Daughter Dearest.

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Daughter Dearest.
Sitting at the top of the stairs hiding behind the handrail in the shadows I watch as mom opens the front door. It’s Ms Adams my teacher.

“Mrs Baker could I come in ” Ms Wilson is in her usual pant suit and blouse with heels. My mother on the other hand is still in her red teddy nightie, no panties, and quickly put on her cheap towelling bathrobe.

“Sure” my mom answers. Her bathrobe falls open as she moves back to open the door further.

“Tracey failed to come to school. You do remember what I said Mrs Baker!” Ms Wilson puts her hand under my mums chin the other removes the robe off her shoulders it falls to the floor. My mother backs up to the wall Ms Wilson puts a leg between my mothers nudging them apart.

“You can’t do this!” My mom whispered. Ms Wilson put her hand between moms legs. Moms head falls on to Ms Wilsons shoulder. I can hear a sloshing sound as Ms Wilson pumps her hand in to my mums pussy.

“Mrs Baker only speak when I ask” Ms Wilson pushes the straps of the nightie off mums shoulders exposing her big tits. Ms Wilson lowers her head and takes a nipple in her mouth.

I feel my 16 year old pussy getting warm and nipples are hard. I watch in disbelief as my mother gets finger fucked and her nipples licked, sucked, and nibbled. My mother has her eyes closed.

My mothers hands unbuckle the belt, undo the button, then unzips Ms Wilsons trousers puts her hand in and pulls out a big cock. Ms Wilson pants bahis şirketleri fall to the floor the cock is attached to a harness. My mom is on her knees now sucking the big cock her head moves backward and forwards. Mom slobbers and gags on the thing in her mouth as Ms Wilson holds moms head firmly.

I rub my tight slit like I saw Ms Wilson do to mom. Fuck it feels good.

Mom stands and turns to hold the handrail. She looks up the stairs I see the wanton lust in her eyes as Ms Wilson moves behind her inserting the rubber cock in my mothers pussy. Ms Wilson grabs the flesh on moms shapely hips.

“Fuck my cock Mrs Baker. ” My mom moves her ass back against Ms Wilsons pelvis. I can hear mums big bottom slapping against Ms Wilson.

My mum moans. Whimpers, swears. “Fuck that’s a big cock” “Fuck my pussy teacher”

Ms Wilson is in her mid twenties medium height with small tits. My mum is 45 6′ ft tall big tits and ass a size 16 long long legs and is a girly girl. Only ever wears dresses, skirts and blouses, stockings and heels. Sometimes she wears leggings and a long jersey in winter.

“Let’s go in the lounge” Ms Wilson says. My mother turns around and walks through the door, Ms Wilson looks up the stairwell straight at me. Can she see me sitting on my lower legs fingering my little man in a boat. I let out a little moan.

Ms Wilson slaps my moms bottom hard. SMACK.

I hear Ms Wilson tell my mom to straddle the coffee table. My mother tipobet giriş mumbles her protest. SMACK. I sneak down the stairs silently to the door. I see my mother lying face down on the coffee table her arms and legs are being lashed to the table. My moms pussy is wide open her lips are puffy and swollen. Her little brown rose bud opens and closes. My jeans are around my thighs my t shirt is up exposing my braless small pert tits.

Ms Wilson is looking uncomfortable with what is going to happen next. I wait until the final touch is applied. My mom is blindfolded. I walk in quietly up to my teacher that I have blackmailed. I filmed her getting eaten out by a classmate in detention. The classmate is upstairs tied to my bed. A trade. I get my mother to lick my pussy and I get to fuck her with my footlong strapon that is as thick as my wrist.

I remove my clothes quietly. Kneel in front of my mothers mouth. Let her smell me. I move behind her fit the harness, guide the head of the strap on up and down her wet pussy lips, then thrust forward.

“Oommph! Fuck that’s big. Alison can we drop the act.” Alison stands watching taking photos of my mother being fucked bound and blindfolded.

I grab her love handles roughly, blood comes to the surface, and ram the full 12 ” in to my mums waiting sopping wet cunt.

Alison stands behind me watching me fuck my mother. “Keep quiet Tracey might hear you” she instructs my mother. tipobet güvenilir mi

“Keep quiet. The girl she has in her bed has been moaning and cumming all morning. I’ve been rubbing one off in the kitchen to stay sane. Now your fucking my naughty pussy with your big dick” she stated.

“Does your daughter make you horny?” Ms Wilson asked.

“Fuck yes the things she gets her lovers to do gets me so wet”

“Would you lick Tracey’s tight little pussy?”

“At the moment … fuck in hell… ( I had pulled out and positioned the head on her asshole ) No ! It’s to big Alison” my mom moaned and protested.

“FUCK NO NO NO ( I pushed the head in ) FUCK NO NO STOP ” she screamed. I pushed more in.

“Shut the fuck up slut you know you want it” Alison put her head by moms ear and added. “Your bound to a table and blindfolded slut you will take what your given bitch”

I started thrusting in and out slowly and deeper . Mom continued to beg for “Alison” to stop. I signalled for Alison to hand me some spring loaded clothes pegs that were over by the window. I put them on moms nipples to start.

“Oooohhh god yes. Fuck yes”

I put some on her pussy flaps.

“Ooooooowwwww. Oooooohhhh my fucking god your kinky Alison”


I leaned forward so she could feel my stiff nipples on her back.

“It wasn’t Alison mum”


I kept butt fucking my mother until she screamed the house down again. I needed to get off. I removed the strap on and knelt in front of her guiding her mouth to my young juicy cunt. Rubbed my clit on her nose. Pinching my nipples. My pussy erupted squirting my juices all over her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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