Playing at work

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Playing at work
She was in her middle 40s, probably closer to 50s than 40s, but she looked younger.

She was tall, like 1.80m (5′ 11” approx), maybe a little bit more, blonde, in perfect shape, very pretty, and with amazing big boobs.
She was the boss of her department, knew how to order but was very kind, and she had that aura of the perfect fet domme that knows how to take you to the end without any effort.
At least in my imagination 🙂

It was that really productive time just after having meal and she was looking for some shoes in the internet.
I just walked by her side, saw it, and said “aren’t you tall enough that you have to buy some high heels? be careful with the ceiling!”.

We started talking about shoes, and the lack of variety in men’s clothing in general compared to the huge amount of different things a woman can wear.

She stopped in some shoes, fetish domme style, and I couldn’t help it: “love those!”

She looked at me with a strange look so I said “well, I love women’s shoes because I’m a (omg, stop, what bahis şirketleri are you doing?)… because reasons”.

She smiled at me and said “mmmm I get it, I sure do… now go back to work, come on”.

We didn’t have any other conversation that day but, everytime we exchanged looks, she drew an evil smile in her face.

The next morning while I was checking all the social media a private message appeared in whatsapp. It wasn’t from any of my contacts, and couldn’t recognize the photo nor the nick.

After reading the message I was pretty sure who it was: “wear some lacy knickers today, shoe fetishist :)”

I ran to my “secret box” and got my favourite black ones, the ones with a couple of little pink ribbons in the front.

When she got to the office, looked at me and drew that evil smile again while her eyes were clearly pointing to my trousers.

It was 12pm when I got another whatsapp: “come to the kitchen for new instructions, and lacy review”.

When I got there, she was sitting at one of the tables drinking perabet güvenilir mi a coffee. “Go on” was everything she said. Ok, she wanted to see my knickers, but there was another colleague there.

Luckily, he was absolutely lost on his mobile with earphones, so I pulled my trousers down and my shirt up enough to show my knickers.
The cards were laid upon the table.

She approved satisfied my choice, invited me to sit with her, and started talking: “your instructions for today are really simple: I will send you a whatsapp, then take your cup, go to the bathroom, leave it there, and tell me when you are back at your desk, understood? From there, it’s on my side”.

She said no more, finished the rest of her coffee, and left me there.

4pm and the whatsapp appeared. Just a smiling emoji.

As she ordered, I went to the bathroom, left the cup there, got back to my desk, and sent a “done” message.

Five minutes later she appeared next to me and said a little bit louder than necessary: “looks like you perabet giriş forgot your cup in the bathroom, and I’m such a good colleague that I have filled it with water and returned to you, didn’t ask for a rescue, you owe me one!”

She handed it over to me, winked an eye and laughed. Now everybody in my section was looking at us. And I, obviously, blushed. Like a lot.

There was no doubt about the content of the cup. Although it was blue on the inside, and there was no chance to figure out the color of the liquid, the strong smell said it all: a full cup of her freshly poured piss.

Suddenly another whatsapp arrived: “you have 5 minutes to enjoy it all, when you finish answer this and meet me again in the kitchen”.

I started drinking.
It was disgusting, and humiliating.
But I couldn’t stop gulping.
Its strong flavour and smell was somehow tasty, and really addictive too.
I have to confess that there were a lot of confusing feelings, but 10/10 I would repeat it.

I answered the whatsapp, and ran to the kitchen.

She was there, waiting for me: “show me the cup, and give me your breath so I can smell you”.

The cup was empty, and my breath was absolutely filled with piss scent.

“Good little bitch, you will have some more instructions soon”. She slapped me in the ass, and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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