Sweet Brother And Cute Sister

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Sweet Brother And Cute Sister

My sister Saranya (21) was about to go to the USA for her higher studies in few days. I and my parents were really happy about it. Although my mom was a little worried, I and Dad assured her that it would be good for my sister.

I am Vikram (26), working in a small law firm. My Dad is a bank manager and mom’s a teacher. Our family was a close knit one, always been there for each other when required. Even though our parents were away from office, they always ensured me and my sister got all the care from them, never let us felt that we were alone in anyway.

Saranya has always been a sweet gal in our family, respected my parents a lot as she knew she received all the affection of being the youngest of us. I didn’t mind it, because I cared about my sister more than anyone else. More than my sister, she is my best friend. She even knew about my girlfriend Ankita about whom I haven’t yet told my parents.

It was one night after dinner, when Saranya asked me to cover for her as she slipped out to have fun with a couple of her close friends who were giving her a small treat to wish her the best for the USA as she wouldn’t be around for long. I was awake, just in case Mom-Dad woke up and get concerned. I tried to keep an eye so they wouldn’t find out my Sis was away, fortunately my parents were fast asleep. I was talking to my gf on mobile standing in the balcony, when I heard Saranya come back after an hour or so and seeing the light on in her room… I slowly knocked on her door saying good night to my gf on phone and hung up… I was in my tees and shorts in which I sleep in.

Saranya was still in her party wear, yellow blue shades top and a black skirt that reached just above her knees. She smiled at me opening the door and waved me to come in. Just so parents wouldn’t hear us, she closed the door behind me, “Did Mom or Dad ask?” She asked me in a whispering tone.

I shook my head, “No, they are sound asleep for hours now. So how was the party?”

“It was good, you know my friends Ruchi and Tina right…they are so happy for me” She sat on the bed and went on about the fun they had partying and dancing. A bit of concerned look crossed her face as I was listening to her intently, when she said, “You know Bhaiyya, I would miss them a lot. They were in tears when I started for home, hugged me and couldn’t let me go…” tears filled her eyes.

Seeing the look on her face, I sat beside her, “Well, they’re good friends and you are a good friend to them. They wish you to smile always, cheer up” I wiped her tears and caressed her hair to make her calm down.

She looked at me smiling through those moist eyes and sniffing; she clasped my hand in hers and gently squeezed it, “I sometimes get worried thinking what I would do without mom, dad and you…”

“Don’t worry Sis. We know you would be doing great there. But Of course, I would miss you a lot when you’re not around” Smiling warmly, I propped one leg up on the bed bent sideways, the other hanging off, “By the way, Ankita has asked me to congratulate you. She wishes to come before you leave and meet you in person, but she is not really sure if she could get time though.”

My sister got into a lighter mood, by hearing about Ankita, “Ow! That’s so sweet of her. Do tell her my thanks. So when you are going to officially introduce her to parents?”

“There’s time for it.” I remembered something about Ankita and laughed, “You remember, how Ankita probed me about you, during our initial days”

Saranya giggled, “Yeah, haha – I still can’t forget it. She saw our pic together on Facebook and thought I was someone else”.

“It was until I told her that you are my own sister, she was at the verge of tears. Till then, I didn’t know she could be so jealous.”

“Yeah, at that time I guess you both were just friends. My God bro, she is so possessive about you.”

“Lol yeah, she never told me although I knew that she liked me secretly. But, until then I wasn’t sure if I could propose her.” I smiled to myself thinking about it. Some intimate moments suddenly crossed my mind, and just a while back Ankita and I were talking very sensually on bahis firmaları phone.

I felt my sister poking me in my waist to tickle me, It suddenly brought me back to senses as I laughed a little louder and my sister put her hand on my mouth saying, “Sshhh Bhaiyya! Parents would wake up.”

I teasingly bit her teeth a little and started tickling her too, “See how it feels to you now”

She tried to keep her giggles muffled, but she couldn’t. We almost forgot if our parents would wake up, until she held my shoulders for support as she was about to fall from bed… I caught her by waist and pulled her on my lap, her hands moved to my neck and she closed her eyes thinking she had fallen, I whispered, “Hey, sis” I shook her.

She opened her eyes and found herself safe in my arms, her skirt moved up revealing her soft thighs. We both were not aware of it; she pulled me closer and cuddled me like a c***d resting her head on my shoulder out of fear.

I smiled gently knowing she got scared, “I am so sorry sis, I didn’t mean to scare you.” I leaned in to hug her holding her close, with my hands moving on her back to soothe her; I could smell her sweet perfume.

She slowly opened her eyes still holding on to me looking at me and smiled softly, realizing she is safe, “It’s ok” and giggled, “But it felt nice to hug you Bhaiyya. Will you hug me again, please?”

I could feel her breasts press against my chest, trying to not be aroused by her pretty and young body, “Of course, sis” and I hugged her.

“Thanks bhaiyya, thank you so much. You are so sweet to me always” she was behaving like a k** hugging me.

I was getting aroused but thinking it’s wrong to feel my own sister, I stroked her hair, and pulled my head back to look into her beautiful eyes as we hugged and gave a warm smile to her so she would know my situation but inside I wasn’t wanting her to move from me.

She instead smiled at me and kissed me on my cheek with her sweet lips, “I want to be your little sis forever, remember you used to kiss me a lot in our c***dhood days”

I nodded and with a little chuckle leaning in, kissed her cheek.

She giggled and kissed me back on another cheek, and offered me her other cheek now. Her fingers were playing near my neck and hair, as she was pressing herself on my lap unknowingly.

I was somehow feeling guilty and aroused at the same time with my sister’s cuteness. I didn’t wanted her to think of me badly but I was starting to get attracted to her beauty. I shifted my head to the other side and kissed her sensually with my lustful instincts driving me.

“Wow that was really nice. Thank you” She smiled and hugged me more as I could feel her warm breath near my neck. It was intoxicating, I prayed to god for this to end but my body was reacting differently with my arms wrapped around her tightly, one on her shoulders, the other down in the small of her back, caressing her slowly.

She shifted on my lap saying, “Am I too heavy for you Bhaiyya? Would you like me to get down from you?”

I swallowed and took a deep breath knowing I’m hard because of the way she shifted my hardness went right under her skirt touching her panties through my shorts. I got worried that she’ll feel it. But she just looked at me innocently not giving an expression that she felt it, so I just talked to her normally, “No dear, you are like a feather”.

She happily smiled and blushed, “You make me feel like a princess Brother”

I slowly felt my penis curving up under me and knew instantly that it was poking her.

She gave a shocked expression feeling it as she repulsively jumped a little in my lap, which made our situation worse as my cock grew more and was making me uncomfortable. But, she didn’t do anything and smiled at me with a mix of blushing and embarrassing look as if it was due to her.

Now we both knew we are in a terrible situation, and as we looked at each other we could clearly see our lust growing in each other’s eyes. My hands slowly moved over her back and kept caressing her until I felt the soft skin under her top with my fingers teasing it to move up slowly. She dropped her eyes down every now and then, kaçak iddaa sometimes loosening her grip on my neck and sometimes grabbing me hard and making a sweet silent noise as if some thorn pricked her and she did not move to make me more uncomfortable and hung on to me smiling naughtily. I wasn’t able to control my thoughts which imagined her nude, cursing myself in the middle for what I was thinking but feeling the lust for my sexy sister’s pussy. She kept moving herself on me in a trance and it was evident from her biting of her bottom lip with her teeth that she was enjoying it too. But we both were pretending as if nothing was happening and that was making me crazier about her. Couldn’t believe my own sister was playing it coolly with me.

I cleared my throat to bring her back to the present knowing there is no way to stop it now, “Uh um sis, can I ask you something?”

A slight moan escaped her lips and she replied in a husky voice, “hmm sure… Bhaiyyaaaaa…”

I slowly started teasing her waist pushing the top slowly above it, and played with my fingers on her curves, “Did anyone propose you, knowing you were leaving?”

She moved on my lap purposefully making me more excited, “A couple of them tried, but I just put them down…”

Pushed her top more above her waist till it reached her boobs and touched her near navel making her moan as she looked at me like a wild cat and smiled mischievously. I told her that, “Oh, I see.. I guess they weren’t good enough for a lovely beauty like you.” and kissed her just near to her lips on her both cheeks.

“Ahhh Bro… That’s so sweet of you to say” She whispered in my ears and moved her hips sexily like a slut on my lap. I could feel the tension building up in between us as she started feeling my body too moving her hands over my shoulders, dropping it down on my back and slowly inserted her hands under my tees.

I smiled at her and moved the top over her breasts saying, “Don’t you think it’s hot in here sis? I think its better if I remove your top”

“Yes bro, very hot. You are sweating too. Do you want me to remove your tee too?” She giggled knowing my intention.

We both removed and saw at each other with lust as I leaned in and started giving her soft kisses on her lips saying, “Sis, you are so sweet and understanding baby”

She started giving back kisses too and slightly open her lips to make me kiss her more until we started smooching each other as I could feel her tongue on mine and mine on hers, she moaned and fell back on bed pulling me on to her and smiling, “I think it’s becoming more hot brother. Will you help me remove my remaining clothes too?”

I didn’t wait for a second as I pulled her bra, skirt and panties off her making her stark naked. I watched my sister under the light. Her body was looking amazing, with the heaven of her pussy awaiting my presence in it. Her pussy was cleanly shaved glistening with moist juices of her nobility.

She reached for my pants saying, “You better remove yours too” and got shocked looking at my length. Smiled up at me, putting her fingers on my cock and slightly stroking it saying, “What is this Bhaiyya? It looks so nice”

I knew she was playing with me, never knew my innocent sweet sister was such a sexy bitch. I was standing as she was on her knees stroking my cock. I bent down and kissed her on lips whispering, “Its cock meri pyari behna. Keep stroking it dear, it likes your hands on it. You could even kiss and suck your brother’s cock? It won’t hurt, go on”

She started licking and sucking my cock as I pushed it in her mouth with my hands on her head, untli my cock almost gagged her. She moaned like a whore as she got fucked in her mouth. I reached for her boobs, playing with it and squeezing them making her nipples erect. I tweaked them hard saying to her, “Such bouncy lovely boobs you have sis. I never thought I would get chance to play with them”

She slowly removed my cock from her mouth and stood on the bed with me standing on the floor, “want to taste your sister’s boobs bhaiyyaaaa? Shower them with your brotherly lust”

I sucked on her boobs, licking them all over , squeezing kaçak bahis them and sucked on her nipples with my teeth brushing against them when she squealed with sweet pain, “Ahhh bhaiyyaaa… aur karo na… zyaadaaaa … do it more brother… you are such a nice bro …ahhh”

We didn’t care about our parents as we both knew no one would be able to hear us and we were making sure we didn’t make much noise, talking with husky tones. Her moans filled the room but didn’t cross it. She switched off the lights just in case and switched on bed lamp so we could see each other. I slowly lifted her sucking her boobs. She straddled her legs around me keeping her hands around my neck, “Bhaiyya, how is your sweet sister’s boobs?”

“They taste delicious behna. Better than Ankita’s boobs. Did my lund (cock) taste good?” We talked in a filthy language knowing that we crossed all boundaries now and were planning to cross the real one.

“Oh it tasted better than the others I tasted Bhaiyya. You have a lovely cock; put it inside my choot (cunt/pussy) bhaiyya. I cannot wait any more.” She pushed herself down as I put her on bed and pushed my cock into her. It was a little tight for my cock to go inside her, I didn’t care about protection and neither did she, she moaned, “oh bhaiyya, kitna bada hai tera lund “Sis you have such a tight pussy, seems you are very choosy in letting someone in it till now.” I pushed myself more letting my full cock disappear into her sweet pussy. The juices oozing out of her pussy made it slide easily as I started fucking her pulling her close to me and crushing her under me with my chest pressing her boobs and ravaging them.

She grabbed me hard moaning softly, “Ahhhh Bhaiyyaa… this is so good.. Fuck me Bhaiyya..Fuck your sister. Your cock is tearing my pussy, I like that brother…fuck me more bro”

Lust filled me more towards my sister, I was starting to enjoy it more knowing that my own sister was encouraging me to fuck her, “Sis, you are such a lovely slut. Kitni achi randi ho tum meri behen… kya maal hai tu..tujhe aise hi chodne ka mann kar raha hai…(I feel like fucking you again and again)”

“Fuck me good bro (jee bhar ke chodo apni behen ko bhaiyaaaa… ) I love your cock fucking me so hard…ah go harder and deeper on me brother… Nothing wrong in enjoying brother’s cock in my pussy”

“Yes dear, nothing wrong enjoying with sister like this when the sister is a lovely sexy gal, anybody would want to fuck you hard and deep like me.” I went harder and deeper fucking her as we went mad on her bed feeling each other’s bodies touching and talking to each other lewdly…

I started calling her more bad names, “Saali randi, chinal ki bacchi… take your brother’s cock … fuck you sweet pussy”

“You bastard, behenchod..chodo apni behan ko… maar dhalo mujhe aaj…fuck me hard you sisterfucker… Ahhh brother, it’s so good..fuck me more…ohhhh I am about to cum dear brother… hold me close…ohhh ahhh ammmaaaa…. maaaa… “ She was going mad and was about to scream as she reached orgasm when I covered her mouth with my hand and went on ruthlessly fucking her as I felt like strangling her neck. Didn’t care if she felt the pain or lost the breath I felt my cock spurting inside her as I grabbed her hard and went deep and fully inside her and groaned whispering into her ears, “I am cumminngggg sissss oh… I am cumminggg” I filled her pussy with loads of cum until I loosened my grip on her and fell on her kissing her as she breathed hurriedly to catch some breath in pain, lust and enjoyment.

After a while…We both looked at each other’s sweaty bodies as I got dressed and kissed her good night saying, “Better I go and become your usual brother…” I winked at her.

She giggled, “No one would ever know my dear bhaiyya… It’s our sweet secret”

I smiled, “I would now really miss you after you went to the USA. I wish Ankita took tips from you…” and closed the door behind me letting my sister sleep, not believing my luck for the night.

Next morning when we were at the breakfast table, Mom and Dad were happy to see we both were smiling and talking always with each other, spending more time with each other, with her in my room and me in hers. They thought we were the perfect brother and sister. Only I and my sister knew how perfect we were for each other during the nights that followed till she left to the USA.

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