00071 Bigamy Ch. 01

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As Roland opens his apartment’s door, Linda stands up and hugs him; as he feels her boobs against his breast, he kisses her on the cheeks, on the lips and then in the mouth. Roland fondles her hips and tries to remove her sweater, but she raises her skirt, baring her naked twat, and opens Roland’s fly.

He then understands that her wife is eager to be nailed without much foreplay and pushes her backwards, towards a stool she steps on, so she is at the right height above his erect cock, and as she kneels down, her cunt rides it.

Roland isn’t satisfied, and as her hips rock around his prick, he raises her sweater and – surprise! There is neither shirt nor bra under it – so he can watch and fondle her bare 38L boobs.

Roland loves cleaning the mess he makes, so when they’ve both come, he felches her, thus giving her additional stimulation, and another orgasm; Linda always helps her own husband, so she asks him to snowball, so she can swallow it.

Once they’ve come, Linda loves giving her husband another treat – she volunteers her boobs for him to suck on; even though they are dry (and he’s lactose intolerant), Roland loves latching on them, and she loves hugging him while he does that – and at times even gently fondling his dick while he’s at it, in order to have her pussy fondled in turn.

Moreover, he can’t speak while nursing, so she takes advantage of it to talk to him without interruption – but she takes the trouble never to tell him anything nasty until he’s done with her tits.

Today she has very good tidings, “Roland, darling, do you remember Lola, the lesbian bartender?”

Roland and Linda have developed a sign language, so Roland can answer simple questions without stopping to nurse – his answer is yes.

“Ok, she’s phoned me that an apartment in her condo is now vacant, and the rent is just $200 a month …”

Roland waves, “Wonderful!”

“So, can we visit it when we’re done?”

Roland signs, “Of course!”

Once they’re done, and have showered, they go to the apartment; Lola is a dyke lesser Sex hikaye breasted than Linda (Roland estimates that she’s 40G), but nonetheless attractive, and she opens the door to the couple.

“Good,” Roland says, “There is enough room for my books, my files, my computers – and for my wife and her love as well.”

“You’re right,” Linda assents, “There is enough room for my books, my dresses, my computer and you, darling.”

“Perhaps there is no children’s room,” Lola remarks, but Roland retorts, “No problem. We can’t have any.”

“Oops. Sorry, I didn’t know. Why?”

Linda hands Lola an ISNA [Intersex Society of North America] business card, and tells her, “I have CAIS [Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome] – my chromosomes are male, but my body is female. I have big breasts, but no womb. And I have to have vaginal intercourse once a day or more to prevent my vagina from shortening.”

Lola smiles, and Ronald adds, “The doctor says that having sex less often would be enough – but as we both love it, we have it as often as we can.”

“I’m happy about you. Lesbian couples often lose interest in sex soon,” Lola remarks, “What’s your opinion? Are you renting this apartment?”

“Linda?” Roland asks, and she whispers something into his ear; his cheeks turn red and he says, “Lola, would the apartment owner mind if we now make love here?”

“I won’t tell him. But are you really going to lie on the bare floor?”

“We have to check whether we can leisurely make love here,” Linda says, “It’s a medical necessity for us.”

“Ok. What if I bring you a quilt, so you won’t get a cold or hurt your back?”

“Thanks! You’re the first woman sensible enough to do that,” Robert says.

But they don’t wait for her to return – the time she takes to go down two storeys, fetch the quilt, and go upstairs, Linda is lying naked on the floor, and Roland is licking her twat.

Linda bids him to move so they can have a 69, even though Roland is still fully dressed, and when Linda opens Sex hikayeleri his fly and takes his dork into her mouth, Lola thinks, “I’ve seen enough. If they don’t rent the apartment, I’m one of Silvio Berlusconi’s molls.”

Next day the contract is signed, and Roland moves his CPA [Certified Public Accountant] office there – working at home is the only way to both support his family and give Linda the medical care (sort of) she badly and wildly requires.

Lola isn’t just a bartender – she owns the bar, and upgrades her contract with Roland in order to have the bookkeeping done every day instead of just once a week, even though the bar turnover isn’t worth it, and Linda notices that Lola is doing that for her.

“What should I do?” Linda asks Roland, and he anwers, “I’ve never been jealous. You’ve had some male lovers so far and I’ve never objected. You can do whatever with her.”

“But I’m not lesbian.”

“You once told me that you were curious. And I think that you wouldn’t be worried about her if she didn’t intrigue you somewhat.”

“Yes, she does. But going from theory to practice isn’t that easy.”

“A good way to break the ice would be to invite her to dinner. But on that evening I’ll be elsewhere, so she’ll understand that you wanted to be alone with her, and I agreed with that.”

“Won’t she rape me?”

“Lesbian rape is a rare occurrence. I don’t fancy her doing that, and you’re taller than her.”

After a few weeks of dire thoughts turning into wild fantasies, Linda tells Roland that she’s ready to have dinner with her; Lola accepts, but says that she prefers lunch, since her bar is open in the evening – and Roland assents.

As per his plans, in the morning he drives to a lake resort, where he meets some naturist friends and Lola finds Linda alone at home, with just two knives and forks on the table.

“Where’s your hubby? I wanted to give him a book he would certainly love.”

“He’s away. He is chivalrous enough to let us talk and amuse ourselves Ensest hikayeler alone.”

The dinner is excellent, and Lola initiates Linda to lesbian sex by kissing her in the mouth in a way Roland couldn’t even think of, licking her twat and massaging her G-spot with her fingers; Linda licks her pussy too, but refrains from stimulating her G-spot as she sees that her hymen is cribriform and still intact.

Lola takes a surgical glove from her bag, hands it to Linda and says, “Wear it and put two fingers up my ass following my directions. Keep licking my clit while doing that.”

So Linda can easily give Lola the same kind of intense orgasm she’s been given; when they’re done, after a night’s worth of orgasms, Linda asks Lola, “Can I teach Roland some of your tricks?”

“Of course,” Lola says, and Linda then tells her, “Darling, the only person who’s ever sucked my tits is Roland. Now you can join him. Please, enjoy.”

Lola begins sucking Linda’s tits, and some milk gushes from them, to the amazement of both; Linda comments, “Roland has worked so much on them, that you’re now reaping the fruits.”

“Perhaps he would have loved to be the first to taste your milk,” Lola says, interrupting suction, but Linda rejoins, “He loves my tits, but he can’t drink milk. He won’t mind, and he’ll probably thank you. Suckle at will.”

Lola loves Linda’s milk, and when her tits are empty, she gives her own to suckle – thus creating an everlasting relationship, as most ANR’s [Adult Nursing Relationships] are.

It’s nearly time for Lola to open her bar, and Linda asks her, “Your hymen … you must not have never had sex with a man in your life!”

“Actually I had … anal sex. That’s how I learnt to stimulate my G-spot via the backdoor. My obgyn always complains that she has to perform anal explorations because I want to keep my hymen intact.”

“Curious. Roland has sometimes asked me to take it up my ass, but I’ve always refused.”

“And I would like to lactate like you. He must be a pro in lactation induction!”

“We could share his favors,” Linda concludes, “I have him penetrate my vagina, and you’ve him penetrate your rectum. And the breasts of both are for him – or for us to suckle.”

Lola says, “Hmm … it’s dangerous to whet a straight man’s appetite. If and when he will suckle my breasts, you’ll be with me!”

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