Futa Naked In School 11 – Futa Bully’s Naughty Week 1: Shelena’s Desperate Futa Passion

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Group Sex

Futa Naked In School – Futa Bully’s Naughty Week

Chapter One: Shelena’s Desperate Futa Passion

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Shelena Lowell’s Week, Monday

Last week sucked.

No one was talking to me. The rest of the football team were shunning me. They were led by Tanisha. Smug bitch. All because that cunt, Salome Cardozo, refused to give me her cherry. I earned it. A fucking year leaving her sniveling, pathetic, wussy of a futa-girlfriend alone. A futa so contemptible, she stood there and watched as I sodomized Salome before the entire student body in the cafeteria last Tuesday.

That had been a glorious moment. I thought I had Salome’s cherry. That she would finally give it to me. What was the point? Just fucking her in the ass got old fast. I wanted to steal the precious cherry she was saving for Paloma.

I even used the L word. Love. That never failed to work on a girl. They were all idiots, believing in that true love crap.

There was just fucking. The girl got to cum on my big, Black futa-dick, and I got to explode my jizz in their hot, tight pussies or assholes or even just firing it across their faces like the cheap sluts they were. They were all sluts and whores and skanks.

The Program proved it.

“Hey, Lola,” I said, passing the naked blonde on her soapbox surrounded by a cadre of other nude hotties. The Pervert Society had flipped. I had been the one to pop Lola’s cherry, one of my best moments. I filmed it and everything. Had her begging me to do it. “Need a ride on a big, Black cock?” I cupped my dick through the skinny jeans I wore, my shaft on full display. With the days heating up, I wore a crop top that hugged my large tits, my nipples hard against the material. Aching. “Got one right here.”

Lola burst into laughter. The rest of the Pervert Society joined her.

“Why would we want the most pathetic cock in school?” one of them shouted.

“We want a futa who can get a girl to give up her pussy, not because she forced her!”

“Bullying cunt!”

“You’re the saddest futa at our college. I’d rather ride the smallest cock in school than yours. I’d cum harder on it!”

Every girl at my college had hated me since that Tuesday. Looked like it was continuing. I hadn’t gotten laid since cumming in Salome’s asshole. I had to masturbate for the first time since last summer. My ovaries were on fire. I needed pussy.

“Fuck,” I muttered, slinking into the school building. It wasn’t long before I reached the auditorium.

“Shelena, Shelena, is the worst!” cheered the cheerleaders as they shook their pompoms, their naked tits jiggling. They’d covered them in the purple and silver of the college’s colors, right tit flashing bright, left tit a regal violet. “Watch out girls for her putrid dick!”

I scowled at them and they burst into giggles. It didn’t even fucking rhyme!

The football team glared at me. Many of them were getting flak, too, for helping me bully Paloma. April Gore had a hard look on her face and Mbali Arendse glared daggers. Tanisha smirked, her disgusting sex slaves sucking on her girl-dick. The depraved Charisma was a futa and yet loved Tanisha’s cock with aplomb.

Futa-faggots were the worst. I couldn’t say that or I’d be labeled a homophobe and be in even more shit with everyone.

Sniggers echoed around me as I climbed up to the top row. Girls were grabbing the crotches of the futas they set beside and saying, “Got a better dick right here,” or, “Going to be riding her futa-cock and not yours,” or “Who needs a monster cock stretching out your pussy when you can have one that fits just right,” or, “I’m going to cum so hard on her clit-dick!”

That fucking nerd Candice smirked as her girlfriend, Ginny, gave her a blowjob. Everyone claimed Candice had a bigger cock than me. A White fucking nerd of a futa? Ginny loved it. Another cherry I almost had. I should kick Candice’s ass. She put out the footage of me trying to force Ginny.

“Doesn’t matter how hard you shove your cock in my cunt, I’ll never enjoy it!” taunted Adile, the Turkish lesbian, as I passed where she sat.

“Wouldn’t fuck you anyways, dyke,” I muttered.

“Liar,” she purred. “You’re so hard, you’d fuck a dried up, hundred-year-old cunt.”

Girls around her burst into laughter.

I reached the top and sat down. I spotted Salome down below. She had to go another week naked as punishment for missing most of last week. She was sitting on Paloma’s little cock, making it clear she was riding the futa, working her pussy up and down right here in the middle of the assembly.

I leaned back. How long would this go on? It had to fucking blow over.

President McTaggart came out, the redheaded futa too fucking energetic as usual. I tuned it out, not giving a fuck. Whatever girls were chosen, it wouldn’t matter. They wouldn’t let me touch them Program or no. They’d probably just claim I tried to force them.

The two girls were chosen, stripping naked while all the other futas salivated over their naked bodies. A junior and senior, two girls I didn’t know that well. I shifted. I was only a sophomore, but my skill on the football field led me to be starting quarterback. When the fall came, everyone would forget about this as I kicked ass and led us to another victory.

Tanisha would be gone by them. Graduated and out of my hair. She couldn’t get in the way of my glory.

“Representing the freshmen, we have Paloma Oleastro!” announced the president.

I rolled my eyes as Paloma cried out so loud in orgasmic rapture, everyone cheering her on for cumming in that slut she was still dating. Paloma licked other futas’ cum out of her girlfriend’s twat. How disgusting was that?

After disentangling with Salome, Paloma rushed down to stand by the president and strip naked, Salome following along since she was still in the Program, I guessed. President McTaggart then reached into her bag to pull out the final futa name. As usual, it took her a few tries with such narrow options.

“And representing the sophomores is Shelena Lowell.”

Excitement burst through me even as a boo rang through the auditorium. President McTaggart seemed taken aback as I sauntered down. Once I was naked and all those horny sluts saw how hung I was, they would be all over me. Girls were controlled by that hole between their thighs. They thought with their hot cunts.

I would get to enjoy so much pussy.

I blew kisses, reveling in the boos. They wouldn’t be jeering me for long. I was so hard. I would get off so fast. Paloma was already naked, her little futa-cock, gleaming in pussy juices, stood at attention, fondled by Salome. Her pussy dripped cum. She was shaved now, looked fresh. I bet Paloma was eager to lick her clean.

Fucking futa-pervert.

I reached the bottom and popped off my crop top, exposing my large, Ebony breasts. My short hair swayed about my face. I unsnapped my skinny jeans, a pair of lacy panties on beneath. I wiggled out of my jeans and then my panties.

I unveiled my massive cock to all the girls.

The cheerleaders burst into laughter. “Just the Worst!” burst from them as they shook their pompoms.

My cheeks warmed while my dick ached. I was so fucking hard. I needed relief bad.

President McTaggart frowned as she picked up my clothes. “You don’t seem that popular, Ms. Lowell.”

“College’s a bitch,” I said with confidence. “When they see what I’m packing, they’ll be all over me. Shame I don’t take German, I bet your wife’ll love my dick.” The president’s wife taught German.

“Probably,” said the president without caring. “But staff can’t have fun with students yet.”

The students flooded out of the stands. All the girls rushed down with squeals of delight. I was ready, hard and throbbing. I would cum on one of them. The moment they started rubbing my cock. It would be great.

The girls went for Paloma. They surrounded her and Salome. I caught snatches of, “Best futa-girlfriend,” and, “You two are so cute together,” and, “I love how supportive you are.”

No one, not a single girl, so much as looked at me. The futas were all around the two naked chicks. I swallowed, my cheeks burning. Humiliation swirled through me. The cheerleaders all bent over and flashed their asses. They’d painted a phrase across all their rumps: “PUSSY OFF LIMITS!”

“Fucking cunts,” I muttered and stalked out of the gym, my futa-dick hard. Some slut would give in. They always did.

My first class after the auditorium was PE. I didn’t have to strip naked so I just waited around in the bleachers for everyone to show up. I was hard, my dick throbbing with passion. Both Candice and Ginny were in this class. They were holding hands, Ginny looking naughty with cum drying on her face, when they walked into the gym. She smirked at me and then shoved her hand down Candice’s gym shorts.

“You look like you need relief,” Coach Miller said. The futa glanced at my hard cock.

“Yeah.” I glanced out at the girls. “Any volunteers.”

“Nope,” Ginny said, stroking Candice’s cock. “Got a bigger one right here.”

“Miss Reynolds, stop jerking off Ms. Vance.”

“Sorry, Coach,” Ginny said and ripped her hand out of her futa-girlfriend’s gym shorts.

Loretta Leggieri snorted at me and Alanna Glass mimicked throwing up. I’d fucked that White slut before, too. Liliana Beasley burst into a gale of laughter and her face turned red while Shui Jiang wouldn’t look at me.

I tried to jerk off, but I felt so self-conscious I couldn’t do it. My cheeks burned with embarrassment. I had to go through PE, which was running around the track, with a hard cock and the largest pair of blue ovaries any futa ever had. The worst part, girls were sneaking off with futas and blowing them along the sides of the equipment shed. Ginny took care of Candice while Alanna was more than willing to swallow Michelle Devreoux’s cock. Jacinta Albuquerque had both Liliana and Shui sucking on her girl-dick and gave them both facials. Loretta actually fucked Augusta Pryor, getting pounded hard from behind.

She smirked at me when I saw them and moaned, “Got a real futa fucking me, not a pathetic bitch!”

In the locker room, I showered by myself. None of the girls would come near me and tried to keep their bodies covered in towels to deny me any view of them.

My next class went much the same. No girls wanted to give me relief. I ate alone during my lunch break while Salome was getting fucked by futas and then licked clean by Paloma. She was cumming hard on futa after futa’s cock.

I wanted her pussy so badly. If she’d only given me her cherry like she was supposed to, I’d be cock-deep in so much cunt right now.

My pussy burned as I squirmed through my last three classes of the day. My futa-dick throbbing hard. When I slouched out of my last class, I spotted Salome sauntering down the hall, her pussy dripping with cum.

“Hey,” I said to her, “You can’t be satisfied with Paloma’s little cock.”

“Why şişli bayan escort do you think that?” she asked, stopping and giving me a bold look. The Hispanic beauty was petite and feisty. She had her brown hair in a pair of delectable pigtails.

“Because you’re fucking every futa with a bigger dick,” I said. “That’s why. You need them big. You’re a size queen. You need a futa who loves with a—”

Salome burst into laughter. My cheeks burned. I squirmed as her mocking jubilation echoed around us. Her head shook. Her small titties jiggled. More white cum dribbled down her golden-brown thighs.

“Oh, that’s good,” she said. “You loooooveee me. Do I look like an idiot?”

“No,” I muttered.

“Every girl at our college knows who you are now,” she said. “And I don’t fuck other futas because Paloma doesn’t make me cum with her clit-dick, I do it because she loves eating futa-cum out of pussy.”

“She could lick this cock’s cum out of your cunt,” I said, grabbing it and shaking it. “She doesn’t even have to know. You could experience something big in you.”

Her eyes flicked down and a considering look popped into her eyes. I smiled. I knew it. They were all sluts. Then she shook her head and darted away scared of her desires. I took a deep breath. The girls were being stubborn, but their lust for the biggest cocks would win out.

Girls were just too weak not to surrender to their lusts.



The girls didn’t surrender right away. My first period class sucked. I couldn’t masturbate the night before, so I was backed up. My pussy had a molten itch that was painful and my futa-dick throbbed and ached with a powerful pulse. My ovaries needed to unload their cum. Then PE went the same as yesterday. The girls ignored me in the locker room and tormented me during class by sneaking off beneath the bleachers to have fun with the futas.

They all grinned at me. “We’re so glad you’re in class,” said a futa named Michelle Devereux. “Getting so much pussy and ass thanks to you.”

I almost punched the smug, French futa-bitch in the face. Fucking frogs.

I suffered through third period while dreading eating lunch again when my phone beeped. I fished it out of my bookbag and saw the first text I’d gotten in a week that wasn’t insulting. It was from Salome.

“Changed my mind. Meet me in the A/V Club.”

I grinned. Finally, I was going to enjoy Salome’s pussy. It wouldn’t be a cherry cunt, but it would still be great revealing to Paloma that her girlfriend had given in to her lust for me. And once Salome had my cock, she’d be my little whore for the rest of the school year. I’d keep her as a pet, using her at every chance I got.

I whistled as I headed down the hall, not caring that girls gave me disgusted looks. Nothing else mattered. I was getting pussy.

I entered A/V Club’s room and fond Salome naked, of course, sitting on a table, her legs crossed, her small breasts thrust out before her because she was leaned back on her left hand. She had a huge grin on her face.

“Hi, Shelena,” she said. “I bet you want to fuck me so bad.”

“You have no idea,” I groaned, stalking towards her, my futa-dick leading the way.

“There have to be a few rules,” she said.

“Whatever,” I groaned. I was just so horny, I would agree to anything. “I just need some pussy. I’ll even lick you clean, just give me that cunt.”

“I thought so,” she said. “You poor, poor thing. I bet you haven’t gotten laid in a week, right? Not since you tried to force me in the cafeteria.”

“Sorry,” I lied. “I got carried away. I’ll make it up to you.”

She spread her thighs and revealed her pussy was dripping in cum. Her shaved pussy gleamed with the pearly spunk. I shuddered at the sight of her. This hunger surged through me. I just ended cunt. I didn’t care if there was a futa’s cum in there. No one would know.

“I’ll lick you all clean,” I whined. “I’ll lick you out and make you cum. Just give me some pussy.”

“Sure,” she said, “and while you’re licking me clean, guess what Paloma’s going to do.”

“Paloma?” I growled.

I hadn’t noticed the Hispanic futa in the corner, her little futa-dick hard. She was petite like Salome, her brown hair in the same sort of pigtails. They often dressed in matching outfits. Paloma stroked her girl-dick.

“Hi,” she said. “I love licking out her pussy full of cum. That’s my cum in there, too. I fired a lot. I saved up all morning just for this.”

“She did,” Salome said.

“Fine, I’ll lick you clean, just let me please, please, fuck your pussy. I need it. I need it so fucking bad.” I couldn’t believe how pathetic I sounded. I was whining. Begging. But I needed relief. This was torture. I had gone so long without being in a girl’s hole.

A fucking week!

“Good, you eat me out and let Paloma fuck you in the ass, and then you can get off,” Salome said. “Have a powerful orgasm. Won’t that be wonderful to get off?”

“Yes!” I groaned, glancing at Paloma and her small futa-dick. Would I really feel that in my asshole? My pussy clenched, aching for stimulation. My girl-cock had to be in something. I needed to cum.

No one would know. There’d be no proof that I did something like this. I’d still be a sexy and feminine futa, not one of those perverts who did things with other cocks. My futa-dick throbbed, begging to be in something.


“I’ll do it,” I groaned.

“Then get licking,” Paloma said, advancing. Her small breasts jiggled, her brown nipples hard. “Devour all my cum out of Salome’s pussy.”

“Apologize for being the worst fucking futa at our college!” Salome smiled. “Girls are finally coming clean about all the ways you pressured them into sex. Maybe if you’re a good, pathetic futa-wuss, they’ll forgive you.”

“Lick enough pussies clean of cum…” Paloma shrugged. “Start with my Salome’s.”

“You can’t tell anyone about this,” I whimpered. “I have a rep.”

“We won’t tell a soul,” Salome said and crossed her heart, her finger sliding over her small tit. “Now get licking so my futa and can start fucking. I want to see her pounding your Black ass!”

I licked my lips and then bent over. My ebony hands grasped Salome’s brown thighs. I slid up them, caressing her as I nuzzled my face down to her pussy. The spicy musk of her cunt mixed with the salty aroma of Paloma’s cum.

I grimaced. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I wasn’t a fan of eating pussy—it was something you did to fuck a girl—but one with cum seemed worse. But I had to do it. I closed my eyes and plunged my face forward.

I pressed my lips into the hot folds of Salome’s pussy. I felt the sticky feel of Paloma’s girl-spunk. It coated my lips. I shuddered and then flicked my tongue out. I dragged it through the mix of fluids, gathering up another futa’s jizz along with Salome’s spicy cream.

The salty and spicy flavors mixed on my tongue.

They were… all right.

I licked again, gathering up the spunk. I could do this. I just tried not to think about the fact I was licking up Paloma’s spunk. It had such a salty flavor. It was so present, spiced by her cunt cream. My tongue flicked out again, dragging through her folds, scooping up that futa-cum.

“Ooh, I think you like licking my pussy full of a futa’s spunk,” Salome purred. “Yeah, you just love that, don’t you?”

I shivered, fearing to answer. It wasn’t disgusting at all. It wasn’t a terrible flavor. And her pussy tasted good. The spice and the salty went great together. I blushed, refusing to answer as I licked again, my tongue darting through her folds and brushing her clit.

“Now your turn, Paloma,” purred Salome. “I want to see that cute futa-dick sliding into Shelena’s bowels. Ass-fuck her hard! She deserves it!”

“Yes, she does!” Paloma said with enthusiasm.

The nerdy cunt pressed her futa-dick into my butt-crack. My futa-dick gave an excited twitch, my pussy clenching. I groaned, feeling my own cunt cream trickling down my thighs and my shaft. I was so wet and excited right now.

Because I hadn’t cum in a week. That was all. I certainly wasn’t going to enjoy this.

Paloma’s futa-dick felt bigger than I thought it was between my butt-cheeks. I knew she had a small cock, and yet there was some girth. I thrust my tongue into Salome’s pussy, concentrating on her cunt, on the spicy cream and the salty cum I found in her depths.

“Ooh, yes, yes, scoop all my futa-girlfriend’s cum out of me!” moaned Salome, her body shuddering. Her pigtails danced. “Just lick it all out while Paloma’s sodomizes you.”

“Yes,” Paloma moaned, her futa-dick finding the puckered opening of my asshole. She pressed her girl-dick right there against my sphincter.

Goddess, I was so pathetic to do this. I just wanted to be fuck pussy this badly I was letting myself being used. My asshole tingled as her girl-dick rubbed against it. She was wet with Salome’s pussy juices and maybe some sort of lube.

She pressed forward.

I groaned into Salome’s pussy. My virgin asshole surrendered to the Hispanic futa’s cock. Her clit-dick’s tip pressed and pressed against my anal ring. It widened more and more. Heat burned in my asshole and melted down to my cunt.

My pussy drank it in. I shuddered, rubbing my face into Salome’s sloppy cunt. My tongue darted out, fluttering as I tried to ignore the futa-dick penetrating inch after inch into my bowels. The burning friction generated pleasure.

It felt good.

That couldn’t be possible, and yet my futa-dick twitched and throbbed. I groaned and moaned into Salome’s cunt. I rubbed my lips across her labia. My tongue darted into her sheath, scooping out more salty futa-cum while Paloma buggered me.

“Oh, goddess, she’s tight,” moaned Paloma. “She’s got a delicious ass, Salome.”

“Mmm, enjoy her,” purred Salome, her hands grabbing my short hair. “Bugger her hard. I want to watch your cute futa-cock pumping in and out of her ebony ass.”

“I want to watch you cum on her mouth,” panted Paloma. “Mother of Goddess, I love you, mi sirenita.”

“¡Mi futa-florecita!” howled Salome, her small tits quivering. “I’m going to drown her in pussy cream. She’s licking you out of me. She loves it. Don’t you?”

I didn’t answer. I just licked again, scooping out more of that salty cum seasoned by hot pussy.

My body trembled as Paloma’s girl-dick plundered in and out of me. She fucked me hard. She drove her girl-dick to the hilt in me again and again. She penetrated my bowels with hard and powerful strokes. My asshole clenched around her while my pussy drank in the heat, feeding the pressure in my ovaries.

My futa-dick throbbed and twitched, an orgasmic ache building at the tip. Was I going to cum getting ass-fucked by a futa?

I couldn’t believe it, but every thrust of her cock into my bowels felt amazing. The pleasure of the nerdy, Hispanic futa’s girl-dick slamming into the depths of my anal sheath melted down şişli escort to my pussy. It heated my ovaries. They brimmed with a load of futa-cum. That put pressure on the tip of my dick.

I moaned into Salome’s pussy. She shuddered, grinding on my face. Her thighs gripped my face. She leaned back on her arm and humped against my face. She let out little whimpers of delight. Her small breasts jiggled. She bit her lower lip, moaning out her pleasure for all to hear.

“Mother of Goddess,” she panted. “Mmm, you like licking all that cum out of my pussy!”

“I do,” I panted, just embracing what was happening. My orgasm was building. I would cum so hard. I needed it. A week without satisfaction… I would take my relief wherever I could. “Oh, fuck, I do!”

“Make me cum, and Paloma will keep fucking you!” groaned Salome, her body trembling. Her little breasts quivered. “Oh, yes, yes, just make me explode, and you’ll get everything you want! You’ll get that satisfaction you crave!”

I licked harder at her, lapping up only her pussy juices. No more futa-cum. I licked up to her clit and sucked on it. My dark hands squeezed her sleek thighs. She groaned, leaning back onto her elbows now. She squeezed her legs about my face and stared at her lover over me.

She was ignoring me as I devoured her. My bowels clenched around her futa-girlfriend’s cock reaming my anal depths. Paloma thrust harder, faster. The nerdy futa rammed that clit-dick into me over and over while Salome watched.

“Ooh, pound her asshole,” moaned Salome. “Oh, mi futa-florecita, just fuck her hard. Ram that girl-cock to the hilt in her. I want you to fill her asshole with all your jizz!”

“Yes!” Paloma groaned, slamming into my bowels. Her crotch smacked into my rump. That meaty smack echoed. My large breasts swayed beneath me as I rotated my hips. “Oh, damn, she’s getting into it.”

“Mmm, she’s just a futa-slut for hard cock, isn’t she?” Salome moaned.

“Yes!” Paloma gasped, fucking me with frantic strokes, building to her own orgasm.

Just like I built towards mine.

I sucked hard on Salome’s clit. She gasped and shuddered. “Ooh, you are a futa-slut! You love my futa-flower’s cock reaming your asshole, don’t you?”

I shuddered.

“Say it!” Paloma groaned. “She wants to hear you say it! She needs it to get off!”

I shuddered, seeing the girl trembling. Humiliation surged through me along with the lust. If she got off, then so would I. Hard. Powerful. I would finally erupt. “I love Paloma’s cock fucking my asshole!”

Salome threw back her head and shuddered. She bucked on the table. Her thighs squeezed tight about my face. Her pussy juices gushed out, flooding my mouth. I drank down the spicy passion while Paloma kept hammering my bowels.

She rammed her girl-dick to the hilt in me again and again. She reamed me. She filled me with so much cock.

It was incredible.

My body trembled. My asshole squeezed around her girl-dick. I made Salome cum while taking a futa’s cock in my asshole. This strange rush of triumphant bliss rippled out of my cunt. My heavy tits quivered.

I exploded.

My futa-cock unloaded. Jizz fired from my dick while my pussy and asshole both writhed and spasmed. Juices gushed from my cunt. My bowels milked the hard cock ramming into my anal depths. Paloma moaned as she felt my pleasure.

“I’m fucking cumming!” I gasped, the pleasure slamming hard into my mind. It was incredible.

A real orgasm.

Paloma slammed into my asshole and gasped out, “Yes!”

Her girl-jizz flooded my depths. Hot spurts of her cum fired into my bowels while my dick unloaded spunk onto the floor. I moaned into Salome’s pussy while my knees grew weak. Stars burned across my vision. I swayed and then I collapsed, my bowels ripping off of Paloma’s spurting cock.

Jizz splashed onto my ass. My knees hit the floor, my tits heaving. I shuddered there, another blast of Paloma’s cum painting my back in pearly spunk. The pleasure felt so intense. So amazing. I cried out in rapture.

“Oh, my fucking goddess, yes!” I gasped, pussy cream flooding down my thighs. “This is incredible! Oh, my fucking goddess! Oh, yes, yes!”

My pleasure echoed around me. It reverberated through the room, echoing back and forth. I had another futa’s cum running over my ebony skin and leaking out of my bowels. It dribbled down to my virgin cunt.

Salome hopped off the table and sauntered by me. “Ooh, I promised you a powerful orgasm.”

“What?” I panted, struggling to think. To process what was going on.

The door opened. I whirled my head around to see the pair of them leaving. I struggled to stand on my legs, my muscles quivering from the powerful bliss. “You promised I could fuck your cunt.”

“I promised you’d get off,” Salome said and waved at me. “You did.”

The door closed.

I staggered to it, my balance off. Hot cum ran down my back and bubbled out of my asshole. I had another futa’s seed in me. I just let her fuck me. My cock throbbed, half-hard but eager for more. My bowels clenched.

I grabbed the door handle and wrenched it open. I looked out at the hallway, scanning for them.

They were running towards the cafeteria. Towards the crowds of students. Witnesses. I couldn’t be seen with cum on me. “Fuck!”

I staggered to the nearest girls’ restroom. I had to use the girls’ and not the futas’ because of the Program. No one was in this part of the school, so I was able to clean myself up. As I did, I felt great. My asshole tingled, my ovaries weren’t backed up and aching, and my body buzzed with the high of a powerful climax.

I’d finally gotten off.

I swaggered out of the restroom, my large tits swaying before me. Things would start to get better. If Salome and Paloma talked, no one would believe them. Everyone knew I wasn’t the sort of futa to take a cock. I did the fucking.

Girls would still be lusting for my dick. They would see it and, eventually, they’d snap. There were a few sluts at this school. The cheerleaders were all whores and the volleyball team wasn’t much better. Whenever Denice wanted to punish her slave, she ordered Umeko to fuck the biggest cock she could find. I’d enjoyed the homecoming queen runner-up a few times because of that.

I sauntered into the cafeteria to get something to eat when I noticed a group of people around Guanting Chan of all people. The Chinese president of the A/V club held a tablet in her hand. She grinned, one hand rubbing at her hardon through the long skirt she wore. The futa had on her usual white blouse with a red bow tie today, the ends long and graceful. Her black hair fell straight down her back.

“Say it!” I heard Paloma’s voice say, but it was tinnier, coming from the pad. “She wants to hear you say it! She needs it to get off!”

My stomach went cold.

“I love Paloma’s cock fucking my asshole!” past me shouted.

Everyone burst into laughter.

“Goddess, she’s cumming!” moaned Stacie Ward, the swim team captain. Her purple hair danced about her face.

“Look at her go,” giggled Lizaveta Kuznetsov. The black-haired futa always photographed the girls who were in the Program for the college’s website, paper, and yearbook. She was another nerd in the A/V Club. “She’s cumming hard on Paloma’s cock.”

“Shelena is a big futa-slut for hard cock!” giggled Teal Constable. “I have to show this to Lola.”

“It’s uploading to YouTube at the moment,” said Guanting. “And we had it live-streaming on Twitch. So glad they added the porn category!”

“You shit-eating bitch!” I roared and stalked over to Guanting. I would show that chink not to fuck with me.

Teal’s face paled. Stacie just smirked at me, folding her arms across her chest. She thought she was hot shit for fucking Coach Castellano and getting the dating rule for professors and staff implemented. Lizaveta pulled up her camera and aimed it at me.

I pulled the tablet out of Guanting’s hand. “Delete it! Now! Take it off Twitch and wherever else you posted it.”

“What, don’t you like starring in your first ever A/V club porno?” asked Guanting. She looked around at everyone and then pushed up her glasses. “Sure looked like it to me. You’re just screaming your head off. You’re such a futa-slut.”

Stacie Ward nodded her head. “Mmm, you were loving Paloma pounding that asshole. You came so hard, you fell down on your knees.”

A great laughing roar burst over from the table where members of my football team and the cheerleaders were having lunch. Tatyana Naumov, the cheer captain, was perched on Mbali’s lap. Tatyana’s naked breasts quivered as she held up her phone for Mbali to stare at. They looked over at me. April shook her head, a big smirk on her face.

“Ooh, the video’s up on YouTube and the alert went out to everyone who follows the college’s channel.” Guanting smirked at me. “You know, they subscribed and rang that bell for notifications. Isn’t that nice of them? Really helps the school’s analytics. Why, the ad revenue we’re making off porn is going to pay for some needed equipment for next year’s athletic program. All thanks to you.”

“What?” I said, my blood chilling. Around the room, students were pulling out their phones. I spotted Salome and Paloma sitting naked with Ginny and Candice, the foursome leaning in to stare at a tablet. A great burst of laughter erupted from the girls’ volleyball team. Those sluts were always fun. They played in the skimpiest micro bikinis that often failed to contain their tits, revealing all their glory.

“Always knew you liked futa-cock,” said Isidora. The naked futa had her little sister sitting on her lap nearby, the girl holding her phone before her.

“Looking good taking a dick up the ass,” purred Posie Ramsey, an openly lesbian futa. “Why didn’t you ever let me know. I could have fucked you.”

“No!” I shouted, looking around. “They tricked me. I thought I was there to fuck Salome’s pussy.”

“No, no, we worked out the scene ahead of time,” Guanting said, stalking forward. “You were just acting. You begged me to find a futa to fuck you up the ass and then you wanted your next scene to be losing your cherry.”

“What?” I gasped, backing up as Guanting advanced on me.

The futa grabbed my girl-cock. I gasped as her hand stroked up and down my Black shaft. Her pale-olive fingers looked so small and delicate around my hardening girth. My dick swelled fast, an ache forming in my pussy. One cum wasn’t enough. I was still horny. I still wanted more.

Her hand felt amazing. My knees buckled. I didn’t understand this. Why was I acting so passive? I kept backing up, but she followed me. Her hand stroked to the pinnacle of my cock. She reached it and massaged my clit-dick’s hard tip. She smeared my precum around. She worked it into my spongy crown. The pleasure burned through me.

My knees quivered.

I backed into a table and collapsed onto the bench. My large breasts jiggled. Lizaveta had a big smile as she moved in with mecidiyeköy escort her camera, filming it. Guanting kept playing with my girl-dick. The nerdy futa had such a huge grin on her face.

Students were crowding in. Lola had shown up, slipping an arm around Teal. They were dating now, as impossible as that seemed. The freshman futa had a smirking grin as she cupped Lola’s naked ass. The President of the Pervert’s society, the star of several of the A/V club’s recent pornos, had such a look of lust on her face.

“Mmm, finger my asshole, Teal,” Lola cooed. “I want to cum hard watching Guanting take her cherry.”

“What?” I gasped, my dick throbbing.

“Mmm, this is going to be amazing,” said Claire Nowell. She had such a look of satisfaction on her face. “You were so mean to Salome, but this is your way to make it up to her and the rest of the college.” She pressed into Guanting’s back. “Fuck her hard. I want to see that.”

The girl’s hands unzipped Guanting’s skirt. It fell down her body revealing a cock trapped in a pair of black tights. The Chinese futa’s clit-dick twitched and throbbed. A dark spot formed at the tip. I shuddered, seeing the girth. The nerd had a nice-sized cock.

What would that feel like in my twat? I’d never shoved anything in my cunt. Girls and futa-faggots did that, not straight futas like me. I liked to be in pussy. My asshole tingled, remembering Paloma’s cock fucking me to a hard orgasm.

Claire thrust down Guanting’s tights. The futa’s cock popped out. It bobbed hard before her, twitching and throbbing. It aimed at me, hard, ready to fuck my cunt and take my cherry. I was surprised to still have a hymen after playing football since I was six. My twenty-year-old cunt clenched, the heat building and building inside of me.

“I’m not going to let you fuck me,” I moaned, my pride getting in the way of experiencing such pleasure.

I couldn’t believe how much my body was betraying me.

“You don’t want this cock fucking you?” asked Claire. She stroked up and down it from behind. “I’ve enjoyed her. She’s hot.”

“Mmm, she is,” moaned Britney Hollows, a member of the Pervert Society. “I love her cock in my pussy. Asian dick is fun to fuck.”

“You’ll love it,” moaned Umeko. The busty, naked Japanese girl had crawled onto the table behind me. Now her large breasts swayed over my head. Her collar around her neck proclaimed who owned her: Denice Jennings. “If you want to ever enjoy a girl at Rogers College again, you need to show the student body you’re not selfish.”

“Let’s see you lose that cherry,” moaned Genevieve, one of the topless cheerleaders. She sank down beside me and slid her hand past my cock. She caressed over my shaved pussy lips and spread my labia apart. She stroked my hymen. “It’s still intact. You’re going to get your cherry popped and make the college so much money.”

“Mmm, yes,” Guanting moaned, Claire unbuttoning her blouse. I’d missed the futa’s bow tie coming off. In moments, her round tits, topped by dark-brown nipples, appeared before me.

“Come fuck her,” moaned Genevieve.

“Yes, yes, fuck the futa-slut!” moaned Umeko.

“Pound her hard,” Stacie Ward said, a big grin on her face.

“FUCK HER!” roared through the cafeteria.



I shuddered, Guanting still stroking my cock as she lowered herself down to fuck me. The Chinese futa had this wicked gleam in her eyes. I could see it. This was revenge for me teasing all the nerds in the school, the member of her club, the chess club, debate club, and more. She pressed her girl-cock against my pussy.

I wanted to feel her in me. I ached for it. My body betrayed me.

“I’ll get pussy again?” I whimpered, my voice cracking.

“If you’re a good futa,” cooed Genevieve, her hot fingers holding my pussy lips apart, allowing Guanting to rub her dick’s tip against my hymen.

“Yes, yes!” I moaned. “I can be a good futa again. I want pussy!”

“So do I,” groaned Guanting and thrust.

The Chinese nerd’s hard plunge ripped through my maidenhead. I groaned as my futa-cherry popped. Then her girl-dick penetrated my pussy. My eyes widened as I felt a cock in me for the first time. It was incredible. I arched my back, the edge of the table biting into my skin. I stared up at Umeko’s big tits, the reward awaiting me.

Guanting’s cock bottomed out on me. She stroked my ebony clit-dick as she drew back. My deflowered pussy clenched down on her. I gripped her shaft, pleasure spilling through me. This was better than Paloma’s cock in my asshole.

“Oh, goddess,” I moaned, so aware of the camera filming me. I had to make this good. I had to pretend I loved it.

It wasn’t hard.

Guanting thrust back into me. This wonderful burst of pleasure rippled through my flesh and up to the tip of my clit-dick. She stroked my cock with the same rhythm that she fucked me. My large tits quivered. I squirmed, grinding my back into the table’s blunted edge. I shuddered. Genevieve smiled beside me, licking her fingers clean of my pussy juices.

Everyone was watching, speaking, cheering. Their words rippled over me. The student body of Rogers College witnessed Guanting fucking hard into my pussy. She slammed her girl-dick to the hilt in me over and over, this amazing pleasure building and building inside of me.

“Oh, my fucking goddess, yes!” I panted. “Oh, your cock feels incredible.”

“So does your pussy!” moaned Guanting, her round tits heaving. Her glasses slipped off her face. “Play with my titties. I want to cum in your cunt.”

“Do it!” I moaned, the camera aimed at me. My hands cupped a futa’s breasts, my dark fingers massaging those round mounds. They felt like a girl’s tits. They were as much fun to play with, but it was hotter.

This was a futa’s tits. I was straight, and yet I was enjoying her clit-dick plundering my pussy, her hand stroking my shaft. The ache built and built at the tip and in my ovaries. A load of cum brewed. Another amazing orgasm would sweep over me.

“I want you to cum in me!” I howled, kneading her tits. “I want to explode on your futa-cock!”

The words poured out of my mouth. I couldn’t help it. The friction was incredible. My pussy squeezed down around the nerdy futa’s cock. Her every stroke into my twat brought me closer and closer to exploding.

Genevieve squirmed beside me. Her eyes were bright and wild. Other girls watched. Claire smoldering hot eyes as she rubbed her cunt through her jeans. Lola quivered as Teal fingered her pussy, too. The freshman futa’s cock was also out, gripped in Lola’s hand. Xochitl rode her older futa-sister’s clit-dick. Adile smirked nearby, getting her twat licked out by the senior girl in the Program, the hottie’s head vanished beneath the lesbian’s skirt.

I was coming closer and closer to exploding. I squirmed and moaned. A freshman named Samantha watched with hungry eyes while getting her dick sucked by an Italian girl. Ginny and Candice appeared in the crowd, the redheaded girl’s skirt bunched around her waist and her body shaking. Candice was fucking her from behind, enjoying that pussy I’d almost claimed at the start of the school year.

“Oh, my goddess, yes!” I moaned, drunk on this pleasure. “I’m going to cum on your cock, Guanting.”

“Good!” she moaned, thrusting harder. Faster. “I want that. I want you exploding on me! I want to see your cum bathing your ebony tits.

Guanting slammed her girl-dick into me hard. Her hand stroked up to the tip of my futa-dick. The pressure surged in my ovaries. The friction burned in my cunt. I gasped, my eyes widening as I stared up at Umeko’s swaying tits.

I erupted.

My futa-cock spurted hot jizz that basted my tits. My spunk splattered across my large breasts, painting my ebony flesh in ropy lines of pearly spunk. At the same time, my cunt convulsed. Waves of pleasure washed out of my twat spasming around Guanting’s cock. Ecstasy erupted from my clit-dick. The two pleasures slammed into my mind.

“Oh, my fucking goddess, yes!” I howled. “Oh, shit, it’s hot cumming on a futa’s cock!”

A great cheer burst around me as Lizaveta filmed every moment of it. My cum coated my tits. My hands squeezed Guanting’s breasts hard as the Chinese futa drove her cock to the hilt in my convulsing pussy.

“Oh, damn, yes!” she moaned, her glasses slipping on her face.

Her futa-cum fired into my cunt.

I felt every last blast of her jizz spurting into me. Hot futa-seed basted my quivering cunt for the first time ever. My flesh writhed and spasmed. I groaned, my body bucking and shuddering. My futa-dick erupted over and over, splattering my tits with hot jizz. It was incredible to enjoy. A rapturous passion. Stars danced before my eyes. My body spasmed again and again.

My mind melted beneath it. My pussy milked her girl-dick, hungry for her futa-cum spilling into me. I whimpered and moaned, my head tossing back and forth. My jizz-coated titties heaved. My pleasure peaked.

“Holy fucking shit, yes!” I groaned as my orgasm died and my pussy wrung out the last of Guanting’s cum.

“Damn,” panted Guanting. “You’re a good fuck, Shelena. You know how to take a cock.”

“Yeah, you do,” Samantha moaned, her body quivering. The girl sucking on her cock was swallowing cum. “And, damn, Rosario, you’re blowjobs are the best.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Candice!” Ginny howled, cumming on her nerdy girlfriend’s cock.

Candice grinned at me and moaned, “Cumming!”

“You did it, Shelena!” Genevieve moaned. “You’re still the worst, but not as bad as yesterday.”

I smiled at that. I was getting girl-pussy now. As I came down from my orgasm, my tits painted in my cum, Guanting pulled out of me. She left my pussy dripping with her futa-seed. I shuddered, staring up at Umeko.

“Want to lick me clean?” I asked her.

The busty, lesbian sex slave snorted in laughter and disgust at me as she backed away.

“You’re not going to fuck me?” I asked.

“Eww, no,” Umeko groaned. “I’d rather have a train run on me by every other futa attending our college.”

“You haven’t been a good enough futa yet,” said Genevieve. The cheerleader stood up, her pleated skirt swirling about her thighs and her naked tits jiggling. “You’re still terrible. Now, I need a cock. Who wants to fuck me that’s not named Shelena?”

“I would love it!” shouted Leann, the student council vice president. She had a big smirk as she sauntered over.

“But…” I protested. I looked around at the girls. “Claire? Lola? Britney?”

They all shook their heads, rolling their eyes. Futas laughed at me, sniggering and pointing. Shameful heat rippled over me. My eyes stung.

“I’d love to fuck you,” purred Posie, a hungry look in her eyes as she rubbed herself. “You could even fuck me with that big, Black cock once I’m done. Mmm, you’re huge, honey.”

Humiliation flooded me. They’d all seen me cum on a futa’s cock and it was for nothing. I stood up and fled the cafeteria, tears stinging my eyes. What had gone wrong? Why wasn’t anyone respecting me?

Why were they all laughing at me now? Why did I deserve this?

To be continued…

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