Not All ‘Christian’ Rock Concerts Have A

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Not All ‘Christian’ Rock Concerts Have A
First off thank you everyone for the amazing feedback I’ve received on my last story! Extremely grateful and appreciative to share some of my experiences with everyone. This next ‘chapter’ as far as experiences go as also somewhat tame but has nonconsensual elements (public groping) so if you’re sensitive to that, no worries but feel free to skip.

Okie! Now this story took place towards the end of the summer a few years back. To sum up my family a bit, I have a mom and two sisters I live with when I’m not off on college. Unfortunately (and somewhat fortunate for others), we grew up in a very strict Christian household. That meant movies that dealt with sex, d**gs, or even too much cusses were always deemd as ‘the devils song-movie-etc’ to my very holier then thou mom. We grew up in a small town so it made sense how she wanted us to be raised as proper ‘pure’ girls since any sort of gossip gets spread like a wild fire. The less shenanigans her daughters got into the better.

The reason for all this info is that my boyfriend wanted to go to a concert, but being just like my mom he wanted something not too crazy so we settled on-well I won’t say which band but if you know their hits like ‘hero’ or ‘whispers in the dark’ then you know which I’m talking about. At the time being a major Linkin Park fan, this to me was the closest choice. Now let’s get into the fun stuff you all are waiting for! The concert.


It took forever to decide since my boyfriend is somewhat more on the conservative end, where I’m just more about feeling comfortable. His expression would go from highly pleased to pissed when I brought up an outfit choice to him. Pleased when he imagined how much I’d show, but pissed at who’d get to see. At this time still we haven’t been intimate in anyway, but as I said in my last story, he didn’t want anyone oogling what he hasn’t touched yet. The choice that won was a white summer dress with flower prints on them. We thought it looked cute, he just didn’t like the ‘girls’ were a little on display but the plan was he would stay to my side or in front of me so no one would stare. This was also under the assumption that we would be off to the side or the back since there was no seats.

So off we went. Him in his rocker styled clothes, me in my summer dress and a small coat…but I did make one mistake. I can’t speak for most girls but unless I absolutely need to wear panties I just don’t. And even though we were going to be outside, I figured the wind didn’t stand a chance bahis şirketleri blowing anything up since we were gonna be in a crowd. I didn’t tell my boyfriend this choice to leave those at home, nor my mom, anyone. Didn’t realize until later how much of a difference it would be.

Opening bands:

Nothing eventful occured here but it did set the setting incorrectly for the both of us. Up until that point no one was really getting into the music. Very few people around us really engaged, and for the most part although we were having a good time, we figured it wasn’t going to get too crazy. Then when the band everyone was ready to see was about to kick off their set-EVERYTHING changed. People were rushing to get close to the front, boyfriend and myself included. There was a lot of pushing and shoving but for the most part, which was honestly more fun since everyone was finally into the night-and then as quickly as we ran forward I sorta lost my boyfriend in the crowd, possibly way further up then him-as my butt was sorta being scooted forward by someone behind me-

About 3 songs in:

Call me naive or just kinda clueless or just full of adrenaline to finally seeing the band, but I didn’t feel this nor know what was touching me until around the 3rd song. When they started thanking the crowed and I gave my ‘rock on!’ salute with one hand, I felt something poking the other that was down by my side. I realized it was always poking me, but I just hadn’t really paid attention. I only did cause no sooner that I thought ‘is that someone’s finger? no it’s too fat to be-” I felt my entire forarm and hand begin to get wet. I for a second thought ‘great! someone probably is spilling their beer on me!’ cause it felt like it was slowly flowing out, one drop, a second, a third, then it sorta just stopped.

Understand this experience follows my first in that I was still super inexperienced and had no idea what just happened. No sooner that the leak stopped I felt the same finger wipe itself on the back of my hand (the only dry part), before the person behind me moved. I was upset but was still having too much fun to care. But then-in my rebelious mind, not thinking clearly, I thought oooh beer! what’s one sip with no one around gonna do. So I licked the palm of my hand where most collected and realized this wasn’t beer…

At that moment I felt someone new, taller, press behind me and he just sorta held my hips. I thought it was for balance so I didn’t mind, plus I was still trying to figure what that guy spilled on me by sampling tipobet giriş some more (I know I know, I was as clueless as they came, but that’s what happens when you’re brought up too shielded I suppose).


The song I was actually excited to hear began, now about 6 or so songs into the concert. I couldn’t be more excited! And so was the guy behind me. I started to notice, especially just wearing my summer dress, that something kept poking my butt. By then I actually saw my boyfriend was about 6 people to my right away from me, so I knew it wasn’t him trying to get my attention but the thing kept ‘knock knocking’ me like it wanted to say something. I realized just what it was since by now the guy behind me only had his hands on my hips as his crotch scooted harder against me.

I so wanted to just pay attention to the song I was dying to see live-so wanted to just lose myself but I realized someone’s-a strangers-hard cock was pressed up right between my ass. I realized he wasn’t just tapping, he was grinding right into me, really trying to tear a hole between the dress and his pants. I’ll admit I got wet. SO wet and I wasn’t even sure why. Still a virgin up to that point but it was like my body was telling me to just bend forward and ‘let it happen’. Let what exactly I wasn’t sure, but I knew this was wrong and he shouldn’t be doing this. I brought my hands down to remove his hands from my hips but when I reached down our fingers sort of locked and he keeped humping, and i could actually hear him panting-then-“OH FUCK!” I heard him moan.

I felt it. Every twitch as my dress started getting soaked. He brought his head down to behind my ear as I could hear him breathing slowly, trying to relax like he ran a race. I could feel his heart beat on my back, rapidly going even though his breathing was relaxed. He moved a bit funny away from me, in a hunched way, and that’s when I realized he was tucking himself back in. He actually had it out. Although Dalton’s was the first cock I ever saw (my last story), this was the first technically in my presence that made contact with me and it was directly on my dress! He relaxed and I heard him whisper ‘thank you love’, before squeezing my ass softly. I was in a minor shock trying to piece together everything still.

The final songs:

I can’t say what songs were being played then. A lot was processessing through my mind while the tall guy never left. Seeing that I never removed his hands from my hips, he must have thought I was under the impression that tipobet güvenilir mi he was my boyfriend. I was trying to rationalize, ‘did I cheat? Do I tell someone? Do I leave out-I sorta liked it? Do I tell him that? No I can’t do that-he’s getting hard again’.

When he started grinding again, this time we both knew what he was doing. It was kinda awkward cause he was trying to avoid where he last ‘marked his territory’, as he was aiming for one cheek then the next in his goal to get my dress even more wet. I realized my boyfriend was gonna see a bunch of wet spots and that would really look bad to explain.

I wanted to avoid that so my logic was to grind back but keep him at the center which was already wet so anything more could just be explained as one spill. Then I felt something that caused my heart to beat fast. His hand that was on my ass, we raising my dress. RED ALERT. I thought. Even though were in a crowd-my boyfriend is just a few feet away, and I don’t need the crowd to gasp at the girl in commando having her dress lifted up. I was ready to stop him but then he dropped the dress. His goal wasn’t to strip me, but to have my dress as a small blanket covering his bare cock-which was now poking at my bare ass.

I heard him moan throughout ‘oh fuck baby’ ‘my slut’ ‘thank you baby I’m so close’, as he-and I grinded away in the crowd. Everyone was so into the music now, but I was in my own world. I could actually see my boyfriend having a great time-just as again he moaned that he was about to cum but with one push he actually almost took my anal cherry but he only just separated my cheeks with his cock before he came. Everyone at the concert was having an amazing time, but not as good as the stranger behind me. I felt my ass being drenched and going down my legs. When he was he once again awkwardly put himself away, only this time he kissed the back of my head before moving to exit the crowd. I finally turned to see-and if I’m being honest he did appear to be somewhat older but he was actually pretty cute. We looked at each other and he just left.

I was so glad they had an encore I ran to the back and tried to dry myself as best as I could but my dress did show signs that something that shouldn’t have happened did. On the ride home my boyfriend was a little confused saying I had an odd smell on my. At that point I didn’t realize cum could smell otherwise I would have found something but I just didn’t bring it up-didn’t see the point to anymore. No one found out, I wasn’t even sure what the first person who came on my hand looked liked. For what it’s worth I don’t feel like it harmed me, scarred me in anyway. I actually learned of a fetish/kink I’m into because of it. Doesn’t make it right, but it only brought very lustful dreams all summer long.

– Pink Bubbles

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