The Life of Giving : Chapter 5 : Obligations

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The Life of Giving : Chapter 5 : Obligations
After the great drama and even greater reconciliation, we‘ve continued our life in a weird loop of personal respect and disrespectful sex. Samer taught me a lot about his culture, history and religion. He also started to open up about his religion, the mysterious Islam and the way of life it prescribed. To my surprise, Muslims and Christians have a lot of things in common. Angels, personas and also some saints. But we are different way more than we are alike.

The life that we shared was very satisfying and really laid back.

It was Sunday, some few weeks after he decided to prolong his residence in my country. I went for an early service in my nearest church. Business as usual, or so I thought, until I saw Sara, the mother of my ex boyfriend and first big love, Leon. She was a good Christian woman, very dedicated to God, and also very hurt by the fact that her son was gay. She never really liked me, maybe because she couldn’t accept her sons sexuality, but she did tolerate me. After the mass, I went to see our priest and to discuss some projects including the k**s sports team. And to my surprise, she was already there. After the debriefing with the priest, I stepped out of the church, and she was waiting for me.

Sara: oh good God, I haven’t seen you in the longest time, my dear! I keep asking Leon when will you come to dinner again, but he’s so introverted lately, it’s like the only thing he does is play on that box whatever the name is, you know dear? The box?

Me: Sara, how lovely to see you! Oh surely you mean the X-Box? He always had a thing for gaming, if I recall it correctly.

Sara: yes, exactly! X-Box! You are so smart, my dear. Tell me, what happened between the two of you? You two were inseparable, and just like that Leon stops bringing you home and starts to bring some repulsive feminine bahis firmaları man birds. One even had feather earrings for God’s sake! I really miss having you around. You know I don’t really approve of your life choices, but to tell you the truth, I’d rather see you hanging out with him than those feather men. Oh, I’m talking too much! What are you doing this evening?

Me: -thinking to myself- riding that big Muslim cock, mrs. Sara.

Me: -actually saying out loud- nothing, mrs. Sara, just eating some dinner at home and going to sleep early… It’s an early start tomorrow with my job and all. Ungh, don’t you just hate Mondays?

Sara: Mondays are the worst, dear! But I will be expecting you for dinner at our apartment this evening. Nineteen o’clock, just like our God intended. Oh you still remember the address, don’t you… No, no, don’t make that face dear, I won’t take no for an answer. See you soon.

Great. So, dinner with an old lady and an unfriendly ex boyfriend instead of getting my butt savagely ****d by my wonderful bo… errrm, good friend? Wow, sounds like I really traded up. Arriving home, I can see the look in Samers eyes already. He’s thinking of jumping me at any moment now. But I do ‘t have a lot of time, I have to stop at the store on my way as well. Mrs. Sara is very petty and if I don’t bring some wine, she will get offended. I start telling Samer how I’ve met that lady and how she is the mother of my ex boyfriend, but as soon as I mentioned the word boyfriend, he got an angry look.

Samer: so you will be fucking him tonight?

Me: no, it’s just dinner.

Samer: you can’t go, end of story.

Me: why not, I promised already and I don’t have their numbers to cancel the arrangement. Can’t be rude like that and not show up.

Samer: because you have your obligations to me.

Me: and what obligations are we talking about?

Samer: you empty perabet my balls with your mouth and ass. You empty only my balls, you fucking slut. I don’t share you with white infidels. You are mine now.

Me: uhhhh, and did we ever talk about this, specifically the thing where I am yours? Plus, I’ve told you. It is dinner. I broke up with Leon a year ago. It’s nothing.

Samer: no, no, no. You are not realizing that your ass is the best ass, he still wants you, and you are a fucking slut, I know you will not be able to say no to a dick. You can’t go.

Me: that’s insane, I am going of course…

At that moment Samer throws me on the floor and starts ripping my clothes off.

Samer: well, you can’t go if you can’t walk. And I will make sure you can’t walk after I finish with your ass. You are about to be ****d. Understand?

Me: yes, I do.

Samer: I wonder what you have done with this white man. Did you also let him **** you?

Me: no…

He landed a few hard slaps across my ass cheeks with his hand and watched them flatten and bounce back to their youthful firmness as redness slightly spread across them. I moaned in pleasure. He parted my ass cheeks and spat on my pink hole. Samers cock became so engorged and rock hard that his mind had no other purpose except to ravage my ass. He just shoved his dick in hard and fast. My asshole was still very dry and resistance gave his cock a bit of fight so he couldn’t enter with his entire dick at once. I was tight. He pulled out, spat a bit more and just shoved his fat Muslim dick into my tight hole. I have let out a cry as his cock shot a pain through my ass. He then began to forcefully and quickly thrust his cock in and out of my ass. He mercilessly fucked my white asshole with vigor and held my hips as he thrust forward. My body shook every time he pounded into me. Samer leaned forward and bit perabet giriş on my neck like a dog biting his bitch.

Samer: I will breed you bitch and shoot my load deep in your hole. I’m gonna impregnate your fucking hole.

He was tiring and slowed his pace to enjoy the feeling of my tight raw ass gripping his fat cock. A few more slow thrusts and I have felt his dick becoming more stiff and pulsating. It gave me the sense that he was about to cum so I frenzy fucked his dick with my hole as a real power bottom slave. As I did it, it sent him over the top. He jammed his cock deep into my guts and pushed hard shuddering as his cock sent the first squirts of cum from his now tightly snug balls. He leaned into me even more and pushed his cock up as deep into me as he could get it, using my body to hold him up as he pressed against me and held me firm in his grip. He hung on to me using his arms wrapped around under my chest. Several gushes of cum spurted from his pulsing rock hard cock as it sent waves of sexual pleasure through me sending me into a lustful daze. I enjoyed the fact that I’m his cum dump and that he is so possessive of me. He pulled his semi hard dick out of my ass and looked at me.

Samer: now you can go.

Me: ohh, but I have to shower first.

Samer: no, no shower, no toilet. You will go like this, full of my spit and sperm. I want this weak infidel to smell me on you. If he is a man he will keep away from other mans property.

As he said that I started to cum on the floor. No dick inside of me, no hand on my dick, just the dirty visualization of what he said to me. It has never happened before. Samer looked at me and laughed.

Samer: see, there is no man except for me. You are mine.

He threw my clothes at me, I was ashamed and shocked. What the fuck just happened? How can I cum like this? And how can I go eat dinner with my ex and his mom when I can already feel Samers cum dripping down my legs? But I stood up and felt proud to be his marked bitch. I had a dinner to go to, and I will enjoy it even more knowing he’s in me. It will be our latest dirty secret.

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