The conversion 2

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The conversion 2
Please read the first part of this story so you don’t get lost!

As I showered, I wondered how would things really turn out between me and Ms. Maria. I was indeed a bit worried that she would run me out of her house after all the debauchery I had just put her through. One thing was being submissive in the heat of the moment, but then what?
I finished, toweled off, and put on my clothes. I went back in the house. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Ms. Maria had obediently followed my instructions, and, still in the nude, was finishing breakfast for me. I sat down and ogled her as she served me a plate of fruit and coffee. She still appeared shameful and just stood there.
I asked her to lighten up and to sit and eat with me. She obliged and sat down on a stool across me. Her massive tits almost rested on her thighs. I made light conversation and managed to get her to start looking at my eyes again. Although she was clearly still embarrassed by her nudity, she began to lighten up. I asked if she had enjoyed the sex, and she looked down and bit her lip, which obviously meant yes, but she was still embarrassed to acknowledge. I finished my last bite, told her she was fantastic, and left for work in the project.
I have to admit that when I returned güvenilir bahis şirketleri I was worried that she would have changed the locks. However, the door opened. I came in to find the house empty. I sat down in the living room and watched TV. A quarter hour later I heard the door. Ms. Maria came in, again wearing one of her dowdy church dresses and shoes. She explained she was in bible study. I nodded. She had a bag of groceries, and went to the kitchen. I followed her. She made some conversation as she put groceries in the fridge.
“Aren’t you forgetting something?” I asked firmly. She looked at me with wide eyes as she realized I was not k**ding. I kept my stone cold face.
“yes, right now, first thing you should have done”.
She let out a small sigh, and looked down. She began to undo the buttons on her dress, until it was open top to bottom, and then took it off and folded it carefully on the stool. She had a huge black sateen bra on, and a long black underskirt. The bra hooked in the front, and there were at least eight or ten hooks. The thing had to be custom-made. She undid one by one. With each one that was undone, her boobs moved a bit, until, at the instant the last one was unhooked, they heavily plopped out. tipobet giriş She took it off her shoulders and proceeded to take the underskirt off, revealing granny-style black bottoms. She bent over and took them off as well. Last, she stepped out of the black shoes.
“go put that in your room and come back”
She walked out of the kitchen and into her room, and after a moment returned. She kept her head up this time. I ogled her breasts, you never got tired of watching them.
“can I make dinner now?” she asked. I said of course.
She waddled a bit around in the kitchen, as almost any moment gave her boobs and butt quite a momentum. No wonder she wore such big, heavy-duty underwear. She took out some vegetables and began to heat a pan.
I excused myself and left. Went to my room and took off my clothes. I returned half-erect to find Ms. Maria cutting vegetables. She took a deep breath when she saw me and paused. I told her not to worry, it would be in due time, after all, we were both hungry. She glanced at me as I watched her. I joked when she sliced the cucumber, saying ouch! ouch! with each cut, to which she actually laughed. She actually came to my side with another cucumber and put it next to my already erect dick to compare. She looked perabet at me.
“you really have a big dick, look at that”
I laughed and told her that to me she seemed to be made just for it. We both laughed.
She continued preparing dinner and I helped her set the table. We ate and talked. She seemed more relaxed now. I asked if, since she lived alone, she ever went nude at home. After all, she was almost nude the day before with that nightgown. She seemed surprised and said no! never! I asked her how she was liking it now. She looked at the crucifix on her chest, the only thing she was wearing, and I got another look-down, lip-biting, somewhat embarrassed silence.
We ate. As we finished, she seemed a bit nervous. I got up and gave her my hand.
“let’s go to my room, maybe you will feel more comfortable there”. She followed me. I told her to just lie down and open her legs. She did and I ate her pussy again. Those long lips were a delight to bite and suck! I took a bit more time this time, and being on the bed seemed to make her more comfortable. I licked her to orgasm, and sensing her wetness, went in with my dick right away.
The bed definitely was better, and I plowed her with content. Her massive tits bouncing in every direction was such an arousing sight. I pumped her and soon had a satisfying orgasm. I lied down on top of her massive chest pillows and nearly fell asleep. Realizing I was tired, I told her to get up, and sent her to bed with a slap on her butt.
“sleep naked tonight” I warned her

More to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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