Sethy – Part Nine – Sethy

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Sethy – Part Nine – Sethy
AUTHOR’S NOTE – This story is partly fantasy, partly true. For best effect, read parts 1-8 before this part. The main character, Sethy, and the new character Shinny are both based upon real women who are active members of the XHamster community, and much of these characters reflect the real women they represent. The photos included in this story of Sethy and Shinny are of the real women and are here with their permission.

This story is the property of the author and cannot be copied or used in part or in entirety without express written consent of the author.

Sethy – Part Nine – Sethy


After Linda left Sethy embraced me and we started kissing. Sethy’s kisses always make me crazy horny. Ever since I had that first kiss at a football game in eighth grade, I have always loved a hot passionate kiss. Sethy’s kisses truly set me on fire. When our lips open and our tongues touch I start getting warm all over and it’s not long until my thermostat goes from warm to hot. There’s something about a deep kiss that thrills me to my soul. Not every woman has a great kiss. I’ve kissed plenty of women whose kisses were passive, languid and even forgettable. But not Sethy’s. Sethy’s kisses are passionate and hot, like liquid energy is being shot into me from her tongue. I’ve had women before who told me that I kissed like a vacuum cleaner. I like to draw a woman’s tongue up to mine by creating suction in her mouth, literally sucking the air from her lungs. Women who have not been kissed like this before usually love it. I recall when I first kissed Sethy on the beach the night I arrived in Pohnpei (see Part One), it was a magical kiss. It was only a few kisses after that one that Sethy started kissing me back using that same technique. When she did it the first time I thought my cock might burst out of my trousers. I was so turned on then and have been ever since by her kisses.

When we both came up for air, I knew what I wanted, and what I had to have. I slipped the two thin straps of her summer dress off both her shoulders. The floral-patterned dress fit fairly loose on her and it fell instantly to the floor around her feet. I took Sethy by the shoulders and began kissing her lovely neck. Her flesh was so warm and soft. I thought I could almost feel the heat from her carotid artery as my mouth coursed down her neck. Her skin was soft but her collarbones felt hard beneath my lips and tongue. My hands had moved down to her breasts and my thumb and forefinger of each hand were now caressing and tweaking her nipples which had risen high and hard off her magnificent tits. My head continued moving down her body, down to where I could begin to feel the soft flesh of her large round tits on my face and cheeks. Soon I released my left hand from her right nipple and replaced it with my hungry mouth. Hernipple felt like a little bullet between my lips and beneath my tongue. Hard, yet soft. Firm but yielding. Her nipples made me crazy! I just loved to suck them and swirl them with my tongue in my mouth not to mention flicking bahis firmaları them with the tip of my tongue sometimes. She usually responded to that. After sucking, swirling and teasing that nipple for minutes, I did not want her left nipple to feel neglected and moved my lips to her second fleshy bud. Her left nipple was just as hard as the right one and I enjoyed the sensation of it between my lips. I also took it lightly between my teeth, not biting hard enough to cause her pain but holding it firmly enough between my teeth to flick it with the tip of my tongue inside my mouth. Sethy moaned, put her hands around the back of my head and arched her back, presenting her nipple even more fully to my greedy mouth. Sethy is a hot and passionate lover, but I could tell that she seemed even more excited tonight than usual.

My mouth released her hard nipple and I kissed the underside of her breast and moving down felt her ribs beneath her skin, then down to her tummy. She has a very feminine tummy. I remember her friend commenting on how perfect it looked when she saw her in a bikini yesterday at the beach.

While kissing her soft belly and tonguing her belly button, I picked up the scent from her hot pussy. My God, there are very few things I this world that I love more than the scent of Sethy’s pussy! I don’t know what it is, but I must have a separate part of my brain dedicated to the scent of Sethy’s pussy and that aroma must go from my nose directly to that part of my brain. I think I must also have a Sethy’s Pussy Alarm button in my brain because once I smell her hot cunt that alarm goes off, and my brain seems to shift into Sethy Mode. The thinking logical part of my brain gets shut down and the Bull Moose part of my brain goes into hyperdrive and my entire being is focused on Sethy.

I stood up, picked her up, and carried her in my arms to the bed where I put her down with her legs hanging down off the bed. My God her juices were running down the inner part of her thighs almost to her knees! When she was wearing the Dom outfit earlier tonight disciplining Linda, she had nothing on beneath that leather skirt. She had probably started leaking then. It was almost like she had a little pussy juice faucet between her legs.


Rod was driving me crazy! Don’t get me wrong, I love foreplay and I love the anticipation and buildup of foreplay before I feel a hard cock slide up inside of me and start to pump me like a piston. Foreplay is great, but sometimes I just want to get fucked. Sometimes I just want to feel a hard cock inside of me as quickly as I can get it. But Rod is like an artist. He knows which colors to put where, he knows the image he is looking to create, and he knows how to make an empty canvas sing with color and meaning. Even though I know sometimes he is absolutely dying to fuck me, he never goes about it in a wham-bam-thank-you-maam way. He’s like a Maestro, and the orchestra is my body, and he knows how to play glorious music with me. Most of my past lovers did not take the time see which parts of my body casino oyna might be most responsive or experiment with their fingers, lips and teeth. Rod, on the other hand, takes his time, explores and tries different things to see how I respond. I think sometimes he deliberately gets me really horny and takes me right to the brink of cuming only to hold me there, craving that relief. At that time I’m sometimes frustrated because I want to cum so badly, but later, when I finally do cum, it’s so much more powerful and satisfying. In the end it’s worth the wait but sometimes I get crazy before I get the release. Rod is the oldest lover I have ever had but he is definitely among the most satisfying lovers I have ever experienced. When he nibbles on my nipples I feel waves of pleasure coursing through my entire body.

For an older guy he is also quite strong. He picked me up with no effort, carried me to the bed and placed me down such that my hips were at the edge of the bed with my legs hanging off. I felt him part my legs and then his lips pressing against my pussy. He spread my pussy lips with one hand and then began to suck and flick my clit with the tip of his tongue. It felt so good and I was so ready make love. He swirled my clit with his tongue, around and around and around. I felt myself getting wetter every second. “Oh fuck, Rod! God yes! Keep doing that!” I moaned. I started grinding my pussy against his mouth. I wanted his tongue as deep in me as I could get it.

Watching the gangbang the night before and then dominating Linda tonight had made me super horny. When I play Dom or when someone else dominates me always gets me super wet. It wasn’t going to take very much tonight for Rod to make me cum, and oh yes, I really wanted to cum tonight!

Rod continued to eat me. God, his tongue is a thing of beauty! It probes, it flicks, it licks. He would alternate between flicking my clit with the tip of his tongue with big, broad licks with his entire tongue on my pussy lips. I also love to hear those wet slurpy sounds he makes when he sucks on my cunt. This man definitely knows what I like and how to push my buttons!

“Oh fuck Rod! Oh fuck, yes! Oh you’re gonna make me cum. You’re gonna make me cum baby!”

Rod’s mouth was glued to my cunt. His tongue was probing deeper and deeper. Oh my God he was tongue fucking me! I felt the wave build.

“Rod! Rod! Rod! Rod! Oh God I’m cumming!”

Rod never took his mouth away from my pussy. He sucked up all my juice and cum.


Sethy came hard and I wanted all of it – every last drop. After a few minutes, after Sethy had “come down from heaven” as she would sometimes say, she opened her eyes and said, “Oh Rod, that was lovely. I really needed the release. I have to confess that the past 24 hours I’ve been really turned on by the gangbang and everything that happened to Linda. I will tell you a secret dear. Please don’t tell anyone else. While I was watching Linda get fucked by those men last night and being tied up and disciplined tonight, I imagined that I was there in her place. slot oyna I wanted to fuck all those guys and then be handcuffed and beaten. It got me so hot and wet, my dear. I came once last night in the bathroom while Linda was getting fucked.”

Sethy continued,”I like bondage and BDSM as long as it’s not too severe and if it’s not physically painful. Before I met you a previous boyfriend enjoyed taking photos and videos of me while I was fucking another guy, so I enjoy swinging and cuckolding. My God Rod, it works the other way too. If I saw you fucking another woman my pussy would absolutely flood.”

“Really?” I asked. This revelation surprised me a little. Although Sethy posed semi-naked and naked for photographers (and was well-paid for it), she did not do porn shots (even though some of her friends did). She was conservative in many ways and evidently liberal in others.

“Yes”, Sethy replied. “I’ve known this since high school. I told you that I was on our high school’s girls’ tennis team. My boyfriend was the #1 player on the boys’ team. One of my BFF’s in high school was a girl named Shinny.

“Shinny was on the tennis team also. One day after school I had a dentist appointment and could not go to practice. I had told the coach and everyone on the team, so nobody expected me that day. But the dentist was able to see me early and I finished early, so I went to the courts to practice my serve even though the team practice was over. When I got to the courts I heard noises in the girls’ dressing room. I walked in silently and peeked around the corner and I saw Shinny lying on a bench being fucked by my boyfriend. Rather than being upset, I felt my pussy get wet instantly. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to be angry at her and my boyfriend but as I stood there and listened to them and caught glimpses of them fucking I just got hotter and hotter. Eventually I stuck my hand down into my panties and made myself cum while I was standing there listening to them and watching them.”

Sethy continued, “I broke up with the boy not long after that happened, but I never told Shinny that I had seen her fucking my boyfriend. I felt so humiliated and then I realized that feeling humiliated really turned me on. That’s why if I saw you fucking another woman I might not like it logically but it would absolutely thrill me and make my pussy flood.”

All of this surprised me. Sethy is a good girl in so many ways. She doesn’t do d**gs, doesn’t sleep around with a lot of guys, doesn’t steal or cheat anyone. On occasion she will have a glass of Chablis or spumante or a beer, but she rarely drinks liquor and usually does not get drunk.

“So, if I heard you right, you just said that you would like to watch me fucking another woman and that it would get you off. Right? Are you sure about this dear?” I asked.

“Rod, my dear boy, I’m as sure of this as I am sure of death and taxes” she responded.

This got me thinking. I laid down on the bed next to her with my head next to hers. I looked into her eyes and said, “Sethy dear, I love you deeply. Do you believe that?”

“Yes, Rod, I believe it. I can feel your love. Why do you ask?”

“Because I have an idea and I want to be sure that you know that I love you very much and I am always thinking of your happiness.”

To be continued…

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