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Help Desk

My phone rang, on a beautiful summer morning, in late June. It was about 10:00 a.m. and I was just finishing my usual Saturday workout, consisting of 20 minutes of treadmill, several reps of upper body exercises on my home gym, finished off with a Peloton ride and cool-down. I was breathing heavy, while sweat was dripping off me, as I answered the phone.

“Huh-huh-hello,” I panted.

“Glad you’re thinking of me,” was all I heard from the other end.

I knew the voice, it was my new best friend, a former office co-worker, whom I had been having verbal foreplay with, over the last few months.

“All-all-always,” I huffed. Trying to calm down, and catch my breath.

“Good for you!” she said in her sexiest phone voice. It sounded like a cat purring.

“Thanks!” I said, finally relaxing a little.

“What can I do for you, on this lovely summer morning?” I said in my cheeriest voice.

“Glad you asked,” she purred. “I just bought a brand new computer and was wondering if you could help me get it set up?” she asked.

“Sure!” I quickly responded. “Ya need me to boot ya up?” I quipped. I was a wiz at computers, and always had helped her out with other computer-related questions.

“Just say when and where,” I added.

“Now, my place,” was all she said.

“It’ll take me about an hour to get there,” I said (knowing a shower was the first thing on my list).

“Deal! I’ll be waiting,” was all she said, as she hung up the phone.

I was surprised at how quickly the conversation had gone. She and I had been talking at length about everything under the sun, for the last few months. Office politics, the weather, life, sports, love and sex were discussions we had on a regular basis. We spent hours talking and verbally sparring in a kind-of verbal foreplay. The air around us was always sexually charged, but had never gone beyond some frisky glances, and double-entendres.

Let me back up a moment. Janet was a former co-worker of mine, who was an extremely sexy dark-haired woman. I had always watched her from a close distance during the year or so we worked together, and was always interested in her athletic build, sexy voice, and beautiful and provocative clothes she wore. It wasn’t until she got a better offer for another company in our same building, that all of a sudden, we started to talk at length.

I wasn’t sure if there was a connection, maybe a kind of, “Since we don’t work together, let’s play together!” attitude, but I liked it. Our discussions revolved around all sorts of topics, and I was even shocked (and aroused) to find out that she had recently stopped wearing panties. She said she liked the “free” feeling it had. I’ve always found the idea of a pantyless woman, especially in the short skirts she wears, as extremely erotic. I would now often ask her whether she was “Flying solo?” and her answer was always “Yes!” with a twinkle in her eye.

Back to that lovely morning. In a flash, I was peeling off my sticky clothes and racing towards the shower. I turned the controls on the shower to Cold, and did my best to keep my raging hormones in balance. A few minutes later, I emerged squeaky clean. I quickly dressed into my usual weekend outfit of some white cotton shorts, and a nice polo type shirt.

The drive over was beautiful, along the back roads between our towns. The leaves on the trees were a deep green in the early summer morning sun. I kept thinking to myself as I drove, “I wonder if she feels the same way about me, as I do about her?” and, “I sure hope she’s flying solo…maybe I’ll get a peek” as I pull into her driveway, yanking the keys out of the ignition, and quickly walk towards the front door, ringing the bell.

“Just a minute,” I hear from inside, and then she opens the door.

She is wearing workout clothes that are sticking to her like a second skin, consisting of a pair of black silk shorts the size of a handkerchief (you know, the ones that are actually cut upwards on the inseam and thighs) and a small tight fitting blue sports bra, that barely contained her ample breasts. She is breathing heavy and covered in a glistening sweat, which makes her look absolutely ravishing.

“Hu- Hu- Hi,” she says panting from her workout.

“Glad you’re thinking of me!” I quip at her.

She smiles, knowing I had just used the same line on her that she used on me, and says she was just finishing her workout for today. I was surprised that she was not ready for me to be there, since she was the one who invited me over and picked the time, but who the hell cares about that. I found myself staring at her sweat drenched second-skin clothes, as she turned and walked towards her bedroom, and said, “Follow me.”

As we enter her bedroom, she points over at the new desk in the corner, and along side it, several boxes of computer gear.

“I bought that desk a few weeks ago,” she says. “I love how sturdy it is, and it’s about time I broke it in. The computer was delivered yesterday, and I hope you can help get it working?”

“I’m sure I can get you almanbahis up and running,” I replied.

“I’m counting on that,” was her retort.

As I looked around her bedroom (a place I had dreamed of visiting) I noticed it was tastefully decorated, and not too “girlie”. The large king-size bed was neatly made, with several pillows propped against the headboard. Two nightstands, a dresser, and a chair filled out the room.

I asked her where on the desk she wanted the computer, since it was a large L-shaped piece of furniture. She chose the left half for the computer, and said to me “I have other things in mind for the right side. Do you have all the right tools?” she coyly asked.

Looking back into her eyes, “I carry the best set of tools in town.”

“I’m betting you do,” she smiled, continuing the verbal spar.

Looking down at her sweat soaked clothing, she looked back up at me and said “Mind if I take a shower?”

“Don’t let me stop ya!” was my quick comeback, and then I added “In fact, if ya need any help, let me know.”

She smiled again, and purred, “I’ll keep that in mind,” and turned and walked towards the master bath, which was adjacent to the bedroom.

As she walked into the bath, she was talking over her shoulder to me about the computer. “I bought it online at Dell….They had a great price… even got the extra corporate discounts…” and as she went to shut the bathroom door, she left it open about 4 inches, and continued our conversations. “Even got the monitor and printer as part of the deal.” I could hear her turn the water on, as I began to open some of the boxes, as she continued the conversation, “I added something called an SSD… do you know what that is?”

Turning towards the bathroom, and raising my voice over the sound of the water, I started to answer her. “Yeah, it is a Solid State Drive, that means you can…” And there I froze in mid sentence as I noticed that as I looked at the bathroom, I could see her perfectly through the partially open door and in the reflection of the mirror. She was peeling off the sports bra, and I had a perfect side-view of her full and very firm breasts. Her nipples poking straight out, when freed from the sweaty fabric.

“What?” she said, obviously not hearing the sentence I never finished.

And I repeated, “It is a Solid State Drive, it means you should a really fast boot-up and have quick access to all your files.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right,” she said back, as she pulled down her black silk shorts in one quick movement. Her firm ass in full view, giving me an excellent side profile of her curves. I was immediately excited to notice she was again “flying solo” as she did not have any panties on, and I got a brief side view glimpse of her pussy, which looked completely shaved. I could see her profile completely in the mirror, as she was reaching in the shower, testing the water. “You OK out there?” she yelled, once again noticing that I was not talking.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I stammered. “Need any help?” I probed.

“Not right now,” she purred back, and slid into the shower. “Maybe later” was all I heard as she started to shower.

The shower curtain was made of a thin pale blue fabric, and I found myself staring at her, through the reflection of the mirror, as the outline of her lovely shape was visible behind the curtain, but I could not truly see through it. Regaining my senses a bit, I turned back to the computer boxes, and began my work. Every few moments, glimpsing over my shoulder to see if I could see her anymore. I pulled out the main CPU, added the monitor, keyboard, printer and cables, etc. and was about to turn it on and check it out, when I heard the water kick off. I looked over my shoulder to catch only a glimpse of her, as she stepped out of the shower, and over to a corner of the bathroom, to dry off I assumed. I could no longer see her in the mirror, so I went back to my handiwork.

Sitting in front of the computer, a few minutes later, as I was hitting the power button, to boot it up for a second time after some configuration changes, I heard from behind me “You do good work.” Startled, I spun around in the chair, to see she was standing there in only a pair of towels. One wrapped provocatively around her body, barely covering her breasts, and just long enough to reach the tops of her thighs, and the other smaller towel, wrapped around her head, to help dry her dark hair.

“Why thank-you!” I said, as the computer beeped, and the boot-up screen showed on the monitor. “I need to make a few more tweaks to the system, before it’s ready to be played with,” I added.

“You really have been a sweetheart to me, over these last few months, Thank-you,” she said with a big smile. As she leaned her backside against the desk, and then hopped up and slid onto the desk, sitting right next to the computer, in just her towels.

Her firm tan thighs were now only a mere foot away from my right arm, as she fussed with the towel for a moment, readjusting the top and the bottom, to attempt to cover herself almanbahis giriş a little more, but the fabric could only go so far, and I was treated to an excellent view of the top half of her breasts, and almost all of her thighs. The towel just barley reaching in between her legs, covering her privates. “Go ahead and make your changes, I’ll wait,” she purred, leaning a bit towards me, so that she could see the screen also.

As I typed in some of the memory tweaks, she asked some of the basic questions about the computer, etc. I could feel my dick swelling in my shorts, as she leaned even a bit more towards me, her towel straining to cover her, and she said, “You do good work,” again.

I responded, “You said that already,” and she smiled at me, and said, “I bet it’s true in everything you do.” I clicked the SAVE button on the screen, and then the RE-BOOT option. The computer beeped again, and as it came back to life, she leaned in front of the monitor, whispered “Thanks again” and kissed me.

It was a soft gentle kiss, that lasted only about a second, but I felt fireworks explode. I guess she did to, because she pulled back a few inches, looked me deep into my eyes, and then our mouths met again, this time in a hungry, passionate kiss.

Our tongues danced around each others, exploring and enjoying the new found passion. Her hands running through my hair as I then began to kiss her cheeks, ears and neck, tasting her body wash, lotion and skin with each peck. She guided my kisses with her hands, as I looked down to notice her towel had slipped off down to her waist, and her beautiful breasts were fully exposed. I kissed hungrily down her chest, and rolled my chair over in front of her as I sucked in one of her perky nipples. She gasped and then moaned as I slid my hands up the outside of her thighs, while continuing to lick and suck her breasts.

My fingers sliding under the damp towel, and continuing up and around her firm, taut belly. Gently toying with her belly button, and then tickling their way down the ultra-sensitive skin of her lower belly. She leaned back on her hands, and moaned, “Oh yes!” as I traced around her delicate outer pussy lips, and lightly circled the hood of her clit. As I had hoped, she was completely shaven, her smooth silky skin reacting to my touch.

Pealing away the rest of her towel, I sat in the computer chair, only a foot away from the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. She spread her legs wide for me, and placed each foot on the arms of the chair on either side of me, as I began to kiss my way up her silky tan thighs. She slid her ass to the edge of the desk, as I slid my chair in closer, my lips meeting her pussy lips, in a passionate and erotic kiss of their own.

I sucked the outer swollen lips into my mouth, rolling them around with my tongue, as I could hear her whimpering and purring above me. She lay back on the desk, using one of the towels as a pillow, as I continued to feast on her delicate flower. My lips and tongue exploring her every fold. Letting my tongue dart in and out of her opening, and then tracing a path up to her sensitive clitoris. I gently nibbled on her clit and rolled my tongue around it in small circles, as her hips wiggled towards me, begging for more.

I made a small “o” with my lips, and sucked gently on her now swollen clit, like a baby sucks a nipple. She cried in delight as her first wave of orgasms hit her. Her thighs clamped tightly around my ears, as she arched her back, using the armchair for support, and shook violently with her inner explosions. Her juices flowed freely, as I continued my oral assault on her, bringing her over the edge several more times in the next ten minutes or so. I would let her calm down for a few minutes and then dive right back in, her breathing telling me that I was doing everything just right for her.

After about her 4th wave of orgasms, she lay there on the desk for a minute or two, catching her breath, and then sat up on her elbows and looked me in the eye and said “Damn your good.”

I taunted her back with, “I’ve only just started,” and she smiled and said,

“I hope you are ready to put this desk to good use?”

I responded with, “I was thinking the same thing.”

With that, she sat up and let her legs dangle over the edge of the desk, scooting her ass right to the edge. “Looks to me like you have an unfair clothing advantage. Let’s see what I can do about that,” as she reached up under my shirt, and started to play with my chest and nipples. She then pulled the shirt up over my head, tossing it to the floor. “That’s getting a little better,” she said and then “But I think you need to stand up and get out of that chair for a moment,” pulling me closer towards her naked self, “I don’t think you need to be sitting down on the job anymore!”

As I stood up, she began to run her fingers along the edges of my cotton shorts, and traced the outline of my now rock hard cock straining in the smooth fabric. “Mmmm,” escaped her lips, as she squeezed my dick through my shorts. almanbahis yeni giriş “Looks like somebody wants to play also,” she smiled as she began to unbutton then unzip my shorts. She lowered them past my thighs, and then pushed my briefs down in a flash using her foot, letting my cock sprung to its full life.

Her delicate fingers wrapping around my now throbbing 7 inches as she began to play with it, sliding up and down over the ultra sensitive skin, feeling it swell even more in her hands. She pulled me forward, guiding me directly to her awaiting pussy. The desk at the perfect height for me to stand in front of her, and enter her as she sat on the edge of the desk.

I glided in, her pussy incredibly hot and moist from her juices and my licking, as she wrapped her long legs around my ass, pulling me deeper into her. I was fully inside her, my pubic hairs against her clean shaven mound, as she whispered into my ear “Try not to move.”

I found this to be very strange as I thought the whole idea of fucking was to move in and out, but my dark-haired beauty had a trick or two to teach me. I stood perfectly still in front of her, my cock fully entrapped in the hottest, wettest, smoothest pussy I had ever felt. As I became more and more aware of just how good it felt to be inside her, like I was connected to her, I could feel my cock growing that extra little with pressure.

And then it started… First a little spasm of her inner muscles, giving me a tickle and a squeeze deep inside her, and then again, her inner muscles tightening just a little, and then releasing me. It felt wonderful, and I moaned a little, she whispered “Shhh,” into my ear, “Close your eyes and enjoy!” she said, and then squeezed me again, from deep within her body.

It was like no other feeling I had ever felt, or even imagined. Her inner muscles began to rhythmically pulse again and again, milking me from inside. It was like she had a tongue and throat deep inside her that was sucking and swallowing me from within. The pulses became stronger and faster, yet there was almost no movement from her body I could perceive, just a wickedly devilish grin, as she smiled, knowing she now had complete control over me.

I could feel my balls tightening, pulling up inside me, as I grew more and more excited. My legs were shaking, as my impending explosion grew near. She could tell I was getting closer and closer from my breathing, and put her inner love muscles into overdrive.

God it was incredible, as her pussy felt like a silk glove, sliding over me, squeezing me, milking me to the brink of coming. All of this sensation with absolutely no external movement.

My balls tingled as I arched my back, rolled my eyes, and moaned deeply as I shot my first load deep into her pussy. Several thick hot streams of cum exploded into her, as her pussy continued to massage and milk me like nothing I had ever felt. My legs were weak, as I came again and again and she just kept that devilish grin on her. I could feel my juices mixing with hers and overflowing out of her tight opening, and dribbling over my cock and balls and down her ass crack, as my waves of pleasure began to subside.

I virtually collapsed on top of her and whispered in her ear, “That was amazing! How did you do that?”

She responded, “I don’t do all that cardio and yoga for nothing!” and smiled.

I smiled back and said, “Simply amazing.”

We lay there for a moment as I caught my breath. Her pussy still slowly milking me, keeping me hard, on the edge of another explosion. I could have lain there all day, it felt that good, when she decided it was time for something different. She sat us up, letting my dick slip out of her silk vice grip, as she slipped off the desk and sat in the chair.

“My turn,” was all she said, as she leaned forward, and began kissing my thighs and licking her way to my crotch. I leaned back on the desk, and let her have all she wanted, as she began to give my cock and balls the best washing they ever felt. I was rock hard again, and ready to come again, but she was skilled at her work, and brought me to the edge, only to back off at just the right moment, and keep me hard as stone for what seemed like hours. Her lips and tongue expertly sucking my swollen cock.

It was exquisite torture as she worked me into a frenzy. She used one hand around the base of my cock, another on my balls and ass, and her mouth and tongue explored every inch of my pole. Circling the head and ultra-sensitive underside, she knew exactly the right places to drive me wild, and then cutting off the stimulation at just the right moment to keep me from coming.

I pleaded with her to make me come, but she said she had an ever better idea, as she kissed her way up my body and whispered to me “Take me from behind,” as she then leaned over the desk next to me.

I was off the desk in a flash, and positioned myself behind her and her perfect ass begging for attention, and her dripping wet pussy looking better than ever. I rubbed my swollen cockhead on her pussy lips, teasing her a little, as she moaned with delight. I inched in a bit, and then pulled back out, rubbed around the edges again, and inched back in. The teasing was getting her all worked up, as she began to move her hips around, trying to get me to penetrate her pussy deeper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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