The Stepsister Part 8

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The Stepsister Part 8

~~Start of Part 8~~

I look at both of them with a smile on my face, but am turning a little red again, “Are you two sure you want to try this?” “This was always one of those things in school that freaked out all the girls, some guy wanting to get ahold of their panties…”

They both look at me and move up next me at the head of the bed and sit one on each side. Sis lays the pair of panties on my left leg and makes sure they are spread out just right. She looks at me as Mandy is wrapping up on my left arm and says, “Sexual interests are a very personal thing, what turns on one person may entirely kill another person’s sexual desire. Many will not admit it, but we know psychologically, that smell is a major player in many things in life from all the studies they have done on it in the past 100 years or so…Smell has a direct path to your brain and is transmitted very quickly.”

Sis knows me too well, the way to get me past something is to lay it out in a logical and scientific way that I will mull it around and then either accept or reject it on my own personal experiences….years later in our lives, Sis tells me that she is not at all surprised that I went on and gathered up several degrees in college include a few graduate degrees.

I sit there thinking on this for a little while and am flipping through all the biology classes and everything I have read on my own about this topic. I finally accept her proposal and logic and then say, “OK, so both of you are not grossed out or turned off by this peculiar interest I have in both of you?”

Sis looks over at me in the eyes and says, “No, not at all.” Mandy is next and looks me in the eyes also and says, “No honey, I actually think it is very exciting and romantic that something only I can do for you personally is so deeply important to you. No other woman will smell or taste the way I do, or for that matter the way your sister does.” “Biological chemistry is different even with identical twins.” My mind wanders a little as I consider how sis and Mandy know so much about this…but that is not the question at hand right now.

I look at them both and say, “ok, this is really something that excites me…but if either one of you gets uncomfortable, we stop ok?” They both nod in agreement and look almost excited to get going on this little game Sis has brewed up. “So, how are going to do this?”

Sis and Mandy look at each other and quickly meet up at the foot of the bed facing away from me as they have a little confab to decide how they are going to set this up in a similar way to what Sis had done so many years ago. As they were shuffling down to the bottom of the bed sis looks back at me and says, “and no playing with him mister…we might need him as a prop, and I don’t want you right on the edge as we start ok?” I agree.

They are whispering back and forth and I am just sitting there with these two beautiful women trying to come up with a way to recreate something that was a momentous time in my life and I am just staring at their beautiful butts, that are naked of course, and both them have their legs spread slightly apart so I am getting a very nice view of each of their amazing pussies from behind, with their beautiful cheeks spread just enough I can even see their cute little holes.

Sis looks over her shoulder and says, “HEY! I said no playing with him!” and frowns at me slightly…I had not noticed but just sitting there looking at these two was giving me a pretty good hard on and I was probably about ¾ of the way to a full-on erection. I look at sis and shrug my shoulders and say, “I am sitting here looking at two cute asses with their beautiful pussy’s showing…what do you expect…?” Sis looks over at Mandy and can see she is laying the same way and says, “oh hell…one second we will take care of this. They both slide under the bedspread and giggle a little now that they are completely covered, and I cannot see them anymore.

They finally finish up their planning session and come back up to the head of the bed and lay next to me on either side. I said, “ok ladies, what is the plan here?”

Mandy looks at me and says, “this is going to take some preparation time honey, so here is the plan…” She gives me the highlights of what they want to do and asks if I am good with that idea…
I tell them ok and they start setting everything up.

As suggested I am a prop for the entire thing to start out, Sis is going to leave us alone for little while and wants me to jack off while Mandy watches me and is also playing with herself at the same time to get the first one or two cum sessions completed. Once she has done that then Sis will come back in and her and I will have a long sexual escapade in front of Mandy while she is playing with herself only again.

I agree and Sis slides out of the room as Mandy and I get ready to start this plan in motion.

For my part it was easy, I am sitting there looking at Mandy with her legs spread and feet on the bed as she is playing with her clit and nipples. I start to slowly stroke my partner and just continue to watch her as she does the things, she personally knows, will elicit an orgasm for her and is watching me sliding my hand up and down on my cock. This is actually pretty fun getting to watch a woman play with own pussy and not getting yelled at for it. I take serval mental notes as to what she is doing and lock them away in my brain for future use. One note is she really likes to play with her butt while her nipples are being pinched or caressed, so I put a star by that!

I surprised myself by making it though her first orgasm without cumming yet and she was really turned on by the fact that I am still stroking my shaft as she comes down from her orgasmic pleasure…she now starts talking with me. “So, tell me about this little obsession with your sisters panties and what it let up to honey…”

That one caught me off guard and I stopped stoking for a second and was considering my response to her when she said, “Sweetie, I know you have been lusting after her for years, you do not need to be ashamed of it with me, I just want to work it in to my own little fantasy here ok?”

I figured hey, that sounds about right to me and something I would do, so I started telling her about what I used to like to dream about doing with sis back then… “At first it was mainly just thinking güvenilir bahis şirketleri about how great it would be if I could just sneak in her room at night and watch her lay there sleeping as I was stroking my cock, knowing she would not wake up and start yelling at me or something and that would be the most amazing thing in the world.” “Then I found those panties and that changed everything…I knew there was something different about them but did not know what, I was still pretty young, but I could tell they looked much different and seemed really wet.”

“Since this was the first time, I had found any like this, I figured if I was going to get busted for something this was the time to take a chance. I quickly grabbed them and put them under my shirt and then high tailed it out of her room and down to the other end of the hall and the safety of my room.” “When I got there, I could tell they were really wet and started looking at them more closely. These were new and at first I thought…uh oh, these are too expensive for sis and I had a pair of moms…that would not have been good.” Mandy giggles a little as I continue, “but I could tell once I looked closer they were sis’s size and I figured might as well see if they were for sure, so I brought them up to my nose and I could tell instantly they were sis’s, but they had a new and different smell to them.” Mandy says, “yeah the smell of you making her cum in them!”

My cock responded well to that and Mandy could tell too, so I continued “I was very curious at this point so I figured these were sis’s and I had always wanted to taste her pussy really bad, so I put my tongue out and let it ride along the center seam of those beautiful panties.” Mandy moaned a little and I could tell she was really getting excited now, so I continued “I did not know it at the time but I was tasting her amazing sexual expressions, and suddenly my little boner seemed much harder than it ever had before when I was doing this…”

Mandy moaned a little louder and was really working on her nipples now and had one of Sis’s little vibes now working feverishly at her swollen clit. Her whole body was now twisting around as she was getting very close to her climax.

I started back up, “So I figured I might as well take it out and play with it and get that good feeling with it again, I laid down on my bed and pulled my shorts and underwear down and started to move my hand up on down on it like I have a few times before, but this time something new happened …my hand was getting wet. I stopped, thinking something was wrong, but it was not pee, it was something clear and very slick, but I had never experienced it before, so I was curious.” “I continued to smell and lick at the crotch of her panties and eventually I had a very new feeling that I had never had before either. It felt like I was almost going to pee, but I could tell that was not it, and then out of nowhere this large amount of white stuff came shooting out of my dick, I was getting light headed and seeing stars as my dick continued to pump this white stuff out of me.”

Mandy was now at full throttle and moaning very loudly and she plunged the little vibe into her wet and glistening pussy as I was telling her about my boyhood dick play.

I was watching her for a short while and then it all came over me at once and I could tell I was going to cum very soon. I told Mandy, “Sorry hon, you are too much for me right now I am going to cum hard…” I let out a loud moan as I released a very large load of that white stuff, I was telling her about, and she let out a small scream as her entire body tensed up and she actually squirted in a very similar way to how Sis does. We both laid there for short time recovering from our amazing no physical contact sex we had just had together…it was amazing we were able to do that, in my mind, and how real it felt.

Sis came in now and came over and sat next to me on the bed, she could see that I had just shot quite a load of cum all over myself and the bed and she leaned down and licked some of it off my chest and looked at me with very devilish eyes and said, “See, I told you it would work honey. Look at her over there.” Mandy was laying there with this amazing look of a very satisfied woman and looking at both of us with loving eyes.

Sis moved up on to the bed next to me and asked Mandy if she could see ok? Mandy said yes, she could. Sis told her to let her know when she was recovered enough and thought she could cum again and Mandy said, “go, go, I got plenty of this saved up!” Sis and I both laughed a little and she began to talk to me.

She started stoking my now limp and lazy cock with her beautiful hand and she looked at me and said, “You did not know this at the time bro, but you were not the only in our house dreaming of the other one.” This got a response from my cock as it started to grow again. “I caught you one time on one of your little secret missions into my bedroom.” I looked at her in shock and said, “but I never got yelled at…” she looked me in the eye and said, “that is because I was seeing if you felt the same way I did or not bro.” She continued, “This was right before you found those pair of panties right there on your beautiful girlfriend…”

I flipped through every memory I had of being in Sis’s room and there it was…the day before…sis looked at me and said, “you remember it don’t you?” I nodded my head yes and turned a little red in the face again. Sis looked at me and said, “why don’t you tell us what you remember hon…”

I took a big gulp, and figured this has been going well so far so I started telling them, “I made it home before you that day as usual, since you were probably talking that guy that was always trying to come over to our house but Dad would not let anywhere near the block, let alone set foot on our property…” Sis nodded in agreement, “I figured I had some time since he was probably trying to get you to show him your boobs or kiss him so I made sure little bro was distracted outside with his friends and I made my way to your room. I opened the door and half expected you to be sitting there waiting to yell at me because I did not leave something in the right place that last time I was in here.”

Sis grins at me, confirming that she had figured out I was going into her room every so often and having tipobet a look around. I continued, “So I went in and noticed that all of the clothes in your laundry basket seemed to be s**ttered out all over the floor by it.” Sis said, “yes I did that on purpose for you so you could have a look at all of my little panties and see if you liked any of them.” My dick grew harder in her hand she could tell I was getting excited by this.

“So, I figured this was my lucky day, I did not have to worry about how things where sitting in the basket or anything…I could just browse around at all of these beautiful little things you had on your body right next to that thing that was driving me crazy at night thinking about.” Sis, nods and says, “your little boy dick was not that small you know, right? It was at least as big as all the boys in high school that were trying to get me to suck on theirs. But yours did not have all that gross hair all over it, it was very cute and clean looking.” With that sis got a little help for her stroking when I started to dribble a little precum for her. Mand noticed it too and I could hear her moan a little and the high pitch noise of that little vibe starting up again.

I looked at sis and said, “when did you catch me?” She laughed and said, “oh every time you went to the bathroom for starters Mr. Whip it out and piss with the door open…” She laughed a little as did Mandy and I was stunned again (starting to be a regular feeling for me now…) I continue, “So, I started going through all of your panties laying there and I notice that some of them had a little white spot on them right about where your pussy would be sitting, so I figure…Humm that is interesting. I picked one of those pair and was looking at them when I noticed they seemed to smell, not anything bad, but I could tell there was something different about the ones that had this white spot in them…”

Sis looks at me and says, “Those were the ones when I would catch you standing there in the bathroom with the door wide open and holding your dick and flipping it around as you were peeing…” I smile at her and she continues, “I had a perfect view from my bedroom with the door mostly closed and knew you would never look that way when you were peeing so I would stand there and watch you rub your cock as you were just about done to make sure you got it all out and I noticed that when I watched you do this I would get a wet feeling in my panties. I asked a few girls at school if they had ever noticed their panties getting wet if they saw a guy, they liked…all of them told me yes, it was normal and not to be worried, it was just your body letting you know it was liking something you were looking at.”

Sis noticed that the head of cock swelled up when she told me that and continued, “So I figured since I was pretty sure you were going in my room, why not let you know I was enjoying it too…” I leaned over and gave sis a kiss and she said so continue… “Well I don’t know why, but I figured this was going to be my only opportunity to ever have anything that was so close to your amazing pussy near me so, I decided to smell them and then I licked that little white spot.”

Mandy moaned a little now and I could tell she was getting really worked up again sitting here listening to me telling my sister about how I had snuck in and smelled her panties when we were younger… Sis now put my hand on her wet pussy and nodded at me to go ahead and play with her too, and I continued, “I was hooked on you sis, it smelled very sexy and wonderful to me and tasting that little while spot was even better. It was something that you had in your body and had left on your panties…it was really amazing to me…”

Sis and Mandy both moaned at the same time and kind of chuckled as it was not planned out or anything. Sis is very wet now and I notice that she is rubbing her nipples with her hand I look at her and say, “Do you and Mandy think she would like to see what it looks like with me going inside you from where she is behind us?”

Mandy immediately blurts out, “Yes Mandy would like to see you inside your sister now!” so sis and I both have a quiet laugh and I move down on the bed as sis moves over me and gets me into position and says to Mandy, “Do you want me to ride him, or you want me to lay down on him and have him pumping into me?”

Mandy lets out a low moan and says, “lay on him so I can see him thrusting into you with every deep push he makes…please….” So sis get me just inside her lips and then leans forward towards me which causes all of her long blond hair to d**** down over both of us in a kind of shroud and she whispers to me as she looks me in the eyes, “it’s ok if you fuck me hard this time honey, we are doing this for Mandy to get her off and I think she would like to see you manhandle me a little…”

I look in her eyes and she is giving me the ok to get a little rough with her…so here I go…I grab her butt in both of my hands and spread her cheeks apart just as I make a very long and deliberate thrust up against her hips and I very quickly vanish into her amazingly wet and soft love canal. She is able to take me in fully and it feels incredible as I get ready to unleash a little with her.

I lean up a little and brace myself with one arm and I grab her beautiful hair with the other hand and pull back just a little, not hard, but enough that her head moves back and is now facing up towards the ceiling and she lets out a little whimper as I take a down stroke and then quickly ram back up against her hips with a good bit of force. Her pussy clamps down around my cock and I look at her and ask if she is ok…

I release her hair and she looks at me and says, “I am not a china doll honey, I am not going to break if you get a little rough with me… Give Mandy a good show, hon!”

With her reassurance I decide to do what she asks and I give her a good smack on her ass cheek and it gets an immediate response from her pussy as she clamps down on me as hard as Mandy did the other night and she lets out a little whimper again. She says out loud, “I was bad punish me…” That did something to me and I immediately start to thrust in and out of her pretty fast and she begins to moan loudly. I am now working pretty hard at this as we are both bouncing pretty good on the bed and sis is moaning and egging me tipobet giriş on with things like, is that all you have honey…harder, harder…

I can hear Mandy in the background, and she is very close to coming, I can tell by her moans and breathing. Sis’s tits are now bouncing around in front of my face pretty quickly as I am putting everything I have in to treating her as roughly as I can from this seated position. I look at sis and she is enjoying this and she notices me looking and we slow the tempo a little and she has that questioning look on her face…I tell her “you think you can take me in your butt right now?” She thinks for minute and says… “let’s try I bet that would send Mandy right over the edge seeing you going in me that way…

We slow down to almost not moving and Mandy says, “don’t stop I am very close…please…”

Sis gets off me and swings around and looks back at Mandy and says, “we have a little surprise for you honey!” Mandy looks at her with a questioning face and then she catches on as she sees me stand up on the bed and sis bends over with her ass up in the air. Mandy says, “you are not going to…” I cross my fingers and rub all of sis’s love juice around my cock and grab some more from her dripping wet pussy and put it on the head of my dick.

Sis pulls her cheeks apart and her little hole is open just enough that I think we might have a chance at this, I line up very carefully and slowly point my cock down at her cute little hole and put a little pressure on it. Fuumph, the head of my cock slides right into her with very little effort. Sis lets out a loud moan as I start to slowly move the head of my cock up and down in her pretty little butt. I now get into it a little more and say, “you know what the punishment is for being a bad girl don’t you honey?”
Sis picks right up on my prompting and says, “yes, I have to take you all the way in my little hole, so I remember not to do it again…”

Mandy is now at a fever pitch in her corner of the bed watching and listening to us putting on this little play for her.

I put my hand on sis’s lower back and she grabs it with both of her hands, and I start to slowly slide in a little further. Sis moans a little and says, “but do I have to take it all the way in? it is so thick…” I pick up the que and say, “yes you do honey, you were a very bad little girl…” Sis whimpers a little… and I slide a little more into her. That gets a long low moan from sis as she is actually opening up nicely for this only being our second time trying this together!

Sis is now enjoying this quite a bit and she pushes up on to me and says, “arghhhh, it feels so good, fuck me!” I can tell that she is not in pain as she is holding on to my hand with one of hers still and she has not grabbed me in pain, so I decide to try a little more and faster with her.

We have both managed this pretty well for not really being able to talk to each other for Mandy’s benefit of the show and I am now sliding in and out her very easily and sis is enjoying it quite a bit, if the large puddle of cum below her pussy is any indicator…

I now smack her butt again and say, “have you learned your lesson little girl?” Sis says, “yes, I am sorry and will never do it again…” I take one last downward thrust and figure Mandy might like to see me cum, so I pull all the way out of sis and explode on her butt that is still standing up in the air. Sis moans loudly as she was playing with her clit and a large stream of her love juice drizzles out onto the bed below her. I look back at Mandy and she has her entire corner of the bed soaked with her cum and is kind of laying, there, half with us and half not.

Sis and I recover pretty quickly as we were just the bit players in her little show, it was Mandy that was really worked up hard and trying her best to cum in massive amounts to set up the stage of our little game. She slowly comes back to us and I am laying there next to her caressing her soft skin with my big bear paw…being careful not to hit any area that might send her back into a massive orgasm as I can tell she is about spent.

Mandy looks over at me and rolls over a little and gives me a kiss. She says, “that was amazing you two…wow! I have never cum that hard in my life.” I look at her and say, “I know honey, we are laying in all of your cum now and smile at her.” She looks around a little and says, “wow I have never cum like this before, not with a guy or even when I have tried to by myself before…”

Sis comes over and says, “Mand, we need to try and take those little things off of you now…do you think we can, or do we need to wait?” Mandy shivers a little and says, “go ahead and try, but might be better if you do it Sis, I might get a little hot watching big guy here pulling panties off me…” she has a little schoolgirl giggle slip out of her. Sis manages to get them off her without too many issues, there were a few shutters from her as she started to pull them off initially and they were sticking to her beautiful lips and they got tugged at slightly, but everything worked out fine.

Sis looks at Mandy and says, “well I think even bro got into this pretty good for you and that last little bit with the anal there, that was all his idea…he thought you might like to see his cock entering me that way and he came up with all the talk…I was just following his lead.”

Mandy looks at me and sits up on the bed and says, “Thank you honey, I could tell you were really trying to give me everything I needed, and it was very sweet!” She leans over and give me a very deep and passionate kiss. She looks over at sis and says, “He fully trusts us both now hon, I can tell it in the bottom of my heart, he was really trying to make that as special as he could for me. He even told me about when he started smelling your panties and what it did to him…It was genuine and done for me. Thank you both so much!” Sis looks at me and says, “that is the way to make a woman love you little bro…make her enjoyment more important that your own and she will see it and recognize it. That also means she will do everything in her power to give you the same respect and enjoyment…” I file that away in the important vault in my head and put stars all over it… She continues, “no matter what happens in the future, we all have this very special moment we shared together.” Sis leans over and gives Mandy a hug and kiss.

Little did I know at the time, that was a big test for me to pass with these two women, as they had much more excitement instore for me in the next few weeks before I left to go to my first duty assignment…

~~End of Part 8~~

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