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I’ve never written a story before but some things just NEED to be told and,
after reading the following story, I’m sure you’ll understand why I need to
tell this story and why it’s anonymous.

It all started the day I met my girlfriend’s parents for the first time. I
was 19 at the time and my girlfriend’s mother was only 37. I fell in lust
with her almost immediately. Her name was Karen and she was 5’6″ with auburn
hair and the nicest pair of legs that I had ever seen. She was sitting on a
recliner with her legs up and she had a nice short skirt on. I was hoping
right then and there to get a peek up her skirt but I couldn’t make it too

After a few months I got to know my girlfriend’s family much better
(especially her mother). After going with my girlfriend, Linda, for about 6
months her father and mother divorced and her mother moved into an apartment.
I kept dreaming about getting her alone in her apartment. It was my greatest
fantasy and one I was sure would never come true.

As luck would have it one day, Karen’s T.V. went on the fritz and she asked
me if I could look at it. She was going to a party that night and she said
that I could go over there before she left and she would let me in. She would
stay there until she had to leave for the party to keep me company.

I got to her apartment at 5:00 and she let me in. She didn’t have to leave for
the party until 6:00. She asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I told her
I’d have a 7 and 7. She seemed a little surprised at my request but she mixed
up two. We drank the first drinks quickly and she poured two more. After the
second one she excused herself to get dressed. She made two more drinks and
carried her’s into her bedroom.

I began to open my tools when I noticed that her bedroom door was slightly ajar
at the end of the hallway. It was too good to pass up so I went down the
hallway to take a peek. When I looked in the doorway I was slightly
disappointed to see that her dress was already on and she was pulling her black
pantyhose up around her waist. It was a good sight but less than I had hoped
for. The satin black shoes she was wearing made her look real sexy.

The pantyhose türkçe bahis were the shiny, jet black kind with imitation diamonds at the
ankle. As she was straightening them out I notice that she wasn’t wearing any
panties. My fun ended abruptly, however, when she let go of her skirt and it
fell to the top of her knees. During the time that I was thinking about my
disappointment I failed to notice her coming toward the door. It was too late
for me to move as she opened her door to see me there.

I turned red and almost fainted on the spot. All I could think of was how was
I going to get out of this one? She would surely tell Linda!

“So”, she said, “Did you get a good peek?” What could I say??? I figured that
if I was honest that maybe she would brush it off. I told her that I had only
seen her putting on her pantyhose.

Her next question almost made me fall over. “Did you like what you saw?”, she
said to me. Again I felt that maybe honesty was the best policy (especially
considering the kind of question it was). I told her that I liked looking at her
as she was putting on her clothes and that I especially enjoyed watching her
straighten her pantyhose.

With that she pulled the bottom of her skirt up to the top of her thigh and,
with her free hand, she led my hand to her leg. I became hard almost
immediately as I stroked her leg. She held my hand back as I began moving it
toward her pussy.

Could that be all? Was she just teasing me?

My initial fear was soon over as she led me to her bed. She told me to lie
down. She sat next to me and began rubbing my crotch. “Do you like that?” she
asked. Being brutally honest I told her that I did and if she wanted to she
could see for herself. She unzipped my pants and pulled them off. My hard
on was evident through my BVD’s. My cock bounced up and down in my shorts in
perfect rhythm with my quickening heartbeat. At last she pulled off my shorts.
I was wondering if she would ever take her clothes off but decided to keep it to
myself for fear of scaring her off.

“You like my legs? You like my pantyhose?”, she asked. “Yes”, I replied. She
reached over to her dresser, opened a drawer, and pulled out another pair of
pantyhose. perabet I began to wonder what she was up to when she started to put them
on me! I began to get more and more excited as she pulled them up my legs.
They were the same shiny black type that she was wearing. I lifted my ass up
off the bed so she could pull them up over my waist. I couldn’t believe how
excited I was getting!

She bent down and began licking my cock right through the pantyhose. She licked
in long, slow stokes that were making me wild. She began massaging my shaft
with one hand while she squeezed my balls with the other. She licked my balls
in short lunges with her tongue while she began to poke one of her mouth-
moistened fingers at my ass. I felt that it would not be too long before I
came. She sensed it too because she slowed down her movements and then told me
that she wasn’t going to let me come just yet.

She stood up next to the bed waiting for me to make the next move. I wanted to
come at that moment but I knew that that would ruin the moment. She said, “Come
here and do to me what you do to my daughter.”

I slid over to the edge of the bed and began rubbing her legs with both hands.
I wanted to throw her on the bed right then and there but I knew that that was
not what she wanted. She wanted to build up slowly. I moved my hands to the
outside of her dress and found my way to her tits. I pulled them out from the
top of her dress and began massaging them. Her nipples were already hard as my
cock. She began moaning as I pinched them between my fingers. I made her lie
down on the bed so I could have my way with her more easily.

I licked her nipples until her moans told me she needed more. I lifted up her
dress and I noticed the wet spot that had already formed in the crotch of her
pantyhose. I knelt down near the end of the bed and began to lick her thighs.
She began pulling on my hair, forcing my face closer to her thighs. All the
while I was hoping my cock wouldn’t explode right then. I rubbed her tits as I
continued licking.

She tried to guide my face closer to her moist hole but I held back, continuing
to lick her pantyhose-clad thighs. I wanted to tease perabet giriş her as much as she teased
me (and I somehow knew that she wanted it that way too).

Finally, my nose was close to her moist pussy. I was licking the very tops of
her thighs, only a breath away from her hole. I decided to make her pay for the
teasing that she gave me. “Do you want me to lick your pussy?”, I asked. She
moaned a quick “yes”. I told her she needed to ask me real nice before I did.
Boy, did she ever ask nice! In fact she practically begged me to.

I moved my head up higher and flicked my tongue at the crotch of her pantyhose.
Her pussy tasted sweet even through the nylon. The smell of her pussy juice on
the nylon crotch made me want to mount her right there. As I licked I put my
hands under her ass and massaged her cheecks. They felt so good and so tight
since her pantyhose were still up around her waiste. She tried to pull them
down to reveal her pussy to my flicking tongue but I wouldn’t let her. I
wanted to continue to lick her through the nylon crotch because she looked so
hot wearing them.

Instead, I used my fingers to rip a hole in the crotch of her pantyhose. She
made an excited groan when I did. I could now plunge my tongue in and out of
here snatch. She was building into a frenzy as I darted my tongue at her clit.
I stopped licking before she climaxed.

I stood up. She sat up and ripped a convenient hole in the crotch of the
pantyhose that I was wearing. I could take no more! I pushed her back down
on the bed and got on top of her. We both gasped as I plunged my cock into her
waiting pussy. We both came after a short time but I continued pumping her. I
lifted up her leg straight up so I could massage it and lick her toes through
the front of her black satin shoes as I continued pumping.

We were both sweating and breathing hard. She had her hands on my ass and was
massaging my cheecks through the pantyhose. Finally, I came again and rolled
off of her, exhausted. I fell back on the bed and couldn’t believe that I had
lived out one of my fantasies.

Karen missed her party that night. I stayed over and we screwed twice more.
When the morning came I felt awkward even though I had been intimate with Karen
the night before.

I got up and got dressed. We had breakfast and I left. Karen and I still have
sex now and then. Linda and I have sex even more often. If I could only get
both of them together…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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