Was I Turning Gay? PT4

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Was I Turning Gay? PT4
I have been having a rather frantic month or two recently. Progressing from a bi-curious older male who never had the nerve to chase my fantasies, I now have experienced some of the most fulfilling adventures I could ever imagine. After sucking my first cock, I realized that this was what was missing in my life and it was now up to me to make up for lost time.

Although still a novice, I have been fortunate enough to meet two kind and sexual men who have taught me the ropes and helped me reach the fabulous place I now find myself at.

It’s hard to believe what I’ve done lately, but mostly I am amazed at how much I now enjoy sucking cock, how much I love swallowing a huge load, and how much I need my bowels ripped open by my experienced lovers. I have been a sex toy for these two lovers and am up for anything they have in mind.

From my first night when I swallowed two massive loads I realized that I wanted to be treated like a whore and let my lovers do all they wanted with me. With each escapade they didn’t disappoint. They gave me orgasms I didn’t know were possible and molded me into a fabulous cocksucker. Their thoughts, not mine!

After having both of them at the same time and all three of us coming in unison, I wrongly suspected that life couldn’t get any better, sex couldn’t get more gratifying. Then, having both inside me together, I could only wonder what else there could be. Fortunately, I guess, it was only a matter of days till they would open a world to me that I never knew existed.

Well, it had been almost a week since I was DP’d by my two lovers, and the fires inside me were burning for more lustful excitement. The day after I was really sore and it stayed that way for several days, but there was an emptiness in me, not having Rick or Ken’s cock to satisfy. Every morning I woke up with cock on my mind, and it was hard not to think of it throughout my busy work schedule.

My birthday was coming up on the following Monday and it coincided with a national holiday, so Rick said he had a special day planned for me. I told him all I wanted was to swallow him and please him, but he reassured me I would get all that and alot more.

I knew Ken would be free that day also, so I imagined spending the day together with the two of them and getting my brains fucked out of me. I don’t think I was ready for another DP, but having a day of non-stop fucking and sucking seemed like an appropriate way to celebrate.

Friday night on the way home, I stopped by while Rick was setting up for work and was so horny I just blurted out that I just had to have his seed, then quickly undid his trousers and took his cock into my mouth. The feeling of his dick growing thicker and longer in my mouth as I salivated all over it is one of my life’s treasures and I adored his cock like nothing else I had ever known.

It had been days since I tasted him, but it felt like eons. I sucked him deep, swirled my tongue around his mushroom head, licked his shaft and bobbed up and down on him slurping up his pre-cum. In much too short a time, Rick started to shake and push back, fucking my mouth with urgency. I knew he was ready, and so was I. I yelled,”Give me your hot cum, lover,” and he shot a load all over my face and throat. With a moan, a groan, and an “Oh, yes!” I swallowed his beautiful offering, licking up lumps of his cum that stuck to his shaft, ramming them deeper into my throat with his engorged tool. I would have loved to stay there longer and just worship and suck him, but I knew he had work to do.

After composing ourselves, and me telling him how much I loved his cum, Rick let it be known that there would be plenty more for me in two days time at my party. He had rented an after hours mens club two doors away that I had never noticed before. A back painted wooden building with no windows on the street side, he told be it was ours from 2 pm Monday and I should meet him outside at that time. He wouldn’t tell me what he had in store for me, but assured me it was special and something I’d never forget!

So, for a day and a half I let my imagination run wild with thoughts on what he and Ken had in store for me. What else besides all we had done the last month was there still to do? I couldn’t guess what it might be, but as long as Ken and Rick were in charge, I was sure I would be ecstatic. I went home early on Sunday, bahis şirketleri resting that night, taking a hot bath and retiring early with thoughts of debauchery dancing in my head as I fell asleep.

Up at the crack of dawn, I prepared myself for the day ahead, and when I arrived at the designated location Rick and Ken were waiting outside, holding onto a package wrapped in birthday paper, along with what appeared to be a bottle of champagne.

After a passionate kiss and birthday greeting from both of them, we went inside where there was a dimly lit bar, several tables with chairs, and a stage. Behind the bar was a Japanese bartender who it turned out was also named Ken. Bartender Ken produced glasses and Rick opened up the bottle of Moet which the three of them toasted me with.

Rick told me to drink up because he had some guests coming and they were bringing more with them. As I would soon find out, six foreign friends of Rick’s, Assistant Language Teachers (ALT’s) from the suburbs were arriving shortly.

But first, they wanted me to open my birthday present, which I was certain was something to add to the perversion they had planned. I ripped the paper off my gift and my eyes lit up as they came upon a beautiful, well crafted dildo with balls that the packaging said was nine inches insertable! Thank god they also supplied some lube, because it was a big one and I knew where it was going. When I took it out of its plastic wrap, I noticed there was a machined end that had a place for something to be screwed into it.

As Rick put his arm around me, he said.”Come with me, and I’ll show you how this works.”He then took me towards the stage as the bartender turned on some lights and it was only then that I noticed what I can only describe as a sex table sitting there presumably waiting for me!

My cock started to rise as I imagined what was in store for me. The table was about seven feet long with black vinyl padding and pillow with adjustable head rest and apparently a way to also elevate the hips. At one end, there were stirrups to support the legs, and there was a motor with a flywheel and metal shaft sticking out of it. Ken took my new present and screwed it onto the shaft.

The excitement I was feeling was phenomnal. I was dying to try this out! With Ken and Rick’s help, I was stripped naked in no time flat, and placed doggy style on the table. Ken reached down and started jerking my hard-on and tonguing my ass and I was becoming delirious with lust.

Meanwhile, Rick lubed up my new dildo and when Ken backed off, filled my ass with more lube. I was ready for the depravity to follow as they stuck the dildo partly in my ass and used a remote to start the machine in motion.

They started it on slow mode and with the second thrust I felt the cock head bottom out deep inside me as the balls brushed mine. I screamed out “Yes!” as the biggest cock so far started to pound me. What a machine! The rhythm was just right, the angle was perfect and I started pushing back with every inward thrust. It was pounding the inner wall of my bowels and couldn’t go in any farther. It didn’t really hurt, though I was feeling like it could split me in half. Getting fucked doggy style by a machine and on a stage! I presumed that soon an audience would be there and I’d be the center of attention. It didn’t bother me as I was only concerned with the sensations that were building up inside of me, but there was an emptiness in my mouth that I wanted remedied.

I yelled to Rick,”I sure could use a cock in my mouth,” but he told me to relax and enjoy, it would be there soon.

After about ten minutes on my knees, the boys suggested I roll over on my back, my favorite position, and I jumped at the opportunity. As they were helping me, I heard a commotion at the door and in came the other guests. Rick escorted them to the bar where they dropped off their things and as I was getting the dildo put back into my ass, I heard champagne corks popping.

Ken adjusted the cushion under my ass, raising it to a perfect angle, did the same to the pillow, then brought the cock back into my waiting hole. After a moment or two at slow speed, Ken accelerated to the middle setting and I shuttered with delight.

I yelled out to no one in particular, I guess to the machine, “Fuck me, please,”and as I looked up I saw Rick and the six guests watching me, all with what tipobet giriş I imagine was a****l lust.

Now I realized what my party was. Six cocks to suck while getting ravaged by my birthday toy. Rick introduced the six, but I was in no shape to take names, and just yelled,”Nice to meet you, I need some cock,” as the first two, already naked, approached.

In the position I was in, I couldn’t move very much, but I didn’t have to, I just opened my mouth and swallowed only the fourth cock I’ve ever had the pleasure of sucking. He was drooling pre-cum even before it touched my lips, and I loved his taste. With my ass on fire, ready to explode, I devoured his cock as another one was placed in my right hand. I wanted his cum so bad, and didn’t have to wait very long. He started ramming it faster into me and out came three or four delicious globs of my birthday juice. I sucked him fervently till I had all he had to offer and he was immediately replaced by the second man, whose cock I had been jacking off as best I could.

With his head in my mouth, he took over the shaft and jerked off till a huge load splattered all over my face. I was covered with his cum, some even getting into my eyes, but the feeling was fantastic! I took his dick back into my mouth and sucked him till he couldn’t take or give anymore.

Meanwhile, the rest of the boys were lining up, and the feelings were becoming just too intense. My ass was being pounded raw and I asked Rick to slow the machine down, I just couldn’t concentrate on the steady flow of gifts awaiting me. He again put the setting on slow, and squeezed more lube on the dildo and rubbed some more on my outer ring, which was getting sore.

Now, the slow but steady motion of the machine was perfect! I felt like my hole was wide open, yet filled to the brim with a dream cock and it was going to fuck me all night.

I had been on the edge of cumming for quite some time now and was glad no one had touched my cock. It would have exploded with the least bit of encouragement. But almost immediately another large, new member was rammed down my waiting mouth as I saw three other guys standing by impatiently rubbing their cocks with looks of lustful anticipation in their eyes.

This man looked very familiar, though I couldn’t recall from where. I did my best to smile as I looked up into his eyes and he acknowledged it with a smile of his own as he grabbed my ears and face-fucked me to completion. With one last thrust he let out a large groan and even larger explosion of cum that caused me to choke! I pulled back to catch my breath and my composure and appreciate his delicious offering.

As I swallowed a very delectable deposit, he said,”Happy Birthday, Nick, see you around,” as I then realized he was a cousin of my ex-girlfriend.

No time to ponder that thought as my heightened feeling of ecstasy was overwhelming me. My ass was being slowly pounded by a perfect cock and I was feeling like the cum hungry slut I always wanted to be. I was on the edge of a massive ejaculation for the longest time and there were still several hard dicks waiting to fill me up.

Almost immediately another nicely sized shaft presented itself to my well coated mouth as I groaned in pleasure. The feeling of all that cum was indescribable, but I was insatiable, I loved it so much and couldn’t get enough! With cum running down the sides of my face, still planted all over my cheeks and who knows how much already being transferred to my stomach, I sucked as hard as I had the first one. I had even lost count of how many this one was, but it didn’t matter. He was so delicious and I felt it was my duty to relieve him of his gift.

In a few minutes he was about to explode and I was ready and waiting. With the first shot hitting my upper lip, I swallowed him whole and then rocked him back and forth, in and out of my mouth. I could feel his next gushes as hot sperm slid out the sides of my tightly wrapped lips. My mouth was full and all I could make were gargling sounds, but I wantonly sucked away at his shaft till he couldn’t take anymore. As he eased out of me a rock hard cock was waiting and immediately replaced him.

I must have been sucking cocks for a good forty-five minutes now and the thought entered my mind that this fellow had been pretty patient waiting his turn. I knew I had to reward him handsomely for his composure. tipobet güvenilir mi I took him slowly into my heavily coated mouth and started to slow fuck him, figuring that he must be in need of tender care.

But as I was bobbing back and forth on his beautiful rod, Ken straddled the machine’s shaft and started to suck me off. The dildo was still doing a slow fuck on my ass and my dick had gone soft even though the feelings were still radiating intensely.

The feeling of Ken’s wet lips brought new life to my limp dick and I groaned loudly as I took the cock deeper down my throat. It didn’t take me long to get hard again, and I was trying to say “Fuck me” to my latest friend as I started screaming and gagging.

Ken wouldn’t ease up, and I exploded in his mouth with an immense orgasm , making high pitched screams while bucking up and down. While I was still having spasms the cock in my mouth shot out a very hot load of sweet cum and I heard clapping as my audience showed their appreciation. Showing my own, I continued my loud moans while I sucked him dry.

I really wanted to hold this man’s cock in my mouth for awhile worshipping it. I was getting exhausted and, having just cum myself, I felt like slowing down, but there were still two more cocks waiting. The two unnamed teachers straddled me and started jerking off on my face. I did my best to lick and suck them but I fear I didn’t have so much strength left. My ass was numb, it still felt good, but nearly an hour of constant pounding was taking its toll. As I reached for two nut sacks while doing my best to service these men, they did a tandem shot of cum all over my face. They bent over me kissing passionately as I gently squeezed their balls, getting the last drops they had to offer.

Was I finally finished? After a minute or so, Ken shut down the machine and the dildo plopped out of my well used hole. As I lay there looking up at the flood lights on the ceiling, wondering about what I just experienced, and savoring a half dozen loads of sperm, I heard Rick say, “Here’s to Nick, Happy Birthday,baby.”

I looked up and all the men were surrounding me with glasses of champagne and toasting me. I felt so good at that moment that tears came out of my eyes as I sincerely expressed my gratitude for the happiest birthday I have ever had.

My face was covered in cum, I had been sweating profusely, my ass was covered in oil and I was stark naked. Rick said he’d show me where I could clean up and started to lift me up. I really just wanted to lie there for awhile and enjoy all the cum, but he led me to a back room where there was a very nice shower. I say he led me, but he had a finger in my ass and was gently guiding me. My legs were unsteady as I got into the stall and turned on a warm stream of water.

As I was standing under the streaming water, holding the wall for support, Rick slipped his hard cock right up and deeply into my ass. He had stripped down without me knowing it and had me by the hips as he started thrusting into me.

Holy shit! I just realized Rick hadn’t had me today.

Although I was exhausted, I still had to have Rick. I had to show my appreciation for all the planning he did for this feast. I yelled “Fuck me, baby, fuck me good!” And I pushed back to meet his thrusts as I found new energy to match his. Despite all the cum I had received today, this was the most important load I wanted and needed.

Even though I had a huge dildo in my ass not ten minutes before, my ring had tightened and Rick’s cock was a snug fit. As I pushed back with each of his thrusts, Rick groaned in pure passion. I knew how he liked it by now and I had him reaching for a massive orgasm. He soon screamed, “I’m coming,” and released several spastic bursts as I squeezed down and gyrated my hips back and forth.

After he released his full load, I got on my knees and took his dripping cock into my hands and kissed and licked it. After all the cum I had already swallowed, this was the seed I appreciated the most. I adored him and his cock and I had to revere it. With hot water splashing on my back, I sucked him for several minutes until he raised me up and washed my face and body. We lathered each other up and he massaged me as he cleaned me. We eventually got out, dressed and joined the party where I was formally introduced to the six cocks that made my birthday one I’d never forget.

I was given a champagne cocktail which I found amusing, but I had a full stomach from my liquid meal and just wanted to rest. I thanked all the guests for a wonderful time and eventually went back to Rick and Ken’s place to sleep.
I knew I’d be back again.

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