Sunshine and Storms

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This story is a follow on to My Stepdaughters Friend. This, like the previous one is based on actual events and whilst none of the physical sex scenes happened in reality, the build up is about a 90% accurate account of what happened. A degree of artistic license has been taken with some of the details. The character names have been changed.


It had been eight months since I had slept with my step daughters friend and about five since my wife walked out and moved in with someone else. Over the last few months, Coleen had been round less and less. Kimberley still lived with me but she had always been a bit of a diva. Despite this we had been very close for nearly eight years now.

The late May weather was particularly hot. On the Friday I had an appointment in a nearby town and I decided to take the day off work, attend my appointment, pick up some things that I wanted and maybe grab some lunch. The warm weather would also mean that tops would be getting lower and skirts would be getting shorter.

Kimberley was sat at the dining room table eating breakfast when I told her of my plans for the day. I may have missed out the part about eyeing up women but did make a broad suggestion that I would not be home until early this afternoon. She gave me a grin as I said my goodbyes, gesturing that her mouth was full of cereal.

My appointment was at 9am and took about an hour. My shopping was over in half an hour and the town was disappointing to say the least. It was about 11am and I found myself in my car and making my way home.

The house was quiet. I was not sure where Kimberly was but it was pleasantly cool in the house after the heat outside. I was just heading towards the kitchen to get a drink when through the dining room window I noticed that there was someone outside.

The back garden was south facing and on even just sunny days the paved area near the house was the perfect sun trap. It was also secluded which made it perfect for sunbathing.

Laying on a sunbed face down was a bikini clad Kimberly. She was wearing headphones so had not heard me. On the floor next to her was a glass of juice and her bikini top. I found myself rooted to the spot and struggled to take my eyes off of her. She swam a lot and attended a number of fitness classes so was toned despite her claiming she was fat. The biggest part of her apart from her ego were her breasts. She had been blessed with a pair of 34DD and I had spent several years finding these a complete and utter distraction.

She started to move. My heart started to pound and I found myself holding my breath. I almost failed to register what happened over the next few seconds and the next thing I realised was Kimberly was laying on her back … TOPLESS!

I could feel my cock begin to swell up in my shorts. I wanted to stay but dared not get caught and was about to move away before I was discovered when Kimberly did something unexpected.

Her right hand casually slid across her belly and her fingers slipped slowly into her bikini bottoms. Gentle movement of her fingers underneath the material indicated to me in a moment that she was masturbating. I was transfixed. I had began to worry about being caught watching her sunbathing topless and now I ran the risk of being caught watching her masturbate whilst sunbathing topless! Her finger movements became stronger and she was obviously getting close. She arched her back a few times and then with a gasp she brought herself to orgasm.

I dared not stay any longer so I quietly headed towards the door to the hallway and then I could leave. I would give her a few minutes to recover and then go back in making a little more noise than normal so she would know I was there.

As I was crossing the road to get to my car I noticed my next door neighbour crossing towards her car. I smiled and said hello and we chatted for a few moments while we unlocked our cars. Then with a knowing smile, raised eyebrow and a glance at my groin, she got into her car, started it and drove away. A few people in the village had suggested that Denise and I should get together. We were both newly separated and would apparently make a good couple. I must admit, I was tempted but I had other things on my mind at that precise moment. I then glanced down and noticed what she was looking at. My shorts were pulled tight over my erection. I jumped into my car. I was going to have to drive around for a while before I headed back home.

It was a little past 1pm when I pulled up outside the house again. Kimberley illegal bahis was in the kitchen getting a drink. She told me that she was about to get in the shower. Paul, her boyfriend was going to be over soon and they were going out for the afternoon. I grabbed a drink myself and headed upstairs to lay on my bed for a while. I heard her come up to her room a little while later. I began to drift a little. I was then aware of there being a knock at the door. She called out goodbye and went down to answer the door.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew was it was about 6pm and my mobile was ringing. It was Kimberly telling me she was going to stay at Pauls for the night but would be home early in the morning as Paul was going to work and for me not to put the chain on.

The rest of my evening was pretty uneventful. I had dinner, took the dog for a walk, flirted a little with Denise next door who was sitting out in her garden enjoying the warm evening. I grabbed a couple of bottles of beer from the fridge and we were sharing them while we chatted. Maybe I should ask her out on a date? Nice meal, pleasant company and then back home to bed and have lots of sex. Finally her phone rang and with a disappointed look, she went indoors to take it. I hung around for a while but as she showed little sign of coming back I went in and eventually went to bed.

I cannot be sure what woke me up. Maybe the front door? I glanced at my clock on the bedside table and saw it was 7am. It must have been Kimberly. I then noticed that my door was open a little. I always make a point of closing it at night but it was definitely open. I did not think too much of it until I was suddenly aware that it felt like someone was standing in the doorway watching me. It was a little unnerving at first but I soon came to the conclusion that it was Kimberly. I was about to call out to her but something stopped me.

I was already semi-erect so I started to play with myself. I was fantasising about a threesome with Kimberly and Denise and so I was soon fully erect and throbbing. Whoever it was at the door was still there. I took a deep breath and started to push the duvet down to expose my penis. Then there was a noise. It was fingers moving against material. My voyeur was masturbating.

In my fantasy I had by now fucked both of them and they were kneeling on the floor waiting for my cum. I tensed up and then ejaculated. The first lot landed on my chest, the second on my stomach and the rest all over my fingers, cock and balls. My unseen watcher brought themselves off and quietly moved away. I heard the third step down creek slightly and a few seconds later I heard Kimberly shut her door with a click.

I could not quite believe what I had done. Coleen and Kimberly had always teased me and called me “Mr Never Nude” as I was always careful, especially around Kimberley. I found something to wipe myself down with and then grabbing my bathrobe, headed downstairs to have a shower. When I came out, Kimberley was in the kitchen making a cup of tea. I grabbed my cup from the cupboard and placed it next to hers. Standing inches away I could smell that she had used Paul’s shower gel instead of her own.

“You’d better get another shower before you start to itch.”

Kimberley looked up at me and I realised just how close I was standing and took a couple of steps back.

“True.” She said.

She went to the fridge to get the milk so I threw a teabag and a spoonful of sugar in my cup. The kettle began to boil.

Our hands reached out simultaneously and we briefly found our hands touching. I flinched and snatched my hand away. She poured the boiling water into the two cups.

“What are you up to today?”

I started to stir my tea and watched her. As she moved her breasts moved under the thin t-shirt she was wearing. I could just make out one of her nipples and it was beginning to become erect. My cock also began to swell and almost seemed to be trying to work its way through the towel I had wrapped round me and my bathrobe.

“I’m popping into town later to get some bits and I’m meeting Clare for lunch probably.”

This was the first time I had heard her name mentioned for ages now. It had been about three months since I had seen her myself. I tried to behave as casually as I could and headed towards the hallway to go upstairs.

“OK, cool. Send her my regards won’t you.” I said without really thinking. It was the sort of thing I would say but it did not fit the situation particularly well.

“I illegal bahis siteleri will. I’m sure she’d love to see you again …”

I was almost at the door when half under her breath she said.

“… so you can fuck her.”

I headed upstairs in a hurry. Kimberley did not really talk like that as a rule. She was quite reserved when it came to things like that and hated if a sex scene came on a programme on television.

I finished my tea and got dressed. I guessed that Kimberly was in her bedroom as the door was closed when I walked past. Once downstairs I grabbed the dogs lead and took her for a quick walk. When I got back I could see Kimberley was in the bathroom showering. Like before I walked slowly up the garden to try and take in the detail but due to the lack of bathroom light and the sunshine on the window, details were indistinct. Suddenly the little window opened and she shouted out to me.

“Hey, stop gawping and grab me a towel please.”

Despite the frosted glass the outline of her breasts were quite visible. I sped up and went inside. Running upstairs to grab her a towel from the airing cupboard my mind was beginning to race. Was she now trying to seduce me or have I simply been oblivious to all of this before? Knowing me I guessed the latter.

There was a hook on the door which came in handy for forgotten towels. I called through the door that the towel was there. Normally she would have waited until I had moved away from the door but this time I had barely turned round when the door was opened.

“Oh shit!”

I scooted out of the kitchen into the near safety of the dining room. Kimberley was laughing.

A few seconds later I was presented with a familiar scene. I am trapped in the dining room by a teenage girl wrapped in a towel!

“I was talking to Denise next door the other day.” She said.

I was not sure how I should take this announcement.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, I said that I thought you two should go on a date at least.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Been trying to sort out my love life have you?”

Kimberley looked at me and smiled.

“Sure, why not. You obviously fancy each other and are always flirting. Take her to dinner and then to bed. No skin off my nose.”

I half expected her to start fiddling with her towel like Clare had done but she just looked me straight in the eyes.

“Or you could just carry on shagging that slut of an ex-friend of mine!”

I felt awkward and I guessed that she did too. She may have pushed it too far. She was perhaps angry, perhaps jealous but she eventually gave me a half smile and then walked over to the dining room door. Then, looking over her shoulder at me she said.

“Sorry.” And disappeared upstairs.

I decided to do some housework to pass the time. It needed doing and I was the only one that was going to be doing it. After an hour or so I decided to have a break so grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat in the garden to drink it. It was still very hot and getting muggy now. I expected a storm so I kept an eye on my washing. Kimberley appeared at the back door.

“I’m off out now Dad.”

In the last eight years she had called me Dad about half a dozen times. It surprised me a little.

“I should be home about seven. Fancy a Chinese? Your usual? My treat.”

I waited for the punchline but none came. She stood looking at me waiting for my answer.

“That will be nice. Shall I get a bottle from the shop to go with it?”

“Sounds good to me.” She said with a smile. “Right, I’m off. Bye, love you.”

Kimberley probably said that slightly less often than Dad. I was worried.

I finished my drink and carried on with my chores. The rest of my afternoon dragged a little but finally I found myself in the local shop buying a bottle of wine. This had been a strange weekend so far and I was not sure how this evening was going to develop. I took a shower, got changed and waited for Kimberly.

Just after 7pm the front door opened. Within a few minutes we were sat at the table, eating Chinese and drinking wine. It was a lot of fun and by the time we had finished we were laughing and joking and it felt a little like a date.

“I’m going to get ready for bed and curl up on the sofa and watch a film. Want to join me?”

Kimberley was getting up from the table and heading towards the door. I cleared the table and went into the living room. A few minutes later and Kimberly appeared at the doorway. She was wearing canlı bahis siteleri a simple t-shirt and clutching a DVD. As we watched the film we ended up snuggled up together. It felt nice to be close and I was beginning to get aroused. A couple of times she moved her hand and it brushed over my semi-erect cock.

By the time the film was finished I was throbbing painfully. Together we locked up the house and were heading up to bed. She paused at her door and looked at me.

“Thanks for tonight Dad, that was lovely.”

She gave me a hug and a kiss and then turned towards her room.

“Yes it was. Night night Princess, sleep well.”

I turned to head towards my bedroom and paused. We both looked at each other and hesitated. She seemed to want to drag me into her room and I wanted to drag her to mine. We ended up smiling at each other and going to our separate bedrooms.

I stripped off and got into bed. I suddenly felt very tired and must have just crashed out.

The thunder woke me up. A massive storm was raging overhead and every rumble of thunder made the house shake. I looked at my clock, it was 3:25am.

I was suddenly aware that my bedroom door was opening and someone was quietly walking in. Another flash of lightning lit up the room and I saw that it was a very naked Kimberley. She slid into bed behind me and put her arm round me.

“I don’t like thunder!”

My original reply was drowned out so I said it again.

“Yeah, I know.”

She started to stroke the hairs on my chest.

“Daddy keep me safe.”

I wriggled round so that I was laying on my back and she rested her head on my chest and carried on stroking my chest and eventually my stomach. My cock began to swell. I guessed that her intentions would soon be revealed so I kissed the top of her head and started to stroke her back and shoulders.

Twice her hand brushed close to my now erect cock and then her hand closed around it and began to wank my cock in slow, deliberate motions. While doing this she lifted her head up and looked me in the face again. We started kissing. It felt strange but amazing. After a while she broke away.

“I am so fucking wet!”

I’d never heard her talk like that and it sounded as horny as hell. My cock twitched in her hand and she gave it an extra squeeze.

“My cunt is soaking and I need this cock in me now.”

Still holding my aching cock she moved to straddle me. Holding it at the base she guided me into her and pushed herself down onto my throbbing erection and started to ride me. She leaned forward so that her tits were being thrust into my face.

“Fuck me Daddy. I need your cum in my cunt.”

I nearly came there and then! I grabbed her hips and held her tight and began to rise up to meet her thrusts. A few times I felt the tip of my cock hit her cervix and she would grunt. Outside the storm raged on. The lightning would light up the room, illuminating the wanton, sex crazed bitch I had brutally riding my aching penis. The thunder was drowning out most of her cries. She cradled my head.

“We can sleep and fuck and sleep and fuck all day tomorrow and I will never be afraid of thunderstorms again. They will forever remind me of tonight. The night my Daddy turned his little girl into a woman.”

I felt Kimberly stiffen on top of me and she started to convulse as her orgasm ripped through her body. My own orgasm pulsated in my groin as my cum began to flood into her. Our eyes met in the darkness as she could feel my hot seed fill her up. Another flash of lightning and her eyes rolled into the top of her head.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!! OH FUCK!! Yes, yes YES!!”

She collapsed on top of me breathing hard. Her breasts squashed against my chest. My cock was softening in her pussy but I was still inside her. We could still hear the rain outside but the thunder had stopped.

Kimberley kissed me and stroked my head. After the raw, pent up passion of our sex the tenderness of her touch sent shivers down my spine. We stayed like this for a while until my penis eventually slipped out of her. She took this as a signal to initiate the next stage. We had almost completely ignored foreplay and she was obviously enjoying the intimacy.

We changed position so that her well fucked, cum filled pussy was just above my face. I lifted my head up so that I could thrust my tongue into her and taste the exquisite mixture of our juices.

That would not be the last time I would fuck Kimberley, far from it. She carried on calling me Dad rather than by my first name from then on but if she wanted to feel my cock inside her again it was always Daddy. Her mouth closed around my flaccid penis which gently began to twitch into life again. In the distance there was another rumble of thunder.

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