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The Party
Recollections of joint birthday party for my Mistress and Our friend Molly. Mistress had released me from my slave duties for the night and I was just one of the girls, I shall therefore refer to Mistress as Annie just for this story.

The invite list was all-girl, Emma. Ellie, Justine, Molly, Rachael, Amy (Anne’s k** sister), Sarah (Annie’s new PA) Annie and me, nine in all.

The girls were invited for drinks and nibbles at four and to generally unwind. Emma had been asked to bring her Sybian for the girls to ride and enjoy.

By four all the girls had arrived. Annie disappeared upstairs and re-appeared with ‘worm’ her occasional male slave, naked apart from his slave collar and on a leash. worm was instructed to be our waiter and see to our drinks.

Presents given and after chatting for around an hour the girls were itching to get on the Sybian.

As one of the birthday girls Molly was allowed to go first. She stripped, climbed on and Emma switched the machine on. It wasn’t long before the teenager was yelling and screaming as she orgasmed noisily.

A few orgasms later then it was her mum Justine’s turn. Justine had been longing for this moment since Molly first revealed that she had ridden it at Xmas. Emma started the machine slowly at first gradually edging towards the upcoming orgasm. Emma took her to the edge, slowed it down then revved it up again. This she did a few times until Justine türkçe bahis came loudly, very loudly in fact. Another few orgasms and Justine was helped, legs shaking off the Sybian.

She was helped to the sofa next to Molly, who had worm’s face buried in her cunt, lapping up her juices. It wasn’t long before he moved onto Justine’s juicy pussy.

Gradually one by one the girls climbed aboard the fuck machine to cum over and over again.

Another newcomer Sarah was amazing, shouting and screaming as she had multiple orgasms.

Worm was certainly kept busy. We played on the machine for a few hours until it was time to shower and dress for dinner.

I chose my ultra-short see-through mini to show off my now heavily pierced cunt.

Birthday girl Molly was in the dress Justine bought her as a birthday present. Coral satin mini, very low back right down to her arse and front giving a very generous breast display.

Rachael wore a red satin dress, above knee with a side slit and plunging neckline.

Justine was in a lovely green satin dress, above the knee, side slit and very low front.

Annie had to take Sarah shopping for her dress. Red see-through, very short and the obligatory low neckline.

Annie herself wore one of her favourites, coral mini with a plunging back and front.

Amy chose a white strappy transparent number, skin tight with high neck and low back.

Ellie wore a short see-through micro-mini, canlı poker oyna same as mine but in red.

Finally, Emma in her sexy white strappy dress, see-through, skin tight and a low back.

All with stilettos and hold-up stockings, underwear of course was prohibited.

Annie had booked a table for us at our favourite pub just down the lane. worm was locked in the cage to await our return and off we went to the pub.

The bar and waiting staff were queuing up to help us off with our coats and to ogle my sexy companions sexy near naked bodies.

A delightful meal as always then back home to play.

Annie led us up to the playroom. worm was peering out from behind the bars of the cage temporally blinded by the sudden change from darkness to light.

I popped down to kitchen to collect a couple of bottles of Sancerre.

When I returned the girls were already sitting naked either on the sofa or the bed.

Annie unlocked the cage and asked Emma and me to attached worm’s wrist cuffs to the hanging chains.

Annie meanwhile disappeared and returned in her leather basque and thigh boots.

I went to the toy cupboard and selected a few whips and floggers for her to use.

And so the entertainment began. Mistress took the cat o’nine tails, thrashing it through the air a few times.

Mistress started flogging worm’s bare back and arse. Not gently but full-blooded strikes, we looked on in awe at the poker oyna ferocity Mistress was using.

worm’s back was quickly becoming a patchwork of weals and marks. worm tried not to yell out, but he was unable to contain it and yelled for all he was worth.

This incensed Mistress and she laid into him even harder continuing to cut worm’s back and arse to threads.

Finally, worm’s head slumped on his chest and after one final flourish Mistress stopped.

A few of the girls were showing signs of uneasiness, I had to reassure them that this would be worm’s choice, secretly he would be enjoying it.

Mistress unchained worm and he collapsed onto the floor.

Mistress told me to tend to worm’s wounds.

When he had recovered his senses, a little Mistress told wimp to spread himself over the arm of the sofa.

Go get the strap-on Suzy you can fuck worm’s arse.

I poured lube generously over the 10”‘cock and slid it into worm’s anus. I thrust away at him as he moaned with obvious pleasure.

“Fuck the little sissy girl harder, make him scream”

And so I did until worm was whimpering but not asking for me to stop.

Next up was Sarah, she slipped the strap-on around her waist and continued worm’s fucking.

Then the other girl’s all took turns in abusing his tortured arse.

When the last girl had finished, worm was dragged bodily back to the cage.

We then split up into groups of three and disappeared into three bedrooms for the night.

I started with Justine and Rachael but after a while two girls would be replaced by two more until everyone had experienced all the others.

Finally around 4am we drifted off to a contented sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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