Run away sanctuary

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Run away sanctuary
Daniel was a run away teen. One day on the street he met Miss Davina, he didn’t know it at the time, but his life will be forever changed.

Miss Davina was a attractive woman in her 50’s . 5’7 160 pounds , long curly burgundy hair . Green eyes and a tan complexion. Her titts were a huge DD her waist was thin and her hips wide. Her ass was thick. She only wore mini skirts and button down blouses. She always had on stockings and high heels.
Miss Davina owned a large home outside Philadelphia. She was known to recuse runaway teens. She came from old money and was a caring soul.

People in the city looked up to her, and compared her to a modern day mother Teresa. On thanksgiving she would hand out turkeys and Christmas , toys. But most of all known for rescuing teens. Andrea her greatest accomplishment was rescued at the age of f******n. She has been working for Miss Davina for over a decade. She’s now in her late twenties and is always by Miss Davinas side.

Andrea pulls the Chevy Tahoe to the curb and honks the horn. Daniel turns to see The tinted black suv. As the windows roll down he first noticed Andrea a beautiful light skinned black woman, and the back window a pretty older white woman.

Hey what’s up? Daniel says
The back door opens. A black high heel appears. Miss Davina stepped out. Hi Daniel, I’m Miss Davina as she puts her hand out for a shake. He takes her hand, nice to meet you. Are you hungry Daniel? Yes ma’am. Oh manners I like you already she smiled. Wait here with Andrea I’ll get you some food. She walks down the street.

Andrea steps out, her hair is curly dark brown with highlights, her makeup is perfect her lips pouty with lip gloss. She’s wearing a white button down blouse. Opened enough to see her clevage of her firm c-cup breasts . Her shirt is tucked into her light grey slacks. Her pants tight. Her ass and thighs thick. The pants stopped right above her ankle and she was wearing 6” black heels. She stood 5’5” without heels she weighed about 120.

Hiya Daniel she smiled as she stuck out her hand introducing herself. Her hand was soft her nails long and a little blue. She spoke softly. Her teeth were perfect and bright white. She started telling Daniel what they do to take care of people In his situation.

We will give you room and board, you work for Miss Davina. She will provide health services and whatever you need.
Seems too good to be true. Daniel laughs
Well you need to do whatever she tells you. But it’s worth it In the long run trust me she said. I was skeptical too at first, but I stuck through and now look where I am. If you want a great life get in touch with me. Andrea hands him her card. A plain pink card with her name and number. He tucked it into his pocket.
Miss Davina returned with a bag . It had a cheese steak, chips and a soda. Here you go honey. She handed it to him, shook his hand and got back in the suv. Andrea shook his hand. Remember Daniel the card. She smiled and got back in the suv and drove off.

Daniel went to the park and ate his lunch. The card In his hand he stared at. A friend of his walks by , yo Dan what’s up. He sits down and they started talking. Is the Miss Davina cars? Yeah they bought me lunch. Yeah they approach me before but fuck that!
Why you say that?
Cause man, nobody ever sees those people anymore.
Daniel laughs. I think that’s kinda the point! To get you outa here.
Yeah but idk I think she’s up to something else idk I don’t trust it the friend says.
Catch ya later…

Daniel türkçe bahis stares at the card for 3 days. Winter is coming he thinks to himself. He makes the call. Andrea answers. And they picked a spot In the park to meet and talk.

Andrea walks up wearing a grey sweat suit. The top unzipped showing her beautiful clevage. The bottoms baggy but tight in her ass and thighs. She had light brown timberland books on and big hoop earrings. Her nail bright pink. Hey she says as she walks up. Oh you look different he says.
Bad different? She softly says
No not bad you could never look bad.
Aww that’s sweet, she smiled
I understand Daniel I don’t dress like that all the time, just at work, she laughed.
Your not working now?
No this is my time.

They walk and talk for over 2 hours. She tells him her life story and what it was like moving in with Davina and how much it changed her ect. Then she took him to a Chinese buffet for lunch and they walked and talked more.

I wanna get out of her he blurted. Ok where you wanna go?
I wanna go home with you!
I mean not home with you he laughed but to Miss Davina.
Oh ok she giggled. One thing we have to talk about first.
Do you understand dominance and submission.? She smiled.
He looked puzzled.

Ok so Miss Davina is the dominant one of the house. We’re all submissive. So what ever she says goes. There’s punishment for talk back and being bad. Do you understand that? Yeah!
But anything she tells us to do, no matter what it is we have to do! No matter what !
Ok… I need a better life. I’m at rock bottom…
I’ve been there Dan . Let’s go.

They leave in the Suv, driving for about a hour they are in the country. They pulled up to the mansion. It’s huge. When they get out of the car, a young woman appears. Hi I’m Britney you can call me Brit. She’s 5’8” thin build she’s wearing a pair of light green leggings and a long white tank top. She has a green bra on underneath supporting her firm B-cup breasts . On her feet are white and green tennis shoes . Come with me. She turned around. Her shirt covered the top half of her firm round ass. She gets further ahead and you can see her thigh gap. She takes him in the house and up the stairs to his room. They walk in and she closes the door.
So I’m here to get your wardrobe ready. I need your sizes. Take off your clothes. Leaving your underwear on.
He dropped his pants and takes off his shirt. She has a bag and puts all of his dirty clothes into it. She opened a door in the room. And walked in. He hears the shower start up. Come here dan. He walked in . C’mon chop chop she laughed get in the shower. All the soap and shampoo you need are in there. You have a half hour. She walks out shutting the door. A half hour passes and Brit walks back in the room. Daniel is standing there in a towel.
I bet you feel better now she smiled. Here put on these boxer briefs. Brit turns around so he can put them on. Ok he says . Brit turns back around. Ok so right now we have sweat pants for you to wear and a tee. Unless you want a pair of my leggings she giggled. He laughed idk if I would look as good as you In those, but whatever Miss Davina wants I’ll wear. Oh ok I’ll let her know. But here wear these they should fit. She hands him some light blue sweatpants and a white T-shirt. Socks and Nike tennis shoes. Ok come with me.

They walk down a long hallway filled with doors. Andrea walks up. Hey Brit what room is Tia in? Ummm four. Ok ty.

Umm what are these doors with the bahis siteleri numbers? Oh that’s where we work. Andrea gets to room 4 ahead of us. And keys her entry in on a pin pad. A girl I’m assuming Tia giggles and the door shuts . So what work are we to do.? Oh it’s on the computer. We have to train you first. So am I the only boy here?
Ummm she paused
No there is other boys ummm
Ok well here we are. We walked into a dark room. She stopped me before the door. Listen did Andrea tell you about the submissive part? She whispered
Yeah. I have to do whatever she says?
Yeah you do! Don’t be scared ok?
She puts her hands on my chest. It’s all for a better life. Trust me she whispered softly.

Ok .
The door opened. We walked in. The room is black and red. There’s a large wood desk and Miss Davina is sitting behind it. Her large breasts tightly held by a black leather corset, her makeup is dark with red lips. Brit walks me in.
Hello Daniel, how are you?
Great ma’am!
Britney what are his stats?
He’s 5’7 121 pounds, blue eyes. Good teeth, need a cleaning. Hair medium length, light brown. He’s malnourished skinny chest and legs, size 7 shoe, nice hands and feet. Not much body hair and his soft penis was approx 2” .
His Adam’s apple? Not showing Miss.

Miss Davina stands up. And walked over to Daniel. Looking him up and down. Take off your clothes!
Yes ma’am. Daniel strips.
Get a erection!
Sorry stage fright ma’am.
Britney dropping to her knees started sucking on Daniels cock. She looks into his eyes as her mouth sucks his hard cock.
She pulled away. Oh he’s hard now Miss!
Hmmm she pulled out a stick ruler. 6”
Perfect she smiled.
His training will start now. Britney your in charge of that. Make sure the doctors treat him and he gets nourishment.
Yes Miss .
Miss Davina return to her seat.
Get dressed Britney says .
He gets dressed and they started walking out.
Daniel anything Britney says or tells you to do are direct orders from me! Do you understand? Yes ma’am. They walk out. As they walked down the hall in awkward silence. Andrea steps out of room 4 . She smiled at Daniel. Hey how’s it going? Umm good I guess.
Brit are you doing the training? Yep she smiled. Good for you! Andrea smiles.

Andrea walks off, we walked to Britney’s room. Ok this is my room, if you ever need me or anything just come here. But knock first ok?
Yeah of course.
They walked in.. take off your clothes!
Daniel again stripped down. Here put this robe on. She throws him a little yellow robe . We have to go see the doctor across the hall. But first we have to see Kim next door. She knocked on the anointing door. Come in a woman says. We walk in the room is well lit. There’s a white cushion bench the woman sits next to. She stands up. She’s wearing black heels , black stockings a white smock covering her black dress. Her clevage popping out. Her hair is long and curly black. Her makeup is dark around her green eyes. Her lips pouty and dark red.
Hi Daniel I’m Kim. I’m here to make you look pretty. Firstly hair removal. But I do everyone makeup.
Nice to meet you!
Disrobe and lay on your back. I’m not gonna lie waxing hurts but it’s so worth it. Oh your not hairy at all. We should be quick Brit! She smiled. Ok I’ll be back later have fun she said.
Can you get a erection please? It helps make it less painful. Stage fright huh? Yeah he laughed.
She grabbed his cock and started stroking. Then sucked him in her mouth. He looks down güvenilir bahis siteleri to see her stairing up at him. That’s all you needed she giggled. Oh that’s nice and thick she giggled. Screams echoed the halls as he lost every body hair he had.
What color do you want you toes and nails?
Ummm what? He laughed
Oh honey everyone gets full sets, pick a color…
Umm yellow?
Ok . She did his nails and toes. And style his medium length hair. She started doing his makeup. He was so confused. After Britney returned . Omg he’s so cute! Daniel sat there. Confused as to what was happening.
Ok baby let’s go , put on your robe we gotta see the doctor.

They went across the hall. The doctor another woman. She’s 5’5 Japanese woman, long black shiny hair, grey eyes. Soft makeup. Her titts popping out of her smock. Introducing herself as Lei. I’m your doctor now. I’m gonna get you healthy.

After running a bunch of tests she hands me a box of pills. They only have times to take printed on them no description. Take these accordingly. Yes ma’am he replied. She pulled out a marker and drew on his naked body lines in blue and red. Miss Davina walks in. Mmmm yes I like it. She says her and the doctor discussed in private and she left. They photographed him body and cleaned the marker off.

Get a erection please! The doctor asked.
Again… Britney giggles
She dropped to her knees and started sucking. There it is! She smiled. The doctor took hold of his penis, stroking it looking him in his eyes. She held a cup infront of his penis. Would you cum already?
I can’t help it I’m sorry…
Britney grabs a latex glove and lubes her fingers and his asshole.
Wtf he gasped as she slid her fingers in his ass milking his prostate. It wasn’t long and he was filling up the cup.
Works every time she giggled.
She continues fingering his ass.
He moaned softly. Oh you like that don’t you she looks into his eyes. It’s nice actually he smiles. The doctor grinned and bit her bottom lip.
Let’s see it the doctor says. Bend over. The doctor spreading his cheeks. Britney removes her fingers. Oh that’s nice a tiny pink bud. The doctor giggled. Ok your all done here. Britney takes off the glove. Let’s go. They head back to Daniels room. Laid out on his bed are leggings, panties, tops and dresses with heels and shoes.

I have to be a girl don’t I? He laughed.
Yeah your going to be beautiful Britney smiled.
No I’m not I’m a boy!
Britney locked the door. Pulling off her shirt and dropping her bra to the floor her perky titts high on her chest, her nipples pink and hard. She leaned forward pushed her pants off her ass and down to the floor. Stepping out . Her panties light green she slipped them down. She stands up he sees her thigh gap covered in tape she peeled it off and her soft cock spring forward.

Daniel we were all boys once. He stood there in shock. Andrea walks in the door and pulls down her sweat pants exposing her 8” cock. He can’t believe what he’s seeing. Andrea giggles and leaves.

Britney walks to Daniel. And takes his robe off. She hugs him tightly. Their cocks touching. She whispered . There isn’t a single pussy In this house. She softly kissed his lips, his cock grew hard, her cock grew hard. They made out, falling onto the bed. Hands explored each other thoroughly. She pushed him to his back. Spit in her hand and wet her hole, he slid balls deep inside her. She moaned out . She sat there on top of him his cock in her ass.
Your going to be beautiful just like us.
Do you like being in me Daniel? Yes I really do…
Then follow the rules! And you will be in me every night…
yes ma’am!
She leaned down and kissed him before getting up. Get dressed so we can go get something to eat she giggled. She took her clothes and walked out.

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