Second Time Sucking BBC Gay

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Second Time Sucking BBC Gay
After my first experience sucking black dick, I was excited by having finally fulfilled a long time fantasy, yet also felt confusion and guilt. Confusion over whether I was now on a path to potentially being gay, and guilt that I had done this behind my girlfriend’s back.

I hoped that after delving into this fantasy my desire to do so again might be quelled somewhat, and it might be a one time experience. It fairly quickly became apparent to me that the desire in my brain continued and perhaps even amplified after such a great experience. I thought about it constantly, reliving that excitement time and time again in my mind. Remembering how exciting it was to be on my knees with a big, hard black cock throbbing in my mouth, the initial thrill of fulfilling a long time fantasy and having it unfold even better than hoped. I wanted to be honest with my girlfriend. I didn’t quite know how to bring it up, but felt I had to even if it meant ending things.

We had a great sex life and by no means did I want that to end. My cock sucking endeavor didn’t lessen my heterosexual desires but the desire and continued fantasies renewed with even more vigor. I would wait for times my girlfriend was sleeping or not around to watch BBC blowjob porn, and fantasize and relive my cock sucking experience.

My time on the computer being secretive did not go unnoticed and she confronted me one day. She expressed concern that I wasn’t attracted to her as much and that I was fantasizing about other women. I knew I had to either come clean or end things with a lie. I told her my whole story of how my clandestine cock sucking desires had evolved, and revealed my porn surfing had been all about fantasizing about interacting with a guy, not a girl.

I initially expected the hammer to fall but was surprised when she looked interested and was actually eager to hear all about it. She then, shockingly confessed that she has always had a fantasy to watch her boyfriend with another guy. She had an experience when she was younger in which she secretly watched a boyfriend having sex with a guy and found it very exciting. She never told him but had since harbored a desire to witness it again.

I was floored by this revelation, and since it seemed we may still be together after all, I felt I should come completely clean. I then told her there was more and shared how I had recently sucked a black cock.

She lit up as I told her, then she said, “Fuck me now and tell me about every detail.”

I slowly started pumping her and told her all about it, sharing every thought and detail I could remember. She came multiple times during my recounting of the experience.

This became a regular part of our sex life, and we would sometimes watch porn of a guy sucking a big thick cock. She would tell me how much she wanted to watch me being a cock sucker for a big black cock and coaching me through it. She had no desire to be involved and didn’t want him to suck me. I was in complete agreement with that scenario and began to seek out a potential candidate. I told her I wasn’t sure I’d be able to go through with it, so we agreed either of us could call it off at anytime if it wasn’t feeling right. I put an ad in Craig’s list and began seeking a candidate to fulfill our shared fantasy.

I finally found a potential guy, and we arranged to meet. I was extremely nervous and unsure as we waited for him to arrive. He showed up and was very nice, but my initial reaction was that I didn’t think he was the right choice. He was short and thin, not attractive although not scary either. He was dressed nicely and did have a great demeanor but was not the Adonis kaçak bahis I’d met in my first experience. After introductions he excused himself to grab a drink. I quickly expressed my doubts to my girlfriend. She reminded me that his looks weren’t really what I cared about as long as he had an endowment and personality we both hoped for.

I was still doubtful but decided to take her advice and give things a chance. We had a few drinks and shared how we wanted things to unfold, he was very charming and nice. I could tell he was into me but was still having a hard time seeing myself being into the scenario enough to want to be on my knees for him.

He then excused himself to go to the bathroom, and as he got up my girlfriend nudged me and motioned for me to accompany him. I quickly joined him, we stood next to each other at the urinals. He made sure to stand back enough to afford me an easy view as he unzipped his fly. He reached in and out flopped about five or six inches of thick dark dick. It was cut, completely flaccid, and mesmerizing.

I couldn’t stop staring as he began to urinate, he chuckled and said, “You like what you see so far.”

I replied, “Fuck yeah, I can’t wait to see you hard and throbbing in my hand!”

Any doubt had evaporated instantly and I was thrust into cocksucker mode, my mind racing with anticipation, excitement and nervousness for what was about to unfold. I gave my girlfriend and subtle nod and smile, letting her know I was now ready to move forward in making our mutual fantasy a reality. As we finished our drinks, we shared whatever wanted to unfold. I let him know I wanted to take my time and really enjoy the experience of sucking and big hot black dick, and my girlfriend wanted to be just an observer and cheerleader. He was totally okay with our requests and expressed how eager he was to see me on my knees pleasing him.

Back at the apartment, we made drinks and he then stood up and said, “Okay cock sucker, show your girlfriend what a faggot you are for black cock.”

I chuckled and replied, “Well, not any black cock, only big black cock!”

We all laughed a bit as I knelt in front of him. I was super nervous as I undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. His underwear now showed a huge bulge and I slowly started pulling his briefs down. As the top of his shaft came into view it was now thicker than when I first saw it in bathroom. I gasped and continued pulling them down. His cock flopped out and now semi erect was about seven inches and very thick. I turned to my girlfriend, who was standing next me and asked if she was ready to witness this.

She was smiling broadly and exclaimed, “I can’t wait to watch you please him, make that cock hard please.”

I gripped it with one hand, cupping his balls with the other and began slowly stroking it. It quickly began to harden in my hand. Within moments it was fully hard, my hand barely fitting around it. It was throbbing and now was a full nine inches easily, and at least six inches around. It’s huge head I could see visibly throbbing as I slowly stroked it with my face inches from it.

I moaned, “Holy fuck.”

My girlfriend said, “Wow, that is a huge black cock. I want to see it in your mouth now.”

Our new friend groaned and added, ” Yeah man, suck my big fucking cock.”

I gripped his shaft tightly at the base which caused his cock head to swell even more and then swirled my tongue around the twitching head before slowly parting my lips and easing the head into my eager mouth. I moaned loudly and started slowly sucking his thick bulbous black cock head. The feeling of it warm and throbbing in my mouth thrust me into ecstasy.

My girlfriend casino oyna exclaimed, “That is so fucking hot babe. I love watching you be a cocksucker.”

That spurred me on to want put on a show for her and make her experience even more exciting.

I removed it from my mouth and stated for her, “I love sucking this beautiful, huge black cock.”

I then moaned and rubbed his cock head all over my face, my saliva and his pre-cum made it easily glide all over. I then turned my head to side and began smack his huge heavy cock against my face. I then started licking from the base to the head and gliding my slightly parted lips up and down his thick veiny shaft while holding his cock head with my hand and rubbing underneath the head on the glans area.

The first time I sucked a black dick a few months back, it had all been about wanting to be sure I could make him come. This time I wanted to savor it and put on a show for my girlfriend. I had heard the term cock worshipping before and now understood the desire to do that. I was gaining more pleasure from being a cocksucker with an audience than I expected. Losing myself even more into the role of submissive black cock worshipper was enthralling. I was gaining more pleasure in this moment somehow than I would get from having my own cock sucked. Something intensely pleasurable was taking place from my transmutation into faggot black cocksucker and I was going to milk this experience and this cock for as long as possible.

I continued stroking and kissing his cock, vocally admiring it between with comments like, “It’s so fucking beautiful” and, “I love how your huge, thick cock feels in my hands.”

My girlfriend asked, “Are you hard from playing with his big black cock yet?”

I turned her way and showed her the huge bulge in my jeans and she said, “Holy shit, you have a huge wet spot from all the precum you’re oozing.”

My black friend then said, “Take off your clothes, I want to see your hard cock while you suck my cock.”

I stood up and quickly removed my clothes, my raging erection springing into view with precum visibly dripping off the end. He also removed his remaining clothes and we stood in front of each other. I stood 6 feet tall with a lean muscular body and he was 5 foot 7 or 8, with a skinny, very lean build.

He commented on my cock, admiring it, “That’s a nice big white cock, really hot.”

My girlfriend then asked us to put them next to each other so we could compare them. We stood closer and I held his cock and he grasped mine and we held them side by side touching them together.

My girlfriend exclaimed, “Both are beautiful big cocks, and of course I’m partial to my boyfriends, but that is one beautiful big black cock.”

Both our cocks were similar in appearance, straight and cut with large defined mushroom heads but his looked like a black version of mine on steroids. My cock is just under 8 inches and almost 5.5 in circumference. His had to be almost 2 inches longer and way thicker too. I asked my girlfriend to grab her measuring tape so I could find out exactly how big this monster cock was.

As she went to find it, we both enjoyed a drink. I got to look at him naked standing there with his hard cock sticking straight out. On this short, thin man his cock looked like it belonged on a horse. It was so huge in comparison to him. My girlfriend returned and I knelt in front of him, and first jerked and sucked him for a moment before measuring his glorious black meat. It was 9 and a quarter inches long and 6.5 inches around.

My girlfriend then asked, “Let’s see how much of this big, black cock you can fit in mouth.”

I slowly took his huge cock in my canlı casino siteleri mouth again, starting by sucking the head and then continuing a slow sucking motion, working a bit more of his cock in my mouth with each forward motion. It wasn’t long before I felt his warm throbbing cock head pulsing against the back of my mouth.

I pressed a bit harder and I heard my girlfriend say, “That’s it cocksucker, take that black cock deep.”

I felt her hands on the back of my head gently forcing me further.

I gagged and pulled back and she said firmly, “Keep sucking faggot.”

My cock was harder than ever and it surprised me how much her words and actions turned me on even more. I continued sucking deep with her guiding my head firmly and her words spurring me on to suck as deep as possible. Our friend began groaning louder and I could tell he liked the feeling of the back of mouth pressing on his cock. The motion continued with me forcing his thick black throbbing cockhead as deep as possible into my mouth, just getting to the edge of gagging and then withdrawing. After a few minutes I needed a quick break.

I went back to licking, tonguing and jerking his cock before being ready to resume my deeper sucking regime. For the next hour I savored the experience and alternated between deep sucking, with my girlfriend and new friend taking turns guiding my head, then taking breaks when I would jerk and lick his cock.

I also vocally admiring his cock with phrases like, “I love your huge black cock” or, “It feels so good in my mouth,” intermittent with moans of pleasure.

They both encouraged me with praise like, “You’re such a good cocksucker” and, “Keep sucking faggot.”

I was also jerking my rock hard cock as I sucked, especially when I was being guided by the back of my head to suck deeper. My mouth was getting very tired from forcing it open so wide to accommodate his thick, black cock. I now wanted to make this massive black meat shoot a big load and began jerking with both hands while sucking his fat pulsing cock head very hard.

I removed my mouth to quickly ask my girlfriend where she wanted me to take his load.

She replied, “I want to see him come on your face babe, that will turn me on so much.”

He began moaning loader and I felt his cock head swell and he then exclaimed, “Here it comes faggot.”

I moved my head back and continued jerking firmly, aiming it at my mouth and chin so I could watch the first shot erupt. He groaned loudly as the first shot spewed forcefully, hitting my lips. Seeing his massive cock erupt made me shiver with delight at successfully completing my submissive cock sucking duties. I closed my eyes and held his cock firmly behind the pulsing head, and directed shot after shot all over my face, feeling his hot sperm coat it completely.

It was exhilarating, and I moaned loudly and exclaimed, “It feels so fucking good.”

My girlfriend giggled and said, “That is so hot to watch.”

As the eruption subsided I took his still throbbing cock in my mouth and gently sucked, tasting the salty last remains of his huge load. I kept it there until the last twitch of his orgasm subsided. I withdrew his cock and wiped my eyes before opening them again and admiring his softening but still huge semi erect black cock.

I then said, “I want to see how his load looks on my face,” and quickly went to the bathroom.

As I viewed my reflection, I giggled loudly. My face was covered with thick white ropes of his huge load from my forehead to chin, which were now slowly dripping down.

“That’s so fucking hot,” I said loudly.

They both laughed and agreed. I cleaned up and we all enjoyed another drink and chatted about the experience. After he left, my girlfriend and I had a long, hot session. We each came multiple times as we relived our favorite moments of this fantasy finally realized.

This was the first of numerous ones we experienced together.

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