Utmost Pleasure

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Utmost Pleasure
Utmost Pleasure

By: Londebaaz Chohan

My sister and I have arrangements. She took my cock in her mouth. No; she did not have to but she wanted to. Although only one week but without my taste in her mouth, my smell in her total body; it seemed more like a month or even more and now she needed to have me inside her through any and every possible entrance of her body. She slid down the bed, closed her eyes and let her lips move up and down my super thick and extra-long cock. I was already fully hard and extended in size for her to feel my rippling texture, my musky taste in her mouth, under her tongue as she gave me hard licks. Her head swayed rapidly as she sucked me between her lips, remembering my taste as sweet as she preferred.

Being in a business that I must travel off and on if not often; every time I travel my sister feels as if her bed immediately turns into an abandoned acreage of painful, hurting wanting. The distance between her and me the most loving brother was extremely difficult to endure. She could talk to me on the phone during the day but at night, she just could not extend her hand and feel my naked body on the bed next to her for her sexual comfort, if her sleep got disturbed at midnight. She longed to run her fingers through the thick and coarse hair on my chest. She could not feel the warmth of my all naked body next to her or inside her when I was away. The only thing she could do was to touch herself between her thighs, feel her wet but all empty engorged pussy and imagine that I was there, with her, inside her.

Many, many, many times during those long weeks of my absence; my sister had touched herself between her legs; while she was all naked, stretched her beautiful slender legs far apart on her bed. She spread her hands over her full breasts, hard tweaking her nipples until they were stiff in her hands due to the raw touching. She had even moved her hands between her legs, sliding her fingers over her pussy mound and rubbing her sex button between the wet pink folds. She cajoled herself to orgasm during those lonely times but it was never as fulfilling as my cock did her. She always needed my thick solid hurting cock penetrate her; she needed to feel my warm torso pressing against her cunt. She missed my lips on her, bahis siteleri canlı kissing her, tasting her, biting her and loving her as much as she loved me. It could never be enough. She needed me, she always needed me. She needed to feel my stiff, thick cock penetrating her. She needed to feel my warm muscled torso pressed against her pussy. She needed my lips to awake her sex, kiss her like nobody ever could kiss her, tasting her my special way, wanting her body as much as she longed for me.

I had come back home a bit late last night, got out of my clothes and slipped in the bed with her. Now she was feeling as if it were a dream but it was no dream, it was all true, all real. It was the very early hours of the day and now she could have me. Her tongue was entertaining the real brother’s cock as it gently moved up and down my thick shaft; taking me deep in her throat. Her hands sliding back and forth on my cock and her head following her each and every move. Her grip tightly wrapped around my pulsing man junior.

O’ my God! My sister was the best at giving oral pleasure and right here, it is a must to admit that not the oral pleasure only because she got her kick for doing it. She moved her other hand between her own legs and began playing with her pink fortress and the soft folds making me groan to let her know that I enjoyed what she was doing. My sister had her own logics and usually thought that fucking in the early afternoon and all night was the most proper for our noisy wild sex. Being early dawn hour; she always recommended the most tender lovemaking with soft gasps and quiet whispers.

My hands roamed her body, Ouuufff!!! Grabbing my sister’s breast mounds through the fabric of her tank top. I also rubbed and squeezed her ass buns, signifying the fact that I missed her too. My strong hand reiterating the fact repeatedly for my own selfish sex and pleasure. My loving sister took my cock out of her mouth and kissed me, pressing her body against mine. Now she had started gyrating her hips; little circles showing big urgency and the desperation to have me soon. She sheds all her clothes to be naked for me as I was already.

My hands moved between her legs to replace her hands to tease and play with her clitoris and the silky folds casino siteleri of her pussy. Flicking her clitoris made her desire to shoot up fast to greater heights, making her whisper ever so soft, letting me know; she needed me inside her now.

Faster than a bolt of lightning, she rolled over, facing away from me. I raised her legs and shoved my hips between her thighs exactly at her pussy. Now she could feel the heat of my large cock at her warmed wet cunt entrance. I gently pushed to ease into her making her feel the expansion of her innards to take me in her deep to my balls; producing a gasp as I pulled out for a hard inwards thrust hitting even deeper in her bosom. The feeling of being stuffed with my sex wand was totally unlike any other; making her senses go numb. A flame, a very deep flame started to burn in her hind. I began fucking her more forcefully by spreading her thighs and exposing her fucking spot for my brotherly hard on.

My loving sister, getting fully into it which heaved her breasts up and down. My lips and tongue, gulped her mouth. We were reconnecting, melting and gelling to be a new creature, we both had yearned for the time missed and now fucking like pigs. My sister’s toes danced in the air with each of my thrust into her splashing sweat beads on her satiny body. Our bodies crushed together as my power packed thighs slapped against her naked skin.

In an attempt to establish a rhythm, I slowed down but rapidly speeding up like adjusting a pile drive; slowing down once again, only to shift in the top gear and went full throttle keeping her on the edge with the rapid change in my pace and tempo. She had once again reached for her clitoris and sighing as I drilled her deeper. Now with a different thought, I pulled out of her, got off the bed to place my head between her thighs to make my lips go find her pink folds, making her gasp furiously. She pulled her hair, feeling the loss of my cock leaving her cunt empty and shuddering in need. She was pressing on my lips much harder. My tongue was gone wild, working her pussy relentless. I knew; she needed me, needed my long fat cock back in her pussy badly. My tongue kept licking her, my hand moved up her lax belly and teetered to push her down on the bed.

My sister could canlı casino not take it anymore and pulled me over her. Her eyes were loudly begging to fuck her, make my missile enter her. My cock head hovered at the wet, open flaps and she did not have to try hard. I was in her pussy.

This time pinning her down to the bed and plowing her deep was far more fun and pleasure. Her body shivered from the get go as I long shafted her making her sigh with delicious pleasure but still needing me in her far deeper. She summoned all the power and pushed herself to turn around and offered me the sisterly pussy being on her knees and elbows like a bitch. I held her hips and drove my cock into her from behind, pulling myself over her to bend and reach for her tits going round and round like a reverse helicopter. My ear on her back listening to the thumping of her heartbeats, holding her tight; Ahhh my very dear sister indeed.

She took a deep breath; she had hit the milestone, ready to climax. I knew the drill and drove into her with everything I had and she also pushed back against my cock with equal and opposite force to produce the equal and opposite reaction. My balls got crushed between our bodies. The natural and obvious cries dissolved in the room, the bed shook, the walls of the room shifted places as the dual orgasmic moment surged. My cock flexed inside her, her pussy throbbed to squeeze my womb broom. The cock claimed all the property and seeded it well showing a true passion and lust for the cunt, sister’s cunt to be true. She also released her tension, making sure her blast of bliss exploded in a true sense of heavenly joy from a sister to her brother for him to feel and enjoy.

While I was still flexing in her, she broke the joint and quickly climbed on me, straddling my leg and began licking, sucking, pumping my machine to make it spill more for her to enjoy in her fucking mouth. Growing very sensitive, by the second; I whimpered and shuddered but she took her time to suck out every last drop of my juices enjoying my body shake under her.

Finally, she leaned back into me, her body looking like a bow and we kissed. Smiling and appreciating the arrangements we two had made for us. We were sure, we knew well about each other’s thoughts. The wait was worth it but no worries; it was only dawn and there was a long entire day ahead for plenty more sex the siblings are all blessed to do, if we don’t deny the divine and celestial offering.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan April 9, 2019.

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