The Intruder Part 1

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The Intruder Part 1
Lisa was away and I hadn’t made my bed after washing the bed linen so had decided to sleep in Lisa’s room, I never seem to sleep as deep as when in my own bed and could never put my finger on why but I did find it arousing sleeping naked under her sheets.

It was the dead of night and I was tossing and turning when I heard a noise downstairs, I sat up in bed and it seemed there was definitely someone in the house and as Lisa was away at her mother’s I knew it wasn’t her plus she would always let me know if she was coming home unexpected.

I quietly got out of bed and slipped my boxers on and grabbed the first thing I could lay my hands on which happened to be a rather large dildo that my loving daughter kept by the bed and silently crept downstairs. As I entered the lounge I saw a figure in the moonlight bending down looking in a chest of drawers,
“Stop right there” I shouted and the figure froze and slowly raised their arms in the air
“Fuck” I heard the figure mumble under their breath and I stood there pointing my weapon in their direction like a sword.
I turned on the light and standing across from me was this slim figure dressed in tight jeans and jumper with what looked like a beany on their head standing like a statue in the corner of the room,

“Turn around” I instructed in a stern voice totally forgetting that I was just in my boxers and holding what some would describe as a deadly weapon and as the person slowly turned around I could see quite clearly that this intruder was in fact a young woman.

She looked straight at me and I thought she was going to burst out laughing at what she saw in front of her but I think the severity of the situation took over and she just looked at me pointing a monster dildo at her:

“What you gonna do mister, fuck me with that” she said in a soft sorry voice and even I could see the funny side of it but remained in control
“What the hell do you think you are doing?” I asked as I looked at her trembling, “and how the hell did you get in?” I asked her
“I’m so sorry” she said but the back door was open and then I realized I must have forgotten to lock up but even so that was no excuse to enter someone’s house.
“Get over here and sit down” I instructed, “What’s your name, your real name?” I asked and nervously she said, “Cindy sir” and for some reason I had kept my stance,
“Um, do you think you could put that err.. thing down” she said looking at what I was pointing at her as I am sure it was making her nervous, I decided to do as asked as I didn’t feel in any danger now although I had to make sure she wasn’t armed.

“Stand-up” I barked and as she did I walked over and took her hat off and her shoulder length mousy blond hair fell down, she was actually quite pretty and had striking blue eyes and she was biting her bottom lip certainly feeling sorry for herself, poor girl couldn’t have been more that 17-18 years old.
Her jeans were tight but her jumper was baggy and I had no idea if she was concealing anything and I had seen enough cop shows to know how to conduct a search.

“Do you have anything on you that I should know about?” I asked and she nervously shook her head, “No sir” she said softly,
“Then you don’t mind if I check the do you?” I said keeping in control and asserting my authority, “Turn around and put your arms out wide” I instructed, “But I don’t” she stammered refusing to move,
“Ok then” I said, “Then I will call the police and have them deal with you” which seemed to do the trick as she turned around and raised her arms, obviously she didn’t want to have the police involved.

I looked her up and down as I approached her, her baggy jumper hung loose down to her waist and her tight jeans showed off her cute arse and was like a second skin, I stood behind her and widened her legs as I ran my hands along the top of her arms and then back along the underside of her arms to her armpits and then from her shoulders down her back and then up the sides back to her armpits, I didn’t feel anything apart from her body trembling a little.

“Take your jumper off” I instructed and she followed my order by doing as instructed and in doing so showed off her bare back before pulling her tee shirt back down and into place which told me she wasn’t wearing a bra. I got on my knees very conscious of the fact that I kaçak bahis was starting to get aroused and proceeded to run my hand down the outside of her legs from the waist down to her ankles, I knew she couldn’t be hiding anything in her jeans as they were so tight but I thought ‘what the hell’ anyway.

As I got to her ankles I ran my hands back up the inside of her legs and as I got to the top she jumped as my fingers met her lady parts, “What the fuck” she said as she felt me grope between her legs.
“Shut up” I barked, “Or would you rather the police searched you”
“No No” she said nervously I said as I moved my hands to her arse putting a hand in each of her back pockets and giving her arse a squeeze.

“Fucking pervert” I heard her mumble under her breath but decided to ignore it and still on my knees I told her to turn around swivelling her hips as I said it and now I was eye level to her tight pussy which was a bit puffy and the seam of her jeans went right up her slit and there was a two inch gap between her tee shirt and her jeans showing her navel.

“Empty your pockets” I said sternly and I could see her hands tremble as she pulled out a key and a bit of loose change from one pocket and a condom from the other and place it all on the sofa behind her and I patted down the front of her jeans to make sure they were empty.
“Satisfied” she said sarcastically looking down at me and as I looked up I could just see her nipples poking through the fabric of her loose-fitting tee shirt, I stood up and luckily my arousal had subsided so I wasn’t displaying a tent pole and looked at her chest.

“Don’t you fucking dare” she said seeing where I was looking but I had to remain in control, “Arms out” I barked and she didn’t move, “Put your fucking arms out” I said again grabbing her wrists and pulling them out wide and as I did so her tee shirt rode up further and again I ran my hands across her shoulders and back again and then slowly down her chest and as I got to her small petite breasts she shouted out “Hey Mister, what you fucking doing” as my fingers touched her nipples and I gave each of her little titties a little squeeze,

“I’m hardly likely to be hiding anything in there am I” she moaned and I reminded her of her options.
“Ok, OK, have it your way” she said knowing that she was beaten and I ran my hands down to her waist and then back up but this time under her shirt cupping both her soft breasts and rubbing her nipples with my thumbs.
“You dirty fucking pervert” she shouted so I pinched her nipples hard, “Ouch” she cried in pain as she closed her eyes realizing at long last who was in charge here.
I eased off the pressure and could feel her nipples harden as I gently tweaked them before running my fingers lightly down her belly to the top of her jeans.

I stopped at the button of hr jeans, “Oh No” she said looking into my eyes for leniency, “Don’t do it Mister” she said as I undid the button on her jeans,
“You dirty fucking pervert” she said again as I lowered her zipper but in a much softer voice and her breathing was getting heavier. As I pulled the zip down I could see that she had a tiny pair of red panties on and my god she was hairy, her pubic hairs poked out the top of her panties.

As I put my hands on the waist of her jeans and started to slowly pull them down she grabbed my hands trying to stop me but I gave each hand a little smack and proceeded with my task
“You’re fucking loving this you dirty fucking pervert” she cried but her struggles were weakening as I got her jeans to her knees exposing her tiny red thong that she was wearing, her pubic hairs were escaping from all sides and as I kneeled down to get them right off I had a perfect close up of her panties bulging with the hidden pubic hair.

With her jeans now inside out and on the floor I told her to turn around, “Why” she protested and I looked back up at her and said, “Because I told you to Cindy” and I grabbed her hips and spun her round,
“Mmm, Nice” I said in a more pleasant voice as her near perfect arse came into view and the thin red string went up her crack,
“You like looking at teenage girls arses do you mister” she said, “you dirty fucking pervert”

Still on my knees I grabbed each cheek and gently squeezed and slowly pulled them apart exposing her shaded arse hole and the hairs casino oyna between her legs stretched back and were very evident at the point where the string met the gusset, I knew my cock was getting hard now as I looked at what was in front of me,
“Bend down” I said and she didn’t move so I put my hand on the small of her back, “Bend the fuck down” I said in a much sterner voice.

“What the fuck” she cried as she obeyed eventually and she now had her hands on the back of the sofa, “You have a nice arse Cindy” I said and I think she was about to thank me but instead called me a dirty fucking pervert yet again which did make me chuckle but I think deep down she knew she was well beaten, maybe she will think twice before breaking into someone else’s house, I was in fact doing a public service.

With her cheeks spread I ran my tongue up and down her exposed crack savouring the taste while I probed around her hole, she tried hard to clench her cheeks but to no avail and as my tongue found the spot she murmured “Oh my fucking god” before her body relaxed a little.
“You’ve got your tongue up my arse…OMG! Mmm” she cried as I probed deeper and she must have been getting some good feelings as she gave up the fight as my tongue flicked and licked her hole.

I pulled her cheeks wider holding the string to one side as my tongue started to open her up and I could feel her body jolt as it got inside her hole and I am certain I felt her push back on me, she panted heavily,
“Jesus fucking Christ, you dirty.. OMG!.. Mmm, Fuck YESS!” She cried making no sense at all as my tongue went in deeper and I started to tongue fuck her arse.

“What are you.. OMG! Fuck!.. OMG, YESS!” she cried out as a finger joined my tongue and entered her back door and I pushed it into her right up to the knuckle. My other hand went between her legs and I could actually feel her panties were damp, the bitch is enjoying it I thought and as my finger probed around her pussy she nearly jumped through the roof when it contacted her little teenage nubbin.

I pulled away and standing up I spun her around so she was now sitting on the sofa with my tent pole in front of her, “What the fuck” she cried as she looked at my throbbing cock straining under my shorts
“Pull them down” I said
“What?, No fucking way” she said
“Pull them fucking down” I repeated but this time far more assertive and she reached forward taking the waistband and yanked my boxers to the floor, I saw her eyes widen as my cock sprung out standing on end.
“Oh my days” she said in a softer voice as she stared at my throbbing man meat
“Suck it” I instructed
“Hell No, I am not sucking your old man cock” she said and held her lips tightly closed, I grabbed the back of her head and pulled it to me, her lips still tightly closed as my pre-cum wiped across her face
“EWW!” she cried as I tried to force my cock in her mouth
“Suck it Cindy” I said again and knowing there was no way out she relented and opened her mouth as I pulled the foreskin right back exposing my swollen head. She licked the tip to get the taste before putting the head into her mouth and as she did so and without asking she grabbed my balls and gave them a gentle squeeze as my cock slowly entered her mouth.

I hear her murmur as she took it all in and I could feel the tightness of the back of her throat as her warm mouth enveloped my cock
“See, its not so bad it is it Cindy?” I said as I began thrusting into her mouth, I was probably a bit rougher than I should have been but something told me she liked it.
“EWW!, it tastes fucking disgusting old man” she cried as she started to lick all around and up and down the shaft exploring every inch before inserting it back into her hungry mouth, my cock was soaked with her saliva as she bobbed her head up and down, she was working it well.

“Don’t you dare fucking cum in my mouth you dirty fucking pervert” she mumbled as she upped the pace and I could see her cheeks concave as she sucked the life out of me.
My balls were tightening and I knew I was close and she squeezed them harder, slightly uncomfortable but I was so close that I didn’t care, “Don’t you fucking cum in my mouth old man” she mumbled sucking like her life depended on it and that was it for me as I felt my cock start to pulsate
“NOOO!” she cried as my hot man seed spurted into her canlı casino siteleri mouth, she sucked even harder as she swallowed my hot juice and my knees trembled as I emptied every last drop.

She pulled away and grabbed my cock and started to milk every last drop out of me,
“That’s fucking disgusting, you dirty fucking pervert” she said licking the last remnants of cum from my man slit. She looked up at me with half a smile, “You bastard” she said.
I pushed her back onto the sofa and with her arse on the edge I got on my knees in front of her, I pushed her legs wide and looked down at her panty clad mound
“What you gonna do now?” she said and I just smiled, “Oh no your fucking not, your not going to….OH FUCK” she cried as my tongue hit her panties and I felt her stiff clit on my tongue through the thin fabric.
“STOP” she yelled, “Just fucking stop now you dirty….OMG! WOW! Stop.. Mmm.. OMG YESS” she cried as I pulled the gusset to one side and started to lick and suck on her protruding labia lips, she was wet, very wet and I just took two fingers and slipped them easily into her wet hole,
“Oh my fucking god, get them finger out of.. OMG! YESS!! Oh Fuck, you dirty fucking.. OH Fuck YESS!” she cried as my fingers went in up to the knuckle, “STOP, STOP RIGHT NOW” she cried out and I removed my fingers and put my hands under her arse pulling her closer to my face as my tongue took over,

My tongue went in deep as my hands squeezed her arse cheeks probing and searching for her little button arsehole, her body shook as she reached orgasm and her juices sprayed my face and ran down to her arse offering much needed lubrication for my probing finger
“YOU BASTARD!” she yelled as she grabbed my head forcing me even closer and as my mouth sucked on her clit she shook again to another wet and messy orgasm; this girl could squirt and she screamed out again.. “YES, YES, OMG YESS!” she screamed and feeling my cock coming back to life I pulled up.

“Are you fucking done now? You dirty pervert” she cried and I certainly wasn’t as I got closer and with my cock in hand edged it closer to her hairy muff and teasingly I rubbed it all around her gaping hole.
“Oh NO!, don’t you fucking dare.. you’re not going to fuck… OMG! OMG!” she screamed as I pushed my cock deep into her wet hole.
It went in very easy and I was right up to my nuts pushing hard and I felt her cunt muscles tighten,
“Get that disgusting thing out of me right now.. OMG!, Oh Yes!, Oh YESS!” she screamed as I felt her warm juices splatter against my balls as she reached yet another orgasm.
With my hands still under her arse and one finger deep inside it I started to pump her hard, building up a rhythm and thrusting hard but her potty mouth would not stop,
“Get the fuck off me.. GET.. OH MY GOD!.. YESSS.. OMG! FUCKING YESS!” she cried as I hammered her into the sofa, she started to buck with my thrusts and the sloppy sounds echoed around the room in the silent night
“DON’T YOU FUCKING CUM IN ME” she shouted, “I don’t want that disgusting mess in me”

“TOO FUCKING LATE BITCH!” I shouted back as I felt my seed shoot deep inside her belly,

“OH NO, OH GOD NOO!” she cried as I felt her push closer to me so that nothing escaped,

Her muscles were still tight around me as I felt two and then the third spurt shoot deep, her legs were now around my waist pulling me in as close as she could

“STOP.. GET THE FUCK OFF ME” she shouted but her grip locked me in, I couldn’t move if I wanted too and as she opened her mouth to shout something else I took the opportunity and kissed her and as our tongues met searching out each other’s mouths she murmured something but the kiss was too passionate and I felt her sucking hard on my tongue, my cock was still buried deep inside her and her legs were like a vice around my back, I couldn’t even come up for air as our mouths and bodies were locked together.

Eventually her grip loosened and I was able to withdraw my softening cock and I stood up looking down at an exhausted Cindy, she sat upright looking at my limp cock and with a droplet of cum hanging she lent forward taking my soft cock in her hands and held it up,
“You dirty fucking bastard, you fucking old pervert” she said as she held my wet sticky cock close to her mouth and before the droplet could fall she took my soft cock into her mouth pulling the skin right back and sucking the last drops from my soaked member looking up at me as she did.
“EWW!, that is disgusting” she said tasting the mix of juices on my cock before laying back on the sofa.

To Be Continued…

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