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Slaves Ch2
Chapter 2: **** Room

The ladies walked the boy into the **** room. Their eyes stayed on him every step of the way, drinking up his beauty. Laedia could tell from the two other women that they were as horny as she was. And the Goddess knew that she had such a burning between her legs that she could have ridden the lovely young thing to death within minutes.

But she could stand to take it easier as well. Long and drawn out play was, after all, more sweeter than following your immediate impulses. In fact, looking back the last dozen or so years, Laedia could remember killing only one boy during **** (either suffocated him or choked him, she wasn’t sure). That was pretty good, she thought.

Torturing to death, of course, did not count, for such a thing was rarely unintentional.

The boy was taken to a tall table with a platform in front of it. The table itself was cushioned for one to lie on it comfortably. At the end there were shackles, so that the victim was pressed against the end of the table, his legs attached, leaning forward with wrists attached to the sides. End result was that he was leaning forward against his elbows, his mouth ready to serve the one lying on the table itself. Under the table, one had free access to his genitals, as there was a hole on the end board with straps to secure the cock and balls.

The boy was led onto the platform and Laedia got up on the table, getting comfortable. She lifted her skirts while the other women attached him. Then, grinning at him, she took the boy’s head by the hair and shoved his face between her legs. His soft mouth on her cunt. He got to work.

She had spent the last couple of weeks traveling for business, sweating in the mid summer’s sun. For the last couple of days she hadn’t washed herself down there, as she’d know that she would want to be eaten once home. Cunts should only ever be cleaned with boy-mouths, she often said, joking only partly.

Ferrah went to fetch something from the table of toys at the edge of the room. She returned with two objects: a two-headed metal cock attached to a harness and a bottle of lubricating oil. After applying oil on it, she strapped the cock to the front of her (one head went inside of her cunt) and then rose onto the platform. She started oiling the boys asshole. He whimpered softly.

The women’s eyes briefly met, and they both scowled. Ferrah and Laedia had been at odds with each other for some time now. Laedia could not remember the reason, but she did know that the bitch annoyed her. Still, they could be more or less amicable next to a shared interest.

After finishing with the oiling, Ferrah started inserting the strapped-on metal cock in the ass. The boy tensed and groaned, and Laedia had to pull no his hair harder to keep him eating.

Once the cock was in properly, Ferrah started moving her hips back and forth. The boy whimpered with his eyes closed. He was no longer a virgin but was far from inured to ass r****g. Ferrah, both arms tattooed, held him hard by the hips, nails digging into skin, and started fucking him intently. He moaned in discomfort and pain, yet to his credit kept his mouth working nicely. The vibration from the noise was always a nice touch.

Ass and mouth thus violated, one more important part of him remained unabused. But not for long.

With a wicked smile, Deelah strolled over with a vial of Elixir in her long-fingered hand. She dove under the table, and Laedia watched as the young woman (she was barely in her fourties but already very skillful with the Art) started preparing the boy’s cock. Oiling it with the clear liquid. The Elixir took effect very fast, and soon the sizeable organ was completely hard. The woman’s hands worked on its slick surface, making a soothingly squelching sound.

The boy moaned louder, now at the bahis firmaları sensation on his suddenly very receptive cock. That feeling of strong pleasure that was not pleasure at all, provided by the alchemists who had created the Elixir. Intense sexual arousal, but wholly unpleasant for him.

Yet he tried to not let all this interfere with his mouth work. So Laedia decided she would let him off easy. For starters.

After a little while Deelah stopped and came out from under the table. With an even wickeder grin she walked over to the table of toys. Laedia had a grin of her own as she watched the woman pick something up.

A little aid for stroking his cock.

The device was called a ring-gauntlet. As the name implied, it was a sort of metal glove, consisting of several rings attached to each other with small chains, three rings for each finger, plus three bands around the palm. The rings and bands were dappled with little studs. Stroking a sensitive, Elixir-enforced cock with one (or more) of those gave a nicely intense effect! The studs made it not too painful yet quite uncomfortable. Forcing a boy to cum with ring-gauntlets was almost as good fun as it was with a cock-****r! With or without the aid of a (also studded) sound.

Deelah put her right hand in the gauntlet and came back. Before going back down, however, she stopped, and Laedia turned his head towards the woman. Deelah then teasingly waggled her slender, ring-glad fingers at him and, seeing his expression, gave a nasty, sighing laugh before going under.

Laedia pressed the boy’s mouth back into her cunt. Then she looked under the table as Deelah, slowly and teasingly at first, started again to play with his lovely young cock. Soon she was stroking it full on, focusing especially on the sensitive glans. The studs rubbing the delicate skin.

The boy’s muscled became tensed with all the stimulation, nicely muscled arms looking really hot with the wrists strapped down. Leadia caressed his bicep with one while holding to his hair with the other.

She smiled as she felt the boy struggling to keep his eating going. The invasive sensation of the rings on his cock, not to mention that of the metal cock in his ass, made it hard for him to keep going in a steady rhythm. No worries, she would make him know if he failed to please her. In fact, just in case, she pulled on his hair harder, digging her nails into his scalp a little. He whimpered. She smiled wider. You could always add a bit more discomfort.

Ferrah then reached out her hands under him, finding his nipples with her fingertips. Adding to the overall stimulation. As she did so, the boy’s whimpers deepened. His mouth slipping, Leadia pulled on his hair with both hands.

Laedia’s and Ferrah’s eyes met then, and they shared a grin. Momentarily forgetting their differences as they worked together to best abuse the lovely boy at their mercy. Knowing how to make it as uncomfortable for him as possible.

With a smile, Laedia wrapped her legs around his head, closing him into her fold. Pulling his hair to get his pretty mouth closer against her cunt, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his young lips and tongue as they desperately tried to please her. He had known real torture, she knew, and wanted to do what he could to ensure that his cock would hereon be subjected to only the kind of mild abuse that he now was given. He thought he could effect that by doing exactly what was told.

And while it was true that disobeying was the surest way to get to spend the most time in the dungeons, there was of course no way they could avoid them indefinitely. Torture was what was done to slaves. It was a sport and it was a supreme pleasure. And it was the right and the sacred duty of a lady to subject a boy to.

It was the will of the Goddess.

Thoughts tipobet of the darkest deeds done to boys in the depths of dungeons managed to arouse Laedia so greatly that she soon came hard!

How long had it been since she’d last breathed in the cold, damp odor of the torture chamber? Days! She longed the feeling of getting horny to the sounds of muffled screams, snapping whips, the buzz of electricity . . . Longed for the wonderful orgasms from riding a thoroughly worked-over cock, while its owner (former owner was more like it) writhed and cried under you, strapped down helpless.

Her orgasm seemed to last and last, until it finally led to another, an even better one. Once that passed, she still kept the boy eating her, as the pleasure endured. It mattered less what he was doing, as long as his mouth worked, desperate as it was.

Looking under the table, she saw Deelah work the boy’s cockhead intently, her beringed fingers twisting round and round. He would soon be cumming himself, judging by the shaking, twitching legs, the swelling cock, and by the way he cried and moaned into Laedia’s cunt.

Deelah’s already wide grin then became wider as semen started to squirt out. The boy moaned and cried like a woman giving birth, his muscular body twitching and shaking. He was trying to pull his cock into safety, but the binds kept it in the mercy of the woman, whose hand still kept stoking. She was making sure that the rings made maximum impact with the intensely sensitive areas of the penis. Switching between different holds. Using the long nails of her other hand to add to the mix. Torturing his cock with great glee, her teeth gleaming and eyes shining.

To his credit, he mostly kept his mouth working through all this. Laedia could in fact feel another orgasm start to build up. She decided to postpone it as long as she could.

Meanwhile, Ferrah looked to be cumming as her hips slammed again and again against the boy’s nice ass. She squeezed his sides hard, never slowing her fucking for a second.

Laedia smiled. Holding onto the boy’s blond hair with one hand she stroked it with the other, almost gently. A lovely sight. Such a sweet young thing, ****d so thoroughly and savagely! As a boy should be.

After maybe ten to twenty minutes of post-orgasm torture, Deelah came out and walked back to the table. She picked up another ring gauntlet, wore it on her other hand. She returned and went down, and after adding more Elixir started to work they boy’s cock with both hands. It did not please him.

Laedia raised her hips and made him lick her asshole for a change. That needed cleaning as well. While he did that, she started to finger herself. The combination was delightful. Soon the boy shook and cried as he came again. Yet the mouth kept working desperately. His anguish and the stimulation gave her another orgasm which seemed to last and last.

The boy was shaking intensely while Deelah under the table was giving his post-orgasm sensitive cock a thorough treatment. Ferrah grinned as she watched his shaking and sweaty muscular back, and then her face convulsed in pleasure as she came again as well.

They kept this up a bit longer until it was time to move the boy. He was strapped on his back onto a different ****-table, and as soon as he was secured the eager ladies got on him. Deelah rode the cock first, while Ferra got onto his mouth. As they used him, Laedia caressed his muscular torso, played with his nipples. They were still red from Ferrah’s pinching, nail marks all around.

They switched around a few times, taking turns on his mouth and cock, playing with his sensitive nipples. He came once inside Ferrah and another time inside Laedia, jolting adorable against his binds each time. The ladies each had a couple orgasms.

Then his legs tipobet güvenilir mi were attached to shackles hanging from the ceiling, his legs spread out. Ferrah strapped the metal cock on again, this time attaching to it a wire leading out of a metal box. This added a weak electric current to the cock, tingly to her but rather unpleasant for him. Wide-grinning Deelah wore her ring gauntlets again, also attaching wires from the box. The current would only tickle her hands, but feel very uncomfortable on the sensitive skin on his cock. As if to demonstrate, the lady touched her index finger on the cockhead. He jolted with a cry. The women laughed.

They started on him again. Ferra fucking him. Deelah stroking the cock and adding flavor by caressing his balls.

Being electro-****d did not exempt the boy from eating, of course. Laedia parked her cunt onto his lips and he did his best, amid whimpers. His ass and genitals under a buzzing, crackling assault. He still ate nicely. She toyed with his nipples, facing the other ladies so she could admire their work.

Not long once they’d started, the boy spasmed, and his cock shot out another load of cum. The climax was powerful, causing some intense shaking and jerking. And while Laedia would not permit his mouth to leave her cunt, she forgave if he focused on moaning and crying for a while. The vibrations and the twitches soon brought her over the edge as well.

Deelah continued, of course, as did Ferrah. They were grinning wide at his anguish. The mild-ish pain added to the climax, but since the climax was not primarily pain-caused it did not qualify for a full torturegasm. But of course the line was often hard to draw. Main thing was that the sensation was far from pleasurable for him, as evinced by his twitching and crying. Yet the pain, and the sense of helplessness, only fed into the artificial arousal, which then made those worse. The perverse loop.

It was beautiful!

The insatiable ladies played with the boy for a few hours altogether, switching him into different positions over the many pieces of restraining equipment in the room, keeping mostly in traditional types of ****. The ladies came umpteen times, and so did he. They let his cock go limp a couple of times in between, applying the Elixir’s antidote. This was important during longer sessions so as to avoid damaged goods. Not that healing potions could not take care of most damages, as they also healed injury from harder torture: bleeding, cuts, and burns and such, even milder mutilation.

Finally, Laedia came for the last time, rubbing her cunt while the boy’s tongue was deep in her ass. He was on his back, sprawled on a table. Ferrah also came, riding his cock, her long legs pulled up so that the heels of her leather boots bit into the sides of his bound thighs. Deelah had gone to sit on the divan at the side of the room, sipping expensive wine.

After orgasming Ferrah and Laedia looked at each other. They shared a satisfied grin, fast friends now.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Laedia asked while idly pinching the boy’s nipples.

“Possibly,” said Ferrah with a sly smile.

“What are you two thinking?” asked Deelah, strolling over with a glass of wine.

“I’m thinking I’m not quite done with him,” Laedia said. “A visit to the dungeons might be in order.”

Ferrah got off the cock, sat back and started to handle it roughly. Twitches and whimpers. His tongue still in Laedia’s asshole. “Yes I would not mind hearing him scream.”

“Just the three of us?” Deelah asked.

“Could ask others to join,” Laedia said.

Ferrah shrugged, sticking a nail inside the urethra. “The more the merrier.”

He spasmed and squealed as Ferrah wiggled the nail. The ladies grinned evilly.

“That’s the spirit!” Deelah said.

They giggled.

Then the still grinning ladies called the guards to untie the boy while they got dressed. They then followed as the guards started to drag the naked boy toward the cellar dungeons. They took a few bottles of good vintage wine with them.

A torture session would follow.

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