40 but 7 minutes shouldn’t knock you out all day.

Before I knew it it was 7 o’clock and houseguests for Evan’s birthday party was here. We greeted everyone as they entered but I realized one thing. I had forgotten the cake.

“ Hey Devon! “ I heard Evan shout.

I quickly began to roam our huge living room for him. There he was in slacks and a nice turtleneck. He looked even better than I’ve ever thought, especially after knowing how well he fucks. I headed over to him and saw Evan shaking his hand.

“ Happy birthday man, “ he said to Evan.

“ Thank you. Sorry about the dog. Bianca told me about what happened, “ Evan replied to Devon.

“ It’s cool, I got in her ass about it, “ Devon said looking at me with a smile as Evan laughed. My pussy went crazy. It felt like I creamed myself right there.

“ Devon can tipobet güvenilir mi you help me with the cake? It’s in the garage fridge. I hid it. “ I lied.

Devon picked up on my hint and followed me down the hall to the garage door. I went to the garage and before I could turn around to hit the light switch I felt his strong hands push my on the hood of Evan’s Lexus.

“ You want me again already? “ I asked as he unzipped his pants. He answered soon after. Not with a response but by sticking his dick into my slippery pussy hole without warning. He yanked my ponytail and without words he fucked my pussy like he wanted his cock to stab my organs. I couldn’t even say the dirty things that were on my mind. He had me speechless. I could hear him grunting and moaning as my pussy hugged his dick. I was so wet it felt like I peed myself.

“ Yeah Bianca, take that fucking big dick, “ he said breaking the silence. He meant it. Evan said it all the time but it was so much sexier hearing it from Devon. I had lost track of how many times I came with him using my hole. He pressed my face down on the white hood of Evan’s car leaving my makeup smeared on it. I didn’t care. I wanted to leave it there.

Devon abruptly pulled his cock from my hot pussy and walked to the car door. It was u locked.

“ Get in. “

I didn’t even have time to say yes. I hurried in the passenger side and he got in the driver seat. With his cock standing straight up he reclined the seat back. He didn’t need to tell me what to do. I leaned over and sucked his cock. Spitting on it, stroking with my hands and swallowing it whole. Devon gripped my perabet ass as he reached around while I sucked him.

“ Bianca? Bianca? “ I heared a familiar voice call. It was Evan.

“ Shhh just keep sucking, he’ll go away, “ Devon whispered.

I closed my eyes and continued giving him slow, sloppy head.

“ I knew your old ass was a freak, “ Devon said smacking my ass loudly.

Evan heard it and stared into the windshield of the car inching closer. Devon and I froze. Evan’s eyes got wide. I was spotted. He caught me with a dick in my mouth. I didn’t know what to do. Suddenly I felt Devon’s hand on the back of my head pushing me down on his cock. I was deepthroating him.

“ Gggggggggg “ was the sound coming from my mouth. He yanked my head up. And I saw him and Evan staring at each other. He had an embarrassed look on his face. Devon looked coldly at him and once again guided my mouth on his cock. I slowly sucked his long, veiny dick, holding eye contact with my pathetic husband. I didn’t care if he saw and apparently he didn’t care if I saw either. His hand went into his pants and he slowly pulled out his tiny dick as he stood watching us. With tears in his eyes he tugged at his oversized clit and Devon laughed while I sucked him. I sucked and slurped his dick until he exploded in my mouth.

“ Don’t swallow it all, “ he said. “ Come on. “

He got out the car and pulled his pants up. I did the same but fixed my dress.

“ Give your husband a birthday kiss. “ Devon said without a care as he walked by Evan.

I walked up to my teary eyed husband and planted a wet peck on his lips. The remaining cum I had from Devon’s massive cock was transferred to my weak husband’s mouth as he stood there dumbfounded with his dick in his hand.

“ Happy Birthday babe, “ I said with a cum covered smile.

Devon wanted him to know I was his now. He would do what he want when he wanted. And all because of that damn dog.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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