My visit with a Filipina Part 2

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My visit with a Filipina Part 2
This is the continuation of the story of my visit with a Filipina trans woman in Hong Kong.

In the first part I described our first cum filled night together. In the following days we toured the sights of Hong Kong and every day we would come back to the hotel room after lunch and then lie in bed and fuck. Sometimes we would fuck several times in one session. At night we would fuck again before falling asleep together.

Each time she was my top and I was her bottom and I delighted in servicing her to completion. I had never experienced such sexual satisfaction in all my years of fucking women. In fact I had always wondered how it felt to be on the woman’s side, to be penetrated by a hard cock and then get filled with a hot load of cum. Women seem to love getting fucked as much as the men love fucking them so it must be satisfying being penetrated I thought. Still, I never thought that one day I would be in their place taking the female role.

Now I knew what it was like to feel my lover inside me with her hard cock urgently pushing and thrusting to go deeper inside my body. Now I knew what it was like to want her cock inside my body – I wanted her to go so deep she would tear my ass hole open. Now I knew what it was to see her face filled with ecstasy as she reached her climax and then ejaculated her milky cum into my hole.

Yes, it was very satisfying especially afterwards when I could feel her cum leaking out of my ass hole as I lay on the bed cuddling with her.Why did it feel so good to have her sperm dripping from my anus making a mess on the sheets? It was like being possessed in a way I had never been possessed before.

The strangest thing of all was that I had no desire myself to cum while I was being fucked. In fact the thought never entered my head since I was so focused on doing what I needed to do to get her to cum. Helping her to reach orgasm became my single goal in our lovemaking. When she finally did cum, I felt as much satisfaction as if I had cum myself. Oddly enough maybe even more satisfaction. Was this what it meant to be a submissive bottom? All my life fucking women, had I actually just been a sub bottom looking to get laid? Was being dominated and fucked bahis firmaları by a hard cock better than fucking?

One day she was in the bathroom and she opened the door and waved for me to come in. She was naked and so was I. When I got in the bathroom I could see that she had her phone set up on the counter to take a video. She said she wanted to make a little porn of our own and this excited me. I went to get some lube and I put some in my ass hole and then holding her throbbing cock in my hand rubbed more lube over her.

Facing the door, I put my hands and face up against it and then put my buttocks out offering my ass for her to mount. She held my hips with her hands and positioned her groin close behind me. Quickly her stiff cock head found my anal opening and once she felt the head going in, she thrust up inside me hard. I was immediately impaled on her erection and we both looked over to the mirror to see the sight.

There I was, a big man face up against the door with a little woman tightly pressed up against him from behind. As she pulled her cock in and out we could see how we were connected with her fuck stick in my ass. It was both fascinating and erotic to see us tied together in the graphic sexual union of lovers. We were like two horny a****ls in breeding season.

As she fucked up into my hole and gripped me with her hands sometimes I had to hold onto the door against the force of her attack. She was a small woman with a small penis but she had a vigorous sexual energy that made up for her size and at times I almost felt as though I was being anally ****d.

Of course I was a completely cooperative partner and to say that I liked it was an understatement. Yes, I wanted to be force fucked against my will by my dominant lover. I wanted to be submissive to her. So I gripped the door while she thrust her pelvis up against my buttocks and pushed her cock deep up into my ass. I was taking her cock like the bottom bitch I wanted to be with her.

Again and again, in and out, her fervor grew in intensity and she was panting as she mated with me. I was grunting and moaning a little each time as I received one of her pelvic thrusts. Sometimes I took quick glances at the mirror to see our bodies locked perabet together moving towards her orgasm. It was so hot watching myself being fucked by this woman. I was in heaven.

Finally she reached her peak and she held my ass close to her while she spurted her cum into my rectum as deep as she could push it. She was having a tremendous orgasm and I wished I could feel the hot jets of cum she was depositing inside my hole. I wondered if it was ever possible to feel it? Still, it didn’t matter because I knew that I was taking her creamy load and that her orgasm was my orgasm. I had done a wonderful job as a bottom for my top. I felt great as her orgasm subsided and her sloppy cock slipped out of my anus. She had done such a good job of sperm injection that nothing leaked out of my ass until I was back on the bed.

Another day we were in bed and she pulled my face down towards her ass and told me to eat her ass. I had never eaten ass before and to tell the truth, I was a little worried about it. However when my face was in her ass I saw that it was really clean. I felt the texture of the skin around her ass hole on my cheeks as she pulled my face into her ass. I tongued her hole and she squirmed in delight all the while holding my face tight up against her ass hole. After a few minutes of licking and sucking her ass, she asked me to fuck her.

This was a surprise but fuck her I did. I lubed up her ass hole up along with my hard cock and she got down in a crouch on the edge of the bed. Standing on the floor I pushed the knob of my cock into her hole but she reached out with her hand to stop me and told me to go slow. I chuckled to myself – when she is fucking she just rams it in but now that she is being fucked, she wants to go slow? Nevertheless I respected her wishes and gently eased my cock into her until I was balls deep.

Slowly I began to thrust in and out of her anus and she wriggled as I fucked her. I increased the intensity until I was fucking her hard and she was crying and moaning. She was really liking my cock in her ass. I kept fucking her but for some reason I wasn’t able to cum. I should have cum but somehow I couldn’t get there. It didn’t seem to matter however as much as she enjoyed perabet giriş the fucking. I really pounded her ass until she was completely spent. She might have even cum from the fucking but I didn’t look to see if she had cum.I was just glad that she was satisfied.

It made me wonder if she was really happy being a top and I fucked her one more time that week but again, I didn’t cum in her. In retrospect I wished that I had cum in her ass but at the time I really didn’t care.

That’s not to say I didn’t cum the whole time we were together because I did.

For me the most satisfying fucking was when I was on top of her and I could control the whole process. One day I was on top straddling her and I took her rock hard tool and positioned it at the entrance of my hole. Slowly I eased myself down on her taking my time for my sphincter muscles to open up and engulf my lover’s cock in my ass. It felt so good to feel her hardness inside my body and look at her lying there with her big tits and pretty face.

I had some lube for my cock so I jerked it while I moved my ass up and down on her throbbing hard rod. I fondled myself in time with our rhythmic fucking and she could see that my hard cock was going to explode. This got her excited and she moved her hips up and down under me anticipating her own explosion to come.

I kept telling her how beautiful she was while we fucked. Then I reached my climax and I rubbed my pulsing cock as it ejaculated jets of milky cum all over her breasts. She was being coated in my cum since I had a big load from not cumming in a while. After I was finished cumming, she held my ass in her hands and pushing up into my tight ass, she delivered her own load of hot jism. I don’t know what excited me more, my cumming or her cumming, but it was a wonderful moment of mating between us. I was so sexually satisfied maybe as much as I have ever been in my life.

The only problem was we seemed to be growing apart even as we continued our fucking every day. We seemed to be spending less time talking to one another and she was content to watch television or play with her phone. This part was disappointing to me but I wasn’t sure what to do about it. I was enjoying the sex so I didn’t want a confrontation but at the same time I wished we had been emotionally closer. We talked a little but not about how we were feeling. So it was very strange to be having these intense sexual experiences while feeling disconnected from one another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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