The unlikely makeup artist

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The unlikely makeup artist
My name is Chris Johnson, I’m 43 years old single male. 6’6” 250 pounds. Short brown hair and a long brown and grey beard. I’m covered in tattoos and have a beer belly. I loved a good life, had a lot of fun. A bit of a maniac when I was younger but finally settled down after years of partying and fighting. I never got married but I was in a serious relationship with my fiancé until one day she left. No reason just came home from work and she was gone. This story isn’t about that cunt!

It’s about my artistic talent. My fiancé the cunt! Got me into doing her makeup. I always had a desire to be creative In anything I did. I learned how to do makeup by watching you tube . I wasn’t your typical makeup artist lol. I look like I live in a refrigerator box under a bridge.

Anyway after the cunt left I put a add on thumbtack for my service. I just always loved helping people. It’s not my full time job . I work construction, rough work. My buddies all make fun of me but their wives praise me for my talent.

I get a call one Saturday morning. Hung over I answered the phone. It was a young girl named Domino who just wanted to spend the day trying different makeup. I gave her my prices and she said she would be over in a hour. After I got off the phone I took a shower, and cleaned up all the beer cans.

A knock on the door. I opened it to see a gorgeous woman in her early 30’s 5’ 7”
145 pounds built like a brick shit house. 34DD-28-36 . She smiled. “Hi umm I’m here to see the makeup artist “
Yep that’s me come on in …

I took her jacket and hung it up. I walked her to a spare bedroom that had a makeup chair and tables and a professional makeup setup. Wow this is amazing she smiled.
But I wouldn’t peg you for a makeup artist she laughed.
Yeah I get that a lot I laughed.
I sat across from her and told her my story about how I got involved with makeup.
Her beautiful brown eyes lit up as we chatted about what different looks she was thinking about.

Chris do you know who I am? She asked
No I’m sorry I don’t, are you famous?
Yeah kinda she giggled
Like a Instagram model or something I smiled.
She laughed no I’m a actress
Oh sorry I don’t know.
It’s ok that might be better she laughed

So I went to work. Domino had on a low cut tank top. Her clevage was busting out. It honestly was a huge distraction. I had to put a smock over her.
Oh I don’t care about this shirt she smiles.
I stuttered yeah ummmm . It’s more for me than your shirt I laughed.
Oh is my breasts distracting to you? She giggled.
Yeah a bit.
She was so adorable and sweet I did her makeup in all different fashions and she loved them all.
Do you have any wine she asked?
I thought to myself it’s 10am this is my kind of girl . Yeah I might let me look.

I walked out to the kitchen and she followed me. I reached under the cabinets and pulled out 4 different bottles. bahis siteleri canlı She was leaning over the counter. She had baggy sweatpants on and her ass looked amazing, I could see down her shirt, her titts so round.
Yeah I’ll have this one! I searched for a wine glass and finally found one.
So Chris you must not drink much wine?
This isn’t no wine belly honey I laughed. She laughed hard. Your funny too she grinned.

Here have a glass of wine with me. It was red and warm I never had it before.
Cheers she said holding up her glass. We tapped glasses and I took a swig. I know I made a terrible face. I’m guessing you don’t like it she laughed.
That stuff taste like balls!
She laughed loudly. I’ve had balls in my mouth and they don’t taste like this. She smiled.
You had some good tasting balls in your mouth she giggled.
No no balls In my mouth.
Well there’s a first time for everything she giggled.
I just shook my head.

Can you make me real slutty looking?
Sure anything you want.
Oh anything? She bit her bottom lip.
Before I could answer she said I bet if you knew who I was you wouldn’t say anything.

Doubtful I smiled.
I hope you don’t mind I wore sweatpants she smiled.
No you need to be comfortable. I always wear sweatpants.
Why not now?
Well I wanna look professional.
Go put them on!
No I’m ok…
She giggled you don’t wanna wear them cause your afraid you will get hard?
I laughed you got me.
She looks at my crotch. Smiles too late!
I knew I had a boner since she walked into my house.

Go put something comfortable on Chris!
I returned wearing grey baggy sweatpants.
What took so long? She grinned
I figure you were doing one of two things…
Either jerking off or googling my name….
Neither I had to find something clean I laughed.
So you didn’t google me?
No I never even thought about it. Plus my phone has been next to you the entire time.

You didn’t jerk off ?
Hell no!
Let me see your balls!
What ? Why ?
I wanna see if they are full or not she laughed.
I’m just k**ding with you she giggled.
Let’s take a break. I need more wine. And you need a beer. She smiled.

We sat out at the countertop. I swigged my beer. Let’s talk Chris…
About what?
Anal sex!
I choked on my beer. It came out my nose.
She laughed.
No let’s talk about anything and everything.
Ok are you single? I asked
She smiled yeah I am actually why you wanna date me ?
Yeah like I’d have a chance I laughed
Ummm you would if you knew who I was…
Ok then tell me who you are!

Google me… I guess she said
Fuck google. I wanna know the real you, what google doesn’t know.
She smiled and smiled bigger.
She told me her likes and dislikes and about her family and everything. She talked for over a hour and I just listened. Watching her brown eyes and soft lips.

Ya know nobody ever asked me those things. Thank you she smiled.
It was nice learning tipobet güvenilir mi about the real you. Thanks for sharing.
Let’s sit on the couch!
I sat down and she sat next to me , facing me her knees pulled together and her feet on the couch.
So …. I have to tell you what google does know. Are you ready?
Yeah what ever you want.
Ok… I’m a adult porn actress… and…
Wow really?
Yeah but…
Hey that’s cool, that doesn’t bother me.
Chris… I’m not done!
Oh sorry.
I’m just going to say it. I’m a transgender
No way! Like you have a dick?
Yep she half smiled.
Hmmmm I would have never of guessed that I smiled.
Yeah so …. she said
Yeah so when we going on a date I laughed
You don’t care?
No I like you for you. I wanna know more about you, whatever you want to share!
She smiled really big. We talked for hours. Just both of us sharing stories of our lives.

I’m starving she giggled.
Oh yeah we been drinking and forgot to eat.
I can cook , you have any food? She giggled
She got up and started making pasta. I just sat and watched her.
So Chris do you have any questions you been dying to ask? She laughed
Actually yeah I do I smirked
Oh let’s hear it.
Do you sit or stand to pee?
She cracked up laughing. That’s your one need to know question?
Yeah I laughed
Stand mostly unless I’m out.
Ok cool.
Ok what else she laughed.
I got up and walked over to her, she turned facing me.
Do you have another question? She smiled
I’m listening she smiled.
Can I kiss… her mouth moved to mine our lips touch softly. My hands grabbed her hips and pulled her close. Our mouths open. Our tongues explore each other. Her arms wrapped around my neck. Her hands running through my hair. We made out as the pasta boiled over. The sizzling from the stove in the background, I heard it but didn’t want to let go of her.
She pulled away smiling. The pasta Chris…
Fuck that pasta!
She laughed. C’mon I’m hungry and I’m not going anywhere I promise.

We sat down to eat.
So why didn’t you feel me up? She smiled
I laughed. Don’t worry I will. I just wanted to taste you first.
She smiled.

After we ate and cleaned up, she went to the bathroom and came back smiling.
I was laying on the couch and I went to sit up. She straddled me and pushed me back down. Relax baby she whispered.
She leaned down and we started making out. My finger tips brushed against her hips softly. Under her shirt feeling her side up and down her rib cage. Her skin had goosebumps. She was so soft. I ran my hands down her hips under her pants, tracing her hip bone with my finger tips. Mmmmm she moaned in my mouth. My hands slid to the middle of her back and down cupping her perfect ass. My cock was rock hard and so was hers as she pressed hers into mine.

Her kissing turned passionately and she grinded into me. Her moans drove me crazy. I pushed her pants down around her tipobet giriş ass. Feeling her wherever my hands could reach.
My fingers tracing back over her thighs, up over her hips, and zigzag up her ribs , they reached her breasts, my palms slid up and around feeling her firm breasts to her hard nipples. She moaned as I rubbed them between my index and thumb.

She was the most beautiful woman I ever laid eyes on, the fact that she had a penis didn’t matter and I wanted her to know that.
I want to make her happy no matter what I had to do.

My hands grabbed her waist firmly and I rolled her to her back. I look down at her beautiful face as she bit her bottom lip. My mouth kissed her passionately and moved to her neck. Softly biting and sucking as I grind my hard cock into hers.
I pushed her shirt up and fondled her breasts. My mouth took over sucking her nipples as she moaned running her fingers through my hair. My hands were busy pushing her pants down. Slowly I kissed and licked down her body.
She pulled my head up.
You don’t have to Chris…
I want to…
She pushed my head back down and my mouth took her cock in. I sucked and slurped and gagged a bit, but continued to suck as she controlled my head. She moaned loudly as I continued to suck and rub my hands all over her amazing body.
Omg Chris! She moaned
I sucked harder as I felt her balls clenching.
Chris I’m gonna cum!
She tried pulling my head off but I was going all the way. She moaned and her hips bucked as I felt her cum spray my tonsils. It tasted good so I kept sucking until I got every last bit out. I swallowed it all. I returned to kiss her wildly.
We laid there for a while. I had to piss so I got up and walked in the bathroom. When I returned she was sitting up naked. Just seeing her nude I almost came.
Give me that cock! She smiled
Here sit she tapped the cushion. I sat down and she got on her knees between my thighs.
Her tongue licked up my shaft. Her eye contact was unbearable. She sucked me in never breaking eye contact. Her mouth felt wonderful it didn’t take long and I yelled I’m gonna cum. She pulled my cock out and I exploded all over her face. My biggest cum shot ever.
Omg baby that’s so much cum she giggled.
She rubbed my cock around her face and sucked the cum off. Then she pounced at me straddling my lap. We made out with my cum. Exhausted she sat next to me.

So what do you think? She smiled
I think I’m in love…
Awww your too sweet. But I meant what do you think about my cock? She giggled
Oh well I definitely love it!
Oh yeah! I wanna suck it again I laughed.
Hmmmm good she smirked.

Can I sleep over? She asked
You can move in if you want I said
She laughed.

So let’s talk about something?
Sure what?
How do you feel about anal? She laughed
Oh I’m ready!
Ok bend over she laughed
What? Oh ummm
I’m just k**ding Chris.
Oh ok but if you want to I definitely will!
Anything you want I’ll do. Anything….

Ok that’s pretty cool of you, but let’s go to bed and we will see in the morning. We crawled into bed my hand on her tit and my cock nestled between her cheeks. We fell asleep.

Here is her makeup I did .

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