Roadside store

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Roadside store
Writing sexy stories is such a turn-on for me, I don’t know why I haven’t posted one in such a long time.

I was inspired to tell this tale after a someone inquired if I frequent adult stores.

My hubby and I love to travel the backroads and explore the less well-traveled parts of the Southeast. During these road trips sometimes we’re the only ones in a diner or a gas station, which can be kinda eerie, but also very arousing for me because with fewer or no witnesses, I am free to do as I please. And I like pleasing myself.

We rolled up on this desolate adult store, at first, it looked closed. It was a one-story cement block building with peeling paint, no windows and only one door, which was dark glass. The unpaved dirt parking lot was empty. But we stopped to stretch our legs and curiosity was getting the best of us anyway.

It was a stiflingly hot summer afternoon and wearing a sundress sans undies and sandals was doing little to help me cool off. As soon as I exited our car, we were enveloped by hot humid air, like standing in a sauna, I could feel beads of perspiration welling up and rolling down my back, between my shoulder blades, and down my chest, between my unrestrained bra-less boobs. My cotton sundress was eagerly soaking up the moisture and becoming more transparent with each drop.

I needed to pee, badly. And since there were no cars in the parking lot, I assumed the store was closed so I squatted where I stood, hiked up my hem, and relieved myself in the center of the red clay parking lot, watching the parched earth drink in my urine. Conveniently, I didn’t even have to bother with panties, since I wasn’t wearing any.

My hubby cupped his hands around his eyes, as he tried to peer through the dark glass door. He shouted to me that lights were on inside, but he couldn’t see anyone. He pushed on the door and it opened. He waved me over, urging me to join him inside.

The AC was on full blast and my damp dress became instantly cold, perking up my nipples and raising goosebumps across my exposed shoulders, I began to shiver, crossing my arms across my chest, pressing my boobs into me for warmth.

The store was small. We could survey the whole place from the entrance. To the left was a theater with a curtain closed across the doorway. My hubby part the curtains and walked in to check it out and then stuck his finger back through the curtain, curling it slowly, in a come-hither motion.

Like a snake charmer, entranced by his curling finger, I followed him in and was plunged into darkness, except for the porn movie showing on the far cement block wall, which cast a glow on the empty rows of seats.

The action on screen was hot and heavy, two studs pounding away at a waif, one cock in her ass and another jammed down her throat. I was instantly mesmerized and felt a spark of arousal, and a growing warmth between my legs as my juices began to flow.

Startling me back to awareness, my hubby embraced me from behind cupping my boobs and tweaking my hardened nipples through my thin damp sundress. Without a word, he slipped my straps off my shoulders and pulled my dress down to my waist and then resumed massaging of my bare boobs, tugging playfully at my distended hardened nipples.

No so subtly, he pressed his bahis firmaları growing erection pressed into my lower back, announcing his intentions. I reached back to caress it through his shorts, fumbling with his zipper, intent on freeing his b**st. Our fingers jousted between us as his right hand dropped to the hem of my dress and pulled it up, exposing my naked ass cheeks.

He placed his hand at the small of my back and began caressing my lower back and the top of ass. Slowly and purposefully, his hand began its downward descent, cupping my ass with the palm of his hand while inserting his middle finger between my cheeks, channeling his probing finger directly toward my puckered bung hole.

His finger tested by resistance as it crossed my asshole and quickly finding my moistening pussy, which he sampled with tentative shallow stabs between my puffy pussy lips. Now cupping my lips, he stroked by clit from between my legs from behind. His hand and wrist rubbed my lips, parting them as he tickled my clit.

I wanted to him to push his fingers into me, but he decided to tease me instead, increasing my desire. My heart raced as blood rushed to pussy, my heat rising, and my juices now audibly squishy, as he squeezed my pussy lips together, massaging my clit between my slickened swollen lips, like a hotdog in a steamed bun.

I wanted him to bend me over the theater seat in front of me and plunge his pulsing cock into me but again he chose to tease me. But I had other ideas.

Spinning around within his embrace, like stripper doing a lap dance, facing him now, my bare breasts now pressing into his chest, I shimmied downward onto bended knees, spreading my knees wide on either side of his legs, into a squat, parting my pussy lips, opening my fuck tunnel. I tugged at his zipper, desperate to release his cock and eager to taste his manliness.

But he hoisted me to my feet almost immediately. WTF!

With his big strong hands encircling my biceps, he spun me around, facing me away from him, and lifted me up to my tippy toes, almost carrying me. As if late for an appointment, we urgently scurried out of the theater across the store to the other side where above the doorway, a sign read Gloryhole.

My dress was still hanging around my waist, it looked like I was wearing only a skirt, my boobs exposed for all to see. Except no one was there. The store was still empty.

My hubby directed me to go around the wall to the other side and wait for his cock. Before I left, he demanded my dress. He wanted me naked as I serviced him at the Gloryhole. I was happy to oblige him. Given how aroused he’d become, I was anticipating a lot of sticky gooey jism to be sprayed my way, and it was probably best that my dress be safely stored elsewhere, out of cum’s way.

I waited at the Gloryhole for his cock, at first leaning in toward the opening, my hands spread wide above my head, pressing into the wall above the Gloryhole, supporting my weight, as I eagerly awaited my prize.

Why was he teasing me for so long? Tired of waiting, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and began rubbing my clit and puffy lips and plunging my fingers into my wet and ready pussy hole. The sensations and the scene, squatting naked at a Gloryhole in some backwoods adult tipobet güvenilir mi store, hungry for a cock to gobble on, were sending me down the literal slippery slope, my orgasm was building.

I didn’t have to wait much longer, a big long swollen cock appeared, bigger than normal but understandable given my hubby’s arousal. The one-eyed b**st was weeping precum and swaying back and forth like a snake, preparing to strike.

I grabbed it with both hands, like a wrestler in a takedown move. I began pumping the shaft in long strokes from its furry root to its swollen purple helmet, and back again, purposefully licking its length as my tongue trailed my hands, until my nose was buried in musky pubic hair. It pulsed in my hands, its veins distended atop the hard, engorged muscle, leaking more pre-cum with every stroke. I kissed and sucked at the pee hole, trying to taste its treat buried deep within.

I was so hot for that cock, I forced its head into mouth, bobbing on it, gradually opening my throat to allow it in farther. I was intent on taking his entire length as I had done many times before, but I was struggling with it. My hubby was evidently very excited about the Gloryhole.

Only able to manage about half of his length into my mouth and throat, I tickled the underside of its shaft with my tongue as I choked it down.

My ministrations were having the desired effect, as this meat bat grew hotter and larger on my tongue and pre-cum bubbled out, coating my mouth with its viscosity. I wanted to taste his cum so I doubled my cadence. My boobs swung widely as braced myself against the wall with open palms.

I sensed a calm, like birds flying away from a volcano, his desperate erratic thrusts became one final push deep into my throat. The eruption was intense and cum flooded my mouth and throat, squirting out of the corners of my mouth. I met the final thrust with equal force, throwing my head onto this impaling pike, sucking the cock as deeply as I could manage, sealing off air from my starving lungs, feeling the rhythmic convulsions in my throat pumping, what seemed like, gallons of semen into me.

Softening, the flaccid, now sated serpent, withdrew from my throat with a pop. I gasped for air and used my fingers to gather the gobs of goo at the corners of mouth and clinging to chin onto to my searching tongue, popping up like a Prairie dog from its hole.

The cock disappeared from the Gloryhole. I sat back on my heels and leaned into the wall with open palms, bowing my head, breathing deeply, filling my lungs, my boobs hanging heavily, in front of the open Gloryhole.

I expected my hubby any second to come around the corner and take care of my business. I waited impatiently. My pussy was on fire, in need of a hose.

Still waiting. I looked around the room and noticed a video camera in the corner with a red light glowing. I felt self-conscious for a moment but calmed myself by rationalizing that this shop was in the middle of nowhere. Who could be watching and if so, would ever recognize me? It was probably broken.

My hubby entered the small room, naked from the waist down, with a massive erection. I was impressed that he could get that big and hard so quickly. But I wasn’t gonna question it. I needed cock perabet now.

He slipped behind me and mounted me in one continuous movement, lifting me up from my squat, bending me at the waist in front of the open Gloryhole, and filling me, balls deep in my pussy. It almost knocked the wind out me, it happened to fast and forcefully. He plunged into me with long deep strokes like a piston, smacking sounds filled the room. I had to brace myself against the wall, my fingers clawing into the dingy peeling paint, to spare my head from banging into the wall. Clenching my hips like a rutting hound, digging his nails into my hips, drawing a trickle of blood, he forced his knot deeper into me. Each thrust lifted me off my feet to my toes.

Using the wall as leverage, I pushed back to greet his impaling cock, plunging to new depths in my pussy. Each stroke dredging a mixture of our juices that splattering across my pussy lips and ass, glazing our loins with our slippery concoction. My boobs slapping together like applause.

A free hand slapped my ass in quickening succession with increasingly sharper stings, it felt like a rider’s crop compelling me to give everything and push for the finish.

A few more strokes, from the cock and the crop, would send me over the top. Leaning into the wall with one hand to support the weight of my bend body, I reached back with one hand, between my legs, grasping blindly for his swollen swinging balls as they slapped against my juice smeared puffy pussy lips.

Another sting of the crop burned across my ass cheek.

My head dipped and I looked back between my swinging boobs to the cock frantically reaming my pussy. Finding my target, I snared his ball sack in my clutch and squeezed hard, trying to trigger his orgasm, and with it, my own. My index finger stabbing into his sweat slickened asshole, hunting for his prostate, the male’s g-spot, his go button.

Sting! Down came the crop again.

Through a fog of pleasure and pain, looking back between my legs, as my boobs slapping together and then parting with each thrust, the vision appearing and disappearing, like a flickering light, I noticed another man standing behind my hubby stroking his cock. Panic flashed through my mind. My head snapped up to attention, my eyes stared forward, as I tried to process the image of the man behind my hubby. I glanced over my shoulder to get a better unblocked view.


My hubby held me firmly with both hands, keeping me in alignment with his piston-ing cock. I felt his grasp so who was whipping my ass!?!

The growing pleasure in my pussy and my impending orgasm clouded my thoughts. All I could think about was the expectant shuddering release. And then it came.

A new stiff cock appeared in the Gloryhole before my eyes. Almost as if on que, my hubby bore down into me with one last thrust and grunted loudly as he spewed his load into my pussy, triggering my own orgasm.

As waves of pleasure washed over me, radiating from my pussy, rhythmically clenching down on my hubby’s cock, wringing out every drop.

My hubby pulled out of me but was quickly, leaving a gaping stretched hole, soon to be replaced by the next in line, the one holding a crop. A quick substitution for a fresh player, and the thrusting resumed.

Once accustomed to the cadence of my new rider, and I could keep my balance, I grabbed for the swaying cock in the Gloryhole with one hand and smiled for the camera before sucking him into my mouth.

My video is still playing in that theater.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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