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My new toy
I sat at my desk when Kim walked in.

“Kevin I was wondering if I could discuss getting a pay rise.” Kim asked. Kim is a mature tall sexy woman who looks great no matter what she wears.

“Sure. Close the door.” I replied. She went to sit down. “No stand please” I stood and walked round my desk to sit on the edge.

“How much?” I asked.

“Five… 5000” she stuttered. I smiled.

“Why? 5000 is a big pay rise. ” I looked at her big breasts in the tight sweater. She looked hesitant.

“I work long hours. I’m here when you want me.” She said.

“True I do want you a lot. ” I looked at her heaving chest. My cock throbbed in my trousers. I looked in her eyes she blushed.

“Jenny comes to work early everyday works late. Sucks my cock in the breaks should I give her a $5000 pay rise too.” Kim looked shocked. She looked down at her tits grabbed her jersey and pulled it over her head revealing her EE cup bra encased breasts. She wore a skirt with a hem line about mid thigh showing her great long legs.

“No” she said quietly. I moved behind her and unzipped her skirt. It fell to the floor. Kim was wearing a garter belt stockings and crotchless panties. The flat sole shoes were boring.

“Sit on the couch güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri ” I issued commands she hesitantly obeyed.

“Spread your legs”

“Finger your pussy”

I pushed the intercom button so Jenny could here Kim moaning as she fingered her hairy mature cunt. I stood in front of her. As she relaxed closed her eyes and pumped two fingers in her sopping wet crack. Her other hand cupped a breast pulling the nipple to her mouth.

“Unzip my pants. Get my cock out”

Kim hesitated. She thought about the five grand opened those big luscious red lips and moved her head forward taking the swollen head of my cock in her mouth. Her reluctance was obvious.

“$5000 pay rise. I need to see your talents Kim. You have to deep throat my cock swallow my cum,….” She started swirling her tongue on the bottom of the shaft, her head bobbed up and down. My hand caressed her shoulder length hair.

Jenny quietly opened the door a few inches so she could watch her colleague give me a blow job. Jenny is 18 small petite blonde 5 ft tall. Her tight merino wool mini dress was up around her hips her fingers rubbed her pussy. Jenny watched 50 Shades of grey and offered her body to me. I put tipobet giriş her on to and other BDSM websites. I have paid for her nipples to be pierced and have purchased many restraint devices for my pleasure. I indicated for her to stay put.

Kim was not very talented in the cock sucking department, however she did show her eagerness to please. I reached forward and gently spanked her white butt. Her eyes looked up at me.

“Like that Kim?” She blinked. Removed her mouth from my cock.

“Yes. My husband won’t..”

I walked over to the couch sat down.

“Lie across my lap” she moved to lie across my lap and started laughing. “I’m 40 and i’m about to get spanked by my boss who was born when I finished high school”

My hand landed firmly on her butt her head came up and she saw Jenny fingering her hairless young pussy. Smiled. I spanked each ass cheek until she started crying. They were red. My eyes saw the juices leaking from her pussy. My fingers rubbed her moist pussy lips and moved to her brown rosebud. She wiggled her butt trying to move my fingers back to her crack. My hand firmly grabbed her breast and squeezed. Hard.

“Your husband will no longer fuck you. You will practice tipobet güvenilir mi sucking his cock. Your ass and pussy are mine!” I squeezed her nipple harder. My moist finger probed her anus. Jenny walked in and stood before me.

“Remove your dress Jenny show our new toy what she can expect.” I ordered.

Jenny pulled the dress over her head. Jenny bent over showing the end of the butt plug in her butt hole, turned and showed her pierced nipples. On her left breast a little puppy with a leash.

“Get on the floor Kim and watch. You will be expected to perform the same tasks” Kim moved to the floor. Jenny got on her hands and knees her ass faced me. I put my hand on the butt plug and moved it slowly in and out stretching her asshole. Her fingers rubbed her clit. Her breathing become short.

“Master can I cum please?”

“No” she removed her fingers from her clit. I moved over her guiding my hard cock to open butthole and thrust hard, burying my cock all the way in. I placed the butt plug in front of Kim. I needed release I fucked her little butt hard and fast. In only a minute I filled her butt with my warm seed. I pulled out and moved around to Jenny’s face and had her suck my cock clean.

I zipped my pants and put on my jacket.

“Jenny take Kim to the parlour have her processed” I said. “Get her to pay Lou the same way you did”

I left. I could here Jenny explain that Lou was a lesbian dyke and expected Kim to lick her pussy and get her pussy stretched with a big strap on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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