Stranger Sabotaged the Condom

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Stranger Sabotaged the Condom
A few years ago I was being intimate with a man we had met at a party. My husband was there watching and things were going pretty good except for a few snide remarks the man made once we were both naked and on the bed. This guy had the wrong impression that my husband wanted to be humiliated by him since he was allowing him to “fuck his wife.” He let things slide and didn’t say anything but just watched silently. The man must have taken this as approval of what he was doing because he then got bolder with his words to the point that I had to tell him to cool things down.

He might have been a jerk and I knew that we would never meet with him again, but he did know the right places to touch me starting with sucking my toes (that by itself can almost give me an orgasm). When he got to my breasts his touch was just right and I made a few soft sex noises as the pleasure began to build up inside of me.

When he got to my vagina he began to give me oral sex and I wasn’t disappointed. He knew what he was doing. He did stop every now and then and make a rude remark to my husband who just sat there watching. The man then got back to business and was able to bring me to an orgasm.

When it was time for the actual intercourse, I took out a condom from the bed stand and handed it to him. He fumbled with it a bit but I watched him put it on. Satisfied that everything was all right, I got onto my back and waited to receive his penis into my body.

He got on top of me but didn’t enter me right away. Instead he turned to my husband and started taunting him about how he was going to be “fucking your casino firmalari wife and I want you to just sit there and take it.” He then faced me and told me that he was going to make me into a real woman, whatever the heck that meant.

I felt the man sliding inside of me and I soon forgot what he had said as the pleasure enveloped my body. He began thrusting and I thought that he was going to be quiet, since the sex had started, but he still made some stupid remarks to my husband. I don’t know if he was trying to get a reaction or or just wanted to dominate my husband.

Thinking about it now I believe it was some power thing with him and that he got his sexual jollies through humiliation. But my husband wasn’t reacting so he was probably a bit frustrated that my husband wasn’t playing along. He should have just shut his mouth and enjoyed himself.

The actual sexual intercourse lasted for about 20-minutes and we were in several different positions during this time. While we were in the doggie style position, my husband got up to leave for a few minutes. That’s when the man (I don’t want to dignify him by giving you his name) suddenly pulled out of my body and told me we were going back to the missionary position. I didn’t mind since I prefer that position. I felt his penis exiting my body which was my que that I needed to maneuver myself onto my back.

I saw the man was turned away from me fumbling with his penis and assumed he was fixing the condom. When he was done he saw that I was reading for him and had already spread my legs so he got on top and entered me quickly. It felt a bit different casino şirketleri this time and I got a bit suspicious, so I reached down to his penis and took hold of his base expecting to find no condom but felt relief when I felt the condom ring. Reassured that his condom was still on I laid back and enjoyed myself.

I orgasmed after a few minutes and was soon followed by the man, but I knew something was terribly wrong. As he orgasmed, I could feel his semen squirting into my body, not into a condom but into my body. I got him off of me and checked and sure enough there was sperm inside of me. I normally love this but not like this. I then looked at his penis and saw that he was still wearing the condom but the tip of his penis was exposed. He saw that I was looking at his penis and told me with a smirk that it broke during sex.

My husband, who had returned to the bedroom, saw this and was horrified. We both could have accepted that it was an accident had he just played it cook because this has happened before with other men. But most men are very apologetic and upset about it themselves. Not this guy. He seemed proud about it and was smirking. He shouldn’t have done that.

I asked him if he had done this on purpose and with his smirk still on his face and probably thinking that he had gotten away with it and that there was nothing we could do about it he confessed. He then turned to my husband and told him, “Well at least she has a real man’s stuff inside of her now.”

My husband went crazy and rushed over to the bed and slugged him in the stomach. The man was shocked but terror sprang into his canlı casino siteleri face as he saw my enraged husband standing over him. I stopped my husband from doing any more physical harm and slipped into my robe. My husband ordered the man to get dressed, which he did quickly. My husband then grabbed him by the shirt and half way lifted him up and told him very softly, “You fucked with the wrong guy. You better apologize right now to my wife for that disgusting thing you just did to her.”

The man mumbled a terrified apology to me and then my husband released him and escorted him to the door. As I felt his sperm dripping out of my body I then began to feel outraged and I followed them to the door and kicked the man in the butt and told him a few choice words.

The man was shoved out the door and my husband and I were left there standing looking at each other. He took me into his arms and said he was sorry for losing it like that and I reassured him that it was OK and I very much appreciated how he had defended me.

I then went and took a very long shower and cleaned myself of as much of the man’s sperm as possible. A week later I went to get an STD test and it came back clear. I was relieved but I learned a valuable lesson.

From then on anytime I was with a man, I was the one who put your condom on and if you exited my body for any reason during sex, I inspected the condom for tampering before being allowed back inside of me.

We never saw that man again and we did warn others in our circle of sex friends about him. By the way, if anyone reading this ever does meet us and I take them to my bed, please don’t, whatever you do, think that my husband is a wimp and wants to be humiliated. You will be very sorry that you did.

Just come on by if invited, enjoy the sex and I will probably give you a nice kiss goodbye as you are leaving instead of a kick in the butt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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