My kids baby sitter (this is a legal age lady)

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My kids baby sitter (this is a legal age lady)
This little cute thing used to baby sit my k**. Really a sweet girl. We developed a good relationship and she often talked with me, asked for advice and prolly just wanted someone to talk to. How could I refuse? She always did good by me, did great with my son and she’s fucking gorgeous.
I gave her a key to my house, she had my schedule and would just come over in the morning. If I was still sleeping she would come in and wake me up.
I often sleep naked. She showed up and went in my room to wake me up and for the first time in months apparently my covers were pulled to the side enough for her to notice. It wasn’t until that evening after she left when she told me that she seen that I was naked. This led to quite the conversation. She told me how she was attracted to me and tip toed around, worried that I would be mad or reject her I guess. Eventually it came out that she wanted to play with me to wake me up but didn’t want to cross a line.
I was totally fine with the idea and told her that I was also attracted to her and welcomed her to come by earlier if she wanted and do whatever she wanted.. This conversation ended around 11pm that night.
I had to work at 6 the following morning. It was about 3am that I hear my front door open. My heart racing, I just know it’s her. I left my tv on, I’m naked and I decided to pretend I was sound asleep. A few min passed and I started to think that I was just hearing shit. Right before I was about to get out of bed and check I hear the footsteps approaching my door. Just peepin through the bostancı escort crack my eye I see her walk in. My sexy, petite, blonde hair, blue eyed, horny babysitter was completely naked already. I grew hard instantly. Still unaware I was awake she slowly started coming up from my feet, shoved my cock right in her mouth and started rubbing her little pussy and moaning. She keep sucking, kissing and rubbing all over me. She licked my abs and chest all the way to my ear. She whispers to me, “if your not awake yet, you will be soon. Ive only done this onve before so I might not be very good at first but your so fucking sexy, my pussy is so wet and so tight and I’m gonna slide it onto your thick cock. You don’t know how many times I’ve played with myself thinking of you”
I gave her a halfway groan. She knew I was at least half awake. Then I feel it. Her pussy sliding onto me. It was so fucking tight. She struggled a bit. I soon came to full attention. Started rubbing on her, touching her tits. I told her to hold on and threw her down. I gave her the full package. Kissing her neck, down to her tits, bit and pinched her nipples while rubbing my hand through her hair. I grazed her tummy with my tongue all the way to her thighs. I teased her and kissed her one leg. Grabbed her feet, got down right by her pussy and just barley ran my tongue over her pussy and bit her thigh. 2 or 3 minutes of kissing just right around her pussy. Grazing over it a few seconds. She was so horny.  She was dripping out on to my sheets. When I notice that I couldn’t resist. I licked from the bottom ataşehir escort bayan of her cum filled pussy, sucked her lips into my mouth and swallowed all of it. She was so delicious. So pure. So fresh, that perfect pussy taste. I ate her out for a good 45 minutes she just kept cumming. She had the cutest toes and I often held her feet and every time she came not only did her pussy give me another mouthful of her cum but her toes curled so hard. She let out these little moans, almost seemed like she was embarrassed or trying to hide it.. I stopped and looked at her and asked if she was trying to hold it in. She said “I don’t wanna sound stupid or weird”
I told her just to let out whatever noises come. Don’t hold back and don’t exaggerate. Express what you feel. God damn she had the perfect moans. The way she held her breath before she came, the way she looked at me before her eyes rolled back.
I go to start teasing her with my cock, just putting the tip, then a little more just slowly.  I didn’t even get my whole cock in her before I told her I was gonna cum. I blew all in her and on her tummy. She almost looked upset and I asked if she was ok. She asked me if I could keep going, she wanted more and it felt so good.
I didn’t want to stop either and with a few short min I was harder than I was before. I told her I’d grab something to wipe her belly and she asked if she could eat it. So I swiped it with my hand and put it right in her mouth.. She was a good little hoe. I started back sliding into her and with by the 4th time I slid all the way in her. She moaned göztepe escort bayan so loud. I felt her squeeze her pussy tighter. I couldn’t believe how tight she was. For a good while I have her slow and sensual pleasure. Rubbed her body all over. Kissing and telling her sweet things. Sucking on her perfect tits. She came again and again.
“Daddy I haven’t ever felt this good or came this much” her calling me that sent me to the next level and I pounded her pussy till well after I was supposed to work. I came again and went for round three in the shower. Got out and woke my k**. She asked if I was going to work and said she wanted to try more things with me. 
Well I called my other baby sitter and had her take my son out with her k**s for the day and me and Cheyenne spent the whole day in bed. Fucking, sucking, fingering, watching porn she liked, tried positions she liked off the videos, massaging and just giving no fucks.
I was so sore by the end of it. My dick, my abs, thighs and even my ass mussels… I know she was too. We talked for a good two or three hours.. She stayed for dinner, cleaned up after and from then on spent a few early mornings a week by me. She started doing my laundry, cooking dinner and playing house. I can say i think i taught her most everything she will ever need to know. Haha
 it came to an end unfortunately as I ended up moving. I think about her often and we still talk. I’ll be back for her someday. I don’t think I’ll ever have an issue with that. Currently I’m in a relationship, she doesn’t care. She even said she’d be ok with that as long as she has me. Bitter sweet as I got myself into a situation hahaha who knows what the future holds. But damn do I want to taste her pussy again. She came so much all the time. She is a great women and whoever she is may be with will be a very lucky man..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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