Sister in Law 7 entraps friend Part 3

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Sister in Law 7 entraps friend Part 3
Best you read the earlier parts before the following.

About three days later Jennie got a WhatsApp from Jane: “Tonights the night. Are you clear what you should do?”

“I am but tonight I have to be at the choir practice. I couldn’t do as you want me to do because I am the soloist and there will be no practice without me. Could I please do it on a different night?”

“No it has to be tonight but as a concession I will allow you to arrive later. In turn you will have to provide a concession – no two concessions: Tonight you can go straight from choir practice. For choir practice you may wear your bra and a top that isn’t see through. However, immediately choir practice is finished you will go into the loo and take off your bra and the top. You may take a long coat into the loo with you. Oh and your may wear a skirt that comes below the knee for the practice but in the loo you will take it off too. You will recall that you will not be wearing any knickers, thong or anything that covers your smooooooth pussy. The coat you wear must not button up but be a wrapover. Is that ok?

Secndly, you are going to stay out all night. You should ring Natalie and tell her that you are staying over with me because we need extra practice to night.”

“Yes but I don’t have a wrap over coat.”

“Well you had better go shopping for one today. Don’t you think so?”

“I guess so.”

“Oh and the guys will want a keep sake each from tonight. What do you think would be appropriate?”

“Would they like an autographed pair of my best knickers?”

“I think they would and your mobile number would add a nice touch as would a kiss that leaves a lipstick outline of your lips. The crotch should have been wet from you love juices. When you are playing with your clit i want to watch, so WhatsApp me the video. If that is not ok don’t bother.”

Jennie did as requested.

After choir Jennie went into the loo and took off her top, bra and skirt before putting on the wrap over coat. She felt very self concious wearing only the coat. Strangely her nipples went hard when the lining of the coat touched them. In addition, she felt her pussy get wet too. Jennie dearly wanted to give herself an orgasm but she knew she had just enough time to get to the meeting place and she knew the guys might not wait for her.

When she left the church the wind was up and she had great difficulty keeping the coat covering her lower body. In fact at one point a gust whipped the coat so that her legs were uncovered to pussy height and she had to use her hand to cover her pussy.

One of the tenors said “Jennie I never knew you had such great legs, you should wear a micro mini skirt and show them off more often.”

Jennie managed to get into the car but the tenor got a grandstand view of her pussy. Jen got the car started and in her fluster she drove too fast in order to get away. She hadn’t gone 200 yards when she was pulled in by a police car.

The officer signaled for her to wind the window down and asked güvenilir bahis şirketleri her to produce her driving licence. Still flustered she reached for her bag and in the process her coat fell open so her tits were on show. The officer couldn’t make up his mind to ogle her left tit with hard nipple showing or her legs with pussy visible.

As he took the driving licence she dropped it onto her pussy. “Oh I am so sorry madam but are you trying to distract me from doing my duty? If you are I will have to charge you with lude behaviour.”

“Officer, I apologise I am flustered because I am late for an appointment. Could you let me off with a caution, please? I promise I will drive within the law in future. If I offered to buy you a coffee would that be seen as a bribe or a friendly gesture?”

“Oh any friendly gesture is welcome as long as it is without strings attached.”

“Ok here is my card, when you are off duty and fancy a coffee give me a call.”

“Madam please drive within the speed limit. Take this as a warning.”

Jennie drove to lovers lane and found the red car with the four 18 year olds waiting for her. She got out of her car and walked to theirs. Being neat the top of a hill and very exposed the wind was gusting even stronger, so the coat was pulled back round her body leaving her legs, pussy and tits on show. Since they were going to see them later and more than see them she made no effort to cover up.

All four of the guys got video of the show – her walking to the car with everything on show and making no effort to cover up.

Before Jennie got into the back of the car the guys told her to loose the coat. So it was put on the back parcel shelf.

The guys in the back wasted no time to start sucking a nipple each. They sucked really hard and nibbled on it with their teeth. At the same time they were sliding their hands from the knee up the inside leg of each thigh until they reached the promised land. Each one stroking the pussy lips fro a while before playing with the clit. Then one played witht he clit while the other slipped first one finger into the heavenly hole.

It was warm and oooooooo so wet. “Mate you don’t know what you are missing, leave the clit and join my finger in this lovely warm and wet hole.” So he did. two fingers were finger fucking Jennie.

“oh I’ve never had it like that before. I like it I’m going to cum.”

With that she began to shudder and a stream of her love juices shout out soaking the guys hands.

“Jennie we helped you to cum. Are you going to help us?”

“Oh yes I will if thats what you want.”

“Of course we want to cum. First we want a BJ, then we want to fuck you with you on top.”

Jennie unbuckled one guys belt, undid his fly and slid his trousers and boxers down when he lifted his ass off the seat. Mean while the other guy did it for himself.

Jennie saw tat both cocks were standing to attention. One was 7″ with a girth of about 3″ That belonged to the guy who Jennie had undressed, so she licked it from the head tipobet to the balls. He couldnt wait any longer so he moved her head to position that she could open her mouth and take him in. The cock was no sooner in her mouth than he came, spewing ribbons of cum into her mouth.

“Do you like that? Tell me.” “Oh that is such hot stuff, I love it.” Have you ever had anyone cum in your mouth before? How does it taste? Will you swallow it?” “No never had a penis in my mouth, so no one has cum in my mouth. It tastes salty. No I will not swallow it.”

“Jen you are a slut now, our slut so you have to use the correct words: cock instead of penis, cunt instead of vagina etc. If you dont know the street slang look it up before you meet up with us again. Oh and sluts always swallow the precious cum, no spitting it out. Ok?”


“Lets hear you using street slang. First tell us what you are. Then use the approved words.”

“Cock” “Jen Again with more gusto.” “COCK COCK CUNT CUNT’ “Good girl” “What are you?” ” Again with vigour.” “IM YOUR SLUT YOUR SLUT TO DO WITH AS YOU WISH.”

By this time the other guy was ready for his turn. So he grabbed her head and she went straight to sucking his 61/2″ long 21/2″ girth cock. He didn’t cum right away so he told her to bob her head so she was fucking his cock. Then he told he to peal back his foreskin and lightly rub her teeth on his cock head. “Oh that’s amazing my lovely slut.” After about 5 minutes he came filling her mouth with cum. “What do you have to say to me for that salted desert you are having?” “OH THANK YOU I LOVE YOUR CUM. I HOPE YOU WILL USE MY MOUTH AGAIN SOON.” “You bet i will. We all will.”

“Jen how long is it since you were fucked? Have you ever fucked a guy cowboy style? Do you like doggie style?”


“Oh then you are in for a good lesson tonight but first the guys in front want their turn.”

That was a repeat of the first BJ etc so we will pass over it so as not to bore the reader. Sufficent to say Jennie’s nipples were much bigger than usual and much reder too. I expect they were very tender by the end of the attention that they got.

While in the front the guys from the back videoed events complete with sound.

Now it was time for the fucking of her cunt to begin. For this the back seats were folded flat. One guy lay on his back Jen positioned herself over him so that her pussy lips were almost touching the first cock.

“Jen you have to hold your pussy lips open and when I say go you are to thrust your cunt onto my cock. OK”


“Remember the deal you made with Jane and remember we are not paying you for what you are doing to us, it is voluntary any tip we give you, so you should aim to please. Also if you were charging us that would make you a prostitute.You dont want that do you? Tell us what you want to be.”


The cock in question was black 91/2″ long 4″ girth, so Jennie was going to be well stretched. The other cocks would slip in easily, it might not be as good a thrill as a tight cunt gives but maybe something could be found to make it better.

Anyway Jen did as she was told, took position and on the word thrust her cunt onto the cock so it fully penetrated her. Jen gasped as it slid into her cunt and bottomed out hitting the neck of her utterous. Mean time the other guys were squeezing her nipples. They also lifted her up so she could thrust again. Before
The guy being ridden came Jen came spraying her juice all over his cock and belly. The was accompanied by her squeels and gasps. “OMG I HAVE NEVER CUM LIKE THAT EVER BEFORE. THANK YOU.”

“Jen that was cowgirl. Now fro reverse cowgirl.” The next guy took position on his back. His cock was only 8″ but the girth was 5″. “Jen I want you to ease me in slowly but I want you to wiggle side to side and front to back as you fuck me. You should lift up so only the tip of my cock remains in your cunt before you thrust it in deep again. I will be squeesing and pulling your nipples. The other guys will be stroking you and exploring your body. Have u ever had your ass finger fucked while you fuck someone?”


Jen fucked for 10 minutes before the guy came but he produced lots of cum. Jens nipples were getting more enlarged and sensitive with all the attention. Her ass got penetrated first by one finger as she fucked her cunt, then by two with each finger after the first Jen winced by said not a word. Finally, no three came and Jen was allowed to suck him clean.

“Jen, now we are going to show you what a spit roast is. Kneel with your knees as far a part as you can manage, for your own comfort.”

One of the guys who hadn’t been fucked knelt behind her and the other at her head with his cock touching her lips. Jen automatically opened her mouth and he pushed his cock in. The guy at her ass took hold of her hips and pulled her back while simultaneously thrusting his cock into her cunt.

Mean while the other two guys lay below her so they each were able to suck her nipples and stroke her inner thighs and pussy before playing with her clit.

By syncing their movements the mouth fucker was fully engaged when the ass fucker was almost out and vice versa. This process continued until they both came. Jen came a number of times too.

By this time it was about three thirty am and the guys had had enough. “Jen do you want us to fuck you until dawn or is that enough for now?”


Jen reached into her hand bag and withdrew found pairs of french knickers blue, red, yellow and green. Each guy received one. “Wow Jennie you have sent us a kiss, your mob and each one smells of your cunt. Thank you.”

The guys talked among themselves and agreed to give Jennie a £200 tip.

This is fantasy of course do let me know what you think and give me any suggestions.

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