Trimming the Hedge 3

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Trimming the Hedge 3
Pruning the roses in Ms Goldman’s back yard I see the window washer guy go in the back door. Later on I am mowing the lawns with the reel mower I walk passed a window that has light flashing from it. Curious I turn my head to take a look.

A young man naked with a leather mask is on his knees is sucking the biggest cock I have ever seen. The black man is in a expensive suit wearing aviator glasses. Ms Goldman has a studio taking photos of the two men. I am shocked I finish the lawns and tidy up.

I walk around to the front of the house heading to my truck, the two men are getting in to their vehicles and are gone before I reach the truck.

“Dave.” I turn to see Ms Goldman in leather pants and t shirt. ” Thanks you do a great job. Would you like a drink.” she smiles.

I have picked up my water bottle. Empty. ” Yeah. I have time for a break”

“Come in”

I follow her in the double door front entrance remove my boots and follow her in to the kitchen. Her ass moves from side to side. The long legs in tight leather pants zip at the back have my dick waking up.

She stands in front of a espresso machine ” Coffee ” her big braless tits move under the t shirt my eyes drop ” … tea, or something cold. A beer?”

I look back at her eyes ” Coffee Please” she has thick luscious auburn hair beautiful eyes and full wide lips.

“Dave you know what I do?” I work for a production company. We make videos, magazines, websites etc.. Porn is big business.”

“Ah. No I didn’t. ” last time I looked in that window a young woman was sitting on a couch legs spread being fucked by a older woman with a strapon.

“Well …” Bing! Bong! The front door bell rang. “Excuse me a moment. ” She walked to the door. I could hear the exchange of pleasantries then the noise of heels on tiles. A very attractive blonde around my age wearing a business suit( Jacket and skirt) stood before me.

“Dave. Allison. Coffee Allison”

“Yes please. First one. Hi Dave are you already in costume?” She asked smiling. Her eyes devouring me.

“Uh no. I look after the yard. Mow the lawns, trim the hedges, etc..” I stuttered.

She moved closer to stand beside me at the island as Ms Goldman made our coffees. She looked me in the eye.

“You can trim my bush any day.” She said her hand güvenilir bahis siteleri on my crotch. “Nice equipment.” She smiled.

“Umm. I have a girlfriend.” I uttered. I looked down the v of her jacket the top of two big breasts on show. Nipples stiff.

“Alli give the guy a break. He’s my gardener” She handed me my coffee.

“Thanks” I took a sip. Allison’s hand moved up and down my shaft.

“Lucky girlfriend” she teased.

“Dave tell her to stop if you feel uncomfortable” I’m a big guy tall muscular build in a singlet and footy shorts. I felt like a sex toy pulled out of a draw to be used.

Bzzz. Bzzz. A mobile vibrated on the table. Ms Goldman picked up the phone and looked at the screen. “Shit. Shit.”

“Trouble in paradise. Michelle” Allison asked.

“No. The male you were supposed to work with is sick. What the fuck do I do now.”

“What about Dave. $1000 for getting your pubes shaved, a blow job, and anal.” Allison laughed jokingly I thought. Her hand moving faster on my throbbing cock. I breathed heavily as her hand moved inside my shorts down the waist band. “Well Dave!”

She turned yanked my shorts down to my knees revealing my large throbbing erection and wild bush.

“Perfect candidate!”

“Dave would you?” Michelle’s eyes begged.


“Come on it will be fun. You get tidied up. A blow job. Anal. And get $1000 cash” Allison now on her knees before me stroked my shaft and massaged my balls. Pre cum leaked from the head. Her finger swiped it up and went in her mouth. What the fuck.


She opened her mouth her head bobbed on my cock her tongue and teeth teased, stimulated me. As she opened her mouth wider to deep throat me I blew my load. Only so much a man can take.

“Mmmmmmmm. ” she swallowed and continued her clean up.

“Stop there Allison otherwise I will have nothing to photograph.”

After the coffees and phone calls we moved to a large family bathroom. I was told to shower and wait for them.
Michelle set up the lighting and Allison stripped and got in the shower she lathered up her breasts and stomach. Turned her back to me bent over and pushed her fingers up her asshole. She pumped her arm in and out until she had her whole hand in. She came squirting all over the glass wall. Fuck me.

She turned casino oyna washed off the soap and hopped out. “Towel ” I got up and handed her a towel.

“I’m ready” Michelle stood video camera in hand. “Dave remove the towel. Go out the door walk in run a bath and get in. Ok”


“Alli you know what to do”

Everybody moved to where they should be.


Dave walked in to the bathroom bent over turned the tap to fill the bath. Michelle followed him camera at shoulder height. They repeated it at knee height. Dave became very self conscious with the camera recording everything. Sitting on the edge of the bath. He watched as Allison walked in a little black dress. Her boobs straining the garment.

Allison walked to the cabinet above the double sink bench opened the door removed the scissors and shaving gear and moved over to Dave.

“Lie on the mat please sir”

Dave moved to the floor. Lay on his back and watched as Allison cut off the surplus hair around his balls and penis. She used a shaving brush to moisten the hairy patch, rubbed shaving soap in, her other hand stroked his shaft, the brush was used lather up the soap her other hand continued jerking him off. When Allison put the razor in her hand the other squeezed his prick firmly. She shaved around his balls then his sac. Taking her time she did the base of the shaft then his balls again pushing his legs back.

“Hold them back” he did as instructed. Her soapy fingers lathered up his crack, finger circled his asshole then went in. The camera was looking over Allison shoulder as Allison put a finger in his butt. It felt strange. She shaved the rest of the hair off then used a damp flannel to clean up.

“Get in the bath” Dave got up and moved in to the bath. The water was tepid. Allison got in to the large bath the water had a bubbly foam surface. Allison stroked his cock with a devilish grin on her face. After Michelle had filmed from a variety of angles he was told to sit on the end of the bath. Allison moved to suck his hard cock her head bobbed up and down. When he was throbbing in her mouth she turned around and backed up to Dave wiggling her sexy bottom.
The water level and foam only showed the top of her butt and the water lapped at her asshole.

“Fuck her slot oyna asshole. Put your cock in slowly, all the way” Dave followed Michelle’s instruction. “Pull out. Repeat.” Dave did this over and over. She encouraged him. “Nice big cock Dave” “Bury your cock in her butt.” “Up to the hilt”
Allison pulled the plug and drained some water. “Fuck her hard” ” Com on harder”

He filled Allison’s bowels with warm seed. “Dave did you just cum in my ass?”

“Yeh” Allison turned around and sucked his cock hard again turned around and guided it back in.

“When you feel like coming pull out and cum on my ass and back” I muttered under my breath that won’t be too long.

“Gather her hair up ride her hard” “Pull it back hard”

“Fuck me hard”

“Fuck i’m coming ” Allison moaned, her fingers on her pussy then grabbed his balls firmly as he pounded her butt. These girls are fucking out there Dave thought.

Dave pulled out his throbbing cock his cum spurted in to Allison’s hair, on her back, her butt, and dribbled out her asshole.

“Great work”

Dave showered and dressed stood waiting in the kitchen. Allison had given Dave her contact details. “I’m bi ” she advised.

Michelle walked in to the kitchen she held two drinks. Handed one to Dave he drank it in one gulp.

“Thirsty Dave”


She pushed him to the floor. Unzipped her pants and pulled out a big cock.

“My sister told me how you um collect for trimming her hedge. Now fucking suck my dick” Michelle grabbed his nose forcing Dave to open his mouth. She rammed her cock in. Dave gagged as his mouth filled with fat cock.

“Dave this is how your getting paid. First you suck my cock. I fill your mouth with cum. Then you get on your knees head on the floor and I fuck your clean shaved butthole”

Dave gagged and struggled to get away but Michelle was too strong and had him backed in to a corner. She held his head as she roughly fucked his mouth. “Taking advantage of young single mothers. You fucker! Sending your mates around for photo sessions, oral, straight, and anal. Humiliating my sister. ” Michelle slapped him open handed then the back of her hand. Once, twice, three times.

“Get on your knees. Ass in the air, face in the cat bowl. ” Michelle spanked his butt hard. Guided the head of her cock in his ass and thrust hard deep in his butt. Pulled his head back her fingers either side of his mouth stretching painfully wide.

Allison stands with the video camera. Dave groans and screams in panic.

“Yep we have it all on tape. Revenge is sweet”

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