Sister Joann Part 1

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Sister Joann Part 1
My Sister Joann – Part 1

After 7 years of marriage I was 2 years ready for this divorce. The first 5 years were great, especially our sex life. The last 2 though were a different story. At the same time, my company was downsizing. I arranged a very nice severance package form my stress filled job that kept me on the road all the time. She got to keep the house, I got the cash. I was headed back home to start all over. After all those years I began to miss being there. I was going to move in with my sister Joann, a year older than me at 37, until I could get a job and get back on my feet. I hadn’t seen her on over 5 years because my job kept me so busy. She had gone through a divorce a couple of years ago as well and was looking forward to my company. Neither one of us ever had c***dren, so being reunited with family was a positive step. I packed my belongings to put in storage and drove half way across the country with my clothes, my guitar, and my computer.
I got to Joann’s place about 9pm. She had been sleeping on the couch and even though she was wearing a big terry cloth robe, the first thing I noticed was her boobs were bigger. Joann always had the biggest tits, I remember my friends in high school were always after her. She inherited them from our Mom. Growing up, I couldn’t help myself but to try and sneak a peek while they were in the bathroom or looking through a bedroom window. I’ve always been attracted to women with big tits, even my soon to be ex-wife was blessed with a really nice pair. I put the thought away, at least for now, as my sister gave me a big hug and invited me in.
Over Joann’s fantastic homemade pizza and a bottle of wine we started to get caught up. Joann kept saying she was glad that she had someone with her because it got lonely out here. She lived in a really nice house, isolated from the rest of civilization. She didn’t have to work, donating her time to charities. After the pizza and bottle of wine were gone, Joann gave me a tour of her place. She showed me where I would be sleeping, down the hall from her bedroom. It was a master suite, with it’s own bathroom and a large sitting area. It was very comfortable and all the space I needed. She took me out back where there is a pool with a built in hot tub. Beyond that I could see nothing but stars. I mentioned that after the long drive, I would really enjoy using her hot tub. Joann readily approved, and then added that she is always naked when she uses it, “It just helps me to relax better. And oh my do those jets put out!” The wine was taking it’s effect on me too. “Well, if you don’t mind, that sounds good to me too.” Joann replied, “Go ahead and get in, I’ll fix us a drink. A scotch for you, right?” She remembered.
I doffed my clothes and slid into the Jacuzzi. I kind of wondered what the fuck I was doing, my cock was half hard, but it was Joann’s suggestion. As I sat there, I leaned my head back and enjoyed the relaxing feeling it gave my body after the long drive. It seemed to be taking Joann a long time because a drink right now would really hit the spot. She arrived, still in her robe, handed me a drink and set down a couple of towels. You never would think that we are related. Joann is a short brunette, like Mom. I am a tall blond, like our dad. She leaned over to set her drink on the opposite side of the spa and without hesitation the robe fell off of her shoulders and hit the deck. She was not bashful about being fully exposed and was looking at the expression on my face. I was in awe. She looked like a goddess, tan skin, shaved pussy, all the right curves in all the right places. And those massive tits with the white patches of skin from her bikini were so sexy. She slowly slipped in the water and said, “Do you like what you see?” I said back to her, “I’m wishing you weren’t my sister about right now. You could make a lot of money being a porn star!” She laughed and said she gets complimented all the time, but went on saying, “It is so hard to find a good man. I’ve been single for two years now and I haven’t met anyone interesting.” She reached in her robe pocket and pulled out a joint. “Here, let’s smoke this. I haven’t gotten stoned for a while.” Joann lit it up, took a long draw off of it, then reached over and handed it to me. Those big boobs were hanging down like ripened melons. I went to reach for the joint as she held it above the water, and almost u*********sly, my hand went past hers and I grabbed onto a tit. “Really nice rack Joann, you’re awesome.” Joann smiled and I know she was enjoying the attention. She pushed the joint to my lips and said, “Here, take a hit. And keep rubbing my tits.” We took a couple of more hits, back and forth, and as the pot took effect I had a massive hard on. Then Joann raised straight up and grabbed her drink. “Here, let’s have a toast. To my brother coming back home!” We clinked glasses and I took a really big gulp of what was straight scotch on the rocks. Then Joann said, “Ok Jay, stand up and let me see what you’ve got.” I took another swallow and when I was above water, my 9” cock was standing straight up and as hard as it’s ever been. I could feel the skin stretched really tight. “Oh my,” Joann exclaimed, “God, that has grown since you were a k**. Jay, you have a very nice cock.” We both paused for a couple of minutes, then Joann said, “Down the rest of your drink right now!” We toasted again and emptied the glasses. Joann let her cup fall into the water and said, “God, I just want to suck it.” I said, “Go ahead. I am incredibly turned on by you.” Joann went to her knees, placed her hands on my hips with my cock inches from her face. She just stared at it, then took the head in her mouth. Damn it felt so good, my nerves were tingling. How could something so wrong feel so right? She took more in, then even more. She started bobbing her head up and down on me, and fuck did she know what she was doing. I pulled her hair back to watch, and her eyes stared up at me. She grabbed my shaft and took my dick out of her mouth for a minute to say, “You like that, don’t you.” All I could do was nod my head and Joann sucked me back in her mouth. She was giving me head like there was no tomorrow. After about 3 minutes I had to pull her off, saying, “Shit, I don’t want to cum yet. And Jesus do I want to eat your pussy right now.” Joann stood up and kissed, our tongues racing wildly in each other’s mouth. We pressed our naked bodies together and I reached between her legs. I stroked her slit and she was so wet. Joann thrust her hips and my finger slid in all the way without any resistance. Joann moaned in my ear, “Oh gawd, oh gawd. That feels so fucking good.” She was stroking my cock as I finger fucked her. It was such an intense sexual moment there was no way I was going to stop as long as Joann kept going for it. “Jay, I need it. I need it bad. Let’s get out of this water.” I flicked her clit a few times and Joann’s knees began to buckle. She grabbed me by the hand and led me out of the Jacuzzi. She bent over to grab the towels and her ass looked so inviting, I don’t know how I just didn’t stick my cock in her at that moment. “Let’s go out on the lawn. I want to make love to you in the back yard underneath the stars.” We rubbed each other’s asses walking about 20 yards from the pool. I could not wait to fuck her, and I was determined to do the best love making of my life on her.
Joann spread out the towels on the grass and lay down, spreading her legs with a hand rubbing her cunt and another massaging her big tits. I started stroking myself looking down at her. I fell to my knees and bahis şirketleri for a few moments we just watched each other playing with ourselves. Joann said, “Jay, it’s really turning me on to see you play with your cock.” Hearing her say that made me even hornier. I lowered myself, holding my body above her, my cock just inches from her creamy pussy. I touched her cunt lips with the big purple, mushroom shaped head. Joann gasped and scooted forward, I had an inch or two now inside. Christ she felt like heaven, I could feel her muscles trying to pull me in farther. Slowly I worked the rest of my erection inside, making sure both of us could feel it more and more, a little at a time. Finally I backed up all the way and rammed it home. Joann’s eyes popped wide open as I forced all my cock as far in as I could. “Good gawd!” she screamed, “Fuck me Jay, fuck me with that big fucking cock.” I picked up the pace, going faster and faster. Joann was holding on to her tits for dear life and her head was tossing from side to side, urging me on all the time. I said out loud, “I’m fucking the most beautiful woman and she is my sister. God you are such a good fuck!” I pushed in as far as I could and held it there. Joann’s clit popped out and she gyrated underneath me to rub her little bud against my pelvic bone. I stayed in rhythm with her as her feet shot straight up into the air. She rocked faster saying, “Gawd you’re going to make me cum. Don’t stop you son of a bitch, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!!!!” She held her breath, the veins in her neck popped out, her face straining as she announced the eminent, “Oh gawd yes, yes, yes. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Gawd yes fuck me!” Her cunt began secreting, expelling her fluids all over my cock and balls. It was in incredible sensation feeling her orgasm. All I wanted to do was give her the maximum amount of pleasure that was ever possible. She rocked underneath me, I just held myself there wanting to be her object of lust. She opened her eyes and looked up at me, giving me the most sexy smile as she finished herself off. Finally, she dropped her legs and tried to catch her breath. I slowly pulled out, my cock slick and wet, glistening in the night from her cum. “Holy fuck, where did you learn to do that? No man has ever made me cum that good! Come here you sexy man.” She pulled me down on top of her and we kissed so passionately that when our lips separated I said to her, “I want you to make me cum.” “Oh yes, I am going to make you cum Jay. You’re going to like this. Just lay back and enjoy.”
Joann got up and sat next to me, grabbing my cock and said, “Brother, not only do I give great head, which you will soon see, but I am an expert in hand jobs. And do I ever want to see the cum shoot out of that beautiful, big prick of yours!” Joann leaned over me and dragged her big tits all over me, from my head down to my thighs. She took my cock in her mouth, concentrating on the head, swirling her tongue really fast all around it. Then with a powerful suction, Joann bobbed her head up and down, still only taking the head into her mouth. She grabbed my hand and wrapped it around the shaft, starting an up and down motion. It was like she was forcing me to jack off in her mouth. She tickled my balls with her fingertips, then Joann grabbed them in her hand and squeezed them tight. Joann took my cock out of her mouth and said, “Let me know when you cum.” She rubbed one of her big tits in wide circles across her chest as I picked up the pace. With my other hand I rubbed my sensitive nipples and I felt that familiar feeling deep within my balls. “Don’t stop Joann, you’re going to make me cum. Fuck this feels so good. Yes baby, yes. You look so fucking good sucking my cock. Keep rubbing your tits, its turning me on.” I held it as long as I could and I knew this was going to be a huge load. Joann could sense it, she took her head away and pushed my hand aside, putting her hand in its place. Joann spit on my cock and rapidly jacked me off, faster than I have ever done to myself. “Cum you mother fucker, I want to see you shoot it all out. Cum right in my mouth.” She spit on me a couple of more times, her open mouth just inches from the head. I felt my toes curl up and said, “Oh sister, here it cums. This feels so good Joann, I can’t hold it back any longer.” “Yes, yes, yes! Go for it, cum for me brother, cum for me!” I unloaded and unloaded what seemed like a lifetime’s worth of sperm. The first few spurts flew deep down her throat. Her hand slowed down, making sure to milk me for all I was worth. She took half of my cock back between her full lips and pumped the rest of my creamy white jism in her mouth. I must have shot 10 loads in her, the feeling so intense. When my body went limp, Joann took her mouth off of me, stared at my cock and swallowed my cum. I moaned, “Oh wow Joann. I can’t begin to describe how good that was.” She said, “Wait, there’s more.” She kissed me with everything she had, I was tasting my own cum out of her mouth. And it was the most erotic event I had ever experienced. She fell on top of me and we just laid there in each other’s arms on a warm summer night.
We went back to the hot tub and rinsed the sex off of our bodies, then went back into the house and had another drink sitting at the kitchen table. I put on a pair of gray shorts. Joann had her robe on, but it was almost all the way open in the front. I loved the way her boobs swayed as she moved, Joann caught me staring at them many times. We started to talk about our sex lives and it seems we both have the horny gene in our DNA. Joann admitted she was bi and with the shortage of decent men around here, she had taken on female lovers that she would spend some time with. She insisted that I look at their pictures on her iPhone. These women were sexy as hell, something that I didn’t remember when I lived here years ago. It seems that Joann shared my preference for women with large tits. Joann pointed out that some of them were married or had study boyfriends. Joann said, “That’s the only way I get some decent dick once in a while.” I asked her, “So, you like men and women at the same time?” The look on her face turned to pure sexual excitement. “Yes, sometimes I do!” I told Joann that I have had two girlfriends who were bi-sexual and we had other women join us in bed, and we had swapped partners with other couples once in a while. Joann smiled and said, “I guess it runs in the family! One time Mom and I got drunk, and she confessed that she is of the same persuasion. Her side of the family is pretty risqué. Did you know Aunt Jane was a stripper when she was young?” I replied, “Fuck, Aunt Jane can strip for me anytime. I always thought she was hot!” Joann kind of smiled that wicked grin of hers and said, “Be careful what you wish for. Mom and Aunt Jane are flying here on Wednesday for a little family reunion.” I said back to her, “Christ, two more pairs of tits like yours running around this house is going to drive me nuts!” She replied, “Oh brother, you know you’ll love it! And I know I don’t have to tell you this, but we have to keep what just happened our little secret.” “Of course, sister, of course.” After a little more small talk, we retired for the night. I was exhausted. Yet, I lay awake in my new bedroom recalling the night’s events. I had no regrets and I just knew that Joann didn’t either. It had to be the safest rebound from a divorce ever, and I also knew that I loved my sister even more. We had a lot of lost time to make up and the anticipation of what may happen tomorrow filled my head until tipobet giriş slumber took over.
I had the best night’s sleep in at least 6 months. It was almost 11am, I never sleep that late. I got out of bed and after using the restroom, I looked at myself in the mirror. My cock looked larger and even to me it looked good. I shook it around a few times thinking about Joann, and it started to grow a little. I threw on some gym shorts and went down the hallway. Joann’s door was open and when I looked inside, she was sprawled across the bed, the sheets were bundled at her waist and her tits were laying across her chest so invitingly. She was still asleep. I went into her room and sat on a chair and just looked at her. Damn she looks good even while sleeping. I stuck my hand down my pants and started playing with myself, then dropped the shorts to the floor and brought myself to a full erection. Joann must have sensed I was there. She rolled over and opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was me playing with my full hard-on. She smiled wide and just watched. Under the covers I saw her hand go between her legs. She finally said, “Well good morning Mr. Happy, and you too Jay. What a nice sight to wake up to!” She threw the covers aside and she was rubbing her twat. “Damn, I’m already wet. I was dreaming about you last night.” I replied, “Joann, you really turn me on. And seeing you rub yourself off makes me pretty horny.” She said back, “Hey lover boy, we have all day. Go makes us some coffee and I’ll be down there in a little bit.” Hesitantly, I stood and pulled my shorts up leaving a huge bulge in the front. Joann sat up on the edge of the bed and I walked over right in front of her. She tugged at the hem of my shorts and pulled my cock out to just stare at it. “Damn Jay, nice cock, nice cock.” She covered me back up and pushed me away. “I need coffee!” I turned around and went to the kitchen.
As I made a pot of coffee my dick went flaccid. I realized that one thing I like is to get hard, then soft, then hard, then soft, over and over. It seems to produce a lot of pre-cum, and when I finally have an orgasm it is off the charts. Thinking about Joann I wasn’t sure that I would be able to hold off, but I was going to try. Last night she enjoyed the large load I dumped in her mouth, and the pleasure that I was able to give to her made me happy and self-assured that I can please women. I think she was right, it must be in our genes. It was a beautiful June morning and not so hot outside yet. Halfway through my first cup, Joann showed up to the kitchen table wearing a white silk robe that barely covered her ass and the top loose and wide open, showing off most of her tits. I felt a stirring between my legs. She poured herself a cup and sat down across from me. After ogling her over for a bit, I suggested we take the coffee out on the deck and enjoy the weather. When she leaned over to rise up, I got a full view down her robe. What a mouth watering, massive pair she has. When we got out on the deck, we sat beside each other overlooking the pool and the woods behind. It was so peaceful and serene. Joann pulled a pack out of cigarettes out of a pocket in her robe and lit one up. She offered them to me and I did the same. “Coffee and cigarettes, two vices that I still enjoy. A hit of pot and a few drinks always helps, too. I have absolutely nothing planned for today.” After a short pause, I said back to her, “You know, I haven’t tied one on for a long time. When was the last time you did?” Joann replied, “Well, after I divorced the asshole, I was partying a lot and being a basic slut. After 2 months of that I stopped. So I guess its been almost 2 years.” I told Joann that it had been well over a year for me. I said, “I have an idea. How about a shot and a toke to get this day started?” Joann quickly replied, “Fuck yeah, brother. Let’s get fucked up and fuck. I think we both need to just let our hair down and be ourselves for today. Stay here, I’ll be right back.” Two minutes later she came prancing out the back door with a bottle and 2 glasses with ice. Then she pulled out a bag of reefer and a pipe. She put some pot in the pipe and we each took a toke. Then she poured us each a shot and made a toast. “Brother, here is to us. I am so glad you’re here. Let’s party!!!” I loved it when Joann gets on her wild side. Today, it was going to be the biggest bonus of my life so far.
After downing the shot, Joann stood up and took off her robe. “Ok Jay, take off those shorts. We going to be naked all day! Sometimes I just love running around here with no clothes on.” I stood up and took off the one piece of clothing that I had on. My cock was not hard, but it felt full of blood and was definitely larger than usual. Joann said, “Fuck, I feel like I just won the lottery. And it’s with my own brother. I’m glad that we’re older now, this would have never worked before.” I grabbed the coffee cups to get some more coffee for us. Joann was intently staring at my waist level when I returned. We were silent for a while, getting the start of a buzz, and although I had to let this sink in nothing ever felt more natural. I told Joann that I was going to take a quick dip in the pool. Once in the water, Joann came over and sat on the edge with her legs splashing about. She was making me horny. I went over to her in waist deep water and said to her, “Lean over so I can suck on you tits.” She lifted one big tit towards my face and pulled me by the back of my head right into it. “Jay, you can do anything to these babies you want!” I was in flesh heaven. Her nipples are really sensitive and in short order she was moaning in pleasure. “Oh Jay. That feels so good. You’re good at this. Here, suck on the other one for a minute. Oh yeah baby, you’re making my pussy twitch. Mmm, mmm.” I gave her nipple a hard suck, pulled my head back and let go. I put my hands on her knees and as I spread her legs apart I said, “Lean back a little. I want to go down on you.” I wrapped my arms around her legs and spread her cunt lips apart with my fingers. I could plainly see she was already wet. I licked up and down her slit and Joann went back into moaning mode. “Oh baby, I’m so fucking horny. It’s not going to take too much for me to get off.” I zeroed on her clit and twirled it around with my tongue and Joann let out a long guttural moan. “Oh gawd yes, please don’t stop Jay. A little harder, a little faster. Yes, yes, oh yes baby that’s it. Keep going, keep going. I can feel it Jay, Suck my pussy, eat my cunt. I’m going to cum you son of a bitch. Fuck yes I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh gawd I’m cumming!!!!” Her muscles tensed up and I could feel every tic as it swept through her body. She was rubbing her tits in wide circles across her chest and furiously rubbing her nipples. Her hips bucked up, pressing herself hard into my mouth. I kept at it, not slowing down in the least. When she stopped cumming, I forced my head as far forward as I could and kept sucking and licking and her body was shaking uncontrollably. Finally she had to push my head away as it became too much for her now ultra sensitive clit. Her breathing was heavy, she couldn’t say anything. She just kept gulping for air until she finally caught her breath. “Oh fuck you mother fucker.” She managed to say in a few minutes. She opened her eyes and just stared at the sky while I rubbed her body all over. She grabbed my hands and pulled herself up, grabbed my head and gave me a soulful French kiss with a wild tongue thrashing in my mouth. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into the water. Her legs tipobet güvenilir mi wrapped around me and my very hard cock was resting along her crack all the way up her ass. Still kissing me, she rubbed her slit against my shaft. She rose up enough to put the head of my cock right at her hole. She started easing it in an inch at time, the slammed down on me all the way. “I have got to have some cock. Oh yes, fill me up Jay. Fuck, fuck, fuck. What a fuck.” Even in the water she rapidly rode up and down on my shaft, clinging on to my shoulders, squeezing her body hard against me, her tits smashed against my chest, and she was screaming out loud. I could feel her cumming again. She was literally going wild on me for at least two minutes until she fell limp in my arms. With my cock still buried deep inside, I walked up the steps back to the deck, rose her up to pull her off of me and sat her in the chair. I let my cock go limp.
As Joann poured us another shot, I kept examining her tits. Her nipples are light red about 2 ½ inches in diameter, but they looked so small on her enormous breasts. And those nipples always seemed to be poking out. They are perfectly pear-shaped, very round at the bottom, and a natural sag to them. They way they hung on her chest just turned me on to no end. Joann watched me staring at her chest and said, “You like my big tits, don’t you Jay?” I replied, “I’ve seen a lot of tits in my life, but Joann, yours are the best. Fuck you turn me on. And you have a really nice ass too!” She went on, “Jay, you have a nice ass, one of the best. And that cock. I’ve seen bigger but not nicer. You would not believe how many little dicks are out there. You are blessed my little brother. When you have that prick inside of me, I can feel like I’m really getting fucked. You know what to do with it!” I replied, “And another thing. You’re pussy is heaven. There is something about when you when you get wet. It is so slick, so lubricating. And you taste good too!” Joann said, “Hey, you taste sweet, not salty at all!” I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, she is just too damn sexy. I looked out past her pool and to the woods behind. I said to Joann, “I think I’m going to take a walk to the woods. I’ll have to put some shoes on, but that all. It just feels so liberating to be constantly naked. I’m loving this!” Joann said, “Hang on a second, I’ll go with you. I’ll show you something.” Joann came back with a flask and filled it up with booze. Then she insisted we take another hit of pot before trekking off. We took off on the and I had to look over to see Joann’s tits bouncing around. My unit grew and I could feel the head banging against my thighs. I was so fucking horny I could’ve just jacked off right then and there. Joann guided us to an opening at the tree line and we followed a path back into the woods about 100 yards. I could tell that the path was there on purpose, we barely had to dodge any twigs or branches. Each of us a had a swig off of the flask and Joann said that she hoped I would like where she was taking me. We finally got to a clearing that had a couple of wooden chairs and a nice soft patch of grass. “Here we are.” She said. “This is my secret getaway. Sometimes I’ll come back here just to masturbate. But it is real peaceful. Have a seat, what do you think?” I said back to her, “Joann, this is like paradise. Like the Garden of Eden or something. Give me another swallow of that scotch!” Then I said, “I wish I was a bird in the tree watching you do yourself!” Joann moved her chair directly in front of me, sat down and spread her legs. “You mean like this?” as she started to run her cunt with three fingers. “Joann, you don’t know how much this is turning me on.” She replied, “It would really turn me on to see you make yourself hard.” I grabbed my cock and started playing with it and I was totally erect in 5 seconds. “Wow, that’s what I like about you, you get hard really fast. Go ahead and let me see you beat it.” Joann’s middle finger slipped inside of her wet pussy and she brought one of her tits up to her mouth to suck on the nipple. “Jesus Joann. Damn you look so sexy when you bring pleasure to yourself.” She gave me the most wanton, sultry look knowing that was what I wanted to see. She closed her eyes and was really going at herself, giving me a show. She put a second finger in her twat and was sucking hard on her nipple. When she opened her eyes they were looking straight at my crotch, seeing me stroke myself at a study pace. She dropped her tit from her mouth, leaned forward holding her boobs up from the bottom, and said, “Come here Jay and put that big cock between these big tits.” I slowly stood up still running my fist up and down. I let go and walked towards her and my cock was bobbing around, pointing to the sky. Joann was at the perfect height for a tit-fuck and she spit between her cleavage, holding them wide apart. I grabbed onto her shoulders and Joann had all of that flesh wrapped around me. I bucked my hips up and you could barely see the head come up. Joann was mesmerized as I moved my hips. She used some more spit and I was gliding through easily. I said, “Oh Joann, that feels so good and it looks so good. In a few moments, she dropped her tits and said, “Maybe if I just suck on it and get it all wet.” Joann worked almost all of my cock down her throat until saliva was dripping down my shaft and her chin. She lifted her head, “There, I think that will help. Put it back. Here, grab my tits and press them around that beautiful cock.” As I did as she requested as she could not stop staring at the sex we were making. “Gawd I want to see you cum. Just blast it all over my tits baby. Fuck this is turning me on. I am in love with your cock Jay.” I said back to her, “Joann, reach between your legs, get your fingers all wet, and rub it on my nipples.” She smiled wide, wanting to please me. Her fingers glided over my little hard nipples and she looked up to see the expression on my face. “Go ahead Jay, cum for me. It would make me very happy if you came right now!” That was all it took. I felt my balls suck up into my body, I dropped her tits and stroked my cock pointing at her chest. “Yes baby, yes. Do it, cum. I want to feel that hot cream on my tits.” “Here it cums baby, here it cums! Oh fuck yes, here it cums!” Long thick ropes of sperm jettisoned out, one after another, streaking across her breasts. “Oh yes Jay, yes. Cum for me baby, cum! Let me be your cum slut!” After 10 huge loads dripping off of her, I slowed down to a couple of drips and my knees we so weak I thought I was going to fall to the ground. I had to back up and sit down, and the look on Joann’s face was full of satisfaction. She rubbed her tits together, then got up and went to a tree with a low hanging limb. She raised her hands and grabbed it, letting my cum run down her body by the force of gravity. I will forever remember the sight of her huge globes jutting out and swinging around with her hands high above her head. As Joann swung around like a k**, she remarked, “I love wearing your cum. It makes me feel sexy, like I accomplished a mighty deed!’ And I replied, “Joann, you wear it so well. Damn you make me horny!” She let go of the limb and came over to kiss me. “Let’s go back, I want to jump in the pool.” Once we got back to the opening, we rubbed each other’s asses all the way back to the pool. Joann dove in and once again I wished I had a camera to capture her body in mid-air. Damn, she is fucking hot. I got in to rinse off, then got back out and sat on the covered deck. I took a toke and another shot of alcohol waiting for Joann to join me. I just watched her strut so confidently, taking in her body, her mischievous smile, as she approached me. “Let’s grab this stuff and go up to my bedroom. I’ve got things I want to show you.”
Our wild afternoon will be captured in Part 2.

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