My wife’s co worker.

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My wife’s co worker.
As soon as I saw her I knew, or at least strongly suspected. For years I had been secretly searching shemale dating sights and masturbating to the beautiful gurls. Dreaming about, wishing I could be with one. They were always so beautiful, so sexual and sexual. When I saw Laura, I immediately recognized her from her ads. Gorgeous and very feminine, I don’t think anyone but me realized that she wasn’t born a girl.

Laura worked with my wife, and at a work function I approached her and said hi. She said hi back in a soft, beautiful voice and I felt my cock move in my pants. I could not help but imagine the photos I had seen of her perfect breasts, her firm, shapely body and big wonderful cock. She was just perfect. I tried to hide my lust but I think my eyes gave me away. Through out the night, we made eye contact several times, my blood was boiling!

Later that night, I fucked my wife. I was almost insatiable. Although I didn’t admit it, my lust was driven by Laura. I imagined it was Laura that was sucking my cock. I imagined it was Laura I was pounding into.

I layed there afterwards, my wife fast asleep, and thought about her some more. I searched more her ad online and in a moment of lust and not thinking straight, sent her a message. “Hi, I think I met you tonight. We made eye contact several times through the night after saying hi. If you are interested please let me know.” I hit send before I lost my nerve.

As I woke bahis siteleri canlı the next morning, all I could think about was sending that message. Part of me thought it a mistake, part of me hoped she responded. After my wife left, I quickly logged on and saw the message, “It might of been me, but aren’t you married?” My heart raced, I knew it! It was Laura in those ads, she was a shemale! The most beautiful shemale I had ever seen!

I thought about how to respond and then just went for it. “Yes, I am. That was me. I’m just being honest. You are the most incredible, most gorgeous girl I have ever seen. I would love to spend time with you if you wanted.”

My email chimed and I read, “Want to come over.”

My heart beated out of my chest as I grabbed my keys and sped off towards her place. I didn’t even stop to think. If I did, I might turn back around. As I walked quickly, but nervously toward her door, I could feel my cock swelling in my pants.

Laura opened the door and looked just as beautiful, if not even more than before. Almost immediately she asked, “So you saw my ad?” knowing I had. “Yes” I said. “So you know I have something extra, then?” I felt my cock leak.

I moved to her and took her in my arms, I wanted no doubt as to what I wanted. She ran her hands along my upper arms and looked up at me, then closing her eyes, she leaned in. We kissed. Softly at first, then opened mouthed and passionately. I was sure she could tipobet güvenilir mi feel my hard cock pressed against her and oddly, surprisingly, I could feel her cock too. I knew that she was a TS, but she was so beautiful and feminine, it still caught me off guard for a second.

I felt her perfect ass in my hands as I kissed her and grinded my cock against her. Kissing her neck, my hands explored her firm breasts before returning to her ass and raising her skirt. Her thong covered ass felt amazing, firm and soft. I pulled her dress up over her head and caught a glimpse of her hard cock, just barely held back against her belly by her thong. We kissed again and she began to undo my pants, lightly rubbing my hard dick through the material as she did so. I was going crazy with lust.

She let my pants fall to the floor and held my stiff cock in her hand. I. it my hands on her hips and gently, but firmly guided her down. She smiled, before turning her attention to my hard, throbbing dick. I felt my eyes roll back. Her perfect, velvet like mouth made my knees weak.

I was so completely lost in the pleasure of the moment, that when she stood and pressed down on my shoulders I didn’t even process it. Next think I knew, I was on my knees, looking at her hard, thick cock sticking out of her lacy thong. I didn’t think, I didn’t hesitate, I licked the underside of her cock’s head before peeling down her thong and taking her hard tipobet giriş dick into my mouth. I sucked her, up and down, back and forth, like a cock starved bimbo.

I held her ass, her cock deep in my mouth and felt for her asshole. I spun her around and buried my face between her cheeks and licked every inch of her, wildly and passionately. I actually thought to myself, “This is the hottest chick in the world!”

I stood, and grabbed her hips, my hard cock pointed straight at her saliva soaked asshole and pushed inside her. She screamed in pleasure, maybe a little shock and pain. I held her hips tight and rammed my cock deep inside her.

She began to buck, rocking back and slamming her ass against me, matching my thrusts. “Yes, yes” she said out loud. So fucking hot!

Grabbing my hands from her hips, she pushed me back to the floor, then straddled me and lowered her tight,
perfect ass back down on my cock. Now she was fucking me! Her hard cock swinging, slapping both our stomachs. I could feel her sticky pre cum leaking out, coating my abdominal area.

She looked so beautiful, her perfect tits bouncing, her long hair flowing. My orgasm was building.

Suddenly, she stopped bouncing up and down on my hard cock and grabbed her cock. Quickly stroking herself, she shot rope after rope of white, sticky cum across my belly and chest. It was too much, I grabbed her hips and thrust my hips up and down, exploding inside her ass. Filling her tight hole with my jizz. She moaned, leaned forward and kissed me. We were both spent.

As my hands explored her perfect, firm body. I said I would have to see her again soon. Laura said, “What about your wife?” Before I could answer, she added, “Maybe she could join us?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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