Retired Grannies

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Retired Grannies
Well my dad was living in a retirement center just a few minutes from my house. So I go by and see him and visit with him. Most the time I go while he was at dinner and I sit with him. He sits with several older ladies all in their late 70s and early to late 80s. A few of them are really not bad looking, but I never saw any of them as sexy.

One day my dad called me and asked me to come over it was noon on a Saturday. I arrived and went to his apartment and on my arrival he informed me that he really did not need anything but one of his lady friends did. Her name was Wanda and she lived on the third floor. He told me she needed help putting together a new TV stand and asked I go up and see if I could put it together for her.

I went to Wand’s room and knocked on her door. Wanda opened the door and invited me in and once inside she showed me the TV stand. She had a few tools and I looked over what all was needed and figured I could get it all done with what she had. She said it was so nice of me to come over and help her out and that she would pay me for helping her. I told her no need to pay me I was happy to do this for her. I started putting the stand together and it was harder than what I thought. The entire time of me working on the stand Wanda sat in her chair watching me. Ever so often I hear her make a comment but not really paying much attention to them. I was just about done when Wanda spoke and I listened this time. “Would you like something to drink you been working so hard on that, I bet your thirsty” I turned and said “A glass of water would be nice”. Wanda made her way to the little kitchenet and fixed me a glass of water. Just before heading back into the living area she said “You want something stronger than water, I have a few beers and some rum” I chuckled and replied back “Water is fine right now but once I am done I might need something stronger” She smiled and handed me my glass of water. I took a big long drink and handed it back to her. She returned to the kitchenet and said “Well I am going to fix me a rum and coke and once your done I fix you one as well”

I was complete and just as she said she made me a rum and coke and little did she know I love a good rum and coke. I took a sip of my drink and damn it was strong “Damn Wanda what you trying to do get me drunk and have your way with me” I said She laughed and said “An old woman could only wish for that” Smiling as she said it. I sipped on my drink and Wanda then asked. “Do you think you might have time to set the TV stand up in my bedroom and move my TV on it for me” Well I was not going to say no to her. “Not a problem lead the way” We entered her bedroom and she showed me where to set the TV stand and it just happen to be on the other side of where her TV sat. So I did as she asked and then I started looking at how to move her TV and all her other electronics. As I started Wanda asked if I like another drink and I said yes. As she was walking out the room she asked “You like it strong or weak” “Strong is fine with me” I was puzzled on how to move her DVD player, and old VCR player and there was something else hooked up but I was not sure what the hell it was. I knew I have to unhook everything to get it moved and run all the wires behind her dresser to get to the other side of it where her new stand was. Wanda entered the room and said she had my drink ready. I did not reply as I was to busy figuring out all the wires. I took out my phone and snapped pictures of the wiring so I have it for reference. I had all the wires moved and was hooking them up, but I took a break to take a sip of my drink. When I turned to get my drink that was sitting on Wanda’s night stand I could not help but notice Wanda’s huge bahis firmaları breast and her cleavage. I knew she had big breast but I had never seen her cleavage and to add to all this when I got there she was not showing her cleavage.

I got my head straight and got back on task. I had it all hooked up and I stepped back to get my drink and as I was taking a sip Wanda said. “Do you think I should make sure it all works before you leave” “Yea that would be a good idea, sure try it out” Wanda grabbed the remotes and pushed the power button on for the TV. It came on and we watched it for just a few seconds. Then she took one of eth other remotes and pressed the on button and the DVD player came on. It took a few more seconds for her to get the right channel for the DVD to play on the TV but then on the screen popped up a video. I was shocked it was of this guy stroking his hard cock, I turned and looked at Wanda. “Oh I am so sorry I forgot that was in the DVD player” She was fumbling around with the remote and I told her “It is ok at least we know the DVD player works and that you are not dead” We both laughed and then she said “Oh lord I can not remember what I might have left in the VCR player I looked at her and laughed while saying “Well it can not be any more embarrassing as watching this guy stroking his cock off can it” She smiled and said well I am not sure lets see what is in it” I looked over at Wanda and noticed how hard her nipples where and that her top was even more open now.

She finally after messing with all the remotes hit play on the VCR and what popped up on the screen was very shocking but nice. It was Wanda laying on her bed half dressed with a dildo shoved in her pussy. I could see one hand working the dildo in and out while her other hand was rubbing her clit and the sounds of her working the dildo in and out of her pussy was so loud. I do not think I moved I just stood there staring at the screen. Then I broke my star and turned back to Wanda, she was looking at me and said “Is this wrong of me” I looked back at her and said “No” I then turned back to the TV and before I could say anything I felt Wand’s hands tugging on my belt and zipper. I never took my eyes off the TV until I felt her pulling my hard cock out of my pants. I looked down to see her stroke my hard cock milking my precum to the tip. Just then I watched Wanda take her tongue and lick my precum from the head of my cock. She let out a moan “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM Nice” and then I watched her take the entire 9″ cock down her throat. It felt so damn good my knees buckled and I thought I might shoot my load. But I gain my senses and let her do what ever she wanted. After sucking my cock for a few minutes she managed to get me on the bed as I laid on my back. She continued sucking my cock and she get me right to the point of cumming and then stop. But sit there and tease me enough to keep me hard and ready.

I looked up at the TV as I heard a different noise coming from the TV. Wanda had stop to take a break and looked up at me and asked “Are you enjoying this” I replied back “I am with out a doubt” just as she was about to go down on my cock again I stopped her “Hey question for you, Who is filming you” She smiled and said “Keep watching you will see” and she went back down on me. I was torn between watching her sucking my cock and seeing who was filming so I take turns. Just then on the screen I saw movement and into the screen shot came a lady who I knew as Carolyn who lived in the building to. I watched as she crawled onto the bed with Wanda. I then noticed she had a strap on dildo on her. She moved up to Wanda’s head and I watched Wanda start sucking on the dildo and Carolyn would tell her “That’s it Wanda kaçak iddaa suck that cock suck that big ass cock baby” Wanda let out a nice muffed moan on screen and even one as she sucked my cock. After just a few seconds Carolyn said “OH I am going to fuck your big fat pussy with this cock. You want it don’t you Wanda tell me how bad you wan this big fat cock in your big fat pussy, Tell me bitch” I was shocked a little as I had never seen or heard Carolyn use or act like this ever nor have I ever thought of either one of these ladies like this. Don’t get me wrong I damn sure was not complaining or minding it in any way I was loving it.

Just then I watched Carolyn move between Wanda’s legs and pushing big legs apart. She reached down and pulled the dildo that Wanda had been using and removed it from her pussy. She then eased up top her and I watched her rub the head of the strap on dildo on her clit and pussy. Then in a very fluent movement she shoved the dildo deep into Wanda’s pussy. Wanda let out a moan and said this “MMMMMMMMMMMMM OH YES FUCK MY FAT PUSSY FUCK IT PLEASE” I watched Carolyn slamming that strap on deep inside Wanda and with in a few minutes Wanda was ready “OH GOD IM GOING TO CUM OH PLEASE DONT STOP FUCKING ME I NEED IT DEEP OH GOD IM CUMMING” I could see her juices squirting from around the thick strap on dildo that Carolyn was fucking her with. It was fucking hot and just then I shot a load of hot cum into Wanda’s mouth and throat. Then another load and another and one more. I had never cummed this much in my life. I thought I was spent but some how Wanda kept me so hard and turned on I was still wanting more. Just then I heard a knock on the door. Wand hoped up and went to the door, her gown was damn near all the way open and her tits hanging out. Then in walked Carolyn with a smile on her face. She crawled onto the bed and as she did she was removing her cloths.

Now Carolyn was this tiny little lady fragile looking but very pretty and sexy for her age of 81, Wanda was a larger lady a retired school teacher with huge breast and a big belly and this outrageous large ass on her. From the video that played you could see her big fat pussy and all the hair on it. Carolyn’s pussy though hairy it was neater and not as salt and peppered as Wanda’s. Hell Wand’s pussy was more gray that anything. By now Carolyn was naked on the bed with me and Wanda was now taking off her cloths. Carolyn was now working on getting my cloths completely off my body in which I was helping her. Once I was naked and Wanda was too all three of us were on the bed together. Carolyn pushed Wanda back onto her back and then turned to me and said “I want to watch you eat her fat pussy” I wasted no time going down on Wanda and damn she tasted so good. I looked up to watch Carolyn straddle Wanda’s face and lower her pussy down on here face. As soon as Wanda’s tongue touched Carolyn’s pussy she let out a loud moan “MMMMMMMMMMMMM GOD YES EAT IT, EAT THAT PUSSY BITCH” All I could do was watch and listen all the time licking and tongue fucking Wanda’s pussy. I could hear muffled moans coming from Wanda and I kept hearing Carolyn screaming out words of demands and encouragement as Wanda was eating her pussy.

Then Carolyn got up and told me to stop as she rolled Wanda onto all fours and looking at me I knew what to do. I got in behind Wanda and was about to ease my cock into her pussy when Carolyn stopped me. “No her pussy has already been fucked it is her ass next” Carolyn grabbed hold of my cock and placed right at Wanda’s rosebud. Carolyn helped guide it in as I pushed and it was really not hard to do. I was in and Wanda let me know just how it felt “OH GOD YES FUCK MY ASS PLEASE I NEED YOU TO FUCK MY ASS” For kaçak bahis what ever reason I turned to the TV and saw that Carolyn was on screen behind Wanda and was fucking her ass with the strap on. Oh screen you could hear Wanda begging Carolyn to fuck her ass and with my cock deep in her ass she was begging me to do the same. I was pumping away in Wanda’s ass when Carolyn crawled under Wanda and started eating her pussy while I fucked her ass. I saw Wanda take the strap on and start sucking it as if it was a real cock. Carolyn started humping the strap on into Wanda’s mouth. Then Carolyn broke her bond on Wanda’s pussy. “EAT MY PUSSY WANDA EAT MY PUSSY BITCH EAT IT GOD DAMN IT EAT IT” Wanda pulled that strap on to one side and went to eating Carolyn’s pussy. I was slamming my cock in and out of Wanda’s ass I was close to cumming and I knew I would not last much longer “OH IM GOING TO CUM OH GOD DAMN IM CUMMING” I shot a heavy load deep into Wanda’s ass and it was oozing out from around my cock and dripping down to Carolyn’s mouth as she licked and sucking it up. Then Carolyn let out a scream “OH EAT ME BITCH IM GOING TO GIVE IT TO YOU EAT MY PUSSY WANDA EAT IT WOMAN EAT IT” I saw Carolyn’s body stiffen and convulse as she shook and squirmed under Wanda’s tongue. I pulled my cock from Wanda’s ass and laid back on the bed and I watched the two woman move towards my cock and clean it up together.

We laid there for a few hours and then we all fell asleep I woke the next morning to Carolyn sucking my cock while Wanda fixed us breakfast. After I cummed in Carolyn’s mouth I got dressed and left. I now go to the retirement center about three times a week and once on the weekends. I have learned that the older the women get there the hornier they are. I service a total of nine (9) ladies there. I fix all there needs and then some. I also found out that Carolyn is very dominate and can control four (4) ladies and that she likes to work with me and has indicated she like to get the other five (5) under our control. We have been working on it and it seems to be working too. I have to add that I have never had so much fun with any woman as I have with them. I have shared this with my wife who I knew would not mind and there is a little side story to this bellow.

I took my wife with me to see my dad and while there we say Carolyn and Wanda sitting outside on a couple of chairs. We sat down with them and was chatting away. Never did Wanda or Carolyn mention anything about what was going on even though my wife already knew about it and approved of it as well. So while sitting there with the ladies my wife sent me on to see my dad. I went to see him and was gone for about an hour. When I returned I found my wife as well as Carolyn and Wanda gone. I went to Carolyn’s apartment and knocked on the door. She opened the door naked and to my amazement there on the sofa was my wife with her feet on the edge of it with her knees up high and wide and Wanda was between then licking my wife’s pussy. My wife’s eye’s where rolled back and she was playing with her breast. I steeped into the apartment and when I did Carolyn pulled my cock out and started sucking on it. My wife opened her eyes and said “DAMN I SEE WHY YOU LIKE VISITING YOUR DAD SO MUCH” then a pause and she says “EAT MY PUSSY WANDA EAT IT GOD PLEAS EAT THAT PUSSY” Then she looked over at me and Carolyn and said “SUCK THAT COCK CAROLYN SUCK IT LIKE THE CUM HUNGRY BITCH YOU ARE SUCK MY MANS COCK” I shot my load in Carolyn’s mouth and just as I finished she got up walked over to my wife and shared my cum with her. I watched and then eased in behind Wanda and started fucking her from behind. My wife and Wanda both cummed together and the I was ready again and shot my load deep into Wanda’s pussy and when I pulled out both Carolyn and my wife went down on Wanda cleaning my cum from her big fat pusst taking turns at sharring my cum with Wanda.

We now make regular trips to visit the retirement center

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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