WWE’s Stephanie McMahon fucks the Diva’s

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Like all WWE superstars and diva’s first day on the main roster, Charlotte was heading to Stephanie McMahon’s mobile office. It was a tradition since her father Ric Flair’s day, when Vince would give one last pep talk before their first show. The past few years Stephanie and Triple H had taken over these meetings. Charlotte had been on the phone with her father moments earlier and he was adamant that Vince had ran them differently. She wasn’t sure what that meant but had to cut the conversation short because she was already running a couple minutes late. She swiftly moved through the hallways trying not engage anyone. Charlotte had to make a good impression, she was representing the girls of NXT, WWE’s developmental brand, and she was the newest call up from them. Not to mention she was the daughter of the greatest wrestler of all time. Right before reaching the final hallway to reach her appointment she heard Paige calling her name.
“Charlotte! Charlotte is that you! come here” Paiged yelled a bit too loudly as she propped open the door to diva’s dressing room, while holding up a towel that was loosely d****d around her naked body. Paige was known for being in various stages of undresses while she was backstage. Something that drove Charlotte crazy. Charlotte had always been attracted to girls, something she’s kept quiet from her friends and f****y. It almost seem like Paige knew though, like she could tell she was always checking her out.
“Paige” She said warmly as she approached her
“I haven’t seen you months” Charlotte blurted out a bit awkwardly as Paige pressed her body against her’s as they hugged.
“I know right, I’m seeing all my girls tonight. Did they tell you?” Paige said excitedly
“Did they tell me what?”
“They called up Sasha and Becky too! They’re finally giving us a chance” Paige was grinning ear to ear
“That’s right! Your meeting! The other girls are already there. It was only me for my first day, I can’t Imagine what they got planned for 3 of you” Paige’s smile only seemed to grow as she talked
“Planned? What kind of pep talks need plans” Charlotte said a bit confused
“Oh they are going to pep you up alright” Paige said as she gave a playful pat on the ass as she retreated back in to locker without a goodbye.
Whatever she was talking about, it went over Charlottes head. She had spent the conversation trying to keep eye’s off of Paige’s milky white breasts. It may have been her head but it seemed like with every word out of Paige’s mouth her towel would move down slightly, exposing her even more. That final second before Paige walked away Charlotte had definitely seen her nipple was hanging out. She stood there for a moment longer trying to shake this mixture of nervousness and sexual excitement. When she realized how odd it must look, her standing there alone, she made her way to Steph’s office.

When she entered the room she was greeted with smiles by 2 of her closest friends in NXT, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. Stephanie was sitting behind her desk, only glancing up from the computer screen to barely acknowledged Charlotte, letting her know that they will start when Triple H gets there. Charlotte had to laugh to herself that her, Sasha, and Becky were all in their gym clothes, sports bras and yoga pants. Sasha of course was wearing the loudest of three outfits, blue and green, with a crazy pattern on it. Sasha sat there with her legs crossed twirling her beautiful magenta hair with one hand and presumably checking her twitter with the other. Becky on the other hand was wearing all black with no phone in sight. It seemed Becky was happy to see someone who was actually going to interact with her, and she took full advantage. She leaned in, so not disturb Steph, and proceeded to catch her up on everything becky had been doing since they saw each other last. As becky rambled on Triple H had entered the room and closed the door behind him. Sasha immediately put her phone down, got up and hugged him. Hunter’s had a great relationship with most of the NXT talent, since he ran the show. After greeting everyone he took a seat in the back of corner of the room.
“You ready to get this started steph?” Triple H said as he got comfortable in his chair.
“I think so” Steph said as she began clearing things off the top of the deck into the desk drawers
“I’m sure this is coming as a surprise to all of you, being called up at the same time, but we have to strike while the irons hot” Steph said, seemingly a little nervous, which is pretty out of character for her.
“Ronda Rousey is household name, and we are using our best women’s talent in NXT. We’re behind the times, and I’ve decided we’re changing that tonight.” Steph paused for a moment and shared a glance with Triple H
“The thing is I’m not sure if you 3 have what it takes to make it in this business. You’ve all shown you have athletic ability, and you all have the personality. I’m just not sure you 3 will do anything for this business.” Steph paused again letting those last words sink in, which certainly terrified the 3 diva’s.
“And the bigger problem is that even if you do have the will I don’t have enough time in the day to make sure your ego is incheck… I’ll be honest, I don’t inspire loyalty like my father always have. But luckily for you three I’ve come up with a bit of test to gauge your will and ego” Steph’s tone became more and authoritative as she talked, to the point that she seemed to be talking to them as if they were c***dren
“I think we’re all willing to do whatever it takes Steph” Sasha blurted out trying to this as serious as she could.
“That’s what I was hoping you say, do you girls agree?” steph gestured to the other 2 and they both began nodding their heads
“Good, Sasha, since you seem to be the most eager to please come stand next to my desk here” No later than the last word coming out of Stephs mouth did Sasha move to the side of her desk.
“Good, you’re more obedient than I thought. First things first, You might call yourself the boss on TV, but I’m the boss. I’m the boss and I want you to say it”
“You’re the boss” Sasha said meekly
“Consider this your final class of NXT, and for this class I’m going to give you a new gimmick… how bout… Sasha ‘The Slut’ Banks. What’s your new name Sasha?”
“Sasha… ‘The Slut’ Banks” Sasha murmured
“What do sluts do Sasha?”
“Slutty things?” Sasha said confused
“Suck dick, sluts suck dick.” Steph said as she pushed her chair out and stood from her desk to reveal she was wearing a strap on under her skirt. The moment after seemed to go on forever as Steph stared into Sasha’s eyes and the 3 girls were dead silent from shock.
“Well are you going to commit to this gimmick slut?” Steph now had an evil grin across her face as Sasha dropped to her knees and put the end of this 8 inch lifelike dildo in her mouth.
“See hunter, this is what i’m talking about. If I tell you to suck it, I mean the whole thing. I need people that go all the way for me” Steph grabbed the back of sasha’s head a began shoving her fake penis down her throat. Any sign of resistance and Steph would strengthen her grip and shove a bit more down her throat. Charlotte and Becky sat there in silence watching their friend gag and tear up as she reached the base. Charlotte glanced back at Hunter and notice he was rubbing the bulge in his pants.
“That’s a good girl… now I want all three of you to strip naked” Steph said as she pulled the dildo out of sasha mouth. They all listened and began disrobing. Steph then began inspecting each girl as if they were her property, feeling their tits, grabbing their asses. After a moment or two she tells Becky bend over her desk. Steph kneels down behind her, put 2 fingers inside her with ease and begins licking Becky’s asshole. Becky, already aroused, begins moaning loudly.
“Hunter put something in that mouth to shut her up” Triple H stands up and unzips and unsheathes his huge cock.
“It’s not the last time that his business is going to fuck you, you might as well enjoy it ” Triple H said jokingly as he came around the desk. As soon as Hunters cock is reaching distance of becky she puts in her mouth and begins sucking it furiously. Steph stands up and watches for a moment, definitely getting wet by the sight of another woman blowing her man. She takes off her jacket and unbuttons her shirt. Steph grabs Charlotte and positions her under becky’s pussy and motions her start eating her out. Charlotte begins licking up and down her vagina, working her way slowly to the her clit. Charlotte rubbing her own clit, as she about as horny as she has even been, while steph finish taking the rest of her cloths off.
“We can’t leave the slut out, Come here Sasha” Steph says as she pushes to floor between Charlotte’s legs.
“Eat her out like you job depends on it” Steph then stands over Charlotte, directly behind Becky and begins rubbing the tip of her dildo on Becky’s asshole. Becky seems to only moan louder, as loud as one could with a dick in their mouth. Steph begins to push the head of the dildo in, and then back out, then back in a little deeper. She repeats this until she fulling thrusting the strap on into Becky. Charlotte stops eating becky out and begins moaning along with becky as she watches her boss roughly fuck her best friends ass.
“Immm…Immmm cumming Im cummming!” Charlotte shouts in between moans. Steph gives a few final thrusts and pulls out.
“Good job Sasha, why doesn’t it surprise me that you’re good at oral on both guys and girls” Steph laughed while forcibly pulling becky up by the hair.
“You and Sasha play with each other, I want blondie next” Motioning to Charlotte to get up from the floor. Hunter in the process of taking his clothes off sits on top of the desk facing Steph and Charlotte. Steph begins kissing Charlotte while she places her hand on the back of her neck.
“If you don’t make my husband cum in the next 10 mins you might as well pack up and go home” She says as she pushes charlotte at Hunter. Charlotte, dripping wet, jumps on top of Triple H and shoves his cock inside her and starts fucking him harder than she’s ever fucked anyone. Steph grabs her hips and stops her from moving.
“One more thing” Steph says as she thrust the entirety of the strap into Charlotte ass. Apparently she was going easy on Becky, the sound of flesh on flesh smacks between thrusts as triple H joins in. Charlotte’s moans become full on screams. This seems to do it for stephanie and you can see it in her face. Steph begins pulling on her hair and slapping her around a bit between thrusts. Charlotte doesn’t seem to mind, actually she seems to enjoy it quite a bit. She positions her head back a bit further so give steph easy access to her hair and begins rubbing her clit. Steph begins playing with her own tits as she thrusts. She then pulls the strap on out and begins to undo the straps. With out missing a heartbeat Charlotte drops down to her knees and begins blowing Hunter.
“Alright slut, It’s time for me to get off” Steph barks as she grabs Sasha by the hair, sits down, and leads Sasha’s head to her pussy.
“I want you to eat his ass becky” Steph orders her, and Hunter stands up off the desk, giving becky enough room to get behind him. Becky, a little reluctently, kneels down and begins liking Triple H’s ass while Charlotte is sucking his dick. While Steph sits a few feet away, getting eaten out by Sasha, watching on. After a few minutes Hunter stops Charlotte from continuing.
“I’m going to cum” Hunter says while walking over to Steph. He stands there over here jacking off until bucket of cums comes pouring out of his cock and all over the tits of Steph. After he finishes he sits down in his original seat in the back of the room.
“You 2 aren’t done yet, I want you to lick this cum off me” Steph says with a smile on her face. Becky and Charlotte come over obediently and begin lapping the cum off her chest. Charlotte begins sucking on Steph nipples as she finishes her side first and steph begins to moan loudly.
“Oh fuck…oh fuck… that’s right slut… keep going… fuck…fuck…fuck” Steph goes limp as hunter get up and begins dressing himself
“C’mon we got 20 mins til show time”

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