Second Time with Ted

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Second Time with Ted
This is a follow-up on my previous story about my first time with a man at the age of 50.

After meeting up with Ted for my first time, we had made arrangements to meet up again in 3 days. Unfortunately Ted had to postpone until the following week as he had to deal with some work related stuff. I was disappointed to say the least as I was so eager to connect with him again. Even though I was so attempted to jack-off during that time I refrained as my abstinence just made me hornier for his cock.

The day came when I was to meet with Ted, expecting to meet up with him at the same spot but he texted me telling me to come to his house. This shook me a bit because I didn’t think any married man would want to hook up for gay sex at his own home. When I questioned him about it, he told me it was cool as his wife was at work. Besides he told me that he trusted that a closeted married man like me wouldn’t out him as we were in the same boat.

So I took a shower and got dressed in a pair of my wife’s panties, shorts and a t-shirt. I like wearing panties at times as it makes me feel submissive and gay, feelings I really enjoy. I quickly headed over to the address that Ted had given me which was only about 15 minutes away.

As nervous as I was, again, I went up to his front door and rang the doorbell. Ted must have been waiting for me right by the door because he opened it within seconds. He answered the door wearing a bathrobe partially open and nothing else. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to him as he closed the door. By now I was shaking with anticipation which he obviously noticed as he told me to calm down and enjoy illegal bahis siteleri the moment. With that he gave me a long hot kiss, dancing his tongue in my mouth. I just about melted right there, returning his enthusiastically.

Even though I didn’t want the kiss to end, he broke it off and grabbed my hand and started to lead me upstairs. He brought me into his and his wife’s bedroom which again surprised but excited me. As weird as it may sound it was a bit of a fantasy of mine to have sex with another married men on the bed he shared with his wife.

With that said Ted quickly dropped his bathrobe exposing his beautiful, hard cock. My heart skipped a beat as I stood there admiring it. He told me to strip which I quickly did although I kept my panties on. He looked at me standing there in the red panties and smiled. Ted asked me if I liked wearing women’s clothes and I told him I only enjoyed wearing tight silky panties as they made me feel sexy.

Ted moved closer to me and starting kissing me again while rubbing my hard cock through my panties. He then asked me if I wanted to suck his cock. Without saying a word I dropped to me knees and grabbed his cock. Even though this was my second time holding his cock I was still fascinated with how hard it was yet soft to the touch. By now he was leaking a little precum which I proceeded to lick off ever so gently. This caused Ted to moan softly, telling me how good that felt.

Without waiting for anymore encouragement, I placed my lips around his hard cock and started to suck his hot cock like there was no tomorrow. Ted started to moan even louder and began thrusting his cock süperbahis even further into my mouth. As I said in my first story, he was average like me but he felt huge in my mouth. We began getting our rhythm in sync which just increased my excitement. Here I was feeling like a true cock slut that I had wanted to be for a long time.

Just as I thought he was nearing an orgasm Ted stopped and told me he didn’t want to cum right now. He wanted to wait a little and return the favor. With that he pulled me up, licked my lips and started stroking my cock again. He told me to turn around and he started massaging my shoulders and back. The way he did it felt so sensual, way more than any I had received from a woman. As he worked down my back Ted slipped his fingers into my panties and started to pull them down. Once they were down to my knees, they just slipped right down to the floor. He then grabbed my hard cock from behind ans started using long tight strokes, bringing me close to climax before stopping. He did this several times, each time just making me hotter with each stroke.

Ted then turned me around , dropped to his knees and started giving me an amazing blowjob, I think even better than the first one he had given me. In no time at all my cock was ready to explode into his mouth but again he stopped abruptly. He told me that as horny as we both were, he wanted us to have a nice hot 69, as he gently pushed me onto the bed. Ted told me to lie on my right side which I willing did. He did the same pointing in the opposite direction. No sooner did he lay down then his cock was back in my mouth. He told me to slow down süperbahis giriş and really enjoy this as only 2 men can. With that we started to slowly suck each others cocks, stopping every so often to lick and suck each other’s smooth balls.

That had to be the most sensuous sex I had ever had. Here we were 2 married men, naked on a bed sucking each other’s cock. It was one of many fantasies I had coming true!

After awhile Ted started playing with my ass, gently easing his finger into me. I almost came right then and there but I managed to calm myself down to enjoy the feeling. Like a good student, I figured I would follow suit and proceeded to gently push a finger into his tight ass. Ted started to moan loudly, letting me know that he was enjoying it as well.

After several minutes of 69’ing, Ted asked me if I wanted to cum together with him, thereby enjoying an orgasm at the same time he was shooting cum into my mouth. I tried to tell him a big YES with his cock in my mouth but it didn’t come out right so I had to stop to tell him. We then got back to sucking each other’s cocks and it couldn’t have been a minute later that we were busting into each other’s mouths. I tried to swallow all his cum but like me he must have been saving it up. Ted on the other hand didn’t seem to have any problem getting every last drop of my cum. The cum that had escaped my mouth landed on Ted’s leg which I eagerly licked up like a kitten with milk, enjoying it immensely.

Once my heartbeat had calmed down, Ted moved me up to face him. He then started kissing me, telling me how much he had enjoyed it. I was still a little speechless but I did manage to mumble how much I enjoyed it as well and how he had made me realize that gay sex felt right to me.

After about a half hour talking, we got up, dressed and said our good-byes. This wasn’t the last time we got together but it was probably the best for me.

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