She didnt know that I knew, Part 15

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She didnt know that I knew, Part 15
About 25 minutes later, she pulled up into the driveway and into the garage. I met her at the door leading into the house and she smiled grabbed my hand and practically pulled me up to our bedroom.

“I have so much to tell you,” she said as she began to take off her clothes. “Quickly, undress and get on the bed.”

I stripped and got into bed first. She was now only wearing her panties as she said:

“Daddy got me some jewelry” she blurted out excitedly.

“Daddy?” I asked, “Is that what the D is for?”

“No” she replied, “Everyone calls Him “D”, but He wants me to now call Him Daddy. Do you want to see the jewelry that He got me?”

“I do” I said, getting caught up in her excitement.

She turned around, slowly peeled down her soaking wet panties and bent at the waist. There, lodged between her butt-cheeks was a sparkling blue jewel about the size of a golf ball. A closer look showed it to be a very nice butt plug firmly imbedded in my wife’s lovely asshole. I also couldn’t help but noticed thick semen beginning to leak out of her folds.

“It’s a butt plug” she announced. “Daddy got it for me and wants me to wear it often.”

“He does, does he?” I said.

“Yes” she replied, now turning to face me, “He’s wants to open me up back there.. He eventually want’s to fuck your wife up my asshole…. Would you like me to become your Ass-whore too?” she added with a bit of a blush, “Plus, isn’t it pretty?”

“Come here” I said, holding out my hands to her.

“Eat me” she said, looking into my eyes, “Eat my pussy and I’ll tell you everything.”

She took a position on the bed and opened her thighs, providing total access to her well-used pussy. I got close and saw evidence of a hard fuck. I lowered my face and as I took a long slow lap at her dripping outer lips, my wife began sharing the dirty details.

This next section is as she tells the story, from her perspective and without my interruption.

Her words:
I had my gym bag and He met me out front of my office at exactly noon. We drove off rapidly to eliminate the chances of someone seeing us. Once we were a few blocks away:

“I’ve missed you” He said, placing His strong hand on my leg.

“and I you” I returned, along with my smile. I picked up His hand and raised it to my lips. I then kissed His fingers and then drew His middle finger into between my lips, sucking His finger as we drove.

“This won’t get you out of a strenuous workout” He said with a smile.

‘Oh” I replied, “I’m counting on that… but hoping that I won’t need my gym bag.”

“Two things that I take VERY seriously” He said, “Exercise and fucking. I’ve already seen how you fuck… now I want to see how you exercise.”

I sat back into the seat, feeling a little disappointed.

“Where is your gym?” I asked, trying to make conversation.

“In my building” he replied with a little smirk.

I must have lit-up and he laughed.

“But, just like last time,” he said, “first things first.”

“May I pick the order?” I requested.

“You may not” He said, and in a rather stern voice. “Women who can fuck are a dime a dozen. If you want to be in My life, you have to take exercise as seriously as I do.”

“In your life?” I asked, felling a bit puzzled.

“I told you that I want a woman” he said, “who can accommodate Me… ALL of Me. Exercise is a part of who I am.”

With those words, we pulled into His building garage and got out of the car. As we got into the elevator, He took me into his arms and kissed me passionately, pushing His meaty tongue into my very-willing open mouth. I naturally melted. He then broke the kiss.

“Plus” He said, with that smile, “I’m anxious to see how flexible you are.”

“Hey” I replied, “I’ve been doing Yoga for years. I’m VERY flexible.”

I’m looking forward to seeing that” He said.

With that, we arrived at His floor and went into His place. I turned and said:

“Where should I change?” I asked.

“In the bedroom” He replied.

I walked into the bedroom, carrying my bag, and he was right behind me.

“No Privacy?” I asked.

“What haven’t I seen?” He replied.

I defiantly looked him in the eyes, adding a little smirk and stripped out of my work outfit and stood naked… in hopes of distracting Him… He did the same.

“No Fair” I protested, “You can’t let me see that cock of yours and expect me to concentrate on working out.”

He walked over to me, placed one of His strong hands in the middle of my back as he leaned down to kiss me. As our lips locked and my eyes closed, He easily worked the middle finger of His other hand up into my pussy. I was soaked, so He had virtually no resistance. I moaned into His mouth. He then swirled His fat finger and I began panting. Just as quickly as He inserted His finger into me, he took it out, raised that same hand, examined my wetness covering His finger and then pushed His that wet finger into my mouth. I sucked it as seductively as I could.

“Think about more of that” He said, “And use that as your motivation for a good, solid workout.”

“You really are serious” I said, with a little bit of disappointment on my face, “about working out right now”

“You Bet” He said, as he slapped me on my naked ass, “Now get dressed.”

We both put on our workout clothes, He in his muscle shirt, sexy jock strap and His workout shorts and me in my sports bra and yoga pants. We both put on our socks and running shoes and He led the ay to the workout güvenilir bahis şirketleri facility in the 4th floor of His building.

It was a very well inventoried facility with multiple treadmills, ellipticals, bicycles and assorted free weights as well as various Universal Equipment, all designed to tone every part of the body.

“Let’s start with a run” He said, “Shall we?”

We both picked a treadmill, side by side. He put His ear piece and I put mine in as well. We began running. Now, I’m a consistent runner and think that I’m pretty good. But D was a machine! He was sprinting at amazing speed, then slowing, and then sprinting again. Yes, His stride was more than mine, but he was definitely dialed in. And as His large feet pounded the mat of the treadmill beside me, I imagined that He was pounding me! Yep, my yoga pants were a sloppy mess.
We ran for 30minutes and His body was covered in perspiration. He looked so HOT and I wish that I could have made Him glisten like that. He then suggested that I do my yoga as he did weights. I went to my area and he to His. I began my stretches and He started lifting, but then asked me to do my yoga in front of Him, as he lifted.

“Yoga is not a spectator sport” I playfully announced.

“And yet I’ve instructed you” He said, His firm tone sending electric impulses to my center, “to do your yoga in front of me.”

Naturally, I moved over in front of where he was lifting weights. I did my yoga and glanced at His body as subtly as I could. What a sculptured work of art! His muscles bulged, and His skin tightened. I was so worked up and for 20 grueling minutes, I tried not to gawk at Him and yet, it seemed, He didn’t even look at me.

Finally, He approached me, dripping in sweat. He touched me and helped me hold a pose and I almost came right there.

“You oaky?” He asked using a genuine tone.

“I am” I said “Just, well, I’m just about done” I said, trying not to seem too obvious.

‘Well,” He announced, “why don’t we cool down and I’ll make us some lunch.”

I did my cool-down and he did His. Soon we were in the elevator and headed up to His place. Once inside his place, He asked:
“Would you like to shower?” He asked.

“Oh My, YES” I said, “I’ll have too before I go back to work so I might as well now, right?”

He took my hand and looked me in my eyes:

“Undress for me” he said

“But D” I said, “I’m a sweaty mess right now.”

“I want to taste you now” He said, “Is there any reason at all that would make you not comply?”

I felt so vulnerable yet so desired as I undressed in front of this Man in the middle of His living room.

“All fours” He said, as He pointed to the floor. I did as I was told.

“Chest on the floor” He continued. “That ass in the air as high as you can.” I did as I was told.

He knelt behind me and for the next 15 minutes, rimmed me and licked my pussy like a man possessed. I climaxed twice and wanted more. He then positioned His cock head at the entrance to my anus and leaned in slightly.

“D?” I pleaded, “I so want you to fuck my ass…” I said sincerely, “But I need you to be patient. PLEASE! I am way to tight to take you up my ass.”

He leaned down and rimmed my ass again, and then positioned His cock at the entrance to my swollen and very excited pussy.

“Lean back” he said, “and wrap that white pussy around Daddy’s cock.”

‘DADDY?’ I thought to myself. ‘Did he just refer to Himself as DADDY?’

I leaned back and took as much of Him as I could. I leaned slightly forward and then went back again. I repeated this move three or four times, getting Him deeper into me with each attempt.

“How does Daddy feel?” He asked.

I froze as He said that…

“Do you want me” I cautiously asked, “to call you DADDY?”

“I insist” He replied, very clearly and leaving no doubt, “It’s one of the many ways that you can accommodate Me and My desires.”

“Okay” I said “… Daddy.”

Calling Him ‘Daddy’ seemed to kick His lust into high gear. He put his big, strong hands on my hips and where HE had been allowing me to set the pace and depth, He was now gently thrusting into me. I held on and He took over. I felt His girth and His length invade my womb. Soon, I was chanting obscenities and sprinkling the occasional “DADDY” in there for His enjoyment. That seemed to spur Him on even more and I was being fucked like never before. And too my surprise and complete joy, I finally felt His swaying balls slamming against my clit! He must have finally gotten all the way inside of me! I felt like such a whore, being taken like that and I erupted in a total release and came all over His cock. He kept sliding in and out, not hurting me yet making it a point to think about His needs.

“Please daddy” I yelled, “Cum inside your little white pussy.”

“Don’t’ say that” He said, seriously, “Never say that unless you really mean it.”

I took what He just said very seriously and pondered the assumed implications. I was not sure how to respond. I let Him fuck me some more and then I felt Him work His thick thumb into my ass as He continued to fuck my pussy. I then blurted out:

“PLEASE DADDY” I pleaded, “PLEASE fill up your little white pussy!”

He growled out like an a****l in primal fashion and sprayed His hot cum DEEP into my womb. Feeling Him spasm and throb pushed me over the edge again and I screamed out and came as well. His weight pushed me flat on the floor and we casino şirketleri lay there panting in a sweaty mess. I could feel His cum in me and it felt wonderful. I only wished that my husband was there to enjoy this too. After we caught our breath, he pulled out of me, I turned, and we kissed. We both went to shower, together and while soaping each other up and washing off, at one point, he lifted me up and fucked me as He stood, holding me over His cock. After the shower, we dried, and he said that He’d make us some lunch. He left, and I tried my best to do something with my hair, then dressed in my original work outfit and then joined Him in the kitchen.

“Why don’t you take a seat” he said, “in your usual spot”

‘My Usual spot’ I thought to myself… ‘I Like the sounds of that.’

“I’m making us a couple of salads” He said, looking so hot in his white satin robe, the material in total contrast to His incredible dark skin. “Hope you’re okay with that.”

“That would be great” I said, “

“Would you like some wine?” He asked, holding up a bottle of white.

‘Oh” shaking my head and waving my hand, “I need to get back to the office and I really shouldn’t.”

He motioned toward the clock on the wall, as he held up the wine. It was 3:30!

“WHAT?” I screamed. I then laughed and said, “Well, what’s the point now.”

He poured me a glass, made lunch and we talked. He asked me all kinds of questions… about myself, about my marriage and about my husband.

“Have you had other affairs” He asked, “since you’ve been married?”

“Only two” I said.

“How did they work out?” he asked.

“Well, the first one…” I said, “My husband found out.”

“Eww” He said, “Messy?”

“The sex was” I laughed, “But it didn’t blow up like you might think.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because he caught us” I confessed, “And I didn’t know that he knew. Then it came to be that it really tuned him on that I was fucking another guy, so the sex between my husband and I got really hot and, well…, that was the messy comment I made earlier.” We both laughed. “He loved me to come home right after and he wanted to play. I eventually figured that out and then it was out in the open. But the sex continued to be really hot between us.”
I chose not to tell Him that my lover and my hubby had me together. A lady needs some secrets.

“So, your husband not only knew” He asked, “But he condoned it?”

“He did” I replied, “It excited him a great deal.”

“Is he a cuck” He asked,

“I’m not sure what that means,” I admitted

“A cuck is a man married to an unfaithful wife” He explained, “and may be included but ONLY at the wife’s request. The wife often uses her affair to humiliate the cuck, literally rubbing his face in it.

“Hmm” I said with a smile, “I don’t think THAT is my husband. He’s the one who actually encouraged me to have sex and then wanted to know the details as he’s fucking me later.”

“Go on” He said.

“He gets really excited about me being his whore, of sorts,” I said, “He want’s to be involved and or included yet I don’t use it to humiliate him… it excites him.”

“That IS unique” He said.

“Why did the first fling end? “He asked, “assuming that it DID.”

“Yes, it ended” I said, “It just didn’t feel long-term. He was also married and had k**s. I didn’t want that drama.”

“I see” he said, “And the second affair? How did that work out?”

“I’ll have to let you know” I said with a big grin, “I’m only on the third date, but so far, the fun, the food and the fucking is amazing.”

“What?” He sounded very surprised and very happy, “This, right here, is your second fling?”

I simply smiled.

“Does your husband know?” He asked directly, “About Me?”

“He does” I responded with a smile.

“Does he know” he continued, “that you’re here with Me now?”

“He does” I said as I nodded, and probably hard as hell right now!”

“He IS unique” He replied, smiling as well.

“Hey, speaking of unique” I said, wanting to talk about Him and get the topic away from my husband, “You told me last time that YOU wanted a unique kind of relationship.”

He smiled and then stood.

“Remember” He said, “That I told you that you can ask Me ANYTHING… as long as you’re prepared for the truth.”

I nodded and swallowed hard. He opened His robe and exposed His muscular body to me, yet I could only stare at His cock.

“Take My cock in your hands.” He said, “Now hold it as you look into My eyes.”

I did as He said and gently massaged His cock, using both of my hands.

“If you and I are to continue” he said softly and clearly, “Then you will refer and think of Me as your Daddy.”

“Yes Daddy” I said, after swallowing hard.

“And as your Daddy” He continued, “you will do as I say, without question, without hesitation and to the best of your ability.”

My body was now responding before I could say anything because I felt moisture flood my folds, running down between my ass-checks and on the bar stool below… I took a deep breath and replied.

“Yes Daddy” I said softly.

Repeat My requirements to Me” He said, looking straight into my eyes.

“I will do as YOU say” I repeated, as though I were making a pledge, “without question, without hesitation and to the best of my ability.”

“You accept two things” He continued… “One, that your body now belongs to Daddy.”
“and two? I asked before committing to His previous condition.

“That your husband” He explained, “know about Me and the details of our casino oyna relationship.”

I almost fainted and took a deep breath, barely able to talk. This second part was PERFECT for what my husband and I wanted… but accepting that my body belonged to ‘Daddy”, well, that might get complicated. I thought some more, as I gently stoked Daddy’s huge cock….

“YES Daddy” I said as I smiled from ear to ear. “May I ask one question, please?”

“Of course,” He replied.

“Why is it” I asked, “That you insist that my husband know the details of our relationship?”

“Two reasons, really,” He answered, “One, is that I require total transparency when with a married woman. I do not want to be sneaking around as it cheapens the relationship and offers potential for excessive drama.”

“And the second reason?” I asked.

“In time, dear” He said, “… in time.”

“Yes Daddy” I enthusiastically replied, but anxious to understand the second reason.

“And naturally” He added, “I will eventually need to meet him… your husband.”

“You WILL?” I asked, sounding a bit surprised.

“Yes” He responded, “I will want to personally gauge his acceptance of OUR relationship. Plus, you said that you being fucked by another really excites him, so why NOT?””

“Daddy?” I softy asked

“Yes, My pet?” he replied.

Please fuck me” I asked sweetly, “Please send me home with your precious seed in my tight little white girl’s pussy.”

He smiled and once again scooped me off the bar stool and carried me in His powerful arms and lay me on His bed.

“Undress” he said as went to the drawer. Once I was naked, he called me over.

“Kneel, My pet” He said, “as I taught you.”

I knelt, opened my knees and placed my hands on the tops of my thighs, palms up and looked up at my incredible Daddy.
“I have a gift for you” He explained, “and it serves two purposes.”

He handed me a gift-wrapped box and smiled down at me.

“May I open it now?” I asked, “Daddy?”

“I insist” He replied.

I opened the box and inside was a beautiful chrome butt plug. On the other end, it was decorated with a sparkly deep blue stone that resembled a Tanzanite!

“It’s beautiful” I said, ‘” LOVE it.”

“It represents two things.” He said, “One, it is a device that you will wear often to help open up your asshole so that you will be better able to accommodate your Daddy’s needs.”

“and Two,” He continued, “you are to wear it after leaving Me and going home, to your husband.”

“Yes Daddy” I obediently relied, “May I ask why?”

“Certainly, My pet.” He said, “It is to show your husband that where I am willing to share your other two holes with him, this hole is Daddy’s special hole. It is My property and Mine alone. Do I make myself clear?”

“Of course, Daddy” I replied.

“Open your knees wider” He ordered.

I was still kneeling and did as He asked. He used His foot to rub my open pussy, coating the top of His foot with my juices.

“Nice and wet, I see” He said, seeming pleased. “Put your new toy into that pretty white-girl cunt of yours.”

I had assumed that it was designed to go into my ass, but I didn’t want to question Him. Also, where He had always been very polite and well-spoken, this primal “white-girl” reference had me very excited. I rubbed the cold steel against my opened and easily slid it inside of myself.

“Now” He said, “Hand it to Me.”

Again, I did as He said, removing the wet plug and handing it to Him.

“Now,” He said slowly, “Bend over and lick My foot clean of your cunt-drool.”

His directness and use of ‘that word’ startled me, yet I bent over and began taking long, slow swipes of the top of His foot, tasting myself and He leaned over and using my own juice as lube, worked the butt plug into my ass. I groaned out and continued licking His foot. He then moved around, knelt behind me and worked His massive cock into my anxious pussy. Where the butt plug had filled up my rectum, there was no substitute for Daddy’s thick and meaty cock in my pussy. I felt so full as Daddy pushed inside of me. In that position, He was able to get into me more easily and after several pumps into my pussy, I soon felt the very welcome slap of Daddy’s massive balls against my engorged clit. My first orgasm, as Daddy’s property, was amazing. Daddy allowed me to climax and then He grabbed my hair and pulled me back onto Him HARD! I screamed out to Him and He once again startled me with his words:

“Take it all, bitch.” He growled. “Soon, Daddy will take your asshole this same way!”

I came again, screaming loud enough to possibly alert the neighbors.

“You own me, Daddy” I yelled, “You own this white girl…. And all of her holes!”

That’s when I felt Him throb and shoot deep into my womb, once again, triggering my final orgasm of the night with him. Again, He collapsed on top of me, pushing me to the floor.
As our breathing went from panting to simply heavy breathing, He announced:

“It’s late” He said, “and I have a flight in the morning.”

“You do? I whimpered.

“Yes” he said, “and I want you to go home with your plug firmly in place. Tell your husband what you need too and then wait for My next text.”

He pulled out of me and I turned to lick Him clean when he stopped me.

“Put your panties on and get home” He said, “I want it still inside of you when you get there.”

I reluctantly dressed, and He again asked:

“Repeat My requirements to Me” He said, looking straight into my eyes.

“I will do as YOU say” I replied, flashing my own smile, “without question, without hesitation and to the best of my ability.”

“Good girl” He said, “Now off you go.”

I got to my car, texted my husband that I was on the way and hurriedly drove home.

To be continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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