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The teacher
It was over, this time she had had it!
Luckily Anja had her own tiny apartment in a boring Copenhagen suburb. She had just turned 19 and worked at the local supermarket while she waited for something better to show up. Like a job in fashion or a job at a cafe or something exiting.
It was Friday night a little after 7 and she was walking home from work. She had the weekend off, but since her ex had moved out, she had spend most of her salary on boring things like rent.
She lived on a street that had apartment-blocks on one side and nice single family houses on the other, and in order to get the last few rays of spring sun, she was walking there. She came from another part of town, but she knew that her old teacher from the last 4 years of primary school was living there. She also knew that he had recently been through a divorce. Most of the girls from her class had had a minor crush on him. He had the right mix of being funny and being stern too. Also, his temples were greying in just the right way. She had often thought about dropping by. She glanced up his garden path and her heart nearly stopped!
He was less than a meter from the gate!
“Oh, Hi, Anja!”
“Hi Eric, going out?”
“Nah, just going to get cigarettes…and you?
“I…i was kinda hoping you would invite me in for a beer or something” she said and flicked her smile on. She could do that, she had not been his pupil since she left school, almost four years ago. Eric put his hand on the gate. She put her hand next to his, let her little finger touch his, for just a brief second or so.
“Ehh” he said and looked surprised, to say the least.
“Well, since i´m broke and because I kicked my ex boyfriend out, I am not doing anything…I can be back in…15 minutes…
He held her gaze for a few seconds.
“Besides, I am so done with boys my age…
Eric put his hand on top of hers for the briefest on moments.
“Well,“he began.
“Good, fifteen minutes….”
And before he could say or do anything, she turned around and hurried home. She had a quick shower, making sure she didn´t get her hair wet. Then she jumped into the first thing both sexy and clean. Besides, he was living so close that she could run home and change in no time, should it be necessary.

She was short of breath as she walked up the path towards the house. There was a dark spot on the door where the brass sign had been, now there only was his name on a white sticker. She rang the doorbell.
“Hi again” he said as he opened the door.
“Hi Eric,” she said and flicked her wide smile on, “are you seeing some one new?”
“Well, you don´t waist time on small talk, now, do you?”
She embraced him. She was not very tall, just under 160 centimetres plus the few the heels of her booths added. Not enough to kiss him. He pushed the door shut behind them and placed his hand on her back, high up, but still kind of intimate.
“Why are you in such a hurry, Anja?
He broke free of her, but took her hand and let her into the large dining kitchen. Every thing looked new, except the dining table and the three different chairs. He had opened a bottle of red wine.
“I heard that you divorced…i also knew that you lived somewhere around here..
“Yeah, she found some one from her work…
He let go of her hand and poured the wine. She opened her coat, took it off and hung it over one chair. She was wearing a thin white blouse over a short leather skirt. She knew that he could see that she was not wearing anything under the blouse.
“But no, I am not seeing any one new” he said and handed her a glass. They drank. Then he took her hand again.
“Okay, I was with Dan from my class until two weeks ago..Turns out that he has been seeing some one else for the last 5 months, so that is completely over…I´ve sometimes…thought about having a…, then, we met today…
He put his glass on the table and put his hand on her hip.
“Also..He was never very…imaginative in bed…never wanted to…experiment” she added and put her glass on the kitchen counter. Eric cleared his throat. His voice suddenly seemed deeper when he spoke:
“Let me guess…you need the..firm hands of a mature man….am I right, Anja?
There was a certain authority to his voice. It was the voice he had used on the few occasions where he had had to get the class to be quiet.
“What do you mean by…firm?” she asked and tried to sound innocent. He took a drink of wine.
“If you don´t know, Anja…there is only one way to find out…
She gasped. Then she took a small step back, found her glass and caught his eyes over the rim of the glass.
“Will you…restrict my…freedom?
She drank a little. To her surprise, he pulled a chair out and sat down. As if they were having an ordinary conversation.
“Can you turn around for me, please..?
She nodded and turned her back, Looked at him over her shoulder.
“Are older men always this demanding?” she asked. Her cheeks had gained colour.
“I am not being demanding….i merely asked to see you behind without risking imprisonment…But I can do demanding…
Anja gasped once more. She was facing him against and leaning against the kitchen counter, glass in hand.
This…excites you…I can see your nipples through your blouse…
She had to suck on her lips, to prevent herself from smiling widely. Her ex had never talked to her like this.
“How long will this take?”
“Does it really matter?…you have nothing better to do anyway and my guess is that you are tired of five minute-sex anyway…
“Have you been talking to Dan?
“No, but I can vaguely remember how it is to be a teenager..
This made her laugh.
In spite of the situation, she felt safe with him.
“I just should have had the experience I have now back then…Do you want to take your skirt off, young lady?
“Now?!?” she gasped and nodded.
“Yes, if you want to..
She looked away, put the glass at the far end of the counter. Then she half turned away and began to open the skirt. The leather creaked as she wiggled to get it off.
“Seems like I forgot to put my undies on…
Bending her knees, she picked the skirt up and folded it carefully before putting it on top of her coat. Then she leaned back against the counter, crossing her legs at the ankles and folded her arm under her breasts. Eric drank a little wine, the lit a cigarette.
“It´s a Friday night…You should be out there turning all the boy´s heads, Anja…
“I already told you, I am done with boys…at least for now…can I have a cigarette?
“Do you really deserve one?”
Her jaw dropped, but there still was türkçe bahis that hint of a smile on her lips. Then he took his eyes off her body, as he pored more wine into his glass. Somewhere in her coat pocket, her phone began to play the ringtone she had chosen for Dan. The first few tones made her frown, apart from that, she ignored it.
“Impressive…Not many your age can let their phones be…
“I know who is calling and I know why,” she said with a shrug that made her breasts jump a little. Eric shook a cigarette out and held it towards her. She came closer, bent down and took the cigarette with her mouth and then looked at him. He picked up his plastic lighter and lit it for her, not breaking the eye contact. Anja inhaled, then stood back up and finally broke eye contact when she walked over to get her half empty glass. The sound her booths made on the floor were the only sound in the kitchen. She glanced at him, over her shoulder.
“You are doing very well, for some one new to this,” he said, his voice as calm as ever, “ now come here and sit…
She pulled a chair out.
“No, on the table, please…
With the glass in hand, she stood up on the seat of the chair, then sat on the table, mermaid-like, half fronting him. Gasped and then began to laugh, when he put his hand on her thigh, on the outside, but high up. There was no curtains in the kitchen. Through the window, she could see the complex (though not the exact block), where she had her tiny apartment.
“Sit up, please…
She nodded and sat up, very straight. Her legs were together and her hands were on her thighs. He had both his large, warm hands on her wide hips, just under her shirt. She took a large drag on the cigarette, then killed it in the ashtray.
“Been to work today? He asked.
“Yes. I got off at seven…
“Then you must be tired…you can rest your legs on my shoulders…
She began to giggle, but she slowly placed her lower legs over his shoulders. Then she leaned back on her elbows and looked at him.
“Do you like to have you little pussy licked…?
“Yes, of cause!
He moved his chair closer to the table, but still sat straight.
She knew that he was teasing her.
“Can I have my…pussy licked..?” she asked and for some reason she had made her voice lighter, younger, for this occasion. The she spread her knees briefly, letting him get a free view of her for a few seconds. Eric turned his head and kissed her ankle, just above where her booth ended.
“I have done all you asked me to do, haven´t I?” she asked.
“That is true…
He kissed her knee. She thought about telling him how their sex life had died out and how it had been ages since she had had sex that was just OK.
“Please…lick my pussy” she said, her voice her normal voice this time. He emptied his glass, then slowly bend down over her. She parted her legs for him, but crossed her ankles behind his neck. She realized that he had not even kissed her. She could feel his breath on her skin. Like most young women her age she shaved. Her former teacher was kissing the skin where her pubic hair had been. Or where the stubbles had been the same morning, before work.
“Let´s agree on one thing, Anja” he said, calm as ever.
“If we are to through with this, it is your job to please me, not the other way round…
She interrupted him with her loud gasp. He was certainly not trying to hide much for her. He kissed her lower lips once, then he lifted his head.
“If you want someone to watch Netflix with, you should go out and find a nice boy your own age..i will be demanding…
She put her hand on his neck and met his eyes. She had seen about 20 minutes of the first “50 shades” movie (after work, so she had fallen asleep). She had also searched the internet for more adult contend, especially in the last few weeks.
“Just sex?” she asked with a shy little smile. She was running her finger through his hair in a soft, almost loving way.
“Something like that…But as I said, I will be demanding, Anja…
“Wait, don´t I get a..a, stop-word or something?”
“Do you need one?…i mean, it was some years ago, but I was your teacher for three years…
She laughed.
“Look, I need to do my laundry this weekend…
“I have a washing machine and a dryer…and we will….evaluate every few hours
She giggled again. His fingers gently parted her pussy. She was dripping wet. She had found it easy to just do what he had asked of her.
“So…do you want to go home…or do you want to be my trainee?” he said and blew softly onto her clitoris.
“I don´t want to go home!
“I need to hear you say it, Anja…
She hesitated. Her initial plan had been a bottle of white wine and the internet. All her friends would be going out.
“Okay, I want to be your trainee…
She moaned loudly as he finally gave her clit two quick licks. Then he lifted his head.
“We will..evaluate this agreement in two hours…That is at nine fifty-one…
He put a finger up her pussy. She closed her eyes and sighed. She knew that she would come easily. The finger slipped out again and she could feel that he sat up. The fingertip danced around her anus, but without entering. Then he freed himself from her legs. She opened one eye and watched him as he rose and slowly walked around the table. He was dressed in faded jeans, a plain blue shirt and he even had a grey blazer on. He put a finger on her lips, and she could taste her own juices on it, as she began to suck on it.
“I want you to get off the table….and I want you to take the position you find is the most fitting for your new status as my trainee…
Anja rose while thinking about how to put herself. She would prefer on all four, but she was not sure that he would like that. In stead she squatted in front of him and looked up at him.
“A wise, but not very creative choice…” he said and put a gentle hand on her chin, “open my belt, please…
She was about to tell him that it was exactly that kind of things her ex never asked her to do, but she thought better of it. The belt became undone.
“Now pull it out…No, don´t open my jeans yet, silly girl..
She gasped, but did as he said. She began to fear that she was getting in the deep end now. She handed the rolled up belt towards him.
“You are not ready for that yet…maybe later
She nodded and felt confused. Was it not the sole purpose of this, to satisfy his every needs?
“Can I say something, Eric?” she asked with a voice that vibrated with anxiety.
“Yes, go on…silly girl..
He got down on his knees, so that their eyes were level. She sank.
“I am fresh tipobet out of a relationship with no sex for the last few months and before that only…bland sex…i think he only knew three positions…I want to try just about anything, but I do NOT like to be put on hold!
He had taken her hands and now he was holding both her wrists in one hand. It was a firm grip. She would not be able to get free easily.
“If I am to train you, we must take our time…
“Good..just don´t put me on hold…
He kissed her forehead gently. She tried to kiss him back, but he moved out of reach with a teasing smile. With his free hand, he reached out, opened a drawer under the counter.
“I mean it, I want to try it all…sir..
He let go of her hands and gave her two old dish towels. She looked at him. She did not understand anything.
“Cut them into stripes…i need something to tie you with…There is scissors in the drawer over there…the top one.
She nodded. Finally something to do. She got the scissors without standing up and she quickly cut the towels into strips 2 or 3 centimetres wide.
“If you need more wine before the break, now is the time…
She got her glass and emptied it in one mouthful. Then she held her hands towards him. He tied strips around each of her wrists.
“Now..turn you back, my little raw diamond…
Anja did so and had to bite her lip in order to not smile. He made her underarms be almost parallel before he tied them together. There was no way she could get free without help now.
“Now you are all mine” he said softly. Then he embraced her from behind, held her just below her breasts and kissed both sides of her neck, teasing her.
Then he rose and slowly walked around her while she sat on her knees on the floor, only wearing a see-through white blouse.
“Maybe I should call some friends…ask them to come over and help me train you” he said and leaned back against the dinner table. She gasped but she knew that he was lying. She was trying not to smile. That was not easy. She could see that he had an erection, but he contained himself, slowly refilled his glass and sipped a little wine.
“And…i am not neglecting you..i am just admiring you and your lovely body…”
She nodded. What else was there to do?
She had a hunch that she was talking a bit too much as it was already.
“Come here, slutty girl..”
Her jaw nearly hit the kitchen floor. She had in total, been with three men, though she had not been with number three yet, technically speaking. She took a few tiny steps on her knees. It was not easy to keep her balance, with her hands tied behind her back. But she managed. She looked up at him, her face no more that about five centimetres from his groin. He put his hand under her chin and his thumb in her mouth. She licked it, a little surprised, to say the least.
“You must accept some…down-time…After all, i´ll turn 51 next time…
She nodded. She realized that he was older than her parents. He let his finger slip out of her mouth. It made a wet sound. Then he opened the top button of his jeans.
“Are you sure you want to do this, Anja?
She looked up at him and nodded. There was no thing she wanted more at that moment. He opened two more buttons. She could see the head of his cock now. He was larger than Dan (but that didn´t take that much!)
“Are you my little slut?”
“Yes, Eric” she said, looking at his cock. He slowly opened the last few buttons.
“Look at me while you say it…
“I..i am you little..slut” she gasped.
“Get to work” he said and held his member to her lips. Such a demand would have made her angry, to say the least, under other circumstances. Now she could not really object. He was larger than Dan, but not super big. She looked up at him, with her mouth full, but he had his eyes closed. He had his head on the back of her head.
He pressed her head forward. She did not really have any choice. He held her let that for what felt like a long time but is probably wasn´t more than 5-10 seconds. Then he released the grip, let her be in control. While she sucked him, she kept trying to get eye contact, but unsuccessful.
Anja swallowed as much as she could, this time he did not have to hold her head. She began to wonder what she had gotten herself into. She snapped for air, when he pushed her back, letting his cock out of her reach. Then she smiled up at him. Her ex had never been able to pull away from her blow-job. That why she had rarely offered that to him. She glanced at the clock. They had been doing this for over twenty minutes already.
“Can you get up, Anja..?”
she could, but only by leaning heavily on him. He sat down and poured himself another glass of wine. He had all the time in the world. She stood by his side, facing him, only wearing her blouse and her Doc Martens booths. Without even looking In her direction, he put his hand on her behind.
“Do you still think that you can do this, my young friend?”
“Yes, Eric”
“Remember, I am a dirty old man…
She let out a deep sigh. Should she tell him?
After all, he had been her teacher.
“All my friends has tried much more than me…triangles…anal-sex…spanking…bondage…if any one, I really, really need a dirty old man to train me, Eric…The other day my friend mentioned something called Champagne-sex and I have no idea about what she meant…
“Don´t worry, we´ll get through all that…
“Good” she said. Then she sucked air in through her nose. He was pressing a fingertip against her ass-hole.
“We could start off…backwards, so to speak.” he said as the finger slowly slid up her rear. She said nothing. She knew that she had almost asked for that, but not for starters. There was, however, not much she could do.
“Spread your lovely leg for me” he said before drinking a little wine, holding the glass by its stem, like a true connoisseur. She only nodded and moved her feet apart, a little at the time. The finger grew deeper into her.
“Maybe I should save your hungry young cunt for later….much later..
She gasped loudly. It was amazing how he could contain himself and sound so cool, even now. Then he had a last sip and put the glass on the table.
“Would you like that, Anja?”
“ is you decision” she answered, a little short of breath. Then he placed his other hand on the lowest part of her belly, well below her navel. She realized that she was spreading so wide that she would have trouble getting up without help. She sighed. His hand was between her legs now.
“Mmmmmmh” she moaned as his fingers tipobet güvenilir mi opened her pussy. A brief moment he had a finger inside her pussy, then out again.
“Did you pee yourself or are you just a horny slut, Anja?
“I did not pee myself” she said, her voice somewhere between a giggle and a moan. Then he put the moist finger in her mouth, made her suck it.
“Well, does it taste like pee?”
She shook her head. Only then did he remove the finger from her mouth.
“Not that I know how pee tastes…ahhh
Eric put two fingers inside her pussy, began to fuck her slowly.
“You know, I could make you come…but that would be so wrong…because you have not done enough to earn the right to come…
Anja gasped. He would have to stop touching her soon, then. Still well over an hour to go before the first evaluation break.
Eric pressed a second finger up her rear but took the two from her pussy. Yes, he made her suck those two again.
“I would be classy if I started by fucking your ass…”he said softly, but I think it would be best if we start out slowly….Take out time with your training…
He took the fingers out of her mouth.
“I need to feel that you…own me” she said, her voice almost calm, “i mean, I have only tried…normal sex..
“Don´t be so impatient..we will get there…
“But I am impatient…Since I kicked him out, i´ve spend a lot of time on pornHub and xhamsters just to find out what my friends are talking about…
“Oh…so you do know about Champagne sex…
She said nothing for a while. She was standing with her legs spread wide and two of his fingers up her arse.
“That would really make me feel like you are owning me” she said with her eyes closed. He let his fingers slip out of her. Then his strong hands made her sit on the table in front of him. She could feel how she was blushing as she put her legs on either side of him.
“Why in such a hurry?…we have plenty of time…
“Well, it is just not very nice to be the least experienced, Eric…
He sighed, then emptied his glass in one large gulp
“I can´t do that right now…
He pulled her down onto his laps. She could feel his cock between her thighs. She wanted to kiss his mouth, but she was not sure if a trainee was supposed to do that. She rested her forehead against his and looked into his eyes.
“Lift you arse a little….
Which she did. Her mouth was wide open when he finally penetrated her pussy. She could not believe that is was actually happening, here she was, hands tied behind her back and getting fucked by her former teacher. She began to ride him.
“My trainee don´t fuck,” he said and stood up, forcing his cock deep into her, “My trainee always gets fucked…
He bend down, placed her on her back on the tabletop, began to take her. Then he took her legs, placed them over her shoulders.
“Finally..” she moaned
“You know, you talk a lot for some one in your position…” he said, fucking her with slow, forceful strokes that made her slide on the tabletop. He put two pussy-smelling fingers in her mouth, to try to make her shut up. She sucked greedily on them. She was coming already, having been neglected for several weeks, which is a long time for any horny teenager. But that did not stop him.
“Did I give you permission to come?” he asked and slapped the side of her thigh. She opened her eyes and blinked once, to let him know that it was okay. Not that there was anything she could do, if it wasn´t.
“Are you my horny little slut, Anja?”
She nodded, with her mouth full of his fingers. She had initiated this, had been pretty direct with what she wanted. Then he lifted her off the table again. He took a few steps before realizing that it would not really work that way, in spite of her relatively low weight. He put her down gently, but the took a very firm grip around her blonde hair.
“Come here, slut…
She had to follow him. Down the steep stairs to the basement, through a messy room and into a small guests bathroom that obviously had not been used very much. Sitting at her dinner-table with her laptop it had seemed like a wild a crazy idea. Now, in this bath room with its 70´s mint green sink and toilet, she was not so certain. Only one of the two lamps above the sink were working. He pressed her up against the sink and entered her from behind. She had to stand on her toes, to be tall enough. She noticed just how dusty everything was down here.
“Ah, you´re good” he mumbled, “but you have just not deserved to get my sperm yet…
He slapped her behind a few times, a bit harder than the first time, but not really hard. When he slid out of her, she took a few steps sideways, towards the shower booth with its missing shower curtain. He grabbed her hair again, pulled her head downwards. She squatted, facing him. She tried to catch his eyes, but that didn´t happen.
“Suck my slut…
It was while she had his greasy cock in her mouth that she remembered that she was wearing her almost new, expensive Doc Martens. She tried to move her feet to the side of the booth while she sucked him. Then he was out of her, wanking in front of her. She glanced up at him very quickly, Then she closed her eyes.
“You mouth was never shut in my classes,” he said. And moaned loudly. The first squirt of his sperm landed across her face before she had her mouth open. The next quirt she got in her mouth. She opened one eye and looked up at him. His eyes were still closed and he did not moan like some-one in distress, like her ex had done. Anja had never experienced any one ejaculation so much in one go. She swallowed a little and she still did not like the taste. He bend down and kissed her forehead.
“My shirt…” she said.
“We can wash it….
“But..but..what if I have changed my mind?
“Too later for that now…
“Ask for it, girl!
There was some twisted logic in everything. It would be the ideal way to mark her as his property, even if it was only temporarily. Also, it would put her ahead of her friends, even though she could not see her self ever telling anybody about it.
“Pee on MEEEE”
The last became a scream when his warm urine began to flow, landing roughly between her breasts. She looked up at him and he put a soft hand on the back of her head. The urine was hitting her throat, then it splashed on her chin. Then on her tightly closed mouth. He held her nose for a few seconds, made sure that she got a little in her mouth. It almost made her choke.
“Oh, you have talent for this, Anja…
She spat his piss out, as discrete as possible. Then she leaned towards him, kisses his penis while looking up at him. He avoided eye contact.
“Want to jump to the evaluation, Anja?”
“Okay,” she said, her voice close to sounding normal, “Now you own me…you can use me as is pleases you…
He bend over her, untied her hands.

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