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Old friends
Imagine this…

You were meeting up with an old friend of yours, Emma. You hadn’t seen her for a couple of years, but you found each-other on Facebook recently. She went off to study in Melbourne while you were pursuing other venues of life at that time. She picked you up at the central station. You hardly recognized her. She was lean, athletic and she had more than one visible tatoo on her arms. She kept her black hair cut short and she had an almost aggressive look. When you recognized each-other her face was lit up by a warm, infecteous smile. She gave you a big hug and told you how happy she was to see you.

After a luch at the airport you took a taxi to her place. She lived in a small studio-apartment in the middle of Melbourne.There were lots of political art on the walls, and over by her bed there were paintings of naked women in various stages of lesbian intercourse. You nodded at the lesbian art. “Cute girls.”

She laughed. “Yeah, I think so too. I took an art-class after I graduated. I had to do something completely different for a while. Molecular biology is nice, but I had to have a hobby other than masturbation.” She laughed out loud. God, you had missed that laugh, and her totally uninhibited ways. She had been a fresh wind in your life since high-school, but you hadn’t realized how much you’d missed her until now. You couldn’t help but laugh too. “So you found a way to combine your new hobby with the old one?”

“Yeah,” she laughed again. “Some of these women are former lovers, and some are pure fantasy.” You looked at them again. They weren’t all beautiful, but all had beauty in various ways. She had managed to capture the essense of each one of them. There was one girl that caught your eye. She was on her fours, blindfolded and being licked from behind by another woman. You couldn’t escape the feeling that the woman on her fours was looking a lot like you.

Emma rushed on to the next subject and talked about her political paintings. She had become politically active at the university, and her paintings reflected that. She was amazing at capturing the political landscape and push her point through in rather a rather subtile and delicate way. You could easily miss the subtext of the paintings if you weren’t careful. She was obviously very passionate about this and she talked in great detail and length about her activities and how she fought anti-democratic behaviour wherever bahis siteleri canlı she found it. You enjoyed listening to her; she was so passionate.

After spending the day together you decided that a night on the town would be a good idea. The both of you dressed up in your finest party-outfits and headed to town. You were amazed over Emmas beautiful body. She was moving like a predator, muscles moving deliberatly, calculated. You couldn’t take your eyes off her. A couple of tequila-shots later you were hitting the dancefloor together. She was so beautiful, fully immersed in rythm she danced with her eyes closed, her hands in the air. You couldn’t help noticing thick, black hair in her armpits, her skin shiny with sweat in the light of the dancefloor.

Several hours later you were both more than a little bit intoxicated. You were giggling and laughing as you entered a taxi. As you were on your way home to Emmas place you complained that you weren’t going to get laid. You were horny as hell. Emma laughed that she was horny as well. This triggered another burst of giggles and laughs, until Emma suddenly stopped. She looked into your eyes for like 20 seconds. “Want to do something really crazy?”, she asked. You nodded, completely serious for five seconds until you started to giggle again.

Emma gave a new address to the driver and managed to pull down one of her stayups. She looked you in the eyes and just stated: “Trust me.”, and then blindfolded you with the stayup. The taxi drove on for like 10 more minutes until it stopped. Emma paid and guided you out of the car, through a door and down some stairs. Base from some dark, droning electronic music was booming. This was obviously some kind of club. Emma paid an entrance-fee and she guided you further into the room. She talked to someone, but you couldn’t hear what they were saying. She then guided you into another room. Much smaller this one. She turned you around and put you down in a big leather-chair.

You heard the music in the background and you heard Emma mess around with something. “Ok, don’t freak out now.”, she said and giggled nervously. She took your arms, both of them and raised them high. You resisted at first, but she pulled firmly. “Come on now, trust me…”, she said. You couldn’t see anything. You sat in this chair, arms over you head and you felt…wall on both sides of the chair? Arms higher, and…oh…my…god… casino siteleri In each hand you had a large erect penis. You couldn’t mistake that feeling. You immideately let go and started to feel around…nothing but walls…and a hole? There work cocks sticking out of holes in the wall? “What do you think?” Emmas voice was close to your ear. “Isn’t it cool?”

You started to jerk the cocks off. The entire situation was insane, but you trusted Emma, and you were horny as hell…and those cocks were really big. You pumped them with your hands, hesitantly at first, but then firm and rythmically. Emma was doing something and then she straddled you. Her face so close to you that you could feel her breath on your face. “Do you like it?”, she asked again. You nodded and Emma asked again. “Do you like it? Tell me if you like it.”

You smiled. She wanted to hear it. “I like it, Emma.” You continued to jerk the cocks. “I like it a lot. Thank you, Emma.” She pulled herself up. “I want to taste one. Keep jerking it.” As she pulled her self up to take the cock in her mouth, her nipple brushed your lips. She was naked. She was naked in your lap. Your thoughts rushed. Emma was naked in your lap, straddling you. She took one of the cocks in her mouth, and you felt her mouth, let your hand trace her along the chin, the neck, her breasts, hips, ass, thighs…she was completely naked. You let go of the other cock and grabbed her hips with both your hands and pulled her close to you as you kissed her nipple. It tasted so good.

Emma moaned loudly. You let your tounge trace her nipple, circle around it. It felt so good. And then she pulled your blindfold off.

You were in a leather chair in a small room. The room, or booth, was only as wide as the chair and there were holes in different places on the wall where two cocks were sticking out. Emma was sucking and licking one of them while she was jerking the other off.

You let Emma go, rose up and undressed quickly. You got a good look at Emma. She was so beautiful, so fit and hairy…she had always been hairy, but not like this. You guessed that she had thrown all razors away in her new life in the big city. A big black bush, hair trailing towards her bellybutton and back around her ass. Hairy armpits, hairy legs and a lot of hair in her groin. Small tits with huge nipples. You could also see her swollen labia splitting the hairy pussy apart. When canlı casino she turned around you noticed that she also had a really big, swollen clit. You wanted her so much…

She had other plans. She gave you a kiss and guided you towards one of the cocks. You took turns sucking it, kissing eachother in between, then you sucked the other and then back again. “I want to get fucked. I think we deserve to get fucked.”, Emma said and climbed the chair. You followed her example and you both positioned your asses towards the cocks. You were so incredibly wet that it just entered you without problems. It was so big inside you, so big and hard. You pounded your ass against the wall as you took it as deep as you could. And Emma did the same. You kissed, lips and tounges exploring each-other, hands on breasts. She reached for your clitoris and you did the same. Hers was so big and she squirmed everytime you touched it.

“Fuck me with your fingers!”, she moanded and you obliged happily. Your fingers entered her and all of a sudden you realized that you could feel the cock through the wall in the vagina. She had it deep in her ass. You met her gaze. “Just fuck me!”, she said. “I always take it in the ass when I’m this horny. Just fuck me”

You pumped her as hard as you could, your thumb on her big clit. The room smelled pussy and sex, and you kissed so hard and passionat. You had never had anyone kiss you like that before. She was so beauftiful…and all of a sudden the cocks were about the come. The men behind the wall were roaring in pleasure, and both you and Emma pulled yourself off the cocks…there were sperm flying through the air as they came. You caught it in your faces, on your bodies, on your hairy pussies, backs…everywhere.

You just fell down in the chair with the sperm all over you. You kissed, and caressed eachother and somehow you managed to put yourself so you could both lick eachothers pussies. You were so horny and you could see her horny little ass. You licked on two fingers and fucked her ass as you sucked and licked her big clit. She did the same to you…and as she pushed her fingers deep in your tight ass you came…screaming and then she came. You both exploded in spasms as your bodies just collapsed in a heap. Wave after wave rolled over you both and you felt like you had a small sun between your legs radiating heat in a slow explosion.

You tried to catch your breath. She kissed you again, and again. You were just laying there, kissing, entangled…so close…sweaty, sticky, satisfied…just kissing and holding eachother. Emma looked into your eyes. “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you.” You just smiled back. “I do now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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