The Best Medicine Gay

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The Best Medicine Gay
“That’s a good boy, come and get it,” he said in a lulling voice as he continued to wave his long heavy cock in slow hypnotic circles. My feet were moving u*********sly as I stepped towards him, the cool water running slowly running off my body. My eyes never left his beautiful cock as I got closer and closer until I dropped to my knees between those thick tree-trunk like thighs of his. I could feel myself salivating as he took a couple more leisurely strokes along that gorgeous monster.

“Is this what you want, k**?” he asked teasingly as he reached out and pulled my head closer. I tried to capture the broad flared crown between my lips but he was too quick for me and drew the tip all around my face. It felt beautiful to have the velvety soft skin of his dick caressing my face and my eyes closed with pleasure and I let out a soft squeal of delight. I rolled my face against the thick heavy log and surrendered myself to the blissful sensation of this big beautiful man allowing me the supreme pleasure of servicing his majestic cock.

“I’ll take that little squeal as a yes,” he said as I nuzzled my whole face into his crotch and inhaled deeply of his strong masculine scent. I could feel my little cock starting to harden again as the feel and smell of his cock invaded my senses. I let my lips start to slide along the side of his shaft towards the tip and I let out a low groan and looked up at him with lust-filled eyes. He smiled down at me broadly as my lips approached the tip.

“It looks like you need fix of medicine bad,” he said.

“Oh God, yes,” I said breathlessly.

“Okay, you can take this one out of me as fast as you want; but tonight, back in the bunkhouse, we’re gonna take our time and I’ll show you how I like my cock sucked.”

“Can….can we start right after supper, sir?” I asked eagerly.

“Oh yeah. We’ll start as soon as we can. And don’t tire yourself out this afternoon. I plan on putting that mouth of yours to good use most of the night.” My eyes flew open as I thought about what he’d just said. The idea of having my mouth on his beautiful cock all night long was overwhelming. It felt like a dream come true. I felt my cock throb as I thought about it and quickly slipped my lips over his broad flared crown and coated it in a warm bath of saliva.

“Oh yeah, that’s it. Get it nice and wet, k**. I like that,” he said as he leaned back slightly and put an arm out to each side as he supported himself on the log. I could feel the big knob swelling in my mouth and based on what he’d said about taking this load out of him as quickly as I could, I reached out with my hand and slipped it around his thick veiny shaft. He didn’t knock my hand away this time like he had last time.

“Mmmmm,” I let out another blissful purr as I felt my little hand wrap around that smooth warm shaft for the first time. My circling fingers couldn’t bahis firmaları even touch my thumb and it wasn’t even hard yet. I inched closer on my knees and reached out with my other hand and slipped it around his long cock below my first hand. It was quickly lengthening and thickening beneath my shucking hands and vacuuming mouth. I moaned and groaned in pleasure at the luscious feeling of that stiffening monster finally within my grasp.

“Oh fuck, k**, you’ve got a great mouth,” Sven said as I let a big mouthful of saliva wash over his cock-head. I let my stretched lips open slightly so the slick fluid oozed out the corners of my mouth and ran down his hardening shaft in glistening rivulets. I kept pushing more saliva to the front of my mouth and let it feed down towards my shucking hands. They were becoming slipperier and slipperier and within another minute or two, my hands and mouth were totally filled with 11″ of hard thick cock.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned in pure rapture as I sucked and licked at the huge knob trapped within my mouth. I could feel my own cock sticking up hard as a rock between my legs as I set myself and started to bob my head up and down on that huge glorious cock.

Somebody would have had quite a sight if they happened upon us unexpectedly. They would have seen this big rugged man sitting there on this fallen leg while the much smaller body of a boy was kneeling between his muscular legs bobbing his head rhythmically up and down on the man’s rigid erection. It would have been apparent that the boy enjoyed what he was doing as he wantonly sucked at the enormous erection sprouting like a powerful weapon from the big man’s groin. They would have seen gobs of saliva dripping from the corners of the boy’s mouth and sliding down the stiff glistening shaft. Gobs of the warm saliva were gathering on the underside of the rigid monster and dropping in silvery strands onto the ground beneath them.

I could feel the slippery saliva running beneath my hands and I spun my jacking hands slowly in a tantalizing corkscrewing motion up and down along the exposed shaft beneath my sucking mouth. I slowly swirled my tongue all around the big plum-shaped head and tasted the silky nectar of his pre-cum. I slid the tip of my tongue right into the opening at the very tip and teased it mercilessly.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” he said with a low groan and then rewarded me with pulsing gob of his silky fluid. I slid my tongue back and swallowed the tasty morsel. As the salty nectar slid down my throat, I slowly licked all around that big pulsing cock-head with the flat of my tongue. My own cock was absolutely throbbing with need as wave upon wave of desire flowed through me. The warm silky taste of his pre-cum had only been a teaser, I needed more. And this time, I wanted the real thing; all of his massive creamy load.

“Oh yeah….not much perabet güvenilir mi longer k**…..and then you’ll get a nice big reward,” he said as I flicked my eyes up and saw him looking down at me lasciviously. My head was bobbing up and down quickly now as I voraciously closed my lips just beneath the dark purple ridge of his corona. I sucked and licked wantonly at the engorged cock-head as I transformed my mouth into a moist vacuuming orifice for his lustful pleasure. I could hear him breathing more raggedly so I slid my hands down to the base of his cock and started scratching all around the taut skin there.

“Oh fuck, that’s good,” he growled as I tortuously drew my nails all around the smooth shaven skin at the thick hard base. I could see little pink traces left on his skin by my scratching fingers but it seemed he liked it just as much as Mr. Jarvis had. I could feel his cock get just a tiny bit stiffer in my mouth and I saw his balls drawing up closer to his body in their smooth protective sack.

“OH FUCK, k**…..HERE COMES your medicine ,” he bellowed out a warning just as he started to flood my mouth. The first shot spat forcefully against the back of my mouth but I was a little more ready for it this time. I could feel the scintillating sensation as it pasted itself on the warm moist surfaces at the back of my mouth before falling in a big puddle on my tongue. It was incredibly thick and I could taste the strong masculine flavor of his delicious cum already as it settled on my taste-buds.

“Mmmmm,” I let out a mew of blissful pleasure as the second, third and fourth shot jettisoned forth into my welcoming mouth. His spewing cock was throbbing in my mouth as he continued to unload. Gob after thick creamy gob spat forth onto my waiting tongue as I sucked and licked voraciously from his erupting cock. My mouth quickly filled and I could feel little trickles of the warm cream sliding from the corners of my mouth and down my chin. I took one hand and wrapped it around the veiny shaft and tried to pump as much of the delicious seed out of him as I could. His cock just kept shooting as he fed me wad after wad of his massive load. I swallowed and when my mouth filled once more, I swallowed again. I was purring constantly now as his pearly semen left a smooth silky coating along my throat as it made its way to my stomach.

“GET IT ALL, k**,” he told me as his pulsating cock oozed out the last few drops of that delicious silvery seed. I was tingling all over and as I sucked and lapped up those final tasty morsels, I dropped my hand to my own lap and started pumping away at my own rock-hard cock.

“MMMMMM…….MMMMMMM……..MMMMMMMHHHHHH!!!!” With my lips still wrapped around his huge flared knob, I squealed noisily as my own orgasm hit. My whole body was shaking with pleasure as I felt the exquisite orgasmic tipobet tremors shoot through me. I looked down and saw a thin stream of whitish fluid shoot forth from the crimson tip of my cock and splash against the bark of the tree beneath him. As my hand pumped furiously back and forth, a second and then a third silvery rope shot forth. I was shaking and my body felt almost totally out of control as the spine-tingling sensations of a wonderful release washed over me time and again. Finally, I felt the delicious sensations start to subside but not before my own hand was covered with the filmy residue of my own climax.

“Looks like you enjoyed that one too,” Sven said as he stood up and pulled his cock from between my sucking lips. “I’m gonna go and get cooled off. Join me when you’re able to stand.” He looked down at my trembling form beneath him with a knowing smirk on his face. I remained there gasping as my heart rate slowly started to return to normal. I watched as he pulled off his boots and socks and stepped into the water and lowered himself into the little pool I’d just been in. I lifted up my hand and looked at the pearly slithers of cum coating my hand. I brought it to my mouth and licked it clean. I could feel the gobs of Sven’s cum clinging to my chin and once I was done with my hand, I used my fingers to push that delicious overflow into my mouth. I closed my eyes and savored those final morsels as the distinctive taste of his potent seed lingered in my mouth.

On trembling legs, I finally stood up and stepped into the pool. Sven had ducked himself completely under water and was calmly submerged with just his head above water. He looked so sexy with the drops of water glistening off his dark curly hair. I lowered myself beneath the cool water and felt the invigorating sensation as it washed the sweat off my body.

“That’s quite the mouth you’ve got on you, k**,” Sven said with a smile once I came back to the surface. “Where did you learn to do that scratching thing with your fingernails?”

“I thought I’d try it to see if you liked it too.”

“Fuckin’ ‘A’ I liked it. You can mix that in anytime.” He looked at me with a soft smile of satisfaction on his face. “Yeah k**, I think you and my cock are gonna become best friends…”

“Do you think so, sir?” I asked, barely able to keep the excitement out of my voice.

“Oh, I don’t think so; I know so,” he said firmly as he stood up next to me. As he loomed over me with the trickles of water running sensually down his magnificent body, my eyes zeroed in on that beautiful cock of his which was just above water level. I watched as he lifted it up and held the broad flared knob towards me. “Give your new best friend one more little kiss before we get dressed.” I moved closer and pursed my lips into a little target like he’d asked for earlier. I kept my lips fairly close together in a little pucker and slipped them right over the very tip. I smooched and sucked at it like I never wanted to let it go; which wasn’t stretching the truth at all. I felt like I’d be happy with my lips wrapped around that glorious cock for the rest of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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