Wife Takes Control Cuckold

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Wife Takes Control Cuckold
My wife likes to control and dominate my life totally I have to ask her to cum, I can’t touch my cock unless she tells me to. I must submit to her ass fucking any time she wishes I’m to stay lubed up 24 hrs a day. She fucks my ass on the average of 3 or 4 times a day. When I bend over my ass has been fucked so many times it looks like a pussy. She has taken me to lesbian sex parties where a lot of the lesbians wear strap-on cocks and they love to fuck me and abuse my cock and balls. One time I had two fake cocks in my ass at the same time, talk about stretching my ass out.

Them lesbians love to fuck a man up the ass; one would be fucking my asshole while another one was fucking my mouth. But none of them would even touch my cock they said it was disgusting to see my cock dripping pre-cum out of it. Every time my cock would get rock hard one of the Bitches would reach under me and smack it with a cat-o-nine-tails, that would make my cock draw up, in its loose skin, around the head of it trying to hid e from the abuse it was getting. When ever one lesbian would get tired fucking my ass she would unstrap the dildo and hand it to another lesbian and they would fuck my ass this went on till I felt like I was going to cum real hard but instead of cumming I shit all over the place.

My asshole was so stretched out I couldn’t tell what was going on. I got up and cleaned the mess up and took a shower and when I come back out the lesbians was fucking my wife in the ass and pussy. They started laughing at me and said, “I guess we fucked the shit out of you” I didn’t find that amusing. I loved the way my wife was groaning and knew it was a matter of time before she was cum. One of the lesbians yelled over to me and told me to jack my cock off. I spit on my hand and started rubbing my cock up and down, jacking the shaft real hard. When out of know where another lesbian dropped down on her knees and started sucking my cock. Then she stopped and looked up at me and said this is just an over sized clit and she bit down on the head of it.

It hurt and it felt good at the same time she then started sucking me with long slow strokes. I watched as she undid her strap-on dildo, she brought it up to my ass and inserted it as she was sucking my cock. bahis şirketleri She was fucking and sucking me at the same time as I watched my wife being fucked in both of her love holes. This is what you call nasty, kinky sex and I am enjoying it very much. All of a sudden I felt my balls tighten up and I was getting ready to cum when she stopped.

She got off her knees and told me to lay down beside my wife on the bed she got up over me and stuck my cock up her cunt. That is when my wife looked over at me and said’ PUMP HER CUNT FULL OF BABY MAKING CUM she wants to have a baby and you are going to be the one that makes her pregnant that is the real reason I brought you here now get to filling that cunt up with your sperm. And when you are done you are going to be fucking the one that is fucking my ass, she wants a baby too.

As a matter of fact you are going to be fucking both of them for the next 3 months to make sure they are pregnant so get use to there cunts. Also I know how much you like to eat cum out of a pussy, but for the next 3 months all you will be eating is the cum that leaks out of there cunts, IS THAT UNDERSTOOD? I said; what are you going to be fucking while I’m servicing these lesbians? She said the 21 yr old boy next door was home from the Navy and he was pretty horny being kept out on an aircraft carrier for 11 months. That he had a lot of cum stored up in his balls and he loved to fuck. I said when you come to see me every other day maybe you could get him to fuck you right before you leave and put your panties on real quick so I can suck your pussy when you get here and clean your panties with my tongue.

If you have time you can let him deposit a load in your ass too so that would double my pleasure and it would make up for the cum I can’t eat out of the lesbians pussy. Also eating your cunt and ass will make me extra horny so I will produce more cum for the lesbian’s pussy. Over the next three months everything went pretty good the lesbians would strap-on their dildos and fuck each other’s ass while I was depositing cum into their pussy. For some strange reason they could fuck each other in the pussy with a dildo for hours, but when I stick my cock in there cunts I am to cum as fast as possible and take my cock out of them. youwin giriş It is like a job; sure I get to cum a lot but the real excitement is when my wife brings me a big load of her pussy cream to lick and suck out of her love holes.

One time she sucked the door mans cock off right before she came in and dripped it into my mouth it was so fresh you could smell the aroma of his balls on her chin. As I would be sucking the young man’s cum out of my wife she would be telling me what she and him has been doing at home. I noticed after about 2 weeks my wife’s pussy was getting bigger and bigger I could tell by how much of my face I could get in her cunt I ask her if his cock was bigger than mine and she replied OH MY GOD YES the first couple times he fucked me my pussy would bleed from the abuse his massive cock was giving me.

His cock is twice the size of yours and he has gone deeper in my pussy and ass then anybody he has gotten some virgin pussy out of my old cunt. I said: do you fuck him in the ass with a dildo? She said Hell no he would never let me do that he is much to strong willed to do that. He tells me what to do! I said; I can’t believe you are letting him rule you like this, you have always been the Dominant one around here. I have always been your sex slave and whore. She said; if you had a cock the size of his you would understand I will do what ever he wants me to do because I worship his cock and you will too when your job is done here. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

Yes mistress I understand I will worship his cock with you. Can I please stick my cock in your pussy and fuck it? I won’t cum in it I just want to fuck it. She spread her legs and my cock was hard as rock I stuck it in her cunt and I couldn’t feel anything her pussy was real loose I was banging her cunt but I couldn’t feel anything her pussy was wore out.

She pulled my cock out of her pussy and stuck it in her ass she said how is that? I said that is much better and she agreed, she said it doesn’t look like that little cock of yours fits in my pussy very well anymore. I guess I have graduated up to a man’s cock now. I just kept fucking her ass hoping he wasn’t going to be fucking her ass as well and stretch it out. She must have been reading my mind because she youwin güvenilir mi said; I’m not going to let him fuck me in the ass any more because he is to big for my ass and I want you to have a tight love hole you can fuck too. But he will be fucking your asshole when you get done over here. Also you will be doing most of the sucking of his cock too because he likes to have my tongue down his throat while he is getting a blow-job. You will still be my slave but I will be his slave and you will obey both of us. He will be the master of my pussy you will suck his cum out of my pussy every time he cums. Sometimes he will want you to suck his asshole while he fucks me.

I can’t wait to see that massive cock split your asshole into I bet you cum before he does. All this talk has about made me cum so I pulled my cock out of her asshole and washed it off. I yelled and told one of the lesbians to come and get a load of sperm both of them jumped up and ran in to the bedroom one was putting on the strap-on and the other one was finger fucking her cunt to get it good and wet for my load of cum. I stuck my cock in her pussy and it was a lot tighter than my wife’s asshole I said, this is going to be a big load and sure enough I filled her cunt, it was leaking out the sides of her pussy the other lesbian was scooping up the cum that was leaking out and sticking it up her cunt too.

I bet I impregnated both of them that time it just felt right. Well my 3 months is over now and Sure enough both of the lesbians are pregnant and after all them days of not being able to suck their pussy’s they let me fuck them one last time and I got to eat it out of there cunts. It tasted real good and I told them that if they wanted any more babies to let my wife know. I left with my wife that night and went back home where everything had changed. The young mans name was Bart and the first thing he did was make my Dominant wife craw over to his lap and take his cock out and suck it right in front of me.

He made her say nasty things that made my cock hard he told me to come over and suck his cock with my wife I dropped down on my knees and sure enough his cock was so big you wanted to worship it. We both sucked him off and afterwards he tried to fuck my ass but my ass wasn’t big enough to take it. I have a huge butt-plug in my ass right now to try to stretch my ass so I will be able to take that big cock up to his balls. I am starting to like this situation of my wife being my Mistress and worshipping another cock with me to help her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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