Wife makes me a CockSucker!

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Wife makes me a CockSucker!
I could see the sun slowly rising outside my bedroom window. I was tied to a chair as a chain of men had their way with my wife while I watched. It was her fantasy and my punishment for an eight month long affair.

She had been fucking bareback off and on all night and I could see cum overflowing from her pussy as she lay on our bed with her legs spread wide.

“Jim and Kenny untie my cheating pig of a husband and bring him over to the bed,” she directed the two well built young men who had just finished double teaming her.

Kenny walked over first. His long flaccid cock swung from side with thick cream dripping from the head. It hung six full inches flaccid, but he was a shower not a grower. I noticed those things.

He stepped in front of me and then knelt on the arms of the chair bringing his soft cum covered dick up to face level.

“Your wife tells me you like cock,” he said as he stared down at me. He was mocking me because he knew my secret. They all knew my secret. Clearly it wasn’t a secret anymore.

Jenny continued to lie on the bed with fresh cum dripping from her well fucked hole as she watched Kenny mock me. She was on her back to save the cum for me. It was more of my punishment for my crime against her and our marriage but was it really punishment.

I had cheated with a younger open minded woman. We had a long passionate affair filled with hot sex and wicked experimentation but when I ended the affair she called my wife. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Jenny took me back because she loved me and we both felt the marriage was worth saving but it had been six months and she was having trouble moving forward.

Things had come to a head a month earlier when I came home from work and Jenny was on my computer looking through my files. A lump filled my throat as she brought up a video.

She had found my secret porn file. On the monitor a man knelt in front of a curvy blonde with nice fake tits and a massive hard cock.

“Does this turn you on?” She asked angrily as the guy on the screen sucked enthusiastically on the transsexual’s huge cock. “Or how about this?” She opened another video and two men and a pretty brunette popped up on the screen. One guy fucked the girl as he sucked the other guy’s dick.

“Is this what you did with that slut?” Jenny yelled. “Are you gay? Do you like to suck dick?”

“No,” I said meekly.

“No what?” she asked tersely.

“No, Holly and I never did that,” I answered honestly.

“Well this explains why you like to lick my pussy after you fuck me. You didn’t answer my other question. Are you gay,” she said softly. Her anger was dissipating and she suddenly seemed scared of my answer.

“No Jenny, I am not gay.” I took a deep breath and decided to lay all my cards on the table. “When Holly and I were together we talked a lot about our fantasies. She was openly bisexual and wanted a threesome with another woman. She not only wanted to be with another woman. She also wanted to watch me with another woman. We talked about it but never did anything before I ended the affair.” I paused.

“What does that have to do with you looking at gay porn,” Jenny asked softly.

“Well, our talking about a threesome led to her telling me she also fantasized about having a different kind of threesome. She not only wanted to watch me with another woman. She wanted to watch me suck a guy’s dick. I told her I was straight and that didn’t appeal to me, but the truth is somewhere deep inside me some switch flicked on. The more we talked about it the more intrigued I became. I started fantasizing about it a lot.”

“So you are bisexual?” Jenny asked tentatively.

“Maybe, I am really not sure since I haven’t done anything with a guy. I guess you could call me bicurious. It has played a big part in my fantasies ever since and I masturbate to movies like that a lot,” I said gesturing to the computer.

“So guys sucking other guys gets you hot?” She asked. She was no longer angry and she seemed less tentative.

“Kind of, yes, but it can’t be just two guys doing it. There has to be a woman there too.” We were having a very normal conversation about a not normal subject and it was surreal.

“Are you attracted to men?” My wife asked. She was clearly intrigued by the subject.

“No,” I answered honestly, “I am intrigued and turned on by the act but I am honestly not attracted to men at all.”

“So when you fantasize are you the person sucking or the one being sucked?” Jenny had begun to smile.

“I am the one sucking,” I answered.

“That’s kind of hot. I think I’d like to see that,” she said with a devilish grin. “Is there anything else you fantasize about? Are you just sucking dick or do you want to get fucked in the ass too?”

“The idea of getting fucked is interesting,” I answered, “I love the idea of being fucked by you with a strap on, but I am not sure about getting fucked by a guy.”

“I think I’d like to see that too,” she said playfully. “And the other part, me fucking you, well that I can and will do.” Jenny paused and looked at the computer for a moment. “What’s your favorite video cocksucker?” she asked. We had role played with BDSM before and when we did she liked to call me her little cocksucker. Her calling me cocksucker signaled me that she wanted to play. It was an interesting turn.

I moved in front of her and quickly found a file. I opened it and watched as a guy and pretty blonde girl were in the 69 position as another guy with a freakishly long dick alternated between fucking the girl doggy style and pushing his dick into the other guy’s mouth.

“Take your clothes off cocksucker and jerk your cock,” Jenny ordered. “I want to watch my bi-curious husband jerk off while he watches gay porn.”

I quickly pulled my shirt over my head and unzipped my pants. My hard cock sprung from my boxer briefs as I dropped them and my pants to the floor. I stepped out of my pants and wrapped my right hand around my stiff shaft. My eyes were glued to the screen as the guy continued to alternate between fucking the shaved pussy of the blonde and the mouth of the guy.

“You like watching him suck that dick don’t you cocksucker,” Jenny said as she walked over to her night stand.

“Yes mistress,” I replied quickly.

“You wish it was you on the bottom don’t you cocksucker?”

“Oh god yes,” I hissed. I could feel my cum boiling as I stroked my cock and watched the video. I had seen the video dozens of times and I knew what was coming. I had downloaded it from a good torrent site and unlike mainstream porn this one had a great creampie.

“Don’t you cum yet cocksucker,” my sexy wife ordered. “Bend over.” She pushed me forward onto my hands and knees facing the computer and poured lube over my ass.

On the computer the guy came inside the starlet’s pussy and she rose up and fed her cum filled snatch to the guy below her.

“You wish that was you don’t you cocksucker? You want to swallow some guy’s load from my pussy don’t you cocksucker?” Jenny asked excitedly. She had gone from being angry and nervous that I was gay to being excited about watching her bi curious husband suck a hard dick in güvenilir bahis şirketleri less than an hour.

“Yes mistress,” I panted, “I want to lick another man’s cum from your delicious pussy.” I was hot, hard and I needed to cum. When I got that way I loved kink. The dirtier and kinkier the better.

“Would you like him to cum in your mouth little cocksucker,” she asked as she rubbed her vibrator over my tight puckered asshole.

“Oh yes mistress. I would love that,” I moaned excitedly.

Jenny pushed the lubricated plastic vibrator into my ass making me groan from the combination of pain and pleasure.

On the screen in front of me the guy on bottom had finished sucking cum from the girl’s pussy. He opened his mouth wide as the camera zoomed in to show the thick white cream in his mouth before he swallowed it all.

Jenny sank her vibrator deep inside my ass and started to fuck me hard. I moaned with humiliating pleasure as my wife fucked my ass.

“You wish this was a real cock don’t you cocksucker?” she chided as she fucked my ass hard and fast. “You wish that guy from the video was fucking your ass right? Just admit it cocksucker.”

“Yes mistress,” I panted. “I wish his hot cock was deep inside me.” I needed to cum. My cock was so hard it hurt.

“Leave it in your ass,” she said as she rolled me onto my back and mounted my hard cock.

Jenny rubbed her hard clit with her fingers as she bounced on my stiff dick. Her chest heaved as her climax approached. Her legs quivered and her breathing became labored as the first wave of pleasure coursed through her body.

Her climax pushed me over the edge and I unloaded buckets of hot cum inside Jenny’s spasming pussy as the vibrator pulsated deep inside me.

“Don’t move little cocksucker,” she ordered as she climbed off my spent dick and straddled my face. She lowered her cum filled pussy onto my mouth. “Drink it all my cum loving pet.”

I opened my mouth wide as gravity drained the creamy goo into my mouth. I swallowed my seed and then licked my sexy wife to another thunderous climax.

My cock was spent. I was exhausted. My face was covered with the combination of cum and pussy juice. I wanted more and Jenny knew it.

“You liked that didn’t you my pet?” She asked playfully.

“Yes I did baby,” I replied happily. The weight of my secret had been lifted and Jenny was not only okay with it, she was excited by it.

“You want more don’t you baby?” Jenny queried.

“Mmmm, yes.” I answered honestly.

“You know what may help me get over your affair?” she asked softly.

“What?” I answered tentatively. I had an idea where she was going and it simultaneously frightened and excited me.

“Fucking another man,” she said. “Would you like to watch another man fuck me?”

“Yes,” I said hesitantly. “I think I would.”

We talked long into the night about the possibilities. She confessed that she often fantasized about being fucked by more than one man but she also told me that she had no interest in other women.

“You may be bi baby, but I am strictly straight. I have had my opportunities but that does nothing for me.” She told me.

“What opportunities?” I asked. It was the first time in our 20 plus years together that I had ever heard of her opportunities.

“Twice,” she said proudly. “The first was with my roommate in college.”

“Which one?” I asked.

“Trish, she was such a slut and she went both ways. One night we went to Blarney’s and she some how didn’t hook up. We were both really drunk and she was horny. She started getting flirty and I was so drunk I flirted back. She kissed me and I froze up. I was a little curious back then and Trish was hot but when she kissed me I knew I wasn’t into it.”

“What was the second opportunity?” I asked. It was my turn to dig.

“That one was years later. Remember when I went to New York to visit Janice at NYU?”

“Yeah, she lived in that little closet of an apartment,” I reminisced.

“Yeah, her roommate, Carrie was gay. She and Jan had a thing but they weren’t exclusive since Jan was basically straight. Jan hooked up with some guy from one of her art classes and Carrie and I went back to the apartment. The funny thing was that she was really butch but I was more tempted by her than Trish. I think it was her personality”

“Her personality huh,” I mused.

“I did see her naked,” she teased. “She had pierced nipples and a pierced pussy.”

“But nothing happened?” I asked skeptically.

“Nope, we were engaged at the time and I wouldn’t cheat.” It was a well deserved jibe at me and I let it pass.

“So if we weren’t would you have done it?” I asked.

“Maybe, I was definitely interested back then, but it does nothing for me now.”

I was satisfied with that answer and we were both exhausted so we kissed goodnight, rolled over and went to sleep.

Over the next several weeks Jenny and I talked a lot about new found mutual interest. Jenny would text message me telling me she couldn’t wait to see me on my knees. She would send me emails telling me she was looking forward to having me watch her get fucked and then cleaning out her cum filled pussy.

One night a few weeks after our discovery Jenny came home from a night out with some friends. She was drunk and horny when she climbed into bed. Her hand on my cock had me hard in no time at all and she aggressively mounted me the moment I was ready. Her pussy was warm and wet. Very wet. It was wetter than ever before as she bounced hard on my dick until I spilled my seed inside her. She climbed off my spent rod and straddled my face with her dripping pussy.

“You’re doing it baby,” she panted as I began lapping cum from her just fucked pussy. “You’re eating another man’s cum.”

I thought she was role-playing at first but as more and more cum spilled into my mouth I knew it was true. I moaned into her grotto as my 40 year old cock came back to life.

I licked my sexy wife until she came hard then I mounted her from behind and fucked her again. I turned her over and fucked her like a man possessed until I pulled out and blasted a load of thick white cum on her tits.

“Lick them clean cum lover,” she directed as she guided my mouth to her cum glazed tits. I licked and sucked her tits until she passed out. I rolled over and replayed the entire scene in my mind over and over until I finally fell asleep.

The next morning Jenny told me about her girl’s night out. Janice, who was newly divorced and going through her crazy period suggested they go to a local college bar. Several guys from a fraternity were there and both Jenny and Janice went back to the frat house. They both got laid and Janice, who was semi sober, drove them home.

Jenny went on to tell me that she told the guy who fucked her (she thought his name was John but she wasn’t sure) that her fantasy was to be gangbanged by a bunch of hot young frat boys while her husband watched. Not surprisingly he said he could make that come true. She had gotten his number which was saved in her phone under the name Jay.

“Expect a surprise soon baby,” she said coyly as she left for work.

Several days passed and nothing happened. I pestered Jenny for an tipobet güvenilir mi update and her only response was for me to be patient.

A week went by and still nothing happened. I was told not to worry it would happen when I least expected it.

Weeks later I walked in the door on Friday after a brutally busy week at work. It was 8:00pm and seven young men ages 18 to 22 sat in the family room of my house with my wife

“Oh good your home,” Jenny said playfully, “happy birthday baby.” She told two of them, Kyle and Jacob, to take me upstairs, get me undressed and strap me to the chair in the bedroom.

My arms were strapped tightly to the computer chair with thick leather straps. Jenny entered the room still dressed.

“I hope you enjoy this as much as I am sure I will,” she teased. She held a black leather studded cock ring in her left hand and she wrapped her right hand around my semi-erect dick. She parted her lips and her mouth engulfed my cockhead. She sucked and slurped as my cock rose in her mouth until it was at full attention. She snapped the cock ring around the base of my shaft then stood and walked out of the room.

Jenny walked back into the room with two well built young men.

“Baby, this is Jay,” she said as she ran her hands over his chest. She pulled the tight tee shirt over his head to reveal his muscular defined pecs and tight rippled abs. “He’s the one who fucked me the other night so he gets to go first. Unfortunately for you he is straight so you won’t get to wrap your virgin lips around his cock,” she teased.

I watched helplessly as they kissed deeply while Jenny unfastened Jay’s jeans. His pants and boxers fell to the floor letting his stiff 20 year old dick spring free.

My wife pulled her shirt up over her head and dropped her shorts and panties in a pile at her feet. She got on her hands and knees as the frat boy climbed behind her. He rubbed his thick six inch dick over her wet swollen pussy lips as the other guy quickly undressed and joined them on the bed. He knelt in front of my wife and offered her his long thin dick.

“Baby, this is Jon,” she said as she held his dick in her small hand. She licked precum from his bulbous cockhead. “Mmm, he tastes delicious but he doesn’t swing your way so you won’t get to taste his sweet cock.”

I ached to touch her and I yearned to touch my cock and make it explode but my hands were bound so I watched as Jay fucked my wife hard. He had incredible stamina and sweat covered their bodies as he thrust hard and fast into her liquid core. Her body shook as she climaxed and a part of me cried. She had never come without me rubbing her clit but she came hard from his just cock.

Jay turned her over onto her back and put her legs over his shoulders. He continued to fuck my wife hard and fast as his friend kissed her deeply.

Forty five minutes past as they fucked and Jenny came three more times while I watched. Jay came inside my wife and his friend Jon quickly climbed onboard. He fucked Jenny furiously for twenty-five minutes before he deposited his juice inside her.

Jenny lay on the bed and waited for another frat boy to take his place. She was exhausted and disheveled but ready for more.

A light skinned black guy walked in next. He was already naked and his body was a specimen in human fitness. A layer of light brown skin was wrapped tightly over his bulging rippled muscles and his hard thick cock jutted proudly from his tight body.

“Baby, this is Malcolm. He admitted to me earlier that he is a little curious so you might get to suck his dick but I get him first,” my sexy wife teased. She spread her legs wide as the muscular black stud climbed between them and sank his dick into her sloppy cum filled cunt.

Malcolm fucked my wife hard and fast in missionary position. He put her legs on his broad muscular shoulders and thrust his big cock into her and the sound of slapping flesh filled the room.

Jenny rolled onto her belly carefully so the cum stayed inside her pussy, Malcolm fucked her furiously from behind until my wife came hard around his thick black cock. He fucked her hard for almost an hour in every position imaginable before he shot his load in her sloppy pussy.

Malcolm pulled his spent dick from my wife’s sloppy hole and walked over to me. “Do you want some of this?” he asked as he waived his cum coated cock inches from my face.

I couldn’t take my eyes off his thick meat. It was slightly darker than his body with a big thick head from which remnants of his climax dripped wastefully to the floor.

“Yes,” I said softly as my own cock twitched with excitement.

“Clean me off first,” he said as he moved closer. “If you get me hard again you can finish me off.”

I looked over at my wife. Her face was glazed with lust as she watched my indecision. I had fantasized about that moment but when faced with the reality of sucking a man’s cock I was conflicted. I wanted to feel his meat in my mouth. I wanted to feel it grow hard and throb with life. I wanted to make it cum and spit thick hot cream into my mouth. I wanted to swallow his cum and feel it slide down my throat. I wanted all of those things, but those desires frightened me.

“Do it baby,” my wife encouraged as she saw my struggle.

I slowly leaned forward and opened my mouth. I could smell the sweet scent of Jenny’s pussy on his cock before my mouth engulfed his thick flaccid dick. His meat tasted surprisingly sweet and I swirled my tongue around it as I savored the taste of the combined juices.

“You are doing it baby,” Jenny encouraged as she watched me suck my first cock.

I could feel his dick begin to grow in my mouth and it filled me with pride knowing that I could get him hard so soon after he had fucked my wife.

His dick grew to its full seven inches as I enthusiastically sucked on it.

My head bobbed slowly over his hard cock as I savored the feel and taste of his meat. The soft ridges and veins softly caressed my lips as his hard rod slid in and out of my mouth.

“Is it everything you imagined,” my wife asked as she continued to watch me give head.

“Mmmm, yes,” I moaned around his thick shaft. Saliva spilled from the corners of my mouth as I noisily slurped and sucked on seven inches of thick black cock.

It had been over an hour since Malcolm had entered the room. He had cum once inside my wife’s pussy after fucking her hard and I had spent the last 15 minutes with his dick in my mouth.

His breathing became labored as he thrust his dick down my throat. I longed to wrap my hand around his saliva coated shaft and stroke it as I sucked on the thick bulbous head but my hands were tied.

Malcolm sensed my dilemma and stroked his hard shaft as I sucked his head. His climax approached and I tensed in anticipation. He groaned loudly as his cock started to spit in my mouth.

His cream was salty yet sweet and I held it in my mouth and savored his essence.

“Oh god,” my wife shuddered as she watched Malcolm cum in my mouth. A small climax shook her body without physical contact. It was another first.

Malcolm left the room almost an hour and a half tipobet giriş after he had walked in. He came twice and gave me my first experience sucking cock. Two minutes later Kyle and Jacob walked in together with a few beers for the three of them. They relaxed and drank as my wife recovered from the first half of her gangbang. Jenny was still on her back idly fingering her cum filled pussy as she finished her drink.

It was after midnight when the two guys shed their clothes and joined my wife on the bed. Kyle was a heavy set guy with a solid build. He was much hairier than I like and I was relieved when Jenny told me he was straight and his only contribution to my fetish would be to deposit his cum inside her.

Kyle fucked my wife hard and fast, doggy style as she sucked Jacobs’s hard knob. Kyle came fast, long before she had a chance to climax. He quickly gathered his clothes and scurried out of the room as Jacob moved behind Jenny’s delicious ass.

“Oh god, her pussy feels incredible,” Jacob said as his long thin rod splashed into her cum filled hole.

“Jake, are you going to be a sweetie and give my hubby a taste of your delicious cock,” Jenny asked him as he fucked her hard.

“I, I don’t know,” he stammered. He was clearly on the fence but she didn’t push the issue.

Jacob fucked my wife to two leg quivering climaxes in several positions before cumming inside her sloppy wet cunt. He was a screamer when he came but he left quickly and silently over an hour after he and Kyle first took their turn on the bed with my wife.

Jim and Kenny came in next. It was almost 2:00am. They were both already naked and they looked like twins. They were in fact brothers but they were a year apart. Jim was the older brother and at 22 he was the oldest frat boy there. Their hairless bodies were slender and toned with strong shoulders like those of Olympic swimmers.

They were surprisingly comfortable with each other and I was shocked when Kenny grabbed his brother’s dick and guided it into my wife’s pussy.

Jim started fucking Jenny doggy style with slow languid strokes as his brother slithered beneath them and licked her engorged clit. I could see his tongue lick his brother’s cock as it thrust into my wife’s pussy.

Jenny came hard; over and over as the brothers double teamed her. They switched positions and Jim licked her pussy while Kenny fucked her doggy style.

Kenny pulled his dick out of my wife’s pussy and fed it to his brother as Jenny climbed onto Jim’s cock and rode it to another climax. They both fucked her for hours in countless positions and they both came twice inside her pussy.

The sun was rising when Kenny slid his cum covered spent dick into my mouth. I cleaned the cream from his hairless dick and then did the same to his brothers before they untied me and helped me to the bed. I was disappointed that the hadn’t saved some cock for me but I was anxious to eat nine loads of cum from her hot cunt. I lay on my back as Jenny straddled my head.

“Feeding time baby,” she said as she lowered her cum filled pussy to my waiting mouth.

I opened my mouth and gravity started to drain the thick creamy goo into it. Cum filled my mouth and I swallowed it as Jenny ground her gaping pussy against my face. I gulped down mouth full after mouth full of thick warm cum from my wife’s delicious pussy.

My face was covered with a thick glaze of cum and pussy juice by the time Jenny’s pussy had drained. I continued to lick her swollen lips and hard clit until she came again.

I felt lips on my hard dick as Jenny continued to sit on my face. The cock ring was unsnapped and my cock exploded into the stranger’s mouth.

Jenny climbed off my face and lay beside me.

“Did you enjoy your surprise?” She asked.

“Oh god yes,” I hissed, “but who blew me?”

“That was Jacob. I guess he’s more of a bottom like you. Speaking of which, I have two more surprises.” She said as two naked men walked into the room. “This is Tom, and that specimen is Logan.”

They were both about 30 and good looking. Tom was the shorter of the two with a nice body, a goatee and a cut six inch dick. Logan was completely shaved, tan and muscular with a huge eight inch cock.

“They are here just for your pleasure,” Jenny said with a smile. “Get on your hands and knees my little cocksucker.”

Tom moved behind me and slathered lube over my tight virgin asshole as Logan positioned his magnificent body in front of my face.

My eyes traveled over his body soaking it in as I wrapped my right hand around his long thick dick.

Tom eased two fingers into my ass. He pumped them slowly in and out stretching my tight sphincter and preparing it for his cock. I could feel the warmth from the friction as he added a third finger to his anal assault.

I wrapped my lips around Logan’s hard meat and sucked hard on the huge head. I slowly stroked his hard shaft and slurped on his precum covered tip as Tom finger fucked my ass.

Tom poured lube over his cock and then poured more on my ready ass.

“He’s gonna fuck your ass cocksucker,” Jenny panted. I couldn’t see her but from the sounds I surmised that at least one of the frat boys was fucking her again.

I felt Tom rub his cock across my slick ready asshole. I wanted him inside me. I needed him inside me.

He slowly pushed his hips forward and six inches of man meat filled my ass. The pain was bearable, the pleasure was unimaginable.

“Oh yes,” I moaned around Logan’s magnificent cock.

Tom fucked my ass with long leisurely strokes as I got used to his dick in my ass.

I stroked and sucked Logan’s beautiful dick as Tom fucked me and my 40 year old dick sprung back to life.

Tom sensed I needed it hard. He grabbed my hips and thrust his cock hard and fast into my ass. His dick stroked my prostate with each thrust and I had difficulty concentrating of blowing Logan’s hard cock.

Harder and faster he fucked my ass. His breathing became labored and I felt my own climax fast approaching.

I came first, depositing my man juice onto the sheets. Tom continued to thrust into my ass until he spilled his seed deep inside my ass with a loud groan. He left his cock inside me and stroked my back as I took Logan’s cock back into my mouth.

I slurped and sucked on his cock as I stroked his granite shaft. Saliva covered his cock. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and forced his dick down my throat. His enormous dick filled my throat as I attempted to take his entire cock inside me. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I gagged on his hard dick.

Logan’s hands caressed my head as it bobbed over his stiff rod.

“I’m almost there,” he moaned as I furiously pumped his dick and sucked hard on the head.

“Just like that,” he groaned as his cock started to spit. I gulped his cum as it painted the back of my throat.

I sucked the cream from his prick as Tom’s flaccid cock slipped from my ass. I collapsed on the bed as my wife snuggled beside me. We had fucked the night away but not with each other and we both knew we could never go back to our heterosexual monogamous ways.

“What are we doing next week,” she asked playfully.

“Maybe the frat boys know some sorority girls who can help you join me in bisexual heaven,” I teased.

Jenny hesitated, “I don’t think so.”

“The Frat boy’s have plans for you my little cocksucker your next weeks special $10 for a blowjob and $20 to fuck you ass”
Look’s like I can buy some new shoe’s.

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