reluctant wife

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reluctant wife
At 55, Bob Mitchell was an unhappy camper! For the last six months, he hadn’t been able to keep an erection long enough to satisfy his young wife. His dick would get hard, but wouldn’t stay that way. At first Viagra had helped, but now, even that potent d**g no longer worked.

Sitting alone in his study, he was trying to think of when his problem had begun. He knew what was wrong, but not how to do anything about it. When sexually excited, his dick began leaking pre-cum, not only pre-cum, but actual cum. As soon as this happened, he lost his erection. It happened every time he tried making love to his beautiful wife. HuCho was twenty years younger and built like a little Asian sex goddess.

Remembering four years earlier when he was recuperating from triple bypass surgery. He had placed an inquiry in the want ads for a live-in housekeeper. Bob was relaxing in the sun on the front porch when HuCho had gotten out of her car that first time. Though she had an appointment for an interview, he wasn’t prepared for her youth and beauty. Before their first words, he knew he would do, or agree to anything, if she would only accept and stay.

Her voice was soft and musical, and her smile bright as a Summer day. In a half hour of conversation, Bob loved her more than anything else in the world. She was going to college for her Masters and needed a job with flexible hours, a place to live and some money for expenses. I immediately agreed to everything she asked.

She liked my large house and the fact there were two completely furnished bedrooms. When I asked when she could start, she said, “My clothes are in the car. All I have to do is carry them in and you have a housekeeper.”

The following weeks and months were like a dream of paradise. After more than a month, she came to my bed one lonely night. By then, I was physically able to gently make love to the sweetest person I had ever known. I had been scared to make the first move out of fear of offending her and maybe losing her forever. From that night forward, he could never get enough of her body.

Later, he was forced to retire because his job had been physically demanding.. Now, with his pension and Social Security Disability each month, he had nothing to occupy his mind and body. He was able to care for himself, but HuCho continued living with him. She was as much a part of his life as life itself. With no fanfare or ceremony, they were married by a Judge at the County Courthouse. HuCho received her Masters and almost immediately found a well paying job.

Bob was thinking. That’s the day my problems began! Being home everyday and bored to death was when I started browsing the Internet. Finding the adult websites and reading sex stories day after day. Watching x-rated videos while masturbating, and beginning to fantasize of HuCho fucking another man was my downfall. Every story or movie, had a giant cock fucking a small pussy while the woman went crazy with lust. The wife was always better satisfied with a bigger cock than the small dick of her husband. Bob knew his five inches fit that category and he came to believe he must give his wife what she secretly desired.

Finding the cuckold sites reinforced his belief that he was depriving his wife of true happiness. Clicking on the links of interracial cuckolds destroyed him! He had found what his wife must have! He could cum without touching himself, just by watching and reading of the huge black cocks stretching those tiny pussy’s. Not once did he read of a woman that didn’t want that black monster buried deep inside her body. There were many instances of wives resisting what they secretly craved, but all resistance evaporated once it was inside their pussy. Every website said the same thing, so it must be true.

Constantly on his mind was the vision of his petite wife surrendering to a black lover. Whenever he tried making love to her, this vision caused his dick to leak a steady stream of cum and immediately go soft. Masturbating during the day never prevented his problem in the evening.

Bob and HuCho talked of his problem many times and she knew Viagra didn’t work the way it was advertised. What she never knew was the real problem and his warped fantasy. She thought something might be wrong with her, but couldn’t imagine what it could be. She knew one thing for certain, she was horny as Hell! Bob was very good with his tongue, but that got old fast. She wanted him to fuck her like he so often did before.

My friends warned this might happen, HuCho was thinking. Never marry a man twenty years your senior, they said. Maybe they were right, but he is so tender and kind, and she loved him dearly. Except for sex, she was perfectly satisfied with their relationship. He had been talking weird lately, though. Several times, after he had eaten her to climax, he had mentioned her having sex with another man. Bob was the second man she had ever slept with, so she didn’t understand what he was talking about.

HuCho was in shock and speechless! Bob had shown her a dirty website about black men having sex with women while their husbands watched! She was disgusted beyond belief! “How could you show me such a thing? Is that the kind of woman you think I am?”

“I’m sorry Honey. I was only thinking of you and your needs.” Bob apologized. “I know I can’t satisfy you any longer and I just want you to be happy. I may never get any better and I know you are already tired of me eating you.”

“So, you think watching me getting fucked by a black man is going to solve all our problems? How can you be so stupid? Another thing, why in God’s name did you suggest a black?” HuCho asked angrily.

“Well, I thought if I was there, I could protect you if something went wrong. The other thing, a black is supposed to be a more patient, better lover. I wanted you to have the best, if you decided to accept.” Bob tried explaining.

“I’m not going to accept and I won’t need your protection.” HuCho stated with finality.

“Okay, I’m sorry I brought it up, but will you do me one favor? Please?” Bob asked.

“What favor?”

“Since you are already at the computer, please read these Blogs from couples that have tried interracial sex. Just read what they say before you scream at me.” Bob asked. Bob knew what the Blogs said. He had been reading them for months. Each and every one praised their husbands for introducing them to the best sex of their lives.

To shut Bob up, HuCho read and looked at pictures for the next half hour. She still couldn’t believe all this was happening. All these women must be crazy! How could so many accept another man while their husband watched? Was there that much difference in Chinese and American culture? Every husband professed love for his wife, so why would they let a huge black man fuck them? Americans were definitely weird! “Okay! I don’t want to see any more.” said HuCho. “Every American woman couldn’t possibly be like this. These are crazy people!”

“Oh, one last thing.” HuCho said. “Just how big are these black dicks, anyway?”

“I don’t know. They’re all different, but usually 9 or 10 inches, sometimes 11. He answered.

“How many centimeters is that?” She asked.

“How do I know? I don’t know anything about centimeters. We use inches. Wait, let me get a ruler and I will show you.” Bob suggested.

HuCho gasped when she saw the length he was telling her those women were taking. “That’s impossible! No man is that long, and if he was, no woman is going to take all of it. Here look at this. See? Ten inches would be above my belly button. A woman can’t take something that far inside her belly.”

“Wait a minute!” Bob clicked to a saved website of well hung blacks. “Look at this one! See! He has a ruler next to his dick and he is almost 10 inches long.”

HuCho couldn’t believe it, but it looked real! Was it possible blacks were bigger and longer than she had ever imagined? If that’s true, then is it true a woman could take all his length? It didn’t matter because she was never going to find out!

After that evening, Bob shut up about sharing her, but magazines suddenly appeared with well hung black men on the cover. She never picked one up, but one night Bob brought a magazine to bed with him.

With her head on his arm, he was flipping through the book, looking at the photos and reading the captions underneath. She tried not to look, but that was impossible. Handing her the magazine, he said, “Honey, while I’m eating you, hold this for me.” Without another word, he slipped down her body and placed his mouth over her throbbing, hungry pussy.

HuCho slowly looked at the photos of black men in different states of arousal. Every one of them seemed to have a cock the size of her arm. She had to admit Bob’s tongue felt different, as she was excited more and more from the photos of shiny black cocks. She tried to imagine one of those forcing its way inside her vagina. Suddenly, Bob’s tongue flicked her clitoris at just the right moment and she saw stars as the biggest climax yet coursed through her body.

Working each day for the next several weeks was the only way HuCho kept her sanity. Bob was always after her to look at his special websites, or filthy magazines. Finally, one slow day at work, as several of the women were sitting around gossiping, HuCho blurted out. “Do American women have boyfriends besides their husbands?”

The others almost fell out of their chairs laughing. Finally, Ethel said, “Honey, without my special boyfriend, I would have divorced that bum I’m married to, years ago.”

Mary, the only black female of the group, said, “You know that young man that parks our cars? Well, he parks his shoes under my bed every chance he gets. Believe me, he gets plenty of chances!”

“I’ve got two that come visiting each time my Tom leaves town, and Tom is a traveling salesman.” Julie laughed. “Now, why would you bring that subject up? You looking for a boyfriend? If so, I know some single guys that would love a little thing like you.”

“No. No. I’m perfectly happy with the man I have.” HuCho explained. ” I was reading a magazine and there was a long article about infidelity. I couldn’t believe it was as widespread as the article said.”

Laughing, Mary answered. “I don’t know about widespread, but believe me, I spread wide every time I can.”

After that conversation, HuCho was more amendable to Bob’s suggestions. She attempted to see her husband’s point of view.. At last, she asked him, “If I was to agree to what you keep talking about, how would you even find a man to participate? You have somebody hid out in the garage, or something?”

Bob almost fell over in shock! “We’ll do it together, so there won’t be any surprises.” Bob canlı bahis almost shouted from excitement. “First thing is to place an ad on one of the adult personals. Then we just wait and screen the answers.”

“How will you know if he’s clean, or not? What if he has a disease? How do you know he won’t be dangerous or a r****t?” She asked worriedly. She hadn’t actually said she would go through with this little escapade, but Bob had gotten so excited, she didn’t know how to burst his bubble without hurting him terribly. Maybe, nobody would even answer the ad, or all of them were unsuitable. She knew she could find something wrong with each of them.

The second day after the ad was posted, there must have been a hundred answers, with more coming in every hour. The answers without pictures were deleted immediately, also answers from whites or Hispanics. Their ad had specifically asked for a photo and blacks only.

Bob explained. “If they don’t send a photo, they have something to hide. If they’re white or Hispanic, they’re too ignorant to understand English. That still leaves us about 60 answers to sift through.” Sitting together in front of the monitor, they began their search. It didn’t take long to delete more than 50 of the prospects as unsuitable. HuCho found some small defect in the remaining hopefuls. Bob never gave her an argument whenever she pointed out something she didn’t approve of.

It was the third day before they received an answer HuCho couldn’t find a reason to reject. James was a handsome black, 28, well built and in the military. His photo showed him naked, except for a towel. He stated he had a thick, nine inch cock and could remain hard through multiple orgasms.

At first, HuCho said he was too young. Bob reminded her she wasn’t looking for a boyfriend or husband. When she suggested he might have a disease, Bob told her the military didn’t allow soldiers to run around with social diseases. She couldn’t find any more excuses at the moment.

Bob sent an e-mail asking their most likely prospect for a more detailed look at his lower body. HuCho nervously waited for his reply, not knowing what else to do, or say. She felt trapped in a situation with no way out. Why had she let this happen?

The reply finally came and he was more striking without the towel. His huge cock was long and hard, sticking up at a 45 degree angle. His body was a light chestnut brown, but his member was jet black with a dark purplish head peeking through the foreskin. Staring at the photo, HuCho felt a shiver of fear when she thought she might be fucked by that monster. At the same time, she wondered if it was possible for her small body to accept such a huge cock. The forbidden thought brought a feeling of wetness between her thighs.

Events slowly edged forward, as the couple talked with James on the phone. At first, HuCho refused to speak with James, but the constant urging from Bob had her finally having their first conversation.. She was amazed at his deep, cultured voice. He won her friendship when he spoke of his loneliness by being a thousand miles from home and family. She knew the feeling and lived with it every day. It became a daily occurrence for James to call each evening, speaking with Bob and HuCho. The conversations slowly became more intimate and personal. James was anxious to arrange a meeting, but HuCho continued finding excuses to delay the inevitable.

Late one Friday afternoon, the doorbell rang and Bob jumped up to answer. HuCho thought that strange, since he seldom liked answering the door. Hearing him talking to someone, she thought it was a neighbor coming to visit. Looking up as they entered the living room, she saw a black man close behind Bob. Not recognizing James from his picture, she was startled when Bob introduced him. Embarrassment and shame flooded her face and she wished she could disappear into the sofa.

Seeing her embarrassment, James stepped forward and said. “I’m terribly sorry for surprising you like this. The two of us decided this was the only way we would ever meet. I see that was a bad mistake and poor judgement on our part. I’ll leave now, but let me again tell you how sorry I am.”

HuCho had gotten over her shock and surprise. Being the ever gracious host, she answered, “No, please don’t go. Since you’re here, at least stay for coffee. I was caught off guard, but, I’m okay now.” Saying this, she went to the kitchen to brew a fresh pot of coffee, leaving Bob and James alone to plot their next devious move.

Leaning against the counter in the kitchen, HuCho’s knees were so weak, she could hardly stand. “Now, what do I do?” She mumbled to herself. A dozen mixed up thoughts raced through her brain, but no solution short of screaming at Bob and forcing James to leave. She decided it wasn’t the fault of James. Bob had placed the ad and James had answered, believing he had found a consenting wife for sex. Everything was Bob’s fault! The only thing to do was be friendly and polite. Later, James would leave when he saw she wasn’t going to spread her legs for him. That would be the end of a bad situation and never would she let something like this happen again!

The next few hours seemed to pass very quickly, and suddenly it was time to call it an evening. Bob had to open his big mouth and suggest James stay over, sleeping in the spare bedroom. James had a weekend pass and his overnight bag was in the car. HuCho thought he certainly came prepared!

The bath connected both bedrooms, and being a guest, James had first call for the shower. A few minutes after the shower stopped, HuCho thought James had vacated the room, neglecting to open their side of the doors.. Bob was dozing on the king size bed, so she entered the bathroom, only to come face to face with a completely naked James! She gasped, as her eyes were drawn like magnets to the huge cock swinging between his muscular thighs.

“I’m sorry! I just finished shaving and forgot about being in here so long.” James explained.

Not knowing what to do, and unable to take her eyes from his pulsing meat, HuCho stammered. “It’s my fault. I should have knocked first.” Staggering away, her back hit the edge of the door frame.

Seeing the flash of pain on her face, James reached to steady her. HuCho was off balance, and accidentally stumbled against his hard body. As his arms encircled her waist, she was aware of his cock pressing against her stomach. It seemed to throb and beat with a rhythm of its own! Backing away, she could see his dick was already getting erect. Looking into his eyes, HuCho could see desire and lust for her body reflected on his face. She was scared to death, but at the same time excited from having the power to excite a strange man in this fashion.

Taking her hand in his, he pulled her toward his bedroom. “No! I’m not going in there with you.” She hissed.

“Nothing is going to happen.” James said quietly. “We need to talk privately about your feelings and what you are willing to do, or not do. I promise that is all I have in mind. After we talk and you still want me to leave, I’ll go immediately.”

HuCho glanced behind her and saw Bob sleeping peacefully. Thinking there was no harm in talk, and Bob only a few feet away, she let herself be guided into the other bedroom. James had d****d a towel over his manhood as they sat on the bed a few feet from each other. It made her think of a tent, except this tent was alive and dangerous.

“First, let me tell you how I feel. I have never known an Asian before you.. I don’t remember even speaking to one before we talked on the phone. I never realized how beautiful and petite you were going to be. You’re like a delicate doll that has to be touched carefully to preserve their beauty. I’ll tell you up front that I want to make love to you, but not without your full permission. I would never harm or hurt you. That, you must believe!

“Thank you for being honest and straight-forward with me. This was all Bob”s idea and I let him talk me into his scheme. I don’t think I could ever sleep with a man other than my husband. You’re very handsome and I know you must be a tender lover, but I don’t believe I can go through with this.” HuCho explained.

“I’ll leave when you ask me to, but before that happens, at least feel of what you are refusing. That would make me very happy, just to know you didn’t completely reject me.” So saying, James took her hand and placed it under the small towel.

HuCho jumped as if she had touched a red hot stove. Then, almost on their own volition, her small fingers gently grasped his manhood. She was surprised how velvety it felt, yet so firm and powerful. He removed the towel, and she saw her fingers wrapped around the dark shaft. They didn’t come close to completely surrounding the huge monster. She watched mesmerized, as a large drop of pre-cum appeared in the pencil size hole of the large head. She resisted the strange urge to bend over and lick it off.
James groaned as HuCho slowly stroked up and down the shaft. The large drop rolled off the head and down the shaft, followed by another, then another. Her hand was slick with his juices and this heightened his pleasure, causing a steady stream of pre-cum to soak her tiny fingers. His cock was throbbing and jerking, as he relaxed and let the electric sparks shoot through his body.

James was nowhere near cumming, but the pleasure was intense and satisfying.

“I have to stop now. My hand is tired and we shouldn’t be doing this, anyway.” HuCho whispered. “I need to shower and go back to my room.” She looked at her dripping hand and slowly pressed it against her lips, tasting the tangy liquid. She closed her eyes dreamily and licked the drops from her fingers.

As she started to rise, James put his hands around her waist and effortlessly sat her on his lap. Her short gown had come up and his cock was poking up between her thighs as she was set down. Looking down, she could see the head sticking out as if she had a black cock of her own. Sitting crosswise on his thighs, her breasts and hard little nipples were at mouth watering level for his tongue and lips.

Struggling out of his grasp, she tried moving away, but his mouth had already clasped onto one of her sensitive breasts. With one big hand behind her back, he pulled her body into his hungry lips. His other hand unbuttoned the front of her gown, opening it, and replacing his mouth against her naked breast in one smooth motion. Reluctantly, submitting to his advances, HuCho relaxed and enjoyed the erotic stimulation of first one breast, then the other. She believed she had the power to stop him at any pint of time.

At first, she wasn’t aware his hand was gently stroking casino oyna her inner thighs. He couldn’t reach her pussy for the shaft of his cock was trapped between her legs and against her pubic mound. She had never before been in such an erotic position.

Closing her eyes, accepting the wonderful feeling of his mouth on her breasts and the pressure of his firm cock against her pubic area put her in a dreamy area of sleep. She had never been so relaxed in her young life. She came fully awake, when she felt herself on her back and her legs being spread. She looked down, just as his mouth covered her pussy and his rough tongue flicked against her clitoris. She jerked away, both from surprise and sudden intense shock!

“No! No! You mustn’t do that! Stop right now!” HuCho demanded.

James raised his head for an instant, saying, “Please! Let me give you pleasure for a few minutes.” Immediately, his mouth went back to the magic of electrifying her pussy.

She tried to bury her hips in the mattress and get away from his tongue before it destroyed her. It was no use, since her thighs were held as if in a vise. Even as she struggled, his long, thick tongue was actually fucking her. After his tongue deeply entered her, he would lick the length of her inner lips, then twirl around the small hard clit. Her body betrayed her, and her hips rose to meet his fucking tongue. HuCho could feel her entire body getting hot and suddenly the heat was unbearable. She forced her hands over her mouth to keep from screaming out her orgasm. It was as if an electric current suddenly flowed through her body, starting at her pussy and spreading outwards, until she was totally consumed by fire.

Collapsing back on the bed, her body still twitched and shivered. James finally removed his loving mouth and lay beside her. He held her closely as she came down from the most exciting orgasm she had ever experienced.

At last, HuCho said. “Can I please go back to my room now? I can’t stand anymore tonight.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen, but you are so beautiful and sexy, I couldn’t resist tasting you. Goodnight, sleep well.” James answered.

When she rose, James was lying on his back with his huge member sticking straight up, reminding her of a light pole. Stopping for a quick shower, HuCho crawled into bed beside her sleeping husband. She couldn’t help but see his small, soft dick laying on his sac. Soft and flaccid, it didn’t look more than a couple of inches long. She couldn’t help but compare it to the huge cock she had just left. She felt a twinge of shame when the thought crossed her mind. Going instantly to sleep, she dreamed of James until she awoke with the sun shinning in her eyes.

Bob and James were already up and at the kitchen table drinking coffee. The suggestion was made to drive down to Pensacola, lay in the sun and enjoy the beach. Packing a cooler, they were off for a day of fun and excitement. HuCho had never received so much attention from her husband before. James seemed to find any excuse to place his hands someplace on her sensitive body. Between the two of them, HuCho was kept in a state of high arousal all day.

Late in the afternoon, they arrived home after a very enjoyable day together. After having cold cuts for lunch and a shower, HuCho was ready for a long nap.

“Honey, that bed is big enough for all of us. Why can’t we all take one together?” Bob asked. Without waiting for HuCho to object, he headed for the bed, stripped bare ass naked, and got in first. Looking down at him, HuCho dropped her clothes and crawled in next to him. Covering with a sheet, she never thought about being in the middle if James came to the same bed. She was giving Bob a fast kiss when she felt the bed give and James was under the cover on the other side of her.

“Oh, No, You Don’t! I’m going to the other bedroom!” HuCho exclaimed. “I want to sleep, not spend the rest of the day defending myself from you two!”

“Just for a few minutes, honey.” Bob begged. “A little petting and touching won’t hurt anything, will it?”

“Okay! But, only a few minutes!” HuCho agreed. Laying on her back she reached for each of the men. Bob”s dick was hard this time, but her hand engulfed its entire length. Her other hand grasped the giant cock of James and it seemed to come alive, throbbing and pulsing like an angry monster. How could there be such a difference in two men?

Bob slid his dick from her hand and moved toward the foot of the bed. He spread her legs and began kissing her inner thighs, inching ever closer to her horny pussy. Before she could protest, James had his tongue down her throat and was kissing her passionately. At the same time, his hands were tweaking her nipples to erection. Never had there been a man on both ends of her body! It was incredible! James was sucking her breasts and nibbling on her already sensitive nipples. The sensation seemed connected to the tongue in her pussy. With the attention she was receiving, it’s no wonder she screamed out as her orgasm engulfed her.

Bob’s tongue was replaced by the fingers of James. His palm circled her pubic mound, while his fingers were spread and gently massaged the surrounding area. At first, she didn’t know when he stuck one of his fat fingers inside her slick pussy. He was so slow and gentle, it was almost like a caress. The very tenderness of the moment made her horny again.

Bob was taking turns, sucking her breasts or deeply kissing her. James had moved farther up in the bed. She was so short, it was difficult to kiss and almost impossible for his mouth to reach her delicious tits, if he wanted to be in a position to fuck her. She wasn’t aware of the subtle shifts in position of the two men.

James was holding his throbbing cock in one hand as he rubbed it up and down the dripping slit of HuCho’s pussy. Never applying pressure for fear of scaring her away, but still wetting his cock in preparation for the tight penetration. He knew it was going to cause some pain, until the walls of her vagina stretched to accept him.

HuCho couldn’t understand what the large blunt thing was sliding up and down between her pussy lips. She had been feeling the fingers and hand of James and now this. Maybe, it was his fist. Bob was kissing her and she couldn’t see what was happening. Then it hit her! How stupid could she possibly be? That was the head of that monster cock belonging to James! He was preparing to fuck her and Bob was helping!

Before an objection could be formed by HuCho, she felt the bulbous head of his cock positioned at the slick opening of her pussy.

James pushed gently at first, then harder as he met resistance from her tight vaginal walls. Slowly her pussy yielded and the head of his cock popped inside.

Bob was looking sideways as James attempted to fuck HuCho, and knew James had gotten inside his wife’s pussy when she suddenly bit down on his tongue. Then, just as sudden, she tried to suck his tongue down her throat. Bob was thinking, maybe he better suck her breasts, it was safer. That’s what he would do, as soon as he could reclaim his stretched tongue from her throat.

When HuCho felt the huge head of his cock enter her tight hole, she gasped silently onto her husband’s tongue. u*********sly, she sucked furiously on the tongue in her mouth. She knew she was going to be fucked by the largest cock she had ever seen. This is what she had agreed to, from the constant urging or her husband. Releasing Bob”s tongue, a moan escaped from deep inside her chest. She did not know if it was a moan of pleasure or pain. It could have been a moan of despair, and what she was allowing to happen to her body.

Bob lay his head of HuCho’s chest and stared at the huge black snake with its head buried in his wife’s pussy. He couldn’t believe her small pussy was actually taking that into her body. His penis had went flaccid from a steady stream of semen flowing from the tip. Never, would he have ever believed watching his wife getting fucked could be so exciting.

Slowly, inch by inch, her pussy yielded to the huge invader, as he sank further and further into her. At times, she almost cried out from the pain of being stretched to the limit and the steady pressure of his cock. HuCho accepted the pain as her punishment for letting this happen to her body. He had about half his cock inside now and no man had ever been deeper. From this moment forward, he was in virgin territory. James pulled back and thrust forward, short strokes meant to give pleasure without pain. Her pussy had already stretched to accommodate half his powerful cock.

HuCho groaned again, but this time from intense pleasure. She didn’t realize she had only taken half and not the complete length of his monster. She felt his thrusts become more forceful and he seemed to be sinking deeper and deeper into her virgin body. Her pussy was so slick and wet, he had no problem forcing his cock hilt deep. She finally felt his heavy ball sac slapping against her ass. She felt his pubic bone pressed against hers, as he stopped moving and gave her stretched vagina a chance to adjust to this invasion of her most secret place.

Bob was amazed when James finally fed HuCho his entire cock! It was unbelievable! It must be way up in her belly someplace. Bob was gently nibbling on her breasts as he continued to watch the erotic sight.

HuCho realized her body had finally accepted all of his huge and powerful cock. She could feel every ridge and vein on his pulsing shaft. He had forced her uterus ahead of his plunging rod, but now the head of his black pole was into the mouth of the uterus itself. She could feel Bob biting her nipples and the sensations seemed to have a direct impact on what she was feeling deep inside her pussy. She felt James begin to withdraw and she felt a loss for an instant before he thrust back again.

James began a rhythm that gradually got faster and harder. Her pussy now accepted him easily, but was still tight and grasping. She was now writhing in excitement and pleasure, as she fucked back toward the biggest cock she had ever imagined. It wasn’t long before she stiffened and moaned out her first orgasm on his giant cock.

HuCho was seeing stars dance before her eyes the instant before her orgasm. Bob picked that moment to bite one nipple and pinch the other. The sensation flew to the walls of her vagina and the many stars before her eyes exploded into an earth shattering orgasm.

James slowed his thrusts to let her recover. Lifting her legs with his strong hands until they were almost touching her head, and forcing Bob away from her breasts. This rolled her hips upward and gave him full access to her tight bedava bonus veren siteler pussy. She was now in the perfect position to accept his potent sperm.

Bob moved to the foot of the bed where he had a clear and close-up view of each movement. When James withdrew, her pussy seemed to turn inside out and when he thrust forward, her outer lips disappeared. He still couldn’t believe this was happening!

James resumed his pile-driving fucking with long forceful strokes. Each thrust buried his cock to the hilt. Holding her tightly as he pounded in and out of her slick pussy, he could feel her ass humping against his cock.

HuCho opened her eyes to see James staring at her. “Do you want me to keep fucking you?” He asked.


“Are you ready to accept me completely and all I have to give you?” He asked again.

“Oh Yes!..Yes! Keep fucking me! I’m almost there!”

James was fucking with jack hammer speed, when HuCho suddenly arched her back and screamed as she had another giant orgasm! One more deep thrust, and he shot a colossal load of thick, white baby making semen straight through her uterus and into her cervix. With his huge cock pressed so tight within her vagina, the sperm had no other place to go. It couldn’t escape out the sealed passageway, until he withdrew his mighty fuck pole. Not moving, and allowing the millions of little monsters to swim toward their treasured goal, he waited until he was sure she had gotten pregnant.

“Oh! My God, Why didn’t you pull out?” HuCho screamed.

“I asked if you were ready to accept me completely and you said yes.” James answered.

“I’m so stupid! I didn’t know that’s what you meant.” She cried. “Please take it out now. I must get cleaned up. Maybe it’s not too late.”

Before James could withdraw his still very hard cock, Bob spoke up. “Will you let me do it for you, honey” Please! I would love to be the one to clean you.”

As the large erect cock exited her well fucked pussy, a gob of cum shot into the air and settled back on her pubic mound. Bob was there with his tongue and wide open mouth, to do something that had always been completely foreign to him. Her once tight pussy was now gaping widely open and he could see it was filled with thick white liquid. Before anymore could escape, his mouth was over her pussy as he sucked, licked and swallowed greedily. Licking up any that had escaped on the outside, he could see another pool of cum had formed inside. “Honey, I can’t get all of it this way. The only sure way, is for you to sit on my face. Will you do that?” Bob asked.

Since James had left the room to go clean himself. HuCho wasn’t embarrassed to do as Bob asked. Bob thought he had gotten most of the gooey jism, but, almost choked when much more flooded his mouth and throat. He swallowed until the flow stopped, then licked her as deeply as possible to get the last drop.

HuCho and Bob were laying side by side when James returned. She went to sleep facing her husband, but with another man’s hand on her waist. She woke a couple of hours later, still on her side, but with James entering her pussy from behind. He was holding one of her legs in the air, so her well used and still slick hole was wide open for his huge cock. This time, he easily buried himself as deeply as his position allowed. Slowly, almost lazily, he fucked her until she was groaning with lustful hunger.

Bob, hearing his wife’s groans, looked at her and then looked down between them. Seeing the black cock pistoning in and out of her pussy gave him an idea. He scooted down the bed until his face was in front of her fuck hole. With a little maneuvering, he was able to reach her clitoris with his mouth. She groaned louder as his tongue flicked across her sensitive love bud. It almost disappeared when James thrust, but on the out-stroke, it was pulled outward until the nub was twice its normal size. His tongue worked furiously each time her clit was available.

HuCho was going crazy! The sensation of the long thick cock, and her husbands tongue on the most sensitive organ in her body, was more than she could bear! “Oh, My God!” She screamed as her orgasm hit with world shattering force.

James, feeling HuCho beginning to buck and thrash as she climaxed, caused him to go over the top. He pumped load after load of his seed deep inside her pussy. He could feel Bob”s tongue at the base of his cock and knew what he had been doing.

As James slowly withdrew from HuCho’s stretched and raw pussy, Bob kept his mouth in place, in order to clamp his lips around her gushing hole as soon as it was vacated. This time, he was prepared for the huge amount of slightly bitter fluid. Swallowing again and again, until the flow slowed to individual globs that he easily lapped up with relish.

HuCho accepted the sperm of James because she felt in her heart he had gotten her pregnant the first time. She knew this was her fertile time and he had penetrated her too deeply not to have succeeded in his attempt at impregnating her. She was too emotionally exhausted to worry about it today, maybe the enormity of what could happen would hit her later.

For the rest of the evening, at least one of the men was always intimately touching her. HuCho was emotionally exhausted and ready for a long peaceful night in bed. She was beginning to think that would be impossible. Bob”s crotch was wet from his constant leaking, but his little dick was shriveled and limp. The giant cock of James never seemed to go soft and was still standing straight and tall. She couldn’t believe she was sitting naked between two men, as if it was perfectly normal. Her life had been turned upside down and she didn’t know whether to be happy, or cry.

Finally, getting up the nerve to head toward her bedroom, Bob and James followed right behind. Bob said. “Wherever you plan on sleeping tonight, I’m using the other bed.”

James followed her into her bedroom and Bob scampered to the other. James, lying down first, pulled her on top of his muscular body. “Please, no more today.” HuCho begged.

“Just a few minutes in this position. I want you on top, so I can watch you fucking me.” James replied.

Lying on top of him, with a leg on each side, HuCho was in an indefensible position. She was certainly aware of his ready weapon pressing against her lower abdomen. Grasping her waist, he pulled her forward until his cock was between her legs and lined up for her widespread pussy. Pushing down, his one-eyed monster entered her gaping hole on the first try. HuCho groaned as she felt herself being filled again. When he had penetrated her as much as possible in this position, he physically raised her up until she was sitting upright on his massive fuck stick.

“Now, fuck me!” He said.

Supporting her weight with her knees, more than half his cock was already wedged in her pussy. HuCho’s slippery pussy adjusted to this new invasion, as she slowly allowed her full weight to bear down and accept his entire cock. His thick length was farther inside than ever before! HuCho believed if she looked down, she would see the bulge of his dick above her stomach.

Groaning, she exclaimed. “My God! It’s so tight! I don’t think I can move!” Leaning forward, she slowly raised herself as she watched his glistening black cock appear. Dropping back on his pubic bone, she imagined his cock all the way in her throat. Beginning with short strokes, HuCho fucked slowly, but, gradually faster and faster. The sensations were fantastic, especially since she was in complete control. Who knew better than HuCho where each of the sensitive spots where?. Her strokes became longer, until only the giant bulbous head connected on the upstroke. Plunging forcefully on his thick shaft, stretched her once small pussy beyond repair. Never again would she be satisfied with her husbands skinny undersized dick.
Feeling her pussy heat up from the friction of fucking this giant pole, increased the frenzy of her furious fucking. The heat was spreading outward and upward, practically scorching her insides. A streak of pure sexual pleasure seemed to explode deep inside her pussy, engulfing her in an ecstasy of orgasmic delight. HuCho screamed a long banshee wail, and collapsed on his chest. For a few moments, HuCho was disorientated, not knowing where she was or what was happening.

She came to her senses, when James rolled her over and began long stroking her abused vagina. She was so exhausted she couldn’t respond, as he fucked her hard and furious. Luckily, James didn’t need a response, only a willing hole to deposit his seed. Within minutes, he was shooting great globs of semen into her uterus and the fertile mouth of her cervix. If she wasn’t pregnant before, she was now!

Sunday morning, HuCho walked as if she had a pole up her ass. Her pussy was red, raw and sore. Needless to say, neither man had better attempt touching her on any part of her body! James had almost fucked her to death and that useless husband had enjoyed every minute of it! The soreness and anger would pass, but not today.

After a few failed attempts at conversation with her, James left for his base about noon. By Tuesday, HuCho was her old self, but still pissed at her husband. There was no doubt in her mind that she was pregnant and it was time to have a serious talk with that wimp on the sofa.

“Are you going to lay there all day without saying something?” HuCho asked.

“What do you want me to say? I’ll ask you something. If you’re pregnant, do you plan on having the baby?” Bob replied.

“I don’t want a c***d, and you’re almost 56 years old. You would be over 75 before he or she was even out of school.” HuCho reasoned.

“Okay, then think of this. Do you plan on seeing James again? If so, you know he is not going along with an abortion. You may not even be pregnant. What about that morning after pill they advertise on television?” Bob asked.

“In this State, you need a prescription and by the time I see a Doctor, it will be too late. When I find out if I am really pregnant, it would still be a couple of months before I could get an abortion. Could we see him until then and break if off? He would never have to know.” HuCho suggested hopefully.

“We can try that, if it’s what you want. Remember one thing, he’s in the Military and over a thousand miles from home. If he doesn’t get transferred before his discharge, he will leave then, regardless. The two of us would be left to raise an unwanted c***d. Explained Bob.

“One other thing, after James, can we ever go back the way we were before?” Bob asked. Thinking of going back to the old life of boredeom was depressing. This weekend had been the most exciting time of his life.

“Well, don’t think bad of me, but, we still have a computer and experience at placing an ad. Maybe, the next time, we could find a couple. How would you like to use your tongue on a black woman?” HuCho felt naughty as she threw that last little tidbit in.

The End

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