The First Time with Dave

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The First Time with Dave
While I have told about her first time with Shakey, (Linda’ First Black Cock) I have never told about her first time with my other good friend, Dave.

I had been going down to visit Linda as much as I could manage on my time off, I had never had a friend go with me.
This particular time, it had been a rough night, and, try as I might, I couldn’t relax enough to get to sleep, so, finally I decided to go ahead and go to Linda’s house. I knew that if she still had a guest, I could visit with on of the other girls in the apartment, or even Mama-san. She had let me know that she was available as much, or more, than the younger girls.

I put on my clothes, and went by the snack bar to get something to drink before going to the taxi stand outside the gate. I had just paid for my drink when I saw Dave coming in the door. He had been to the Dentist to get a filling replaced.

We got a table and after a bit of small talk, I asked if he would like to go downtown with me. He said he would, so we walked the 100 yards to the taxi stand, hoping in vain that the duty driver might come by and give us a ride. We caught a taxi, a guy that lived only a little over from Linda, and got him to take us. He knew just exactly where we were going, so all we had to do is listen to the radio.

It took him about 10 minutes to go the short distance, and we paid his fare and he went looking for another passenger.

We walked down the alleyway to the apartments where Linda lived, and, as usual Coup, the landladies 12 year old daughter, was out front watching. She ran over to me, giving me her usual hug and kiss, and I asked if Linda had company. She told me she didn’t, but had gone shopping, and would be back in a little while. She took my hand and led us back to the patio to wait, after telling me that her Mom was at home, and all alone, just in case. I thanked her but told her I would wait for Linda.

We sat down and Coup went to resume her watch at the Front Gate.

We sat there talking for just a few minutes, before Linda came around the corner carrying a basket with the purchases she had made at the market. She unlocked her door and went in to put the things that needed it in the fridge. While inside, she also decided to “get comfortable,” and took off ALL her clothes. She came back outside as naked as the day she was born. If clothes weren’t needed, she MUCH preferred to be naked, and usually was. I wasn’t bahis siteleri canlı surprised to see that she had stripped down, but, Dave WAS. His eyes popped, and his jaw dropped. Shad just the thin strip of hair from her clitty to dust a bit higher up her abdomen. It was about 1/2 inch wide and maybe 2 inches long. The hair had also been trimmed short enough that it looked like it was drawn on with a marker. She knew Dave had never seen her nude, and only once with her clothes ON, and she was enjoying the way he was looking at her. She always seeing the look on poeple’s faces, especially men, when they saw her naked for the first time. She stepped over closer to him so he could get a VERY close look, and a feel if he wanted. He DID!!! He reached up and caressed both of her breasts, noting how hard her nipples were, and let his hand drift slowly down her slightly rounded belly, to her soft, puffy mons. This was the thing she was most proud of. In a bikini, it stuck out so far that if you didn’t pay attention, you would have thought she had a cock. It was very fat, and extremely soft. It was also very sensitive.

She let him feel everything, even spreading her legs enough to give him access to her pussy. She moved her hips forward where he could put his finger inside her, and even “bit” his finger, using her internal muscles. He pulled his finger back, and was more amazed that it was wet from her pussy juice.

Dave looked at his finger, and immediately stuck it in his mouth. His eyes brightened, and he looked up at her, stating, “I would dearly enjoy getting that on my TONGUE!!!” She just looked at him, not batting an eye, and replied, “If you do, you gotta fuck me when you fini, and cum inside my pussy.” She looked over to me. “You care if he fuck me? I call Thaoi to come give you some pussy. Okay?” I told her it was just fine with me, but I wanted to watch Dave fuck her before I went to fuck Thaoi. She and Dave agreed, and she went to get Thaoi.

She was back in less time than it takes to tell about it, with Thaoi, who was ALSO naked, right behind her. Thaoi was giggling as she rounded the corner of the building. “We gonna watch Linda get some cock, and creamy pussy, first? I like watch her fuck, TOO. She shake her ass so good. Make man cum too much in her pussy.”

We went inside, where Linda took Dave’s clothes from him, and sat on the edge of the bed. She took his erect penis into her casino siteleri mouth, gently holding it and his balls, and began sucking him, pausing to lick his balls at intervals. Before long, his head dropped back, he thrust forward, and filled her waiting mouth with his first load of sperm. She sucked him dry, swallowed, and picked up a bottle of water and rinsed her mouth, thoroughly, spitting it into a bowl she took from under the bed. “Now you don’t cum too quickly. I want you fuck me long, LONG time, make me cum too much. Then I wan’ you cum INSIDE my pussy. EVER’ time you fuck me, I wan’ you cum inside my pussy. You don’ cum inside my pussy, I nebber let you fuck me no more. You unnerstan’?” He did.

She turned around and perched her knees on the edge of the mattress, dropping her head down to a pillow, ass up, face down, inviting him to fuck her doggy-style. He took the hint, and took a hand full of her butt in each hand to eat her first. She gasped as he took a long, slow lick of the area from her clit to her asshole. He repeated the move several times, being rewarded by the sound of her first 2 orgasms. The first made her jump, the second made her whole body shake. He kept her going as he went down on his knees, still holding her firmly, and stuck his tongue all the way inside her cunt. He licked her without mercy, while she shook repeatedly from the spasms of her coming over and over, again and again. She was totally at his mercy.

After a short while, he raised up and placed the tip of his penis against the crease of her pussy. She moved her knees slightly wider to lower herself, and spread her puss slightly wider. Dave began to press inward, but, even after all the times she had cum, he still met resistance. He looked over at me and asked, “Is she ALWAYS this TIGHT?” I told him that she was, as far as I knew. He pushed again, going it a bit more. It took him 4 tries to get all the way inside her.

She could feel when his balls touched her ass, and clamped down with her internal muscles. Dave sucked in a deep breath. “I thought she was tight, BEFORE, but now it almost hurts, she’s so tight.” Not letting it go to waste, he began to saw in and out of her. She was wagging her butt from side to side, and bouncing back and forth, to increase the power of his thrusts. She continued to cum in short intervals from him. She had one cheek on the pillow, telling him out loud, “Fuck Me, Fuck Me! canlı casino Fuck Me Harder! Make me cum too MUCH! Gib me ALL you cock!!! Make my pussy SCREAM, she so happy!!! I wan’ ALL you cum, INSIDE my hole!!! I wan’ you knock me UP!!! You gib me baby, I lub you, FOREVER!!! Let me turn over, so you can cum deep in my pussy!

She dropped away from him, rolling on her back, legs still wide open, and pulled him down until he was, once more, completely inside her pussy. The pillow raised her enough so that he was every bit as deep as he was before. She, at once locked her ankles around his back, so he couldn’t pull back, using her arms and hands to pull his face down, where she covered it in warm, wet kisses. She had her tongue inside his mouth more than in her own. She continued to thrust and shake, until she felt him about to drop his load. She squeezed even tighter as he shuddered a huge load inside of her. She milked him until she felt the last drops if his seed enter her body.

We knew, Thaoi and I, that neither one would be able to move for several minutes, so I pulled him over to lay beside her on the bed, and Thaoi fetched a wet rag and began to clean Linda’s twat. Each time she rubbed across her wet pussy, she would shake several times from another orgasm. I went over and turned the ceiling fan as it was beginning to get a bit warm.

They laid there, not moving for probably ten minutes. As soon as LInda could move she looked to see if Dave was awake. He was, so she began cleaning him, with her mouth and tongue, in her usual way. He laid there, looking in wonder at this fragile looking, little girl. She smiled down at him, telling him to rest a bit, and they would do it all, again.

Before the day was over they had repeated themselves 3 more times, each one after watching Thaoi and I twice, and another girl, by the name of Lien, once. Lien coaxed Dave’s erection the last time in Linda’s behalf, to prove she could give just as good of a blow-job as Linda. And challenged him to come back and fuck her and Thaoi any time he wanted.

Dave finally, a month later moved in with Linda’s Aunt, who was 3 years older. Linda was 17 and Aunt Hung was 20. Thaoi was 18, and Lien was 19.

We stayed together until Dave rotated 7 months later. Shakey joined the group 3 weeks after Dave. Linda and I married, and will celebrate 49 years together in a few days. Thaoi met a man named Mike, had 2 beautiful daughters, and remained with him for 28 years, until he passed away. Hung tried, in vain, to escape from Vietnam, but was caught all 3 times, and spent numerous years in re-education camps. Lien’s whereabouts are unknown. She vanished 4 years after this event happened.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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