Road head for my stepbrother

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Road head for my stepbrother
My stepbrother and I have been having sex since high school, I’m now 23 and we’ll call him John, he’s 22. I had texted him the night before and asked for a ride to the pet store to grab dog food because I recently sold my car. After waiting around for him for a while he finally shows up, I run outside and jump in the car. I was just wearing a T-shirt, shorts, and flip flops. It’s my go to outfit usually. He on the other hand is a recent fan of not wearing shirts.

I put on my seatbelt and smile at him, “thank you”, I said. “What do you need at the store anyway”. “Dog food,” I said while I kind of looked at him like he was dumb for a second because if were going to the pet store I thought it’d be pretty obvious I needed dog food. He got his aux cord set up, “my phones dead so you can put on music.” “My phone doesn’t have one of those,” pointing to the charging port because I had a newer iPhone. “Well I guess be ready for a silent ride then.” “Yeah that’s fine with me.”

It was a pretty quiet ride at first too. It’d be a good time to mention that we both liked each other the first time we met. Our parents were only dating at the time and my dad had promised me he wasn’t going to get married until I was out of high school so I wouldn’t have to move around anymore. Turned out to be a lie because he got married not too long after and we moved in with them. It was just me and my dad and on their side was my stepmom and she had 2 sons. So John has a younger brother. I always fought with John but the younger one, we can call him Mike, got along more like actual siblings. After John and I started getting intimate (I can tell the story of how that happened if this gets good feedback) we fell in love. We secretly dated in high school but broke up not long after our parents found out about us. So it is a little complicated. The ride was a little awkward because a few days before I tried telling him how much I still love him and he hates when I do that. So I wasn’t sure if he even wanted to talk to me so I just kept quiet.

We live in a pretty rural area and the fastest way to get to the pet store was getting on the interstate, so as he was getting on, I decided to get my comfortable. I slid out of my flip flops and put my feet on the dash and slumped down into the seat. I was really expecting him to say something smart and tell me to türkçe bahis get my feet off, but it was just more silence. I looked over at him and was looking at all his tattoos, he went through a phase of wanting to be a tattoo artist and thought it’d be a great idea to practice on himself. So I always kind of laugh at some of his tattoos. As I was looking at his arms, shoulders, chest, I started laughing. He looked over at me but still didn’t really say anything. So I just looked out of the window instead.

He has this crazy conspiracy theory about clouds so now when I look at the sky, I think of him. So I was fine with just looking at the clouds, I was trying to see if I could find any shapes in them to make him start a conversation with me. As I was lost in the clouds I felt a small pinch on my thigh. It didn’t hurt at all, but it was all too familiar. I looked back over at John and had a dumb smile on my face. I pinched his arm back. I knew what he wanted. Anytime I get those pinches it means he’s horny. Yet when I pinched him back I still didn’t get much of a response.

I looked back out the window thinking of what I should do. He had the windows down while driving down the interstate, which I always love the windows down. For a split second I thought about how happy I’d be if we just ran away and just kept driving to nowhere, anywhere, just us two. Somewhere where no one knows us. So I looked at him again and just smiled with that thought in the back of my mind. Without even looking at me John said, “you can look but you can’t touch.” I knew he was just challenging me, so I put my arm on his thigh and said “now what?” “I don’t know, now what?” I just giggled a little and removed my hand. I knew what he wanted but I was still a little annoyed he can never talk to me about his feelings or just shuts me out.

As I pulled back my hand his hand reached over to my side and he stared rubbing my inner thigh. No matter how annoyed I am with him, he knows I can’t say no. So I did the same. My hand went back to his thigh and I gave him a small squeeze. It wasn’t long til I was rubbing closer and closer to his crotch area.
He unzipped his pants and I started rubbing his already hard dick through his underwear. However, I knew we were getting close to the store, so I stopped and kept my hands to myself. John looked at me finally and said, “what you’re scared tipobet güvenilir mi to take it out in public?” I said, “no, I’m not scared, I just think you can wait til we’re headed back.” “Yeah whatever, you’re scared.” I just laughed to myself, because I knew again he was just challenging me. He knew good and well I wasn’t scared of being in public. I can’t count how many times I’ve given him road head or we fucked in the car.

He pulled into the pet store and I told him he didn’t have to come in, I’d be fast. I open the door and as I’m getting out he reaches over and grabs my ass. I just giggled and shut the door on him. I quickly grabbed the dog food I always get, paid, and headed back to the car. I threw the dog food in the backseat and didn’t even bother buckling up this time. I forgot what we were talking about now but I remember him asking me, “have I ever lied to you?” Which I replied with a smirk, “yes, yes you have.” “I should hit you for that,” John was smirking too. I laughed at that. “Go ahead.” He was about to hit me then realized there was a car right next to us and stopped. So I start laughing more. We headed back to the interstate and once we were finally on, he smacked me. Which were both into BDSM and he knew it would turn me on. I reached over, his pants still unzipped and started rubbing his cock again. Once it was hard, which didn’t take long, I got on my knees on the seat to make it easier. I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled down both his pants and boxers just enough to get his dick out. It’s a nice size for me, not too big but not too small either.

I was about to lean over to lick the tip of his cock when he grabbed my face. I looked up at him and he pulled my face to his and gave me a short sweet kiss. I smiled at him, he can be an asshole and he hates talking about his feelings but I know he shows them to me without even saying a word. I leaned over again and start kissing his cock. Licking up and down his shaft. Until I finally took his dick in my mouth. The windows were still down so I could hear all the cars going by and the thought of people seeing me like this was just turning me on more. I started sucking on his cock faster and taking more and more into mouth. I could feel his cock hitting the back of my throat.

Then I hear him passing a semi, I knew that guy would get perabet güvenilir mi a good look so I put my ass up in the air knowing he’d see it. John knew what I was doing and he reached over with one hand and started rubbing my ass. While we passed the truck driver John started spanking me. I wish I could’ve seen the looks on all these people’s faces. The spankings were making me so wet and I started letting out little moans that vibrates his cock.

He started pushing my hair out of my face and started bundling it all up, grabbing all of it. He pushed my head all the way down and he cock was deep in my throat. I started tearing up a bit but I was actually proud of myself, I think this was the first time I didn’t gag too much. John started forcing my head up and down while he was pulling my hair. “Good girl,” John whispered under his breath. He let go of my hair and started rubbing my back. I can usually make him cum from a blowjob in a few minutes but he was lasting longer than usual and my jaw started to hurt so I thought I had to get serious. I started sucking on his cock hard and fast while I rubbed his balls through his pants. He slipped his hand under my shirt and made his way to my breasts. I could head John telling me “right there.” I knew he was getting close so I picked up the pace even more. Finally his legs started shaking and he released a huge salty load into my mouth. I swallowed the whole load but kept sucking him. I wanted every drop he could give me.

I finally let his cock slip out of my mouth and I gave a final lick to his head and sat back in the passenger seat with another dumb smile on my face. Done just in time to get off on our exit. He dropped me off at the the parents house, I’m staying with them until the end of the month. He grabbed the dog food out of the back seat for me. “Do you need help carrying it inside?” John asked me. “If you want to.” He didn’t say anything for a few seconds so I said “sure you carry it.” “Spider bite, can’t carry it,” John said pointing to his arm. I rolled my eyes. “Then why ask?” He always knew how to annoy me. I grabbed the dog food and paused for a second, “my dad and your mom are going to be out of town for a few days next week,” I said hoping it’d be enough of a hint that I want to see him while they’re gone. He didn’t respond to my statement but instead asked, “when are you moving again?” “The end of the month.” “Okay.” I left it at that, and got out of the car, “thanks for the ride,” and I shut the door and walked inside.

I was still so horny I went to my room to finish myself off. My panties were soaking wet and he barely even touched me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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