A Naughty Little Girl

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The usually quiet conference hall was packed with small circles of office workers mingling and laughing together, munching on cheese and crackers, and sipping assorted colors of drinks. In one corner, a large flat screen television displayed a high definition video of a crackling fireplace. In another corner, a gargantuan Christmas tree, elegantly trimmed, glistened over the crowd. Silver Bells sang over the chatter.

Kate, a petite young woman wearing a Santa hat, took her pink cocktail from the bartender and stirred it with the little straw while she scanned the sea of people. Her phone said 6:29. The Christmas party started an hour ago she hadn’t seen Glen yet. The second floor balcony, which looked out over the conference hall, was still dark with no sign of him. She twisted her lips, then chugged her entire drink and set the ice filled glass back on the bar.

Kate weaved through the crowd toward the steps. Bill, a grey haired accountant from Accounts Receivable, gestured at her sweater and gave her a nod and smile of approval as she went past. It was one of those ugly knitted Christmas sweaters with Rudolph playing in the snow. Beneath it, she wore a short red velvet skirt with the white fur around the hem.

She reached the top of the steps. The empty hallway was lined with doors on each side. Downstairs, Silver Bells switched over to Silent Night. She looked back down the steps to make sure no one followed and then went to the third door on the left. Kate stopped and listened at the door. She could hear Glen’s muffled voice was on the other side. She tried the doorknob. It was unlocked. She made one last glance back to make sure no one was coming, then eased the kuşadası escort door open and peeked inside.

The office was dark. Glen sat behind his desk in the glow of the computer screen with the phone receiver stuck to his ear. She slipped through the doorway and gently closed the door behind her, turning the latch which locked it. Her heels knocked along the hardwood floor as she stepped toward the desk. The white fur hem of her skirt bobbed and teased around her smooth upper thighs. Glen sat laid back in his desk chair, tie loosened, his white button-down shirt untucked and disheveled. He looked up at her, crossing his eyes in frustration. Then he mimed a pistol with his hand, pointed it at his head, and fired. Kate gave him a sad smile.

“I know Q three is going to suck,” Glen said into the phone, “but i’m telling you this new client is serious about buying and will push Q four way over projections.”

Kate could see the shape of Glen’s cock through his black dress pants. She reached down and ran the tips of her fingers along the bulge. Glen shot her a look, but continued talking.

“Yes that’s correct. I’m flying out there Monday.”

Her fingers found his zipper and she pulled it open. She slipped her hand into the opening of the fabric and fished out his cock. It grew and stiffened into curved steel in her fist. Glen’s eyes locked onto Kate’s.

“I’ll know more Monday. I’ll call you as soon as we’re done.”

Kate tugged playfully at his erection.

“Look, another call is coming in i need to take it, so i’ll just talk to you next week. Okay. Yep. Bye” Glen hung up the phone and gave Kate a stern look

“The Christmas party started an hour ago,” she said, still tugging on him “Everyone is downstairs”.

“You’re being a naughty little girl, Kate,” he said.

“I know”, she pouted, playfully.

Glen rose from his chair and spun Kate around, grabbing her hand and forcing it behind her back. Then he shoved her forward over his desk. She slammed into the wooden surface with a half-gasp, half-grunt. Her Santa hat fell to the floor. Glen found her other arm and pinned both her hands behind her back. With his free hand, he pulled her skirt up past her waist, revealing her pink cotton panties.

“Do you know what I do to naughty little girls?” Glen said, gritting his teeth.

He hooked a finger around the elastic band of her panties and jerked them down to her knees. Her bald little pussy peeked out from beneath two plump cheeks. Kate’s breathing turned into a soft panting now. He pressed his thumb into the lips of her pussy. It slipped in easily. His thumb worked in and around inside her, loosening her up. Kate dug her forehead into the desk, trying to stay quiet. Her scent now filled his nostrils. The scent that said she was ready for him. That was good.

He pulled his thumb out and rubbed her juices along the tip of his cock. He leaned forward, his penis still protruding through his pants, and lined up the tip. Her pussy made a moist suckling sound as he sank all the way into her. Kate exhaled a soft moan. Her insides felt like warm silk. Glen released her hands and put one of his on each of her hips. He drew his cock almost all the way out. Then he rammed it back in. Hard. Her ass cheeks rippled and made a wet slapping sound. An involuntary grunt forced itself out of Kate’s throat. He drew out and slammed her again. Kate clutched the edge of the desk with both hands and held on. Glen pounded her again and again, slowly at first, but steadily increased the pace.

Kate’s grunts shifted into gasping moans. She was forced to bite her lips to keep from screaming out. If anyone happened to be in an adjacent office or walking past, they’d hear her for sure. Glen’s thrusts grew harder and faster. When Kate’s orgasm came, it came hard. Every muscle in her body seized. Her head snapped back and her face contorted in to nothing but two bulging eyes and a gaping mouth, frozen in a silent scream. When she was done, she collapsed into a pile of [mush] on the desk. Glen pressed on, feeling his scrotum start to churn, signaling he was almost there. His thrusts stiffened as he pumped his white magma into her. With each thrust he shot more into her, until he was empty. [He was panting now.] He pulled out of her and collapsed into his desk chair.

When Kate gathered enough energy, she reached back and pulled her panties back up under her skirt. She stood and turned to Glen, face flushed and breathing heavy. Glen nodded to his cock, lying half limp through his zipper hole, smeared with his cum and her juices.

“Clean up your mess,” he said.

Kate went down on one knee, between his legs. She took him in her mouth, clenched her lips around the base and pulled him out, sucking the leftovers off him. Then she tucked it back into his pants and pulled up the zipper. She stood.

“Good girl”, he said. “Now go clean yourself up and i’ll meet you downstairs.”

Kate nodded and left.

Glen stood and tucked in his shirt. He went to leave, but noticed his desk had moved forward a few inches. He slid it back into place, then headed out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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