Soul Mates

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Luke is waiting for her at the airport. He is standing nervously off to the side from where all the other people are waiting for the passengers to come off the plane. He is holding a small sign that reads “Waiting for my soul mate.”

Beth sees him the minute she steps through the doors into the waiting area. She stands there for a moment watching him, her Luke standing not 10 feet in front of her, looking so handsome and nervous, holding the little sign. Tears spring forth as she looks at him. Love for him making her feel dizzy. He sees her at the same moment, their eyes lock onto one another as the two walk slowly forward until they stand right in front of each other. Beth speaks very softly, “Hi baby, your soul mate is home.”

His eyes close, the sign falls to the floor at their feet and in an instant she is enclosed in his arms being held so tight that she can feel his heart pounding. “Oh my sweet love you’re here, your really here!”

“Yes honey I’m really here.” Beth lifts her hand and touches his face convincing her self that she is here and he is holding her. Then their lips find one another’s and right there in the crowded airport with all the noise and hustle and bustle the two melt into each other, their lips speaking the love that is bursting within them. Time stops as their mouths explore each other. Their tongues meeting for the first time so sweet, their lips joining together in the age old symbol of love.

A sound of a man clearing his throat right next to them brings them back to reality. Laughing softly Luke pulls slightly away saying, “This is the driver that will take us home my love.”

“Then we better get my luggage and go home darling” Beth whispers and kisses him again quickly before pulling away from Luke but not letting him go fully. They get her bags and head to the car which speeds down the winding roads as the couple in the back seat are oblivious to everything but each other. They kiss, touch each other softly, hold hands and speak words of love. Talking and laughing as time flies by until the sudden stopping of the car brings them back down to earth.

While the driver takes out her bags, putting them inside the house and Luke thanks him, Beth continues to hold onto Luke’s arm looking about her at the house and surrounding area. The weather is now quite cold and Beth huddles closer to his side for warmth; she is not used to being somewhere that has such low temperatures. Luke pulls Beth closer to him kissing her lips lightly and saying, “Let’s hurry and get you inside before you freeze out here.” They enter the house together and Beth gasps out loud. Everything is so beautiful; Luke has filled the inside of the house with pink roses and candles. “Oh honey, everything is so lovely” She spins looking at him and smiling at his grin on his face.

“I wanted everything to be perfect for you. I know how much you love pink roses so I got as many as I could find. “Beth please, come here my darling” holding out his arms for her. She smiles and walks into his open arms, feeling them enfold around her, holding her so tight yet as gently as if she was a piece of delicate china. His lips move down to meet hers and the two lovers kiss long and passionately until Luke pulls his lips from hers and looks deeply into her eyes, “I love you Beth.” She smiles at him her eyes glistening with tears as she replies, “Oh, how I love you Luke.”

Luke pours champagne in beautiful crystal, fluted glasses to toast her homecoming and their love; he then takes her on a tour of the house. Beth loves the place so much and knows she is going to be very happy living here with the love of her life.

They end the tour in the downstairs bedroom which Luke says would be theirs if that is ok with her. “Yes sweetie it is just perfect with me.” He ask if she is hungry and she said yes but not for food. He laughs and says, “Good neither am I, but I do know what I want, what I must have. You my darling, I have waited so long for this moment to arrive.”

Luke sits down his champagne glass and takes the one out of Beth’s hand and sits it down on the dresser and then he switches on the CD player. The room fills with soft music as Luke takes both of her hands and pulls her to him. He looks deeply into her eyes and then takes one of his hands and lightly strokes her cheek moving his finger down to trace her lips. Beth kisses his finger, he smiles, “You are so beautiful my love,” he then takes his hands and splaying his fingers goes under her long red hair and pulls her face to his and kisses her with all the love and longing that pendik escort has been in him since he first knew he loved this woman. They had talked so many times about what their first time would be like and both realizing that the time had finally arrived wanted to savor every moment of it.

Beth brings her hands up Luke’s back and holds him tightly as his own arms go around her waist pulling her body into his. The heat from their bodies is electric. They feel the other’s flesh trying to come to terms with the fact this is real and not part of a dream any longer. Luke runs his hands over her back and moves lower cupping her bottom and lightly massaging the firm flesh. He has wanted to touch her for so long that it feels unreal that he finally has the love of his life with him now in his arms. He bends his head and kisses her softly at first exploring her mouth, touching her body, learning her as she does the same to him. Beth moans and brings her hands up to the back of his head as the kiss turns more passionate, tongues now seeking each other’s mouths as their body’s press together. Luke moans softly as he feels his hard-on pressing into her, the feel of having her in his arms, kissing the woman who has stolen his heart is a strong one, it is erotic and romantic all at once.

Luke pulls back just enough so that his hands can go under her pink sweater and in one smooth motion pulls it over her head. He then moves his hands to the button of her jeans and with her help slides the pants down her hips and off her legs. She kicks them over to the side and stands before him in nothing but her pink satin bra and matching panties. Beth reaches for the buttons of Luke’s shirt and undoing them one by one helps him out of it and moves to the button of his pants he stops her saying, “Soon love, first let me do what I have dreamed of for so very long.”

His hands wander over her body in such a sensual way that she shivers. “Are you cold darling, “he asks with sudden concern” She giggles and caresses his face, “No love, I am far from cold.” He smiles and reaches behind her back and unclasps her bra, then eases the straps down her shoulders and lets it fall to the floor. With tender fingers he moves to her breast and cups them in his strong hands feeling the heavy weight of them. His fingers glide over the smooth orbs and to the hard, pink nipples that he lightly pinches between his fingers causing her to sigh and close her eyes as desire for more of him sweeps through her body.

“I love you my sweet princess,” he whispers, his voice heavy with desire. She tells him that she loves him too and Luke kisses her lightly on the forehead before taking his hands and pressing her shoulders gently, insisting that she lay back onto the bed. A little pulling and pushing makes it clear that she is to lie close to the edge. The rustling of the bedding sounding strangely erotic as she reaches for him, but before she can touch him he captures her hand and brings it to his mouth, kissing her fingers. He sucks each one firmly letting her know that he is thirsting for more.

Beth’s eyes close in pleasure and she breathes a deep breath of happiness and anticipation for what Luke will do next. In response to her Luke kisses up her arm, evoking a few giggles from the slight tickling of his lips. When he gets to her shoulder there is little doubt that he is a man on a mission. His lips immediately trail to the front of her chest towards her nipple. Wanting something to do with her hands, she cups her breasts and holds them to him with expectancy. When his lips lightly kiss in circles around her hard nipple Beth’s legs squeeze in delight, but she doesn’t care. She knows she is supposed to enjoy every touch, every scent, every sound, and every sight.

Watching Luke’s face move over her breast was yet another part of her dreams coming true. As her mind drifts into some magical place that is filled only with pulses and tingles… she becomes more aware of his lips circling her nipples which turn to kisses, then to licks with his tongue gliding all around over and over. Luke sucks in one of her nipples pulling on it with his lips and Beth’s hand goes to his head pressing him to her even harder to her. Her ass lifts off the bed with each suck. It’s as if his mouth is pulling the pleasure from her pussy to her nipple but also pushing the sensations from her nipple to her pussy.

At the moment she begins to think she can’t take anymore Luke’s lips leave her breast. Beth opens her eyes to see him moving lower, kissing as lightly as a feather to pause above her maltepe escort pink panty clad pussy. With gentle fingers he slides them down her hips and legs then kissing back up her legs stops right above her glistening pussy where Beth can feel his hot breath on her.

“Are you alright Darling?” He asks his voice full of love. Beth smiles and tells him yes she is very well and that she loves him so much. He smiles and turns his back to the place that has been the cause of many an erotic dream. He can smell the musky odor of her sex emitting from her and this drives his passion further. But he doesn’t want to rush anything. Every moment is so precious and all he wants to do is show his woman how much he adores her.

Taking his fingers he traces them lightly over her thighs going slowly but deliberately higher. Beth lets her thighs fall open, letting him know what she wants as his hand moves to brush her lips so gently. The light touch sending shudders through her body and she moans when his finger runs up her slit feeling the moisture within. Luke takes his fingers and very tenderly pulls her full lips apart revealing the soft pink inside for his waiting tongue. The first touch of his tongue is electric and she moans out, “Oh baby, Yesssssssss!”

Luke’s tongue explores every fold and crevasse of her sweet pussy. He knows when he hits the mark by the way she sucks in her breath as her hips rise sharply from the mattress. His lips form over her clit and as he starts to suck on it gently but firmly. Tingles and waves of pleasure course through her body. His lips press just enough to create suction on her clit. The kind of suction that makes it feel like she is being pulled inside out, the kind that pulls the waves of pleasure deep from within her.

Beth’s own hands go to her breast where she pulls and twists her nipples causing even more pleasure to shoot to her pussy. Luke slips a finger into the wetness and feels her walls gripping him and sucking him in more. She moans and presses her body up against his hand wanting more. He pushes another finger deep inside her and begins moving them slowly at first then gaining momentum goes faster. Beth mind races with the sensations firing from her nipples to the thrusting of his fingers to the sucking of his lips. It’s too much really. She hears a voice that sounds like hers crying out, “Oh Luke….Ohhhhh honey… that’s it baby…Yesssssssss”

Her head moves from side to side and that familiar feeling begins rising deep within. It is almost frightening in its intensity. She manages to focus long enough to glance down at Luke as he fingers her faster and his tongue sucks out the pleasure from her hard clit. Her orgasm overtakes her with an explosion that is blinding. Suddenly nothing matters except the passion that is dripping out of her, running over his hand, and into his waiting mouth. Beth’s body rises and crashes on the bed with each wave. She squirms to move him from her, to give her clit a rest, but just as the orgasm begins to diminish its back again. She cums again, harder this time, crying out, moaning, gasping for air until her body collapses and she is spent.

Luke eases his fingers from her dripping pussy and licks them clean. He kisses up her body and slides his hands under her back and he lifts her up to almost sitting then kisses her lips that are panting still for air. He kisses her face, her eyelids and holds her in his arms speaking softly to her, “Oh my sweet lovely Beth, you are so wonderful.”

Beth practically purrs against him as she wraps her arms around him tightly. “Oh baby, you’re so incredible.” Their lips finding each other’s again and as they kiss ardently. Beth’s hand moves to Luke’s pants wanting to feel him in her hand, wanting to see what she had yet to lay eyes on, “Please baby,” she moans against his mouth. Luke groans as her hand rubs his bulging crotch. Laying her back onto the bed he stands up and undoes the button and lets down the zipper of his pants and then eases them off. Beth feels her heart racing with anticipation as he removes his underwear and his hard cock springs forth inches from her as he stands next to the bed.

“Ohhhhh Luke!” Beth gasp, “You’re so beautiful.” She brings up her hand and let her fingers move over the smooth flesh of his shaft and then over the shiny head that was just begging for attention. Luke’s breathing became more ragged as Beth explores him. She knew from what he had told her that he was big but until now she hadn’t realized just how big or how magnificent his cock was. He was a full nine kartal escort inches in length and fat, his cock twitches as she wraps her hand around it and strokes him slowly. Beth is mesmerized by him and when she sees the drops of precum that forms on the head of his cock she quickly leans over to lap it up with her wet tongue.

Luke sucks in his breath sharply at the feel of her tongue and she smiles and tells him to get back on the bed and lie down. “It’s your turn now baby. I have waited a long time for this moment.” He does as he is told and lies down on the bed. Beth moves to hover right above his cock that is twitching in the air as if searching for her. Her hand encloses around him she lowers her mouth down and licks down and then back up the shaft and over the head before opening her mouth and taking him inside her warm, wet mouth.

Luke moans and gathers up her hair in his hand so she can have free access to love his cock without interference from the long, red tresses falling in her face. Beth loves the feel of his hand holding her hair, his fingers massaging her scalp and encouraging her to take more of him into her mouth. She sucks licks and fondles his cock and balls, adoring him with her mouth and tongue, she gets him so slick with her salvia that it drips out of her mouth and down his shaft to her hand that is holding the part of him that doesn’t fit in her mouth. With her hand moving steadily up and down, twisting her wrist to add a new dimension every so often. Luke is in ecstasy, his hips rising off the bed, legs moving, stomach tightening and releasing. Beth taste the precum that fills her mouth and it only spurs her to suck more. Harder, faster she works his cock with her mouth and hand. “Ohhhhh, yes Beth! Oh my baby your mouth is so hot!” He moans to her.

Beth feels his balls tightening and is sure he is going to cum if she continues. He knows it too and not wanting his first orgasm with his love to happen like this gently pulls her off of him and lies her back down onto the bed. He moves to cover her body with his own, kissing her deeply and fervently, their tongues dancing madly in each other’s mouths as her hands caress his back and her legs part for him to move between them. Luke takes his cock in his hand and runs it up Beth hot, wet pussy. He concentrates on her clit until she moans deeply and begs him to enter her.

“Please baby, make love to me. I have waited so long to feel you inside of me.” That is all he needs to hear and he positions his cock to her opening and then slowly penetrates her. He goes in just a little at a time letting her body adjust to him. Luke groans feeling her hot, wet pussy wrap tightly around his throbbing cock. Beth runs her hands up his back, shoulders and neck, her legs coming up higher letting him slide fully inside until she feels him touching the back of her womb.

“Mmmm you feel so good baby,” he says before crushing his lips back onto hers. The two cling to each other, their bodies pressing so tightly together, Luke buries him self so deep inside her that the two are truly like one. Then he begins to move. Slowly at first, he pulls his cock almost out and then slides it back in. Over and over they move together in perfect unison. Their pleasure building with each thrust of Luke’s cock into Beth’s wet pussy. She wraps her legs around his and he slips his hands under her ass pulling up higher so he can thrust deeper into her.

“Ohhhhh Luke, Yesssssssss fuck me! Fuck me harder Luke!” Beth cries out lost now to the passion of their union.

Luke fueled by her words thrust into her harder and faster, his cock driving like a piston into her dripping pussy. Their moans fill the air over the sweet sounds of the music, driving them deeper into the abyss of passion and lust for one another. Luke buries his face into her neck telling her that he is going to cum. She clings to him raking her nails into his back as her own orgasm climbs higher and higher, to finally crash all around them.

Luke feels her body stiffen, her legs gripping his as her orgasm overtakes her. This drives him over the edge and with one final firm thrust he feels his own cum bursting forth from his cock and filling Beth’s sweet pussy. Spurt after spurt he cums deep inside her until he is spent and she is breathing hard looking into his face watching him as the joy of them being together overwhelms her and she kisses him and strokes his cheek so lovingly. She is finally his and he is finally hers. Luke feels his cock soften as he pulls out of her and rolls unto his side taking her with him in his arms. The two lie there quiet for a time just listening to the other’s breathing. Then Luke tilts her face up to his and kissing her so tenderly upon the lips whispers, tears filling his eyes as he says to her, “Welcome home my love, my soul mate.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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