My step sons friend

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My step sons friend
I split from my wife 10 years ago bit always kept close with her son he got older he came to work for me at my office supplies office ..

As he got older he spent more time with me and used my place as a hang out for him and his friends …I got on well with the all was a good group of young men and women and all got on well with my girlfriend Hayley .

Well this one night I had been out with Hayley we came home drunk we sat down and before we could relax there was a knock on the door I opened it …it was one of my son’s friends Holly ..she was crying ..I asked her in …she sat there and told us that it was her 18th birthday and she had been having an argument with her boyfriend and he had dumped her out of his car and left her stranded as her phone was in the car ..she had knocked to see if my son was in …after some consoling we said she should sleep downstairs and I’d drop her off in the morning .

In the morning I made her a tea and she said sorry for ruining our night .
I gave her a lift home .

The next weekend we had a party planned for my son’s 19th birthday was all going well the door rang and it was Holly and wow she looked stunning ..she was very petite just over 5 foot dark shoulder length brown hair slim little body with thick thighs bit all in proportion…she was wearing a little blue dress …”wow look amazing .” I said letting her in she blushed and thanked me again for last week ..

The night was going well we were all quite drunk that was until Hayley got too drunk and started an argument …she was always very volatile casino oyna I tried to calm the situation down and she went off at me saying I was taking sides ..she ended up storming out of the party ..I was fuming so it wasn’t a good time for hollys boyfriend to turn up ..he started throwing his weight about with Holly so I grabbed him roughing him up a bit and telling him in no in certain terms that he was done here …Holly thanked me and gave me a kiss calling me her hero .

The night went on every one got drunk and I went to bed I text Hayley to make sure she was ok ..she just text talk in morning .

I fell asleep with the party still in full swing .

I woke it was dark as I stirred I realised I wasn’t alone in bed and my soft cock was in someone’s mouth …my first thought was that Hayley had come back to the house cock grew in her warm mouth as I lay there I knew something was different I couldn’t put my finger on it but it was different better .

I pulled the covers back expecting to see a head of blonde hair to my shock a he’d of brown hair greeted me ..I learnt over and flicked the table lamp on .

“Shit” I said as I looked down it was Holly who had my cock in her mouth I sat up pushing her off me ..”what the fuck ” I said speechless of any meaningful words

“Oh come on” she said grabbing for my cock again “no need to go” I said ..she just giggled and undone her dress pulling it over her head …she was now kneeling on my bed just in a thong and bra ..I jumped up my cock still hard and pushed the lock over on the door ..I didn’t want anyone bursting canlı casino siteleri in on this situation.

” I’ve fancied you for years ” she said “well you still need to go ” I replied she walked on her knees to the edge of the bed “don’t you fancy me ?” She asked with a fake sulking face ..the truth was I did fancy her she was really beautiful and her body was amazing …
I am only human and my will to resist was fading fast …
After some more conversation going know where “ok I’ll leave “she said standing up her sexy ass Wimbledon as she walked to pick up her dress she walked towards the door she threw herself on me kissing me ..I tried to stop but I couldn’t her hand wrapped around my cock as my hands cupped her ass ..we walked entwined to the bed I fell onto the bed…she dropped between my legs sucking my cock like a porn star for 18;she really knew how to suck cock .

I lifted her to her feet her body was amazing little c cup tits on a tight body and thick ass and thighs I pulled her thong down and she stepped out of it ..I pulled her on to me and lay her on the bed …her pussy was so neat and un used she was shaven except a small v shape tuff … My tongue tasted her for the first time ..she tasted so good my tongue circled her small clit …her body writhing in enjoyment her young juices we’re flowing and tasted almost sweet .

I flipped her around her juicy ass in the air I pulled her ass cheeks apart slowing my tongue room to pick over her cute ass hole cock was now dripping pre cum I climbed up her body kneeling over her ass ..I separated canlı bahis her legs slightly so I could see her pussy ..I guided my cock to her pussy rubbing my helmet up and down her slit …I then pushed my helmet in between her tight pussy lips she let out a groan and girated her hips I pushed a little deeper holding my shift rigid as it struggled to enter her tight cunt ..she grabbed the pillow as I gently glided in and out of her every now and then going a little deeper ..I watched as her pussy clamped around my shaft ..I dropped onto her and started thrusting harder into her tight little pussy her groans growing louder I rolled her over so she was laying in a reverse cowgirl position my hand covered her mouth stifling her moans ..she sat up her thick ass looked amazing as it rode me …

I was now fully deep in her and god she was tight she turned and rode me cowgirl I reached behind releasing her bra ..her perfect little titties bouncing as she rode me I grabbed her shoulder forcing her harder on to me which she loved cumming over my cock …

I threw her off me position information her in doggy position her knees tucked under her and ass in the air ..I slipped into her my cock covered in her juices glided into her ..I had tried to fuck her gently but now I just wanted her tight cunt ..I plowed into her using my full length her body was being shoved along the bed with the force of my thrusts I put liked my cock out she knew it was close and I stood on the bed and she knelt licking her juices off my cock wanking me furiously …my body stiffened and I exploded my cum over her chin and down onto her tits she drained my cum from me as she rubbed my cock over her tits ..

We fucked alot after that even when she got back with that useless cunt of a boyfriend …even at her 18 she was a great fuck and only got better

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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